Chuck Missler Has Passed Away…

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L. A. Marzulli

I looked at the above picture and cried this morning.
Chuck was a mentor and a friend and I/we will miss him terribly. He was one of God’s commanding generals. He had a grasp on an endless variety of topics and was erudite. He was witty, humorous, and may have been the king of “snappy comebacks!
Years ago—when I had my cabinet shop— I would run to my truck and crank the radio on to listen to Chuck’s daily presentation, 66/40. I would rarely miss a day. Chuck brought new insight to the Bible. His love of God’s word and his authority in teaching it was unique and his authority in handling it drew you into the deeper things of God.
Several years ago Bill Salus and I received the coveted Gold Medalion award from K-House. Chuck presented the awards to each of us after we had finished our presentations at the conference.
It was more than a red-letter day as here was my mentor acknowledging my research publically. Years ago sitting in my truck listening to him I never would have imagined this.
The Old Guard is being called home and Chuck was certainly one of them. His passing is a sober reminder that we are all destined for the same fate unless those who are fortunate enough to be caught up in the air and so will never taste death.
Chuck’s life was poured out in his service to the King of Kings. I’m sure he is overjoyed as he is finally in the presence of the one who he served so faithfully all these years.
Like David said of his son who died. I know I/we will see Chuck again. He will be young and vibrant and filled with the joy of the Lord.
Rest in peace Chuck and when I pass I hope and arrive at heavens gate I hope you’ll show me around…

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  1. My heart aches for our loss. His teachings brought me closer to GOD. I pray for comfort and peace for his family.

  2. I was heartbroken when I head this news. Like you, Chuck had been a mentor for over 30 years. I had the privilege of meeting him several times, and have every commentary he released. His unique style opened the Word to me and changed my life. In fact, he can be credited with me finding your work. God is so good. I too am looking forward to seeing Chuck again and I believe it won’t be long. Maybe I can join you two on the “tour”!

  3. He was such a God filled man. I will miss him so. The world seemed a better place while Chuck was in it.

  4. Lovely tribute, L.A., to Master Missler. He was a great example of what “could be.” What a gifted mind he had! I love what you said about seeing him in heaven “young and vibrant and filled with the joy of the Lord.” I know it’s a huge loss for you so I bless you with hope and joy as you continue to muse over the life and legacy of Chuck Missler.

  5. Amen, lovely tribute L.A. I know Chuck is in the Presence of Jesus Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We will see all those who died before us including Chuck Missler at the Rapture to the Church very soon!

  6. One of the first thoughts I had when I learned of Dr Missler’s death was of you LA. I know he was one of your mentors. I’m sure he was very proud of you and your growth in the Lord. He surely was a giant for the Jesus. Blessings and comfort for you LA.

  7. Dear LA

    We,too, are deeply saddened to see another one of God’s great warriors fall in the ranks.

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  8. Your words and photo touch my heart, thank you LA. I had hoped I was all cried out yesterday, but not so. What a dear man of God. The world seems darker from his absence. I thank God for Chuck Missler!

  9. Chuck Missler: This Bible (is) “tapestry designed by an artist” and, this Bible is “An integrated message system, every detail is there by design” I wrote that in the front of my Bible years ago. I discovered Chuck after reading the intro to Exo Vaticanna. A former NAVY friend told me “Chuck’s on point”~ so I dove into all things Chuck Missler. Then I discovered you L.A. Then I spent every night for months on youtube going through everything I could find on Chuck and his teachings. I have notebooks and all kinds of notes scribbled in my 25 year old bible; esp. Isaiah and Ezekiel. He taught me the use of the word “harpazo”~and I might have his Rapture series memorized. In the very back of my bible, I wrote years ago, “1 Cor 15: 1~4 THE GOSPEL” and “History is a record of Gods answers to mans questions” Chuck M. He would break up in his teachings when he would think about his wife or his boys~and it always made me tear up a bit. I have hand written lists of Nancy Missler’s “Who I Am in Christ” posted all over my house; by the stove, the dish sink, the bathroom, the refrigerator, the washing machine, the food pantry and the closet that goes to my basement. Those are reminders for me when I think I’m losing my mind in this battle. 83. He lived 83 years, 11 months, and 3 days; or 30,654 days. “Teach us to number our days”~8+3=11; 11 is not a good number~I’m happy for him~but his passing stands as yet another warning~DANGER AHEAD. Thanks Chuck. Thank you Abba for what you did through your humbled servant; I understand he went through a lot of grief in this life. Though there are others, I still only use The Blue Letter Bible to this day as my sole online bible word search engine; because of CHUCK. I hope to meet you soon Chuck~peace, mercy and grace to your family from THE ONE you are face to face with right NOW~

  10. I cried all day, for our loss, yet knowing his heart is leaping with joy , at being in the Presence of our King! He was an extraordinary man, whom I admired so much.
    I’m honored to have been taught by the most tremendous biblical teacher of our time. He will never be forgotten. Through the grace of God, we’ll meet again.

