UFO’s: Aliens or Messengers of Deception?

There are two schools of thought concerning the UFO phenomena. One, which is embraced by the Exopolitic crowd, tells us that UFOs are extraterrestrials that are here from other planets to help usher us into the “new paradigm.” Some, like Rael, and those who follow him – I’ve Blogged about the Raelians before – believe that E.T. created all life on this planet. They were the ones who genetically manipulated us, created the world’s religions and were worshipped as gods by our ancestors. Now, they are back to help us through this critical time in our evolution. The other explanation is that these entities are interdimensional, but what does that mean? Jacque Vallee in his ground breaking book, Messengers of Deception, states that these entities may be here to deceive us! He stops short of exploring the Supernatural guide-book, but he does lean toward the idea that whatever these beings are they most likely are not being honest and forthright in their dealings with us. I have been told by abductees, experiencers, and researchers that the aliens ways are far above us. I often hear the analogy of abductions and mutilations being compared to what hunters do after they tag or kill game. In other words these beings are so far ahead of us both technologically and as a civilization that we can’t understand their ways. Here’s why I beg to differ with this. We are told by numerous abdcutees that after prolonged contact they come to realize that these beings lie habitually. Lynne Dickie, who was interviewed for The Alien Interview’s book, substantiates this, as well as Corina Sables who was abducted since she was a small child and also came on the record. Now lying is a trait that takes a deliberate act by the perpetrator. In other words the one who is lying is seeking to manipulate, obfuscate, hide, conceal or distort the truth. We consider this abhorrent and I would put forward that supposed advanced beings who engage in this behaviour are indeed messengers of deception and cannot be trusted. While on Coast to Coast, George and I discussed this idea of deception and I used the case of Blossom Goodchild who told the world that the Federation of Light was going to reveal a large UFO for 72 hours on October 14th 2008. It didn’t happen and Blossom Goodchild was left hanging in the wind. Why didn’t the Federation show?  I interviewed Goodchiild for my up and coming book on 2012 and she insisted that she asked them – the Federation of Light – over and over again if t his was really going to happen. She stated that they informed her and reassured her that it would. Yet, when October 14th came, it was a no-show. We are told in the Guide-book to the Supernatural that these beings are here to lie, kill and destroy. We are also informed that the ruler of these beings is the father of lies. I would point out that these statements are grave warnings of what these beings are capable of. Remember when Lawrence Gray came face to face with MOTHMAN he stated that the being was, “wickedness.” How’s that for a description? Recently I have been discussing the cattle mutilation that took place in southern Colorado. In the words of MUFON investigator Chuck Dukowski, who will be my guest next week on Acceleration Radio, the phenomena as gone destructive. What he means by this is that the mutilations have become much more graphic if such a thing is possible. Almost the entire animal has been cored or stripped, with surgical precision, of its flesh and organs. We are experiencing what I would call the beginning of the Great Deception. These beings are nefarious and cannot be trusted…. lying is their way and capturing the souls of men is their end game!

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