Venezuela Update.

I suppose some of you won’t take a look at this video as in some ways it is very depressing. However, the likes of Bernie Sanders, AOC, the left-wing media, and most of the Dems are embracing the ideology of Socialism, that has led to the complete collapse of a once-prosperous country, Venezuela. Socialism won’t work and never will.
When Bernie tells us he’s going to give us FREE stuff he’s lying and he knows it. Nothing is FREE and someone is going to pay for it. That someone is you and me, the hard-working Americans, the Deplorables that Hillary spoke of.
Remember the only ideas the Democrats offer us are abortion on demand, gay marriage, higher taxes, rounding up our guns—”Beto” stated so recently—and a lager more oppressive central government that will regulate everything you and I say and do.
Bernie, AOC, and other of their ilk should hop on a plane and spend two weeks in Venezuela. Then they can come back and tell us how the dystopian nightmare of socialism really works as they would have experienced it first hand. Of course, they won’t and that’s the point. Don’t confuse them with the facts.
In the meantime here’s a video that explains in clear concise terms what is really happening “down there.” Watch and remember this… there is no FREE stuff.
L. A.

L. A. interviews a pastor from the dystopian nightmare that is now Venezuela. Essentially nothing works…nothing. Venezuela was once a prosperous nation until socialism was introduced. Now its people are fleeing by the tens of thousands to find a better life. Bernie, AOC, and others of their ilk, should spend two weeks in Venezuela and then come back and tell us all about it… If only. Please consider giving to www.spanrelief.org/
All of your donations go to feed the hungry children as well as provide badly needed medicine. 
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Politics: The Most Dangeorus Woman in America and Other Rants

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

I find it incredible that someone like Ocasio-Cortez can be elected to any office in America in the first place. She’s a socialist and has stated openly that she favors the taxing of the “rich” up to 70%.
What she fails to see is that the “rich” will flee the country with their money, investments, and businesses. They will leave…period.
Why is Ocasio-Cortez so dangerous? Because she’s all over the media almost daily and has become the “darling” of the left-wing press.
Make no mistake about it socialism has never worked anywhere and will never work in America. Obummer applied his higher taxes and “everybody-is-going-to-have-to-give-a-little-more” policies of what was basic socialism and the country doubled its national debt, and the economy was sluggish at best. https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2018-08-01/ranking-presidents-economic-records-by-gdp-growth
I am amazed and depressed that a freshman congresswoman has this kind of national press coverage.
Meanwhile, the Vatican posted a tweet that congratulated Cuba for 60 years of communism???!!! Seriously? They later took the tweet down.
How many people died under Castro’s repressive regime? How many people were tortured? How many people starved to death? How many people lost their livelihoods under the communist redistribution of wealth? Where is the media in reporting on this?
However, it would appear that Castro’s Grandson has benefitted from the regime as he’s jet-setting all over the globe and living the high life!
Wake up! This is how it always works. Socialists and Communists talk of equality and the good of the people. However, only those on top, the party  leaders get “the good life.” Has this “kid” worked a day in his life? Has he actually made anything, contributed anything? No?
Ocasio-Cortez’s idea of a Green New Deal would obliterate the United States as we now know it. Her concept of eliminating all fossil fuel—oil, by the way,  is a product of the earth itself not the remains of dinosaurs!—would impact every American in the most onerous of ways.
“The radical plan would force families to pay more to heat, cool and provide electricity to their homes. It would raise the same costs for businesses, farmers, government and organizations, driving up their operating costs – and raising the prices for just about all the good and services Americans buy.”
Ocasio-Cortez New Green Deal would, in my opinion, essentially bankrupt America!
Now onto the wall.
How many of you have NOT had someone go through rehab? When I ask this question at conferences about 10% of the people in the audience raise their hands. This means that upward of 90% of the people in the room have had someone addicted to drugs.
How do the drugs come into our country? Most of it comes through the porous southern border. End of story. Build the stinking wall and keep the DRUGS, the Drug Cartels, the Gang members who aid the cartels and ILLEGAL immigrants out!
Obama has a wall!




Paul Ryan who left the house in disgrace with 12% approval has a wall! Good riddance.




Hillary Clinton has a nice wall around her estate!
And finally, our fearless leader in the House Nancy Pelosi has a nice wall around her estate! Do as I say not as I do!


In closing today’s post. Is it time for Americans to think about civil disobedience? Why are over 300 million Americans slaves to a handful of globalists and elites who want to impose socialism on us? Why do we allow it? Government by the people? Really?
With all the political dissent and glaring differences in ideology will this lead to some sort of civil war? Will certain sections of the country renounce the union and vote in favor of secession?
I think that our country is in a very dangerous place. The vitriol and public evisceration of those who disagree with the progressive left’s socialist agenda, like Tucker Carlson and others, continues as anyone who disagrees with open borders is a racist. We are in a very precarious position. Let’s hope cool heads prevail…


Venezuela’s president admits economy has failed


San Juan: The Venezuelan city where nothing works anymore


It’s luxury in a country where the currency is losing value at such an alarming rate that the largest denomination bank note, 100,000 bolivars, which once would buy five kilograms (11 pounds) of rice, is barely enough for a single cigarette.

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli


I’ve had a Pastor from Venezuela on PPS Report at least three times. He first came on when the country began a free-fall economic slide that continues up to the present day. He warned of a total collapse due to the socialistic practices put in place years ago by President Chavez. Basically here’s what we need to learn from the economic disaster that is Venezuela.
Government does not produce or create anything. A Government based on Socialism regulates industry, stifles creativity and productivity, and in the end obliterates the incentive of the individual to do anything.
What I find alarming is the rise of politicians like Ocasio-Cortez who are promoting socialism. Ocasio-Cortez wants free education, free healthcare and guaranteed wages.
It sounds like a good thing right? Wrong! When asked how she’s going to pay for all of this free stuff. She quickly responds: We’ll tax the rich!
What she doesn’t understand is the rich won’t stand to see their hard-earned wealth taken from them and given to other people who didn’t work for it.
Obama tried socialism with government-run healthcare—if you have a plan you can keep your plan—and look at the disaster it has become. OBUMMER-CARE costs are going up with no end in sight. Repeal and replace!
Socialism takes away the incentive to excel, to strive for excellence, to separate oneself from the crowd and strive for something better. Socialism seemingly creates social justice like out-of-touch-with-reality-dreamer Ocasio-Cortez tells us it will. But this false utopia is rotten to the core as demonstrated by Venezuela, collapsing of its own weight and dragging everyone down with it.
Wake up America! Don’t let the lure of “free-stuff” fool you. Nothing is ever free and politicians like Bernie Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez pose a real threat to what has made this country great.   Free enterprise with limited government oversite.
Socialism has never worked and never will…


Socialism? Seriously? Isn’t Imploding Venezueala ENOUGH?


Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Not again. Please tell me this isn’t happening. Please tell me that we’ve learned our lessons about Socialism. It doesn’t’ work and never will. The countries of the world are strewn with the rotting vestiges of socialism.
All one need to do is look at what’s happening in Venezuela. The country is imploding. (I will be covering this soon with a PPS report.)
Our media is silent on what is happening there but my source tells me life has become unbearable. Why? One word will suffice. Socialism. Venezuela used to be prosperous and the people had a much better quality of life then they do now. All of the changed when the country adopted Socialism.
Unfortunately, Cortez like Bernie Sanders wants to drag our country into the financial abyss of socialism. The former Soviet Union collapsed under Communist/socialist ideology.
This clip says it all and it’s brilliant!


Venezuela – The Collapse of Venezuela – What Socialism has Wrought

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Days of Chaos!


CUMANÁ, Venezuela —

20160620-VENEZUELA-slide-6HQ7-master768With delivery trucks under constant attack, the nation’s food is now transported under armed guard. Soldiers stand watch over bakeries. The police fire rubber bullets at desperate mobs storming grocery stores, pharmacies and butcher shops. A 4-year-old girl was shot to death as street gangs fought over food.