  11. We so hurt when one that is so loved and respected is called home. I can only imagine what joy Brother Missler felt when his eyes finally beheld his Savior. Not to mention the hand on his shoulder as our Father said: “Well done my faithful servant.” I have learned so much listening to Chucks video’s and reading his books. He was a skillful and interesting teacher.
    I am happy that he is finally home with the love of his life Nancy.
    Thank you, Brother Missler, for your steadfast service and faithfulness many of us still waiting owe you a profound debt of gratitude.

  12. Chuck Missler inspired me to study scripture with an open mind and heart. To dig deep and be discerning. I loved his sense of humor, frankness about his life, and the love he had for God, his wife, family, and friends. He was more than a teacher to me; he was a spiritual father figure. I am so happy for him!
    Well done, Dr. Missler!

  13. I found Chuck Missler only a few years ago, but what a true treasure the Lord allowed me to discover! I hope his passing will bring a great resurgence of his work, that would be the gretest tribute to his life. His work is timeless and Spirit filled. RIP Mr. Missler. I imagine you now reunited with your lovely wife and basking in the Lord’s love. Thank you for your faithful work.

  14. We learned so much and were so inspired by C. Missler!
    He finally is home with His Jesus, best friend and w. his beloved wise, whom he missed so much.
    Work well done, enjoy your rewards in Heaven, till we all meet, D. & D. Lapadat

  15. Sad but grateful for many new insights he gave and rekindled my interest in God. He kept the important things simple but always stressed we have a God worthy and far exceeding our intellect.

  16. Chuck Missler and recently Billy Graham closes a chapter in America’s biblical Christianity.
    The sunset of that american generation remind us the end of times. Regardless the pain, is time to celebrate! Chuck is home! May the Lord comfort all…..till that day! stay strong LA & all friends!

  17. We were simply broken upon hearing the news. Chuck was our true Bible teacher. We respected the heck out of him. He was careful to teach the truth and always warned us if something were his opinion and not gospel.. he made us dig in, and think and study. I knew he wouldn’t be looking after Nancy died. Chuck we’ll see you soon. Miss you until then.. Chuck Missler was the Bible to us. He made us realize what an AMAZING, MAGNIFICENT book it is. Lord, you take good care of him until we’re are all together!

  18. We were simply broken upon hearing the news. Chuck was our true Bible teacher. We respected the heck out of him. He was careful to teach the truth and always warned us if something were his opinion and not gospel.. he made us dig in, and think and study. I knew he wouldn’t be long after Nancy died. Chuck we’ll see you soon. Miss you until then.. Chuck Missler was the Bible to us. He made us realize what an AMAZING, MAGNIFICENT book it is. Lord, you take good care of him until we’re are all together!

  19. May God take care of your soul now, my dear beloved brother. I am sure the many will miss, including myself. I don’t know what’s happening lately, but too many of our BEST Bible teachers have gone, among them Dave Hunt, Caryl Matrisciana, Ray Yungen… God be with you dear souls.

  20. How tragic, but also happy for Chuck to have gone home. He was truly a blessing. Gosh I’ll miss him ❤️🙏🏼

  21. I am glad Chuck has been promoted into the presence of the Father and Yeshua. He’ll be sadly missed because as you said L A he was erudite and profound in his exposition of scripture and science. Now he’s reunited with his beloved wife.

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  23. The Lord said “Come up hither” and brother Chuck obeyed. What a blessed man and faithful servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. His contribution to the body of Christ is valuable and his legacy will continue to bear fruit for the Kingdom of God. Many will be a soul that will seek him in heaven. May our Heavenly Father bless and protect you and your family brother Marzulli for your own work and service to the Lord. Much love to all my brothers and sisters in the body of our Lord and Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ.

  24. Intercontinental ballistic Missler! Oh, how we loved you, brother, teacher, man of God!! I am sure you heard, ” well done, good and faithful servant!”. I miss you already, Chuck. Than you for your amazing legacy of incomparable Bible studies. Maranatha!

  25. I am sure it was a great honor L.A.
    I was also saddened by Chuck’s passing.. yet rejoice over his heavenly home..
    It is the bitter sweet of loosing such a man who has held such sound doctrine..
    God gifted him with a brilliant mind, and he remained sharp as a tack.
    The patriarchs are going home..
    If the Lord should tarry, I pray great men of God will follow in their footsteps.

  26. you will be sadly missed a huge man of God. I found Jesus through chuck and L A .May the Lord comfort his friends and family

  27. Thank you, LA. I remember going to Chuck’s bible study at Calvary Chapel back in the early 1990s. What piqued my interest in him, in particular, was his angle on Genesis 6 and the true reasons for the flood. Thank you, LA, for carrying forward in this interesting area. As Ron Wyatt used to say, he wouldn’t do anything without glorifying Jesus Christ, and your ministry certainly does that. With appreciation, Stewart

  28. Loved this man….what a great teacher of the word. Thank you Chuck. Well done, good and faithful servant. See you in Heaven real soon I believe.m

  29. Chuck’s passing hit me as hard as the passing of Billy Graham! First God’s Eagle, and now his Commanding General! Not many of the “Old Mentors” left! Get ready people, as Chuck said, “The furniture is being moved into place for the Final Act!” Chuck, Ron, Tom Horn and L.A. Marzulli all gave me a deeper understanding of the reason for our Pilgrimage here!

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