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The new film Mysterious Moundbuilders, which is the first in the On the Trail of the Nephilim series, was delivered to our “rented home” the day before Thanksgiving. We now have a garage full of DVDs and we’re shipping today!
Here’s what some people who have seen the film say about it!


Awesome! Simply awