The History Channel: Hype That Changes NOTHING!

Hello everyone. This post is from Jody Rohr and I’m including it in today’s BLOG because, in my opinion, she nailed the History Channel’s show last night, that featured, Ida, the supposed missing link. 


There is so much that is happening in the world right now that I’ve included several links to areas of interest.

North Korea: detonated a nuclear device that was similar in strength to the one use at Hiroshima, in the closing days of the WWII.


Israel: It appears that Israel is responding to Iran’s saber rattling over the weekend as it moved six of it’s war ships into the Gulf of Aden.


Iran:  Here’s the story about Iran sending it’s warships into the Gulf of Aden.


Mexico: Swine flu deaths rise to 83!


Pakistan: It appears that upwards of 2.4 million people have been displaced because of the fighting between the Taliban and Pakistani troops.


USA: Finally! Ron Paul is trying to get the Federal Reserve audited. The name is a misnomer as it has nothing to do with our federal government.


Hello Mr. Marzulli,

Well, well, don’t the “scientists” of the world have vivid imaginations?  I watched the “Link” show tonight on the History Channel and came to some conclusions.  It was only worth my time to see the show so that I can now speak about it.  Otherwise, it was ho-hum. The most that anyone can say about Ida is that she has traits like a monkey and a lemur.   She is one individual, one sample, and nothing can be extrapolated from the facts that she presents, besides the facts that she presents…  The “scientists” examining her have gone to a lot of trouble to “tell us her story” as if it is fact.  Her “story” should be limited to what can be observed and nothing more.  And then they end the show by bringing up the point that some people are not going to be happy about this discovery…  My feeling is: what is to be upset about except that YOU people are telling us what to think about it?! They tell us that she is supposedly 47 million years old.   The accuracy of carbon dating is questionable. She has some traits like lemurs (her body proportions, hands and feet, tail, and size) and some like primates (her fingernails and lack of a grooming claw, lack of tooth comb, presence of ankle bone that primates have but lemurish animals don’t have). I fail to be impressed with their conclusion about her age, less than one year.  I will give reasons for that later. I missed the first few minutes of the show if it started at 9:00 p.m., so I don’t know if some explanation was given for the way she was extracted and preserved.  That topic was covered very lightly later in the show and it still didn’t answer some BIG questions I had regarding the so called “shadow” of her soft tissues, that surrounds the fossil.  How was the fossil extracted from shale in such a way as to preserve it perfectly as it appeared in its present resin “coffin”?  And how, pray tell, was the shadow of her soft tissues also preserved unless she was fossilized in the resin?  If the fossil was extracted from something hard like shale is there some way to also preserve the shadow of her soft tissue? unless the shale she was originally in was discolored and the person/people who preserved the fossil took artistic liberties and added their recreation of the shadow to the resin when they prepared the fossil. I can imagine woody substances in her stomach (like the seeds they say they can see – I couldn’t see them) being fossilized but not soft plant tissues.  Perhaps they also saw the stems/frames of leaves???  I thought the discription of the analysis of her stomach contents was insufficient to explain this. I saw the lump on Ida’s wrist long before it was brought to the viewer’s attention and thought to myself, “She had a broken wrist, or a bone tumor or something that caused that.”  My husband has a similar lump on his wrist, from having broken it,  but it isn’t nearly as big. I also noticed from the x-rays of her skull that she had adult molars still up inside her jaw and came to the conclusion long before it was mentioned that Ida MIGHT have been a juvenile.  That is the first logical conclusion one would come to.  But I know from my own teeth that anomolies in dentition are common.  I have only 24 teeth (rather than the normal 32) that are errupted.   My set of baby teeth was minus 4 on the bottom jaw and minus two on the upper jaw.  My adult teeth errupted far later than my classmates of similar age and I had to wait until I was about 15, and had two of my adult premolars pulled on the top, before I could get braces to correct my overbite and the crowding on the top.  In addition to that, I had one baby pre-molar that was deformed (it had two sections, instead of one, sharing a common root).  The baby tooth behind it was a normal molar but there was never an adult tooth to replace it and I had that baby tooth until I was about 32 years old, when it started to get very loose and to break up, and it had to be pulled.  So, technically, I was born with 5 less teeth in my bottom jaw than should have been there.  One of my adult incisors to the right of the main incisors is also deformed, having a rough ridge along its biting surface.  Both of those incisors are undersized.  My parents both had normal teeth and the correct number of them.  My children also have the normal number of teeth and no deformities but they were both a little slow getting their adult teeth.  When my adult canines on the top started to errupt, it was found that they were both turned backwards!  I had to have surgery to have orthodontic appliances (the metal bands) put on them, and then little gold chains were attached to them, and the wire on my braces, and the chains were twisted each time I saw the orhodontist.  The teeth eventually emerged mostly facing the right direction and then the braces finished the process.  And finally, at about age 38 years, ONE of my 4 wisdom teeth errupted on the upper right (that makes the total of teeth errupted 24 because I’m minus that one adult molar on the bottom left).  It took several years to reach its present state, which seems to be only half-ways out of the gum.  It causes no trouble and has plenty of room due to the other missing teeth. I have a horse who is 22 or 23 years old and he is at an age where most of his teeth could be quite short by now.  Horse teeth continue to grow, in order to replace wear on them, for most of their lives.  At a certain age, which varies from horse to horse but is usually around the time they get close to 20, their teeth stop growing and the resulting wear on the remaining teeth causes them to get worn away.  My old-timer has good length to his molars yet but his top front teeth are almost completely gone.  He should have worn his bottom front teeth off at the same rate, and maybe have remaining about  a half inch to 3/4 of an inch of tooth length on the top and bottom of his front teeth.  But he has close to an inch and a half or an inch and 3/4 on the bottom and nothing but little white nubs that are smooth and flush with the gum on the top.  This could be due to him rubbing his top front teeth on something but the entire time I have owned him (14.5 years now) I have never seen him rub his teeth on anything nor have I seen any spot in his housing that has been being rubbed or chewed on.  The wear on the top front incisors is even all the way around.  If he’d been wearing his teeth off by rubbing, I’d expect to see only the front two incisors that short, and not the other 4 as well. These are anomalies in dentition that are unique to individuals.  What if I had symmetrical absence of those teeth, and no deformities, and had been fossilized?  What if they found only one side of my skull, WITH the assymetries?  Would they say that I was a new species of human?  And my horse?  What if Ida had a slow rate of tooth erruption?  Then how could we determine that she was a juvenile?  Also, considering how smashed the skull was, it seems like a stretch to determine that she didn’t have a tooth comb for lower incisors…  Perhaps their scans and frontal x-rays showed them something they didn’t show us.  They didn’t show us that x-rays or scans confirmed it, they just said she didn’t have a tooth comb… There may be another way to determine whether she was a youth or not, which was not mentioned in the show.  Young animals have incompletely ossified ends on their long bones.  When they have completed the growth of their long bones, usually before they are completely mature, the soft, cartilaginous plates on the end of the bones (which are inbetween the bone and the cartilage of the joint) get hard and become bone.  These ends on juvenile bones are called growth plates.  In horses we see the growth plates harden between the 2nd and 3rd year of life (at which point horsemen say the joints have “closed”).  I think, in humans which grow more slowly, the “joints close” at an older age, around puberty, give or take a year or two.  Someone like a zoo vet or zoologist or paleontologist would know when lemurs and monkeys “close their joints” (ossify the growth plates).  From that point on, the bones above the elbow and true knee on the hind leg continue to lengthen and widen (the pelvis and rib cage get deeper) causing the animal to have more adult-like proportions.  Foals are known for being long-legged with short, shallow bodies and short necks and small heads.  We raise cattle and occassionally we find the remains of a calf that didn’t make it.  Usually, the ends of the bones are not there because they were soft when the calf died.  All the soft tissue disintegrates in a carcass.  Adult cattle bones have the typical shape to the end of their long, leg bones.  Did anyone on the investigating team notice that it appears (as far as I could tell…) that Ida had adult looking ends to her long bones?  They mentioned the substantial nature of the bones/joints leading them to conclude that she must have been pretty muscular.  I agree with that – I saw that also, long before they mentioned it.  But they didn’t touch on the growth plate issue.  If Ida was indeed a juvenile that was about 6 months old, she should have had soft growth plates at the end of her leg bones and they may have deteriorated, along with all the other cartilaginous stuff in her body, before her bones were fossilized.  I don’t know for sure if they would have done so but if they didn’t deteriorate I think x-rays surely should have been able to show a distinct line of seperation where the bones ended and the growth plates began.  It shows up in x-rays of adult bones but not as clearly as in juvenile bones. I have a B.S. in Animal Production (Cal Poly U., Pomona) and have worked for veterinarians and taken x-rays of animals.  I had to take anatomy and physiology classes and meat science (butchering) and learn all about the different domestic animals used in agriculture.  I graduated cum laudi (I wasn’t a slouch student).  I’m not bragging.  I’m just trying to explain why I think I can talk about these things. One time we had a cow go down on one of her hind legs and we had to shoot her because she wasn’t going to get better.  We didn’t have the vet out: it was just pretty certain she was done for (she was quite aged as well).  I was curious about what happened to her hind leg to cause her to go down.  After she was dead, we butchered all but the affected hind quarter.  I dissected it and found that not only had she worn off a good portion of the joint cartilage on the medial side of her knee joint (there was bone on bone there!), she had also torn some joint cartilage (she had been in heat and the weight of other cows mounting her was more than her aged skeleton could handle).  There was a LOT of joint fluid built up around the joint.  She would not have gotten better, for sure.  You don’t do joint replacement on an aged cow… I’m not impressed with Ida being the missing “link”.  How many thousands of species are not represented in the “fossil record”?  How can we take one individual fossil and make such certain claims about it?  The “scientists” are assuming that she was a normal individual and not one with symetrical anomolies.  With only one hind leg to examine, we can only assume the anatomy of the other leg was exactly the same.  The “scientists” are assuming that the physiology of Ida followed the same rules that modern mammals follow (in other words, the age of tooth erruption…).  I seriously question the accuracy of carbon dating…  Ida does not come close to filling in the gaps in the fossil record because we don’t even know what the gaps look like, or how they should be represented.  We can only make educated guesses, which is what science is supposed to do, rather than TELL people with such certainty that “this changes everything”!  It doesn’t change anything.  It just gives fossil and evolution nutts something else to dream about. I also laugh when I see the transition of ape to man…  Why on earth, if modern adaptations make a species more fit for survival, do the ancient species continue to flourish in their present envirnonments?  I suppose they’d say that the environment that the primates adapted to became overcrowded, necessitating a change in genetics in order for survival of the fittest to continue?  I just don’t buy it.  It doesn’t compute in my mind.  I suppose that is why we don’t see a new type of whitetail deer emerging…  In Pennsylvania the whitetails are overcrowded so they are smaller and not as healthy.  Shouldn’t a new type of deer start emerging?  The species is still the same, and given ample nutrition, would attain the size of the Ohio whitetails.  Oh, I’m sorry, it takes millions of years to make a new species…  (tongue in cheek there)  The law of entropy says something like this: Webster’s New World Dictionary, Second College Edition, 1972, says: 2.  a measure of the degree of disorder in a substance or a system:  entropy always increases and available energy diminishes in a colosed system, as the universe.”  In other words, “everything moves from a state of order to disorder” in a closed system.  That goes against the idea of evolution because evolution says that simple creatures are evolving into ever more complex animals.  That, in and of itself, goes against common sense.  I fail to see how more complexity is efficient enough to allow for greater survival ability.


