VIMEO – Update



As some of you who follow our YOUTUBE channel—our PPS reports have been every day since the scamdemic began—our two channels on VIMEO were de-platformed. There was no warning just the swift and sure-footed censorship that has now become part of Amerika. My crime was quoting from an article by Robert F. Kennedy jr. Kennedy stated that over 450,000 children in India were paralyzed due to polio vaccines that they received. VIMEO said this was anti-vax. I called Kennedy’s center for children and they forwarded me the paper which was written by doctors in India where Kennedy got the data from.
We had the 4 films from our new series on VIMEO, as well as the Watcher series, the two films on Fatima, and our UFO film. We were set for a nice pay-day as I had started doing ads on Prophecy News Watch as well as Forbidden Knowledge. VIMEO absconded with around $10,000 of our money which was from our Video on Demand sales. The ad cost from Prophecy News watch was $3000.00
I am looking for a lawyer who is willing to help us with this.
In short, Vimeo is a bully that preys upon small business owners who essentially have no way to fight back. If you can help or know of someone who can please email me:


NOTE: We have moved all of our films over to this address on USCREEN TV!

L.A. Marzulli