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This is what folks are saying about our new film! I will be speaking on Fatima on the exact date of the 100 year anniversary!

It’s an eye opener as seen from some of the feedback we’ve been getting!!! L.A.



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This is the official trailer for the new film!

As a former Roman Catholic and three-year seminarian for the priesthood, I want to thank you for your expose on Fatima.  I frequently watch EWTN which carries many discussions and presentations on Fatima.  I actually began preaching about the deception of Fatima about five or six years ago as I continued to hear confusing accounts about what happened in Portugal in 1917.  Your video is a classic.  I am looking forward to sharing it with many of my Christian and Catholic friends.  Thanks for your diligence on this product.  I am looking forward to Part Two.


Watched Fatima film last night with the family, very well done.  Very disturbing to see the narrative has changed, since the original 1917 reports…someone, an organization, or entity has an agenda, clearly.  So deceptive and it is leading so many to focus and worship false ideas…even apparitions.


Looking at this from another angle, I was recently sent by L A Marzulli, an advance screening of his upcoming film titled Fatima – Miracle of the sun or a harbinger of deception! What became known as the Miracle of the sun occurred on October 13th 1917. Somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 people were gathered in a field, and they saw something strange occur that day. But exactly what was it they saw? Extensive research into the subject has been conducted by L A Marzulli. In this excellent documentary film, we discover that all may not have been as it seemed. Mr Marzulli does a thorough job of examining the historical testimonies of witnesses to the event, and explaining why he believes that sinister spiritual forces may have been at work on that day. For those who seek the truth on this subject, I highly recommend that they watch this film when it is released to the public.
Tony Koretz


I just finished watching Fatima. WOW! Incredible work. One of your best.


LA, one problem is that the footnotes go by way too fast. Finer pixilation of the lettering would also help.
Otherwise EXCELLENT job!  Deception.  End of story. Even so, looking forward to the ‘rest of the story’.
Oh – I will be tuned in to the live streaming.


Hi L. A.
Just finished watching the Fatima DVD, and wow, no doubt in my mind what that was. I only wish my Catholic mom would have watched it. Thank you for your exhaustive work. I look forward to the next volume.
God bless,


Fatima… an intriguing account of an extraordinary phenomenon!
 Pastor Paul & Heidi Begley


L.A. once again shocks us with never-seen-before FACTS involved in the events that took place 100 years ago.
Matt Brunett





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Occult Fashion Show… Are you Kidding Me??!!

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

#occult    #occultinyourface

Clergy Denounce ‘Satanic’ London Fashion Week Show Held in Church

Hilton said that the event “glorified demon worship,” and challenged the church’s decision to host the event — which included tarot card imagery and models exposing their breasts. It was simply “bizarre,” he said, because it “glorifies Satan.”

This is a sign of just how far down the rabbit hole we are. Think about it, here we have an occult themed “fashion-show” being held in a church, of all places. The picture above is a drag-queen dressed as Satan. This is an in-your-face-occult spectacle. One that we should rail against and cry out that the hour is late.
Can you imagine this happening 50 years ago? In my opinion, it never would have and thus, I would posit this is yet another sign of the times.
We are told In 1 Timothy 4:1 states this: The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. 
Is this so-called fashion-show a manifestation of this ancient prophetic text? You be the judge.
In closing today’s short post: When occult themed events that are overt, like this one in London, become the norm it is a chilling sign of how late the hour is.
Make no mistake about it, Satan is the god of this world and for now he is in control. He gives his power and prestige to those who will worship him. Think about all of the superbowl half-time shows that have blatantly occult themes. Think about the music awards, the TV shows like Lucifer, the movies like, It and on and on it goes.
For those of us who are spirit filled, we are truly strangers in a strange land. Even so come Lord Jesus. 

Sunday Bun – September 23.. The Aftermath.

