Sunday Bun

The Sunday Bun


L. A. Marzulli

I stated that we are holding a press conference on February 2nd to reveal our DNA research on the enigmatic Paracas Skulls. Our team is going to present our findings and people will be able to see the data for themselves.
Let me state right up front that our hypothesis has always been that the enigmatic Paracas people may have come from the Middle East. I would also state we are wondering if there may be a connection to the Nephilim tribes found in the Promised Land that Joshua and Caleb warred against.
However, no one is stating that these elongated skulls are the remnants of the Nephilim. We simply do not know at this point. The data is interesting and frankly, it raises more questions than answers.
That’s why our team is On the Trail! The data and the science will speak for itself. In the meantime, we are filming the press conference and it will be up on VIMEO as soon as possible. We will also be creating a DVD for purchase. The proceeds from the VIMEO sales will go back into the DNA fund for further research. More updates soon….

Sunday Bun – Back to the Basics!

Sunday Bun


L.A. Marzulli

Back to basics.
We are about to celebrate Christmas. I won’t argue about celebrating it because in my opinion it’s part of our culture. I celebrate the birth of my savior… end of story. I realize He wasn’t born on Christmas Day so you can save sending  your emails to me! LOL
Here’s the deal.
All of mankind has the “sin-code” in their DNA. We are all depraved, broken, and as our Bible tells us: The heart of man is deceitfully wicked, who can know it.
This is a far cry from what most people want to hear. However, it’s the truth.
This is why all of mankind needs a savior. This is why Jesus came into the world.
He came for one mission and that was to break the sin-code in those of us who would come to Him.
His death and blood atonement, on Calvary, cleared the way for all mankind to be reconciled with God.
This is the only “system” that deals with the heart of mankind’s depravity i.e. our sin-nature. There is no other way to have it removed from us. There is no other “game-in-town.”
As I stated a few weeks earlier on the Bun. If there was another way we would have known about it by now. There isn’t. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.
The miracle of His birth, the prophecies about Him are all there in plain sight for us to access. Most people don’t know about the prophecies of His birth and all that was written about Him in advance.
Our Bible is the only book that has this voluminous thread of prophecy telling in advance, what the future holds for mankind.
We are sinners.
We need a savior, a way to reconcile us with our creator.
Jesus made the way for us.
How Deep the Father’s love for us…
“Why should I gain from his reward?
I cannot give an answer.
But this I know with all my heart.
His wounds have paid my ransom….





Acceleration Radio! Live Tonight. Special Guest Mark Conn


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Tonight’s Talking Points

  1. UFO – Soft Disclosure? (From the Blog!)
  2. Lower Taxes…. Hopefully?

Second half hour: Special Guest Mark Conn

Nothing matters.

No, really. It does!

But often we are so intent on removing the “nothing” from our lives that we fail to realize that it is only within the “nothing” that God does His work.

Unfortunately there are many Christians who are living in an unfulfilled life, thinking that they are doomed to never achieve the things that they believe God has prompted, planned, and prepared for them to do. Often, it’s because they don’t see the resources they think they need to accomplish the task that is before them.

In 30 Days of Nothing, we will discover all throughout the Scriptures that over and over again God has worked through people just like us.

People who are so focused on their seeming lack of essential resources, skills, or talents that they initially can’t understand how they could do what God is calling for them to do.

That’s because they are focused on their “nothing,” and not on God’s limitless supply.

I’ve discovered a truth in my life, and I pray that in the pages of this book you will discover this same truth – God never calls us to a place or to a work where He doesn’t also provide all that is necessary to do what He wants.

He never leads where He does not supply. It’s just that sometimes, His supply is not what we were expecting. But it’s always precisely what is needed.

Sunday Bun: Breaking the Strongholds in Our Lives!

