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The Last Religion

– The Antichrist, The image of the Beast, The Singularity and the Great Deception.

Chuck Missler, Paul McGuire, L.A. Marzulli, John Loeffler, Frank Peretti, Joel Richardson, with NEWLY DISCOVERED interviews from Hal Lindsay, Dave Hunt, Marlin Maddoux, and David Breese from nearly 30 years ago. EERILY ACCURATE!!

The Last Religion The ancient Biblical Prophetic narrative tells of a future time when the world will be under the control of a global dictator most commonly known as the antichrist. This is somewhat of a misnomer because this term generalizes what is actually an evil trio of personalities into one.
There are three personalities that constitute this mysterious prophecy: the prophet, the image of the beast, and the dragon —(what the “image of the beast” is a reflection of). The beast seems to made up of a conglomeration of insidious characters, but a singular “horn” on this beast rises above the rest, 10 to be exact, and essentially claims godhood. He is assassinated, presumably a bullet to the head, and dies. However, this human global leader is somehow revitalized but now no longer a human, but is actually the “image of the beast”. The prophet convinces the entire world and they are seduced by this miracle, presumably because this figure has now promised godhood to anyone who takes on his mark.
The fatalistic catch is one must deny that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of God who died, and after three days was raised from the dead. By taking the mark of the beast, a person is now promised some form of corporeal paradise, but also is now guaranteed to no longer an organic human… possibly some form of transhuman. And now is consequently ineligible to be redeemed by the true God who created the entire world and everything that inhabits it. This film investigates how the seduction of becoming a super-human will be mankind’s greatest obsession, but also its ultimate demise. There is hope! The Scriptures promise that the faithful remnant who do not take on this mark, even if they are murdered, will inherit an eternal body, and a rulership position when Jesus conquers the Dragon and establishes His rule on earth.

65 Minutes.

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About Judgment of the Nephilim

“There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.” – Genesis 6:4
6,000 years ago a war began. A war to rule Heaven and Earth that dates all the way back to the Garden of Eden. In the Garden, God told Satan that one day a woman would give birth to a male child – the Messiah, who would redeem humanity and destroy him. In order to prevent this child’s birth, Satan instigated a fallen angelic rebellion. A group of angels broke off their allegiance to the Lord and entered the earthly realm to corrupt the human gene pool and prevent the Savior’s birth. These fallen angels (“sons of God”) took human wives (“daughters of men”) and had children with them. Their offspring – hybrid half-human, half-angelic beings, were superhuman giants known as the Nephilim. With human DNA corrupted and humanity hanging in the balance, The Lord unleashed a punishment against the Nephilim so severe, only Noah and his family would survive.
This is the first comprehensive Biblical study of the Nephilim. Using only Scripture, we are given a complete picture of the war between two bloodlines – the lineage of the Messiah and the seed of Satan. Exploring passages rarely connected to the giants, some of the most challenging questions in the Bible regarding the Nephilim will be answered, including:
Why did Pharaoh order all male children to be thrown in the river and Herod execute all male children in Bethlehem?
What was the Biblical location where angels entered the human realm? (Hint: not Mt. Hermon)
How were angels able to reproduce with human women?
Who was the first human woman to marry the “sons of God”?
Who was the fallen angel who fathered the Nephilim and ruled the preflood world?
What was the specific timing of the punishment of the Sons of God and the Nephilim?
How did the Nephilim return after the Flood and are there still Nephilim among us?
All these questions will be answered and many, many more. This is the story of God’s enduring love for all people and His promise to bring redemption through the blood of the Savior. This is the Judgment of the Nephilim.

