Megalithic Enigmas Of Baalbek Lebanon: Part 3 Of 4: Inside Baalbek 1 – With Brien Foerster!

I have always been fascinated with the ancient megalithic site of Baalbek, Lebanon.  We see 1200, 1400, and more recently discovered, 1800-ton stones, cut from the quarry and some placed at the site, while others, like The Stone of the Pregnant woman, remain in situ.

Brien Foerster, who was our guide in Peru and was featured in Watchers 6 & 8, created the video above.  One of the interesting aspects of it is the granite columns which are in Baalbek. How were the ancients able to move granite from Aswan, Egypt to Lebanon?  How were they able to create a perfectly round column?  You can not cut granite with copper chisels!

Baalbek has remained a mystery and no one really knows who built the original structures or why.  As I wrote about in Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural, the local people living around Baalbek claim the giants built it.  I have come to call sites like this, Fallen angel technology, Nephilim architecture.  

We know from not only scripture but other books like Enoch, Jasher and Jubilees, that the Fallen angels, like their counterparts who didn’t fall, can manipulate time, space, matter and energy in ways that defy our laws of physics.  Angels are very powerful beings, both the ones who remain loyal to The Most High God, and the ones who sided with The Fallen Cherub in the rebellion.

These fallen entities want to be worshipped and this is why we see these temples throughout the world, in places like Puma Punkuu, Bolivia, Teotihuacan Mexico,  and Caral, Peru.  These ancient sites all show signs of human sacrifice, with perhaps Puma Punkuu being the exception of the three I listed above.

At the Great Circle Mound in Ohio—we’ll be touring this site on Sunday, during the Nephilim Mounds 3 Conference—human remains/sacrifice was discovered on an altar in the center of the mound.

In closing todays post.  When we interviewed Robert Salus for Watchers 7, he told us that a UFO was able to remove the lid of a missile silo and place it on the ground next to it.  The “lid” weighed upward of 21 tons.  I would posit that the stones at Baalbek and other places had technology and tools that the builders took with them when they left.  Is there a UFO connection?

Thanks Brien for the video!  Check out the other installments in this series!


Published on May 31, 2015

In this Best UFO video compilation, we present a collection of original UFO videos, UFO short films such as, Nasa’s UFO Files that were featured on, youtube/LookNowTV first. This UFO video features incredible UFO Sightings from, Nevada, Europe, and Hawaii to mention a few. In this UFO video we also included exclusive videos from various places throughout the world included space. In this UFO video we see some of the most awesome Flying Saucers and mysterious objects in videos that were made public here on LookNowTV first!

Commentary & Analysis by L. A. Marzulli

Nothing to worry about with this footage as it is obviously a collection of pictures of swamp gas, weather balloons, St. Elmo’s fire, the Planet Venus and photo-shopped images.  Well, I guess that clears it up folks.  Go back to reading the important, life-changing article on Bruce Jenner, which supposedly crashed the Internet yesterday!

Notice this.  These craft continue to appear in the skies, all over the world with impunity.  They come and go as they please.  They defy our laws of physics.  They change shape, move at incredible speeds, jump through space, hover and then suddenly disappear.

I spoke last weekend at For His Namesake church in Torrance.  During the presentation a woman covered her mouth and gasped!  She got it!  I was discussing the fact that when they show up all bets are off.  When they show up, if you don’t know what you’re looking at before hand, you will most likely buy into the lie, that these ships and entities are from another galaxy, far, far away!

Think about it. The New Agers and the Ancient Alien crowd have been promulgating this for years now.  They are waiting for the day when the disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence is revealed. 

Cris Putnam sent me a very interesting article yesterday positing the idea that the Pope may soon reveal the extraterrestrial presence to the citizenry of the world.  Cris and Tom Horn covered some of this in their ground-breaking book Exo-Vaticana.

In closing todays post.  As Paul Hellyer, the former Minister of Defense for the Canadian government states: UFOs are as real as the airplanes flying overhead.

As I state in the opening of Acceleration Radio every week, while we may disagree as to the cause of the UFO phenomenon, we can agree that they are real, burgeoning and not going away.  Is this the coming great deception that the Bible talks about?

Simply put, I believe the revealing of the so-called UFO/extraterrestrial will cause the apostasia/apostasy the Bible speaks of.  Millions of folks will believe the lie, just like our guide-book tells us.  What will you believe?