The Bun


L.A. Marzulli

I’m going on a three-day fast starting this coming Wednesday. Want to join me? Want to know the reason you should climb on board too? To Break the strongholds in our lives. We are all beset with stuff that continually creeps into our lives. Some of us have anger, bitterness, resentment, jealousy, covetness, hatred, and all sorts of other STRONG-HOLDS in our lives that are most likely to numerous to mention here.
Are you addicted to porn, lust or any of the aforementioned list above? You’re not alone as many people struggle with these sins. The question is this, how do we break free of these snares that keep us locked up and make us slaves to sin instead of slaves to righteousness?
Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil, to destroy the sin-code that is now inherent in every human being on earth.
He created the universe. Nothing is impossible for Him. There is no sin or STRONGHOLD to great for Him to demolish and remove from our lives.
The question is this. Do we want to be set free? Do we want to break the strongholds of sin in our lives?
This is why I’m encouraging you to accompany me on a three-day fast starting this Wednesday morning. I would state here that if you have dietary issues then fast something else other than food. I’m going to drink water and some juices and nothing else for those three days.
I’m going to pray to the Living God for the breaking of strongholds in my life and also yours.
Time to crush the head of the serpent.
Let’s get serious before the New Year.
Let’s say I have issues with bitterness and it’s a stronghold in my life. I’m tired of it and thus I’m fasting and praying to break the stronghold of bitterness and be set free!
There’s nothing in our lives that is greater than the power of Jesus and this is what is written in our Bibles to remind us just how great He really is : Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world!
When we fast and pray we are getting serious about the strongholds in our lives. We go before the Lord and ask Him to intervene and He will. Why? Because He loves us!
We need a supernatural touch from God to set us free and our Father loves to do this.
Let’s get serious and break the strongholds so that we can be better servants of our King!






Acceleration Radio – LIVE TONIGHT!

Live tonight!

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It really works! L.A.

Tonight’s topics…

* International warnings as Trump delays Jerusalem decision

Special guest at 6:30

Tony Kail!

Symbol Intelligence Group

We will discuss Narco-Cults and the rise of Santa Muerta in Mexico & Central America.

Sunday Bun – My Mother’s Memorial

Sunday Bun


L. A. Marzulli

Peggy and I flew into Newark, New Jersey on Friday. We arrived after dark, rented a car and drove out to Toms River, where my Uncle George and Aunt Nancie live. They’re the last of my mother’s family I have along with their children, Christopher and Lenore. (There is also Bob, a first cousin and a few other second cousins who are still alive.) My brother Tony and wife unfortunately were unable to attend, but we knew they were there in spirit with us. It’s just he and I now.
We were there for my mother’s memorial service. She passed away peacefully in our home, in the Santa Monica Mountains, on September 30 of this year.
Yesterday about 25 people showed up for my mother’s memorial service. I only recognized a few people, as it had been over 40 years since I last saw some of the family and friends of Mom who attended.
My Uncle and Aunt have a family “priest” who has been with them since 1973, Father John. Father John conducted a mass in my cousin Lenore’s, living room whose house is across the street from her parents. All of my family is Catholic.
I was to give the eulogy and I had scribbled a few talking points down on a piece of paper, which I didn’t use.
I talked about my mother’s love for her husband, my father, and that after he passed in 2014, she never really recovered. Peggy and I opened up our home and Mom came to live with us.
Honor thy father and thy mother is the first commandment that carries a blessing with it.
I think we did that, as Mom became part of our family and we loved on her.
I got to tell the folks that about 4 weeks before she passed I walked into her room and asked her if she had ever asked Jesus into her heart as her Lord and Savior. Mom thought for a moment and said no.
 Then I asked her if she would like to do that. Again she thought about it then replied yes.
I led my mother in the sinner’s pray and then she closed her eyes and went back to sleep.
I pointed out, to the family and friends in attendance, that our belief as Christians is not some fantasy, because Jesus tells us that he will prepare a place for us in His Father’s kingdom.
We are also told: To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.
Ours is not some silly belief. If there was another system by where men and women could be reconciled with the God of the Universe we would  have know about it by now. There isn’t and while this earth is still under thumb of the fallen cherub, i.e. Satan, the rightful King will return soon. Revelation 19:19!
Only the gospel, the good news gives hope to men and women everywhere. Only the gospel outlines the problem with mankind, the sin code, and that coming to Jesus sets us free from sin and death and gives us the promise of eternal life.
When Jesus was on the cross He turned to the thief next to Him and stated: Today you will be with me in paradise.
Can you imagine?
Our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.