Just my two cents worth!

Jody Rohr

Pakistan – Nukes and the Taliban

atom-bombThere’s lots to talk about this morning. The Swine Flu scare seems to be dying down a bit, although Mexico remains volatile. What would happen if the Swine Flu epidemic continued and the country completely shut down? How would this impact the global economy? While this is a real scenario that needs to be monitored, there are events, half a world a way, that are just to terrifying to ignore. The Taliban is within 80 miles of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. What happens if they manage to topple the enervated Pakistani government? What would happen to the nukes that Pakistan has in her possession? The brand of Islam that these band of thugs embraces, is one of violent, extreme, Jihad. They want nothing less than strict Sharia law established in the country. This is fanaticism at it’s best. Last week a couple were shot outside their village because they had been caught alone with each other. How’s that for swift judgement? There is no mercy, none at all. Only the strictness of Islamic law and with it punishment and oppression. With this in mind, what would happen if these guys got the nukes? It is a nightmare scenario that I shudder to think about.  

Here’s another very interesting link:

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Analysis: Infiltration greatest Pakistan nuke risk

By GEORGE JAHN, Associated Press writer 

Elements of the Taliban are associated with al-Qaida and are thought to have sheltered bin Laden for years in the rugged Pakistani border region to Afghanistan. The U.S. invasion of Afghanistan itself came after Taliban leader Mullah Omar refused to turn over bin Laden. Bin Laden, in turn, has repeatedly expressed al-Qaida‘s desire to acquire the bomb.