Venezuela is coming apart at the seams. Anarchy, dissent, roving gangs, rapes, murders, missing people, lack of food, water and basic necessities, plague the country.  In short this is the fruit of a socialistic government.
Socialism has never worked and it never will. The Soviets tried their brand of Socialism—communism—and the system basically collapsed of its own weight after just 70 years.
Socialism stifles the entrepreneurial spirit, puts down any incentive to do better, crushes the will to create something new and gives to those who don’t deserve it.
Our current president is, in my opinion, a socialist. He has engineered Obamacare and essentially lied to the American people when he stated: if you have a plan you can keep your plan.
He also has practically abolished the middle class, raised taxes and created a constricted economic landscape where 92 million people are not in the workforce and another 55 million are on food-stamps.
Trump has stated that unemployment is not the 6% that the government tells us, it’s more like 25% or perhaps even higher.
The democratic party is slanted so far to the left, which is why someone like Bernie Sanders, a communist, could actually almost beat Hillary Clinton. The democrats want a bigger government, higher taxes and a socialistic utopia. The problem is, it will never work, as someone has to pay for all the false largesse of a Big-Brother-tax and spend-Government.
According to some pundits, Obamacare, the socialistic dream of health care for all, will come crashing down in 2017. Reason for this is simple, You can’t get free stuff. Someone has to actually pay for it!
All we need to do is look at the poverty, despair, and collapse of Venezuela to understand the fruits of socialism. It’s rotten to the core and Americans should rally against this ideology.
Socialism doesn’t work and it is in every way a failed system and yet a certain segment of Washington is not only flirting with it, it’s embracing it with open arms.
In closing todays post. All government can do is regulate. It never creates anything. Venezuela is in chaos. So much for the Socialistic Utopia.
A government is best that governs least. (Thomas Jefferson)


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Liar, Liar – Part Deux!

Obama as PionnochioCommentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli


The above link was assembled by Rush Limbaugh and forward to me by my friend and co-producer of the Watchers Series, Richard Shaw.  The thing speaks for itself as it shows without doubt the president lied about health care, or as I prefer to call it, Obamamess.

The audio montage does not repeat any of the sound bytes, and the listener hears Obama tell his audiences over and over again: if you have a health plan you can keep your health plan, period.

Did Obama really believe what he was saying or did he know, what was coming down the pike?  If the latter is true then what could possibly be his motive for ruining the existing health care system and creating a massive disturbance in the lives of upward of 90 million Americans?  http://www.infowars.com/obama-defends-obamacare-in-dallas-fails-to-address-you-can-keep-your-healthcare/

Added to this is the fact that if the government spent upward of half a BILLION dollars on a website that doesn’t work, how in the world are they going to manage health care for the entire country?  Answer:  They won’t be able to.

Obama lied to us and he did it repeatedly, knowing what was in store for us.  He recently came out and apologized and told us he really didn’t mean what he said, but the audio montage tells us this is not the case.  We can only hope this boondoggle will be repealed and soon!


In closing todays post.  Ronald Reagan predicted this would happen, that liberals would try to socialize medicine.  Here’s the excerpt.

Reagan was on to this in his famous 1961 recording criticizing the original Medicare scheme:

Today, the relationship between patient and doctor in this country is something to be envied any place. The privacy, the care that is given to a person, the right to choose a doctor, the right to go from one doctor to the other.

But let’s also look from the other side, at the freedom the doctor loses. A doctor would be reluctant to say this. Well, like you, I am only a patient, so I can say it in his behalf. The doctor begins to lose freedoms; it’s like telling a lie, and one leads to another. First you decide that the doctor can have so many patients. They are equally divided among the various doctors by the government. But then the doctors aren’t equally divided geographically, so a doctor decides he wants to practice in one town and the government has to say to him you can’t live in that town, they already have enough doctors. You have to go someplace else. And from here it is only a short step to dictating where he will go.




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end timeIn Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!

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Nuclear Iran



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