Maitreya Update.

He’s back…. actually he’s been lurking in the shadows for decades. I’m speaking of that very illusive figure known as Maitreya. Thanks to Late-Night-Lisa for the link to the video. This video posted on January, 18nth, of 2010, so it’s up to date. In the video Creme tells us that we must share our resources. This is nothing short of what the Cap and Trade bill is trying to get us to do. That somehow more prosperous countries must give back to countries that are less fortunate. Here’s a graphic example as why this doesn’t work. Yassar Arafat’s widow gets an annual stipend of 80 million dollars! Much of this money was given to the PLO by the United States and other countries, to help the Palestinians,  yet, very little of it ever reached the people. The problem is that man is basically corrupt and that absolute power, as was the case with Arafat, leads to corruption of that power, absolutely!

Here’s a link to that story:

As long as corruption exists we will see this kind of misappropriation of funds. What Creme is suggesting is global socialism and in doing so he’s right in step with the New World Order, which is nothing more than the socialism that the Russian people endured under the former Soviet Union. Millions of people slaved away in poverty, supporting the 2.5 million people, who were lucky enough to be at the top of the pyramid, in the Communist party. No Mr. Creme, we don’t want socialism, it doesn’t work.

Creme goes on to state that Maitreya will go on television in the United States and appear just like one of us. He will begin to draw people to him and then, on the day of declaration will present himself as the, Master of all masters, to the world. Remember this, that Benjamin Creme has had contact with the, “Space brothers, and believes that they will manifest along with Maitreya. Last year Creme announced the reemergence of the Bethlehem Star, which according to Creme was a giant UFO mother-ship. I took umbrage with that announcement and posted a rebuttal on this BLOG. We also carry a fascinating DVD about the Star of Bethlehem that appeared 2000 years ago in response to Creme’s announcement. Of course Creme continues, for the most part, unchallenged. Yet, we have yet to see the illusive, Maitreya! It’s a cosmic, spiritual con-game much like what happened to Blossom Goodchild on October 14th, 2008, when her “spirit guides,” announced that a UFO mother-ship would appear for 72 hours in the Southern hemisphere….. October 14th came and nothing happened. The entity that Creme is involved with is a master of sorts, but it is not the master that Creme would have us believe. No, I believe this entity is a master of deception. It most likely distorts the truth, i.e. lies habitually, and its announcements should be regarded in that light. Yet Creme would have us believe that this Maitreya is somehow a benevolent “master,” that only seeks to bring peace and harmony to a broken world. While we all want to see a better world, we also must be realistic in that mankind historically seems to have a morbid propensity to war. Think of the Crusades, the 100 years war, WWI & WWII, the quagmire that was Vietnam and Cambodia, the slaughter in Rwanda, and on and on it goes. In closing todays post, Maitreya is what I would call a false messiah. He is certainly not the Christ of the Bible, as Creme stated in 1982, when he announced to the world, “That the Christ is now here.” He is an imposter whose calling card is one of deception. The real King is coming back and I believe its soon, based on the prophecies. I posted about this yesterday so scroll down and read that post….

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L.A. Marzulli to appear on Coast to Coast tonight!

I will be appearing on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory tonight.

Harbingers & ‘Great Decception’
Author L.A. Marzulli will discuss his latest research exploring various global phenomena such as earthquakes, tsunamis, wars and rumors of wars, which are all harbingers to the coming GREAT DECEPTION!
It’s always a pleasure to be on the show with George, who is an inquisitive, gracious, host that is at the top of his game! Tonight I will be talking about a variety of issues. We will discuss the prophecies that deal with the time we are living in. Specifically those that mention wars and rumors of wars, famines, pestilence, earthquakes and signs in the heavens. I will also talk about Maitreya and the supposed re-emergence of the Star of Bethlehem and how I wrote about this 5 years before it happened. Is this life imitating art or is it part of the coming Great Deception that I keep harping about! I will also give an update on the Shroud of Turin and how new evidence is being overlooked by the media – deliberately?
I interviewed the reporter from MUFON that investigated the recent cattle mutilation in New Mexico and will report on that as well as a conversation with an experiencer – someone who is having ongoing contact with so-called E.T.’s.
Here’s a link to a show I did over the weekend on Set The Captives Free show!
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China UFO: Harbinger of the Coming Great Deception!