When asked in 1998 if he had nuclear or chemical arms, he responded: “Acquiring weapons for the defense of Muslims is a religious duty. If I have indeed acquired these weapons, then I thank God for enabling me to do so.”

Such aspirations have drawn not only U.S. concern. Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto warned before her 2007 assassination that al-Qaida affiliates could hijack Pakistan’s nuclear weapons if the country fails to neutralize the Taliban. And International Atomic Energy Agency head Mohamed ElBaradei repeatedly invokes the threat of the bomb in terrorist hands as the greatest global threat to nuclear security

Pakistan’s 60 plus warheads are believed to be stored separately from their delivery systems, with the nuclear cores removed from their detonators. The weapons are dispersed in as many as six separate locations, most of the south of the capital. And Pakistani officials say the weapons are fitted with code locks, with at least two people required to authenticate the codes before they can be released from storage.

Additionally specially trained troops patrol the inner perimeter of nuclear weapons depots and related locations, with some declared no-fly zones. Electronic sensors and monitoring devices are mounted at outer perimeters. And personnel assigned to sensitive nuclear positions go through regular background checks conducted by Pakistan’s intelligence services.

“The government of Pakistan values its nuclear arsenal for strategic reasons, which means that they are highly motivated to protect it,” said William H. Tobey, the former deputy administrator for the U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration’s Office of Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation. “Those responsible for the weapons are dedicated and professional.”

Still, with anti-U.S. feeling running high in Pakistan, there is concern about insider sympathies for Islamic causes.

IranLibya and North Korea bought their weapons-capable know-how from Khan, a national hero for his pivotal role in developing the bomb for Pakistan who is lionized by Islamists for making it the world’s only Muslim nuclear power. And the CIA is aware of two retired physicists from the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission — Chaudiri Abdul Majeed and Sultan Bashiruddin Mahmood — meeting bin Laden shortly before the Sept. 11 attacks to offer him nuclear arms. The relative isolation of the Pakistani military from the West is also a potential source of concern. The U.S. and other Western powers stopped training Pakistani officers after Islamabad secretly developed and then tested its nuclear bomb in 1998. While some ties have been resumed in recent years, the hiatus fed anti-U.S. sentiment among some officers now in senior positions. “The Pakistan military is a serious military … they are highly disciplined,” says Robert Grenier, a former CIA station chief in Islamabad and now chairman for global security consulting with Kroll risk consultants in Washington. Still, he speaks of the danger that some within the military might “harbor a certain level of sympathy for the goals, if not the methods of the militants.”

Also of concern are changing Taliban aspirations. Pakistan’s Taliban are an offshoot of Islamic tribal groups on the border with Afghanistan whose initial aspirations — autonomy from Islamabad to pursue their isolationist way of life — have mutated as they have mingled with more radical Afghan Taliban. “The Taliban today are a different kind of radical,” says Hassan Abbas, a former police chief of a region near the border tribal areas, and — like Tobey — now with Harvard’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. “They want to expand, they want to impose their view of their own religious dogma. They want to expand it to all of Pakistan.”  

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Swine Flu: Satanic-Luciferian-New World Order?

new-world-orderThis was sent to me by Michael: it is posted here for your discernment. I was going to discuss the idea that if this so -called epidemic gets worse in Mexico, it may topple that already unstable country. The fact that the swine flu seems to have originated there, support this scenario. With the drug wars already raging in some of our border towns, what would a total collapse of the Mexican government look like? How would it affect the USA? With that in mind read the following and keep and eye out for the second leg of the ‘dialectic’ to be established….


I found this posted in a forum, this is amazing info and it lines up with what I have been hearing from other sources. I think we need to be very aware and discerning of the dark spiritual component, the ultimate evil source of everything that is happening right now. This sort of scenario is exactly the sort of thing in their writings going back decades. And this is also their modus operandi, to do things in a very ritualistic, symbolic, in your face way.