About The Expert Analysis DNA Results DVD

The Expert Analysis DNA Results — The Los Angeles Press Conference Event DVD is 165 minutes of presentations by our DNA Retrieval Team. This information is groundbreaking and it includes the DNA results from 58 samples taken from multiple skulls.
“This information could re-write history as we know it.” L.A. Marzulli
You’ll hear from archaeologist Mondo Gonzales who will present the DNA information.
Our Anthropologist, Rick Woodward presents his cutting-edge research in regard to the morphological (structural differences) of the enigmatic Paracas Skulls.
Dr. Micahel Alday and Dr. Malcolm Warren add additional information to Woodward’s discovery. L. A. Marzulli, Director Richard Shaw, Brien Foerester, Chase Kloetzke and Forensic artist Marcia Moore also contribute.
There is also a 140 page, full-color book that all the team members contributed too. This book is packed with information and details about the Paracas skulls.
“We might be looking at a new sub-species!” Dr. Michael Alday
We are also giving away a free DVD: The Alien Implant Removal and the Mark of the Beast when you buy both the book and the DVD together.
We know that the Nephilim were in the promised land at the time of the conquest led by Joshua and Caleb, some 3,500 years ago. Was there a diaspora of these tribes? Did some of these tribes make it across the Atlantic or the Pacific oceans and settle in the New World?
While what we discovered is certainly intriguing, more testing needs to be done, especially obtaining the elusive nuclear DNA which would give us the other side of the genetic equation. L.A. Marzulli


MORE Soft Diclosure on Tucker Carlson

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

As I predicted, soft disclosure continues unabated. Once again FOX news discussed the tic-tac UFO that we first learned about last December. This story has been repeated over and over again on the net and on other news outlets. It’s not going away. If you’re reading this you have to ask yourself why is this story on FOX news? FOX is a conservative news outlet. Surely they wouldn’t wast their time discussing UFOs… right? UFOs are the stuff of tin-foil hat people!
Not so fast citizen. The revealing of the so-called extraterrestrial presence is the ultimate game changer and will lead to what I have coined as The Coming Great Deception.
I will do a special PP&S Report on this ongoing soft disclosure this week and will post it on my YouTube channel. (L A MARZULLI)
You can now watch The Watchman Chronicles – In Their Own Words – UFOs are Real on my Vimeo channel.

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NASA Announces LIFE on Mars – More Disclosure?

NASA Mars rover discovers ‘building blocks’ for life: 3-billion-year-old organic matter

Commentary & Analysis
L.A. Marzulli
The Neo Darwinist’s must be really happy this morning as  “life” from the Red Planet has been discovered!
Not so fast Citizen! They haven’t actually found life on Mars. Here’s what the article says.
Researchers cannot yet say whether their discovery stems from life or a more mundane geological process.  However, “we’re in a really good position to move forward looking for signs of life,”  said Jennifer Eigenbrode, a NASA biogeochemist and lead author of a study published Thursday in the peer-reviewed journal Science
When you have an agenda to push the truth really doesn’t matter, does it? When there is no God in your world-view stories like this create the illusion that the Big Bang is true, that the Universe and life here on earth happened by chance. There is no God, no supernatural world, no sin, no moral absolutes. It all comes down to this: Do what you want to do!
But as we can plainly read in the article, no life was actually discovered on Mars.
If we are intellectually honest, no one knows what this is and where we are in it. If the universe is analogous to the USA are we in Duluth, Tampa or Walla Walla? No one knows. This fact alone should keep most of us up at night.
I am a biblical literalist. In the Bible, we read this.
John 1 King James Version (KJV)
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
The same was in the beginning with God.
All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.
To the Darwinist, the above scripture is nonsense, the stuff of mythos and lunatics made it all up for money and control.
However, to the spirit filled born again Christian, this scripture is packed with information that lets us know He. Jesus, created us. He also died for us to redeem us to Himself.
To sum it up. The above article is yet another step toward disclosure of so-called extraterrestrial life. Have you seen our film In their Own Words – UFOs Are Real? In it, we discuss the Darwinian paradigm and how disclosure is imminent. Here’s a clip that discusses this. Get Informed!

The Occult Underpinnings of St. John’s Cathedral

In the discussion with LA Marzulli about Fatima 2, the following should have been mentioned in regard to the messages given by the entity:
Galatians 1:8 But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.
Blessings to you.