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Politics Prophecy & the Supernatural

Politics Prophecy & the Supernatural


Tonights Topics: Do your homework!

1.  UFO Update: From the BLOG! Is this video real or a hoax?

2. Radical Isalm…. again.  Boko Haram Massacre:

3.  Earthquakes in Diverse Places:

4.  Oil Prices!  Phony Baloney:

 5. ISIL Update:

6. The Coming Psalm 83 war:

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Is There a Spiritual Component to What is Happening in Iraq and the Middle East?


Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

 Fear of deadly ‘religious war’ between Jews and Muslims raised after synagogue attack

 Israelis and Palestinians expressed fear Wednesday that their decades-old conflict was moving beyond the traditional nationalist struggle between two peoples fighting for their homelands and spiraling into a raw and far-reaching religious confrontation between Jews and Muslims.

Is there a supernatural component to what we see happening Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East?

The short answer, in my opinion is YES, and here’s some interesting ideas to ponder so you can come to your own conclusions.

The Prince of the Power of the Air i.e. Satan, The Fallen Cherub, is the god of this world.  He has many Fallen Angels in his command and one of those is noted in the Bible, The Prince of Persia.

But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me one and twenty days; but, lo, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me: and I remained there with the kings of Persia.

Daniel 10:13

This Prince of Persia has never been deposed.  In other words, as Paul admonishes us in Ephesians 6, we are fighting against powers and principalities and wickedness in high places.  Persia in ancient times included much of the present day Iraq.  Is it possible this agent of darkness is behind much of what we are seeing now?  Is ISIL literally under his protection?  Is this Fallen one whispering ideas in the minds of men who are literally hell-bent on killing anyone who disagrees with their brand of Islam.

Abu GraibWhile we can not see if this is true, as this being is not manifesting physically that we know of, are we seeing his handiwork in pictures that came out of the Abu Graib prison, which were certainly macabre if not outright demonic.   Why would someone dress another human being like this?

Then we have the killing fields of Saddam Hussein, who tortured and killed hundreds of thousands of his own people.  Hussein and his sons were drunk on the blood of innocent people.  They were sadistic and reveled in the pain they inflicted on others.  How does one become like this?  How do you throw a human being into a wood chipper and laugh while he is being torn apart?  This, in my opinion may be another indication of demonic possession in Hussein and his sons.  Perhaps they drew their power from the principality who dwells in the air above them?  Perhaps they had some ration with it.

We are told in our Bibles, Satan comes to rob, kill and destroy.  This is precisely what is happening in the Middle East.  Hundreds of thousands of people have been brutally murdered and millions more uprooted.   Think about it. Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and other countries in the region have been the target of upheavals and ongoing civil war.  Think of the body count and the destruction of lives, property and an already fragile infrastructure taxed to the limit.  I believe this ongoing rampage has the fingerprints of the Fallen Ones all over it.

The Radical Islam of ISIL is a throwback to the barbarianism that was the hallmark of the Middle Ages.  The senseless slaughter of innocent people living in the region is genocide and this is abhorrent and repugnant to those of us in the west.  Take a good look at the picture above.  Murder, is the calling card of ISIL.

Several days ago in Jerusalem there was a bombing at a Synagogue.  The conflict between Muslim and Jew is now spiraling out of control.  It’s not going to go away and as those of you know who visit this BLOG I think there is a supernatural cause to it.

I can sum all of this up in a quote from Politics, Prophecy and the Supernatural:  The present political landscape is in direct correlation to supernatural events that happened, in some cases, millennia ago.  What we have is two sets of different supernatural experiences which became the foundation of Judaism and later Islam.  These supernatural experiences are affecting the body politic in ways that were unimaginable a century ago.  The Jews believe in their God and the Muslims believe in theirs.  George Bush cited that Jews, Christians and Muslims pray to the same god.  If this is so then why the hatred?  The hatred is founded because the supernatural occurrences separated by millennia are, in fact contradictory to one another.  So these tow groups seem to be at an impasse.

In closing todays post.  The prophecies of our Bibles tell us this will happen in the end of days as Jerusalem will be a cup of trembling to the whole world.  I would posit that we are seeing this now.  At some point, and I hope it’s soon, the Jews will look on Him whom they have pierced and mourn for Him as an only son.  When this happens I believe the Muslims will too.  There is only one way out of the dilemma in the Middle East and that is for the King to return.  If the Jews and the Muslims knew Him everything would be different.

However…. What was written will come to pass.  What was foretold will unfold.  


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