Swine flu’s ancient correlation to the 1st of May Though “9/11” is a nationally recognized distress number, “Mayday” is an internationally recognized distress signal. It derives from the French venez m’aider , meaning ‘come help me ‘. The Mayday call sign was originated in 1923 by Frederick Stanley Mockford (1897–1962) The call is always given three times in a row (“Mayday Mayday Mayday “) to prevent mistaking it for some similar-sounding phrase under noisy conditions, and to distinguish an actual mayday call from a message about a mayday call. Examples of “grave and imminent danger” in which a mayday call would be appropriate include fire, explosion or sinking. Boats getting lost or boats running out of fuel is not considered grave and imminent danger. Making a hoax Mayday call is a criminal act in many countries. “”Use of MAYDAY under such circumstances is permissible under U.S. law and regulations [the ones sighted were International Radio Regulations (2001), Paragraph 4-9 and FCC rule (Part 80.311)].” The month of may, the 5th on our calendar is named after the Roman goddess Maia Maiestas, “Maia the Majestic”, Alternate names: Maiesta, Maja, Majestas, Majesty. (origin of the word MAGIC) which is essentially a doubling of Her name to indicate Her power, as both “Maia” and “Maiestas” have their roots in latin magnus, “great or powerful”. She was honored by the Romans on the 1st and 15th of May, and at the Volcanalia of August 23rd, the holiday of Her sometimes husband, the Fire-God Vulcan. She was also associated with Ops,(note: meaning “eye” in Greek) the Earth-Goddess who symbolizes the wealth of the Earth. In ancient Rome, the flamen Volcanalis, the priest who officially oversaw the rites of Vulcan, sacrificed a pregnant sow to Maia on the first day of May. The offering of a pregnant sow was traditionally given to Earth-goddesses such as Tellus or Ceres and signified both the remarkable fecundity of the Earth (as there are usually between 6 and 12 piglings in a litter) as well as the darker side of the Earth Mother, as sows have been known to eat their young. In ancient Greece, a sow was an appropriate sacrifice to Demeter and had been her favorite animal since she had been the Great Goddess of archaic times. Initiates at the Eleusinian Mysteries began by sacrificing a pig. In ancient Egypt pigs were associated with Set, the rival to the sun god Horus. Osiris had also associations with swine, and the Egyptians, according to Herodotus, sacrificed a pig to him annually. When Set at full moon hunted the boar in the Delta marshes, he probably hunted the boar form of Osiris, whose human body had been recovered from the sacred tree by Isis. Set, the demon slayer of the harvest god, had also a boar form; he was the black pig who devoured the waning moon and blinded the Eye of Ra. With the occult history of association of the pig with the war between Set and Osiris, light and darkness, heaven and earth it is significant that the pig was a central feature of Daniel’s prophecy of the “abomination of desolation”. It is known that the The Seleucid King Antiochus IV is recognized as the chief prototype or forerunner of the Antichrist and labeled his coins Antiochus Theos Epiphanes – “The God Made Manifest”. The historian Flavius Josephus recorded that Antiochus’ reign of terror over Israel lasted for 3 years. “He erected a Greek altar to Jupiter right on top of Jehovah’s brazen altar, and sacrificed a sow, the abominable flesh to a Jew, and took the broth and flung it all over the holy place, and had filth cast into the most holy place, and commanded every Jew that had a Bible to bring it to him, and he tore their holy books to pieces and burnt there fragments.” The “Abomination of Desolation” prophecy of Daniel was mentioned by Jesus in Matthew 24:15 and Mark 13:14 as referring to an event in the end time when a 7 year peace treaty will be signed between Israel and a world ruler called “the man of lawlessness”, or the “Antichrist” affirmed by the writings of the Apostle Paul in 2 Thessalonians. The Daniel 9:27 passage says, ” in the middle of the week he will put a stop to sacrifice and grain offering; and on the wing of abominations will come one who makes desolate.” ” In other words, the future prince will do at that time exactly what Antiochus did in the second century b.c.” In both Biblical and rabbinical Hebrew the abomination is a familiar term for an idol and therefore may well have the same application in Daniel, which should accordingly be rendered, in agreement with Ezra, ix. 3, 4, “motionless abomination” or, also, “appalling abomination.” The suggestion of many scholars-Hoffmann, Nestle, Bevan, and others—that, as a designation for Jupiter is simply an intentional perversion of his usual appellation “Baal Shamem” (“lord of heaven”), is quite plausible, as is attested by the perversion of Beelzebub into “Βεελζεβούλ” (Greek version) in Mark, iii. 22, as well as the express injunction found in Tosef., ‘Ab. Zarah, vi. (vii) and Babli ‘Ab. Zarah, 46a, that the names of idols may be pronounced only in a distorted or abbreviated form (see the examples quoted there). The following pagan / satanic feast days centered around the “Swine flu pandemic” are: April 19: Day of Sacrifice to Baal/Moloch April 24: St. Marks Eve (News of Swine flu breaks in the USA) April 26 – May 1: Corpus De Baal (body of Baal) April 30: Beltane. Satanic High Feast of Walpurgis May 1: May Day Satanic New Year’s Day These feast days are intimately connected to all the major pagan holidays of the sun and the star Sirius practiced in our times, especially Christmas. The Illuminati backed New World Order works closely with them. We should pay close attention to the events of the next few days. If the Swine flu pandemic is elevated to level 6 by the World Health Organization, it will most likely occur between May 1st and May 5th. This will be an unprecedented event that may set the world stage for the reign of Antichrist.

Swine Flu: False Flag!

APTOPIX Mexico Swine FluThe media announced this morning that the first fatality form the Swine Flu, happened in the USA. While this is a sad day for the family, I want to give you some interesting statistics and information. I believe this is a false flag event. I don’t know the end game yet, but let’s wait and see what the second leg of the dialectic is…


A member of the World Health Organisation (WHO) has dismissed claims that more than 150 people have died from swine flu, saying it has officially recorded only seven deaths around the world. Vivienne Allan, from WHO’s patient safety program, said the body had confirmed that worldwide there had been just seven deaths – all in Mexico – and 79 confirmed cases of the disease.


“Seasonal flu each year causes tens of thousands of deaths in this country — on average, about 36,000 deaths,” Besser said. “And so this flu virus in the United States, as we’re looking at it, is not acting very differently from what we saw during the flu season.”

Common seasonal flu kills 250,000 to 500,000 people every year worldwide, far more than the current outbreak of swine flu.


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Here’s an article from Coast to Coast with  George Noory. Stephen Quayle and Alex Jones weighed in. I present this information because it is the extreme point of view and is opposite regarding what I think is really going on. I don’t think we’re going to see a plague where millions of people will die. I think it’s a DISTRACTION! We need to keep looking for the second leg of the dialectic… With all respect to Quayle and Jones, this is an event that has a greater end then what we see at the present time… 

Thanks to Gordy for the link!

                                    *                                     *                                    * 

Host: George Noory
Guests: Gary Ridenour, Steve Quayle, Alex Jones

Flu Special

George Noory hosted a special edition of C2C with examination and analysis of the recent swine flu outbreak. 2nd hour guest, Dr. Gary Ridenour suggested that this virus could further mutate and become even more dangerous. We could see mass school closings and work outages in the U.S., he said, and in a worst-case scenario, 5-15 million people could die. He estimated there was a 40% chance that the new virus was man-made, and was released either accidentally or intentionally. Appearing in the latter half of the show, Alex Jones and Stephen Quayle both agreed the new swine virus was not natural. It’s a “genetically 
altered bioweapon,” possibly being “beta-tested in the field” to target specific races, Quayle contended. Jones cited experts in the field, pointing toward the virus being designed, and he noted how unusual it is for a flu virus to start out of season, and not come from the East.

Quayle suggested the virus may be part of a global plan to reduce the population, and that the mysterious deaths of microbiologists in recent years could be connected to this outbreak– scientists who could help stop a pandemic were taken out. Jones posited the idea that flu fears could be deliberate hype by the government in order to distract the public from other issues.

Swine Flu Scare: Is this the end game?


Most of the media is hyping the Swine Flu story. We are hearing how it is spreading all over the globe. Because of satellite TV and the Internet, the information is disseminated at lighting speed. Yesterday, I BLOGGED about what I consider a Dialectic. That is the deliberate manipulation of events in order to create or steer them to a desired end. I think I may have found something and I have enclosed the entire article, by Phyllis Shalfly below. You may also want to go to her Web site and check out the rest of the story. I view this event as a planned distraction. It may be a deliberate staged event, to draw everyones attention. Meanwhile what else is going on that we’re not catching, because we are being distracted? Yesterday we had many comments from people who gave out links to other sites and stories. This is great, as it keeps the information in the hands of the people where it belongs. In the Book of Revelation it speaks of a One World Government. It also tells us that the Mystery of Lawlessness, has been at work for thousands of years. I believe the end game of this ‘Mystery’, is to bring about a one world government and religious system, in other words, The New World Order. Let’s remain vigilant in our pursuit of what is behind the sudden hyperbole regarding the Swine Flu. Shalfly’s article may have uncovered what is really going on…                                 