Sunday Bun


L. A. Marzulli



OK. So nothing happened, we didn’t get “raptured.”  A lot of folks are really dissapointed and I understand why. I want nothing more than to greet the Lord in the air. However, He’s given me a ministry and I’m going to work that until he takes me home. or I greet Him in the air. In short, keeping hand to plow!
This is why I stated very clearly and reasonably in a YOUTUBE video I made on September 22, that we are to spread the good news and destroy the works of the devil. That’s it for me. That’s the mandate, the marching orders, the prime directive, the modus operandi, the final word, the reason why I get up every morning and head to the studio.
We are told by Jesus to go out and spread the good news. In doing so we are destroying the works of the devil. It’s a simple plan and it works.
That being said. I’ve been “taken” twice. Once about 37 years ago when I first became  a Christian and then again about 8 years ago.  The last time I was getting ready to go take a shower. I suddenly found myself in a heavenly scene. As Paul states, whether in the body or out of the body I do not know. It was like that for me too.
I was there for about 3 seconds and then I returned. This is what I saw…
Second One: I was standing amidst a great host of people who stretched as far as the eye could see. We were all looking in the same direction. We weren’t squished together but there was space between the people gathered there.
Second Two: There was a holy, reverential silence that permeated the scene. No one was talking, there was not a sound. No one was questioning what had just happened and where we were. We all knew we had been raptured.
Second three: I suddenly realized, to my astonishment that my sin nature was gone. I raised my arms in a gesture of amazement and stared at my chest.  (You can’t make this up!) Then , suddenly, I was back and found myself in the bathroom.
I fell to my knees and wept. I was there, in the heavenly scene, in the air, and at some point it will happen.
We will rise to meet our King, savior and Lord in the air. It might sound like complete nonsense to a non-believer, but this is our blessed hope and as I have stated numerous times: What was written will come to pass. What was foretold will unfold.
In closing the Bun. Moving forward we should love one another as we are told by Jesus: They will know you are my disciples by the love you have for one another. We shouldn’t engage in “I told you so!” People make mistakes…
Second focus should be on destroying the works of the devil. We are immersed in a world that is perverted, unjust, cruel, blasphemous, and violent.
Then there are the signs that Jesus warned us would herald the last days i.e. the wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes, famines and pestilence. We should pray about where we are to serve and then go for it with all the gusto we can muster. Even so, Maranatha.





Signs in the Heavens and on Earth…Days of Chaos!

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Two hurricanes back to back and now another—MARIA—which has devastated Puerto Rico.
Then we have the 8.2 earthquake that hit Mexico followed by another, two days ago, which killed upwards of 200 people.
Meanwhile a 6.2 temblor hit Fukushima, where the fuel rods have been missing and are currently burning their way toward Kansas.
There is a media black-out concerning the wild fires that are still burning out of control. Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon, as well as Northern California are battling ongoing fires.
Other countries like Portugal are also battling fires.
The Middle East continues to spin out of control with the endless war as well as the Iranian vitriol against Israel. At some point there will be breaking point.
“Rocket-man” is acting like a spoiled child and will continue to do so until the world has had enough and then he will be toppled. I was told this was the next “war” in March of this year.
Peace and safety are being touted in Israel. Really? What does that sound like to you?
UFOs are at an all time high and many people sitting in the churches have had encounters, yet our pastors, for the most part won’t touch the subject. I spent over two hours, after spelling at the True Legends conference, praying for people who had been abducted, had seen UFOs, or had sleep paralysis. Pastors need to wake up and begin to address this as many people have been affected. Many people were in tears as they poured out their stories, some of which had never been told…
Our media focuses on the supposed Russia hacking of our elections while the crimes of Obama and Hellery are ignored. Unmasking, spirit-cooking, 30,000 deleted emails, Bill and Valerie on the tarmac, IRS intimidation, and occult activities are ignored, meanwhile the beat goes on.
A beer festival is closed down so as not to offend Muslims. Speaking of which Europe will fall to the Islamists within 20 years. There are already no-go zones in London. Acid attacks, bucket bombs, knife attacks, and the all-to-familiar cry of Allah Akbar have now become the norm. Meanwhile the “leaders” in the E.U. do nothing.
This weekend is the 23rd of September. There are four positions, one can hold, in regard to this date. The most popular one is that we will be raptured on this day. The second is what many Catholics believe, that the so-called Revelation sign, will be three days of darkness. The third is what some Native Americans are saying, that the sign is the sign of the Anti-Christ. The fourth position and the one I hold too, is that nothing will happen over the weekend and I will do my Sunday Bun on the 24th.
That being said. We get home late tonight from 9 days on the road. We were in OK city shooting programs on the Fatima Film with our good friends Gary Stearman and Bob Ulrich. (Please sign up for their Live streaming!)
I will shoot a video tomorrow in the PP&S studio about the Revelation 12 sign and will post it here, as well as on YOUTUBE and Vimeo.
I think we are seeing the birth-pains which will lead to the Time of Jacob’s Trouble.
More tomorrow.