China UFO#2

Here’s another story about the UFO that hovered over the town of Beibei, China for about half an hour. Apparently, hundreds of people witnessed the event. As with most of these kinds of sightings, it’s almost impossible to ascertain whether it’s the real thing. Not a whole lot of information is coming out of Beibei. As I reported earlier this week, the Kabash was allegedly was put on the story by Chinese officials. This was also confirmed by Michael Cohen – a fellow UFO researcher- who I corresponded with about the incident. Why is it that governments around the world want to suppress the reality of UFOs? Is it because they move in our air space with impunity? Is it because UFOs can outpace any man-made aircraft and thus make us look impotent? Is it because most of the world’s governments are aware of what is really going on and are waiting for the United States to finally come clean and admit UFOs are not not swap gas, or Venus, or a flock of birds. There is something going on. UFOs are real, and burgeoning and not going away. By the way that slogan was used up by another researcher recently…. they say imitation is the highest form of flattery! I wish he had given a nod in my direction…. oh well, back to the BLOG. When, not if the revealing happens it’s going to be a mind altering event. How will most people react? What will the governmental heads of states, tell us? What will the pope say? What will the masses be told? How will the church react to holographic images of Moses parting the Red Sea, Jesus’ crucifixion and subsequent resurrection? Think I’m making it up? I would call your attention to what I wrote in The Revealing and The Unholy Deception, novels from my Nephilim Trilogy. I used the reemergence of the Star of Bethlehem as a plot device. This was based on research and also the notion that if I was going to create a deception this would be a great place to start, as it undermines the Christian Gospel. Now, several years later, Benjamin Creme who is the spokesperson for Share International is proclaiming that the Star of Bethlehem is being seen all over the world. He claims that both the original star and this present star were actually giant UFO mother-ships. I’m not making this up. (Check out last weeks BLOGS) What Creme is promulgating is real and alarming and yet, once again the church is asleep and mostly oblivious to the deception that is happening. The bottom line is this, I was right about the bogus reemergence of the Star of Bethlehem and if I was right about that, how about being right about what is coming? The Great Deception, will come and when it does it will create the Apostasy that 2nd Thessalonians warns us about. Wake Up!

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Maitreya: Is this the star?

Bethlehem starHere’s a video link to a light in the sky that some are calling the star of Maitreya. Remember I’ve BLOGGED about this and warned that this is part of the growing deception. Thanks to “Hunter Lynn,” (not me) for the link. For those of you who are new to this BLOG I”ll give you a brief thumbnail sketch of what this all about. However, I would recommend that you go back several weeks and read the BLOGS I posted about Maitreya.

In 1982, there were full page ads taken out in major newspapers across the globe. The ads announced the presence of a world teacher that was the return of Christ to the Christians, The Imam Mahdi to the Moslem’s, The Jewish Messiah, and the fifth Buddha. He was supposed to communicate telepathically with everyone on the planet. this never happened! Now, decades later the spokes-person for Maitreya, Benjamin Creme has declared that the return of the Bethlehem star is the sign we are to look for that will herald Maitreya. Creme, who was recently on Coast to Coast with George Noory, sated that the star was actually four UFO, mother ships that were in each section of the earth and would be reveal themselves soon, for all mankind to see. Well here we have a video link that seems to show a bright object in the sky. Is it Venus? Is it a mother ship like Creme tells us will appear? I don’t know, you be the judge and be sure to comment about it.

Here is another link on YouTube that  tells us exactly what is coming. In this brief video we are told that Maitreya is the hope of humanity and that this star is the sign of his coming! There’s also an 800 number that I called. May I suggest you check it out for yourselves? It’s 800-870-6108. It’s toll-free and you can hear for yourselves what  this is all about. But back to the video first. The video is more of the same. Look for the star which is the sign of the coming world teacher that is here to guide humanity through this desperate time in which we live. There are also still shots of the “star” shown in different countries of the world.

When I called the 800 number I was taken aback when the recorded message informed me that Maitreya was not alone but was coming back with other enlightened ones that have guided humanity through the ages. Are these the s0-called ascended Masters that Madame Blavatsky, Alice Bailey and others have embraced? In my opinion the answer to this is yes. These are the same fallen angels and “doctrines of demons” that the supernatural guidebook – the Bible –  warns us about, especially in the last days. Maitreya is a type of Anti-Christ, although I don’t believe he is THE Anti-Christ. Here’s the link to the ad.

In closing here’s one more link. This features the leader of Share International, Benjamin Creme. Check out how many people are falling for this. This is what we are faced with. It is part of the coming Great Deception that I continue to warn about. As you can see people are drawn to Creme and the promise of world peace through Maitreya. Wake up church we are in the last days and the deception is growing….

By the way the images in this video are occult-satanic-Luciferic-demonic, in origin! How much plainer does it have to get!

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