                                             *                                        *                                    *              

                                                                 The Flu Is Really Dangerous :

Phyllis Shalfly
It’s now leaking out that there was more going on than met the eye at the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) Summit in Montebello, Canada in August. The three amigos, Bush, Harper and Calderon, finalized and released the “North American Plan for Avian & Pandemic Influenza.”

The “Plan” (that’s what they call it, with a capital P) is to use the excuse of a major flu epidemic to shift powers from U.S. legislatures to unelected, unaccountable “North American” bureaucrats.

This idea was launched on September 14, 2005 when Bush announced the “International Partnership on Avian and Pandemic Influenza.” He was then speaking to the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

We might have thought that idea had some merit because the Influenza Partnership called for “transparency in reporting of influenza cases in humans and in animals” and the “sharing of epidemiological data and samples.” That’s very different from the SPP, where transparency has always been conspicuously avoided like the plague.

This year’s SPP summit in Canada morphed the Influenza Partnership into the North American Plan. Now we discover that the Plan is not only about combating a flu epidemic but is far-reaching in seeking control over U.S. citizens and public policy during an epidemic.

The Plan repeatedly features the favorite Bush word “comprehensive”; it calls for a “comprehensive, coordinated North American approach.” The Plan would give authority to international bureaucrats “beyond the health sector to include a coordinated approach to critical infrastructure protection,” including “border and transportation issues.”

The Plan is a wordy 44-page document, much of which sounds innocuous. It is helpful to exchange information about disease and take precautions against letting foreign diseases enter the United States.

However, self-government and sovereignty are at risk when control over these matters is turned over to a newly created North American body headed by the representative of another country. It’s an additional problem when the entire Plan is a spin-off of the Security and Prosperity Partnership, an arrangement created in secret solely by White House press releases, without Congressional approval or even oversight.

The 2007 Plan acknowledges that it is based not only on the Influenza Partnership, but also on the guidelines, standards and rules of the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), the World Trade Organization (WTO), and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

The Plan sets up a “senior level Coordinating Body to facilitate the effective planning and preparedness within North America for a possible outbreak of avian and/or human pandemic influenza under the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP).” The Plan identifies this SPP Coordinating Body as “decision-makers.”

The Plan then (ungrammatically) states: “The chair of the SPP Coordinating Body will rotate between each national authority on a yearly basis.” A foreigner will be the “decision-maker” for Americans in two out of every three years.

What powers will this foreign-headed Coordinating Body exercise? The Plan suggests that these include “the use of antivirals and vaccines; . . . social distancing measures, including school closures and the prohibition of community gatherings; . . . isolation and quarantine.”

Will this foreign-headed Coordinating Body respect the First Amendment “right of the people peaceably to assemble”? Or will the rules of the Plan, SPP, WHO, OIE, WTO, and NAFTA take precedence?

In evaluating the Plan, it is instructive to recall the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (EHPA), an anti-epidemic plan launched by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on October 23, 2001. Designed to be passed by all state legislatures, the model bill was primarily written by Lawrence O. Gostin, a former member of Hillary Clinton’s discredited Task Force on Health Care Reform, and was promoted by the Bush Administration during its first year.

The proposed EHPA would have given each governor sole discretion to declare a public health emergency and grant himself extraordinary powers. He would have been able to restrict or prohibit firearms, seize private property and destroy it in many circumstances, and impose price controls and rationing.

Governors would have been given the power to order people out of their homes and into dangerous quarantines. Children could have been taken from their parents and put into public quarantines.

Governors could even have demanded that physicians administer certain drugs despite individuals’ religious or other objections. EHPA was based on the undemocratic concept that decision-making by authoritarian bosses and unelected bureaucrats is the way to go in time of crisis.

EHPA roused a nationwide storm of protest because it was an unprecedented assault on the constitutional rights of U.S. citizens, as well as on our principles of limited government, and so it never passed anywhere in its original text. Will similar totalitarian notions now bypass legislatures and be forced upon us by SPP press releases?

