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232 Responses to “Acceleration Radio”

  1. Folks, this is worth the listen…

  2. Catherine said

    Yes that was a very good interview between you and Gary. . Gary can now let his guest talk, PITN always seemed more like an info. commercial not Prophecy in the news. Thank-you for sharing, Lord you bless!

  3. David Wielhouwer said

    Couldnt agree more. PITN was totally an infomercial. Having worked on many t.v. sets, i know the producer or the p.a. was always in his ear. He dominated the conversation. I like Gary, but dont want to hear what he has to say. Hagman2 is nice, but clearly they dont have radio/broadcasting backround. Sometimes the show is so bad its tough to listen to ala static, heavy breathing or the implication that current show is the most important show they have ever done…u hear that weekly,,.. im not being negative, im trying to give lost people something they can listen to….thats why i appreciate L.A.. top quality production and content.

  4. Catherine said

    To your Sunday Bun1/25/2015, AMEN!

  5. Brian Mortimer said

    Hi LA, I recently watched the video “JFK to 911 A Rich Mans Trick” and I would like to get your take on it regarding the information presented. Thanks from Canada and may Jesus richly bless you. Keep up the good work. Brian

  6. Catherine said

    KP the daughter of a minister wanted to be the next Amy Grant but in her own words “I sold my soul to Santan instead”. She had a look of regret on her face while admitting this in the interview. She is presently quit the trophy for the fallen one. We need to pray for her. I remember asking the Lord to let me see lost souls through his eyes. I don’t believe he has given up on KP yet, I doubt her father has either.
    So no shape shifting like Beyonce did in her performance?

  7. […] Acceleration Radio. […]

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