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With no new U-Tube posts in over a week, there is a growing concern that Mr. Marzulli has been abducted by extraterrestrials.
Mr. Marzulli has crossed many lines in conducting his research, and apparently, the extraterrestrials have had enough.
An anonymous “gray” reported that Mr. Marzulli is being held for “questioning” at a facility on Zeta Reticuli B.
No word on whether he will be returned to Earth anytime soon. (FROM BILL)

L. A. Marzulli -On Assignment in an undisclosed location.


100 years ago an event happened that changed the world. Upwards of 100,000 were gathered in the little village of Fatima, Portugal. They were told, by an apparition that had appeared to three children—what many believed to be Mary of the Bible—that there would be a “sign.”
Something did happened on October 13, 1917 and thousands of people witnessed it… It was called, The Miracle of the Sun.
The Watchman Chronicles presents FATIMA – Mary of the Bible or a Harbinger of Deception?
What did the witnesses in 1917 really see?
Why was the “lady” wearing a skirt that fell just below her knees… something not even prostitutes of the time were seen in.
Why did the apparition only speak telepathically with the children?
What happened to the original testimonies of the witnesses taken 1917?
Why was the main seer Lucia cloistered with a vow of silence for almost 2 decades?
What actually appeared in the sky on October 13, 1917? Many witnesses described seeing a dull, silver disc…
The Watchman Chronicles with host L. A. Marzulli travelled to Fatima, Portugal to get the answers.
You will hear from  researchers, professors, an anthropologist, a neuroscientist, a theologian, historians, and others, on the enigmatic phenomena at Fatima.
You’ll be astounded when you hear what amounts to a completely different version of the events than we have been led to believe. Coming this September…

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Roswell – 70 Years….

70 years ago an event happened in Roswell, New Mexico that is shrouded in mystery and controversy to the present day.
Something happened there, of that there can be no doubt.  For those of you who don’t know anything about the “Roswell” incident here’s the thumb-nail sketch.
In July of 1947 something crashed just outside the desert town of Roswell and was “discovered” by a rancher, Mac Brazille. Jesse Marcel Sr., who was an Intelligence officer at the Army base, in Roswell,  went out to investigate.
Shortly after his return the local paper announced the Army had recovered a flying disc, a UFO.
24 hours later the story was retracted, a hasty press conference was called and Marcel was made to look like a fool, as the story was floated that he had mistaken a weather balloon for that of a UFO.
I interviewed Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr, in 2009 and when you watch the video above you’ll hear that interview verbatim as I read the transcript.
In the video you’ll also hear from Jim and Carolyn Rankin who were privy to the “death-bed” confession from Colonel Hill. Hill was OSS—the forerunner of our modern-day CIA. Hill was stationed at Dallas/Fort Worth and according to the testimony in the film, was dispatched to Roswell. He tried to make contact with the one “alien” who was still alive.
Cover up? In my opinion the cover up continues to the present day. The powers-that-be know that we are being visited, but by whom?
In my film In Their Own Words – UFOs are real, I sit down with many folks, from all walks of life that have had encounters. I cover everything from UFO sightings and orbs to abductions and missing time.
Something is going on and it’s complex and no one knows all the dynamics of the phenomenon.
Recently there has been a lot of talk about the disclosure of the so-called extraterrestrial presence. In my opinion this is the ultimate game-changer.
However, could it be that when we go up, they show up? Something is restraining them and that “something” may just be the Spirit of the Living God.
Do you have a UFO story, pictures, video? Please email me! la@lamarzulli.net!
The Watchman Chronicles continues to inform!

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I’m just back from a 12 day trip to Peru and as usual there’s lot’s to talk about.
*** NASA to reveal ET? Soft Disclosure?
*** The Nazca Alien Mummy? L.A. discusses this with Jaime Mausson.
*** Roswell 70 years later.
*** Your UFO stories!


Do you have a UFO story, pictures, video? Please email me! la@lamarzulli.net!

The Watchman Chronicles continues to inform!

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America… No More?

Commentary & Analysis
by Your Intrepid host…
L. A. Marzulli
Coming to you from an undisclosed location deep in the heart of Cusco Peru! ( We fly home today!)

He predicted that the U.S. will break up into six parts – the Pacific coast, with its growing Chinese population; the South, with its Hispanics; Texas, where independence movements are on the rise; the Atlantic coast, with its distinct and separate mentality; five of the poorer central states with their large Native American populations; and the northern states, where the influence from Canada is strong.


There is such hate and division in this country it makes me wonder whether or not this “prophecy” regarding our country may come to pass. The Left-Wing of the Democratic Party, with Hitlery fanning the flames, is calling for people to resist. However, what are these poor misguided folks resisting? A secure border? An immigration policy that keeps terrorists out of our country? A balanced Budget? A smaller government? A reasonable tax-code?
The Left is systematically tearing down the country. I’ve never seen this kind of unrestrained vitriol, in my 66 years on this planet. The HATE TRUMP movement is without reason and is being fueled in part by  globalists like George Soros.
We are, as a country, in a very dangerous place. In the wake of last weeks shootings by a Left-Wing fanatic some are celebrating the incident and actually calling for more…
After Republican Rep. Steve Scalise was shot yesterday, many liberals on twitter CELEBRATED and said things like,
“The Only Good Fascist is a Dead One.”
“That’s a Shame but babies blown to bits at Sandy Hook was worse and Scalise takes money from the @NRA”
“If the shooter has a serious health condition then is taking potshots at the GOP leadership considered self defense?”
“If KKK support Steve Scalise dies, the shooter deserves a holiday, true leadership. Now the trumps, kush, & miller need to be transitioned.”


With the country so divided is it to far to think that states could begin succession? California has suggested this and Texas toyed with the idea during the Obama administration.
There are some who are saying our country is on the verge of a civil war. They may be right as at some point fair-minded people will have enough and start to push back. This happened last week at the so-called play where Trump is “assassinated.”

Can you imagine if this “play” had been about Obummer?
So the country may either erupt into a civil-war that will manifest in several states. This could lead to martial law and the closing of borders between states. Things could escalate from there.
If something happens to Trump it could trigger a full-scale civil war. We are in a very, very dangerous place. Cool heads need to prevail or there may be nothing left of our republic…
I have often wondered why the USA is not in Biblical Prophecy. This may be why. The USA as we know it may, like the Russian professor predicts, split apart into 6 or 7 smaller countries.

Another Suicide Jihadist – Ramadan Bombathon…. Really?

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Coming to you from an undisclosed location deep in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains!

Another Ramadan, another blast killing those who the Jihadi’s deem are infidels. Shia or Sunni,  Druze or Alawait, Christian or Jew. It doesn’t matter does it? Everyone is a target and like a demented alarm clock the Jihadi’s strike at the most inopportune times.
This latest bombing in the long list of bombings, killings, beheadings, truck rampages, shoot-outs, knife attacks should send a clear signal, to freedom loving people everywhere, that Islam is not the religion of peace we were told it was after the events of 911. It is anything but.
Where are the Muslim moderates? Where are the Imams crying foul? Where are they? People have already forgotten but last week Christians were slaughtered. The insanity continues… unabated.
Days of Chaos anyone?


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Tonight’s Topics:
  1. The French Election!
  2. The Foul Mouthed Crude and Vulgar Left. A Prophetic Sign?
  3. North Korea EMP?
  4. The Coming Great Deception? Disclosure soon?
  5. Your UFO stories and questions.
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Who is the REAL Fascist?

Perazzo: Revolutionary Communists Seek to Protect Students from Conservatives

The fascist attempt to prevent conservative “fascists” from poisoning young minds.