Swine Flu: Links to sites.

dialecticBefore I post the links, I thought I would weigh in on what may be going on here. First off, if you look at the picture to your left, you’ll see the three stages of a dialectic. Thesis, Antithesis and finally Synthesis. The Thesis is the sudden outbreak of the so-called swine flu. Is it a Bio-engineered weapon that is being used by terrorists? Who are these terrorists? The second leg of the dialectic, which is the response, or Antithesis remains to be seen. That is what I’m waiting to see. I’ve heard talk of Martial law being implemented in Mexico and apparently sports events and other gatherings have been shut


down by the Mexican government. There is also talk of this flu, becoming a PANDEMIC. We need to watch what happens. I’m very suspicious of the whole thing and so I’m looking to see what the second leg, of the dialectic might be. The last stage of the dialectic is Synthesis. This is what the manipulation is all about. An example that I have used in the past is this. Thesis – Attack of the World Trade Center. Antithesis – War in Afghanistan and Iraq. Synthesis – This still remains to be seen, but it might have something to do with the King of Jordan ruling Iraq, once we pull out and create a power vacuum.  With that in mind. Let’s keep an eye on what else is going on, as this may be a distraction. The New World Order is marching on and those who promulgate it will stop at nothing to see its creation. Here are the links to sites: Thanks to those of you who sent these in!

Caveat: I have looked at some of the links below. I’m posting these to give you information. In no way am I endorsing any of these or suggesting what you should or shouldn’t do. Let’s keep cool heads and see what the next leg of the dialectic looks like. As always, it’s a good idea to stock up on food and water. 

II Timothy 1:7: “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”


New flu has spread widely, cannot be contained-CDC
WASHINGTON, April 25 (Reuters) – An unusual new flu virus has spread widely and cannot be contained, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed on Saturday.”It is clear that this is widespread. And that is why we have let you know that we cannot contain the spread of this virus,” the CDC’s Dr. Anne Schuchat told reporters on a conference call.
Mild Silver Protein Website is at:

Swine Flu Spurs U.S. Health ‘Emergency’ as Cases Grow April 26 (Bloomberg) — A growing number of swine flu cases in the U.S. and Mexico led the Obama administration to declare a public health emergency and release stockpiles of medicine. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said 25 percent of “courses of treatments” of drugs, known as antivirals, were being released from U.S. stockpiles. In all, there are 50 million courses, she said. Among those are Tamiflu, sold by Roche Holding AG, of Basel, Switzerland, and Relenza, from GlaxoSmithKline Plc of London.                                                                                                                                                                         See: 
Do Not Take A Swine Flu Vaccine! by Dr. Patricia A. Doyle                                                            I am making a plea to everyone who reads this, please, please DO NOT TAKE ANY VACCINE THAT IS PURPORTED TO ‘PREVENT’ THIS FLU. Remember 1976 and the so called Swine Flu outbreak that was purported to be a coming pandemic? It only infected recruits at Ft. Dix. Why? Because I believe that the so called Swine Flu virus infected the recruits due to the vaccines they were given. Whether the government developed the Swine Flu 1976 virus and infected the recruits as a means to test the public to see if people would comply with a call to take vaccination against Swine Flu, or the recruits became infected via contaminated vaccine they were given as part of the recruit regimen, that outbreak was as phony as they come. I was one of the people duped into taking a Swine Flu shot and it made me so sick. I was sick in bed for three months after taking the vaccine. Do not take seasonal flu vaccine if you are told that it could help prevent this brand new Swine Flu variant. It won’t do a thing to prevent this flu. What it will do is serve up new genetic material to the Swine Flu virus that I have dubbed Spanish Flu 2, the Sequel. The Spanish Flu variant will use the gene sequences in the vaccine in humans to develop more of the changes that make the virus more readily infect humans. We do not want to give this virus more human genetic material so that it will infect humans more readily person to person. This is what vaccinated individuals do for pandemic strains.

False Flag Flu: A precursor to Martial law in Mexico!

marshall-law-fluI like taking the weekends off, however, in light of what is happening in Mexico with the so-called Swine Flu, I have come back on. I am very uncomfortable with what is going on south of the border. I will continue to monitor the situation and BLOG about here. In the meantime here’s the link to the story. Here are some questions for us. Is Mexico about to declare marshall law? Is this a precursor to the complete collapse of that country?