UPDATE FROM ISRAEL – L. A. Marzulli’s Speaking Schedule!

Update from Israel!

Israel has been amazing! The people are wonderful and our tour group has already become a family. Today we go to one site that has been on my bucket list for years. It lies in the Golan Heights and is called Gigal Rephaim, the Circle of the Giants! I will be filming there for a film that will be released in 2019.
What is amazing to me is this. In the shops, there are all sorts of “biblical trinkets.” One depicts the well-known passage showing the spies coming out of the Promised Land with a huge cluster of grapes that is secured to a pole that takes two men to carry. In other words, this part of the story is accepted but the real essence of the story is ignored, i.e. that there were GIANTS in the land.
Og was the last of the Rephaim. His bed was over 13 feet. He was a giant. why is it that Christians and Jews alike ignore what is going on here?
All of this is spelled out with great specificity in the Biblical narrative when we read in Genesis 3:15.
The Seed of the serpent will be at enmity with the seed of the woman. He will crush your head you will bruise his heel.
This is the first prophecy of the coming Messiah who will break the power of the dragon i.e. Satan.
If we don’t come to grips with what Genesis 3:15 states we are ignorant of the rest of the Bible and will have no idea of what is going on only three chapters later when the sons of God go into the daughters of men.
Their offspring were the Nephilm. Guess what? The Nephilim are in the Promised land thousands of years later.
As the Bible clearly states: The Nephilim were on the earth in those dyas—the days of Noah—and also afterward when the sons of God saw the daughters of men and had children by them.
For the life of me, I don’t understand while some people can’t get their heads around the fact that there was a second incursion.
Jesus also states that it will be like the Days of Noah when he returns. The hallmark of the Days of Noah and what really differentiates them from all other days is the presence of the Fallen Angles creating a hybrid race known as the Nephilim.
In my opinion, this is happening now with the so-called UFO abduction phenomenon and the breeding program that is ongoing which is creating a race of hybrids. I will most likely do a series on this soon as I think it is both timely and important.


We are postponing the Peru trip until 2019. The dates will be same. Those of you who signed up—about 8 of you—can get your deposits back or have us hold your spot until next year. We are also offering a “savings account!” In other words, if you want to go to Peru start by signing up and then depositing money each month in your own account. This is a great way to ensure a spot on the tour next year.


L. A. Marzulli’s Speaking Engagements! I’m wide open in JUNE! I’d love to come to your church or conference…

2018 Conference Schedule

January 5-7 -2018 – Church of His Presence, Alabama.  We had a wonderful time with Pastor John and the great people of CHP!!
March 17 -18  Grace Fellowship Church Dayton Ohio area. Pastor Michael Berner: Great people there!
March 22-25 – Dallas Texas! Hear the Watchman Conference! Mike & Jeannie hit it out of the park. Great to see all the folks and the presentations were informative. See you in Long Island
April 20-22 in Akron, Ohio. Coach Dave, Russ Dizdar, Pastor Paul Begley, The Haggman’s and more! Great to meet all the folks! Thanks for the great conference COACH!
May 18: The Anchor – Oceanside, California.
May – 26 June…: ISRAEL TOUR!!! L. A. Marzulli – Mondo Gonzales (Archaeologist MS) 11 day tour 
To register please print off the forms
and send them by fax: +97225377882
or email:
Full tour package with flights out of NY = $4,500
Land package only (no flights included) = $3,500

July 14-15 – Michigan –  The Coming Great Deception Conference w/ Pastor Pete Valdez! Hope to see you there!

July 23 – PERU TOUR!!!


The link below has all the details!

August 10-11: Hear The Watchmen – Long Island.

September 28-30: SWITZERLAND with Russ Dizdar and Timothy Alberino!  here is the link:

October 12-14 – Prophecy Watchers Conference

October 27-28: Southern Appalachian Prophecy Conference –  Freedom-Lights Church – With Russ Dizdar!

November 9-11: Dallas! – John B. Wells

 To book L.A. to speak at your church or conference.
 Please email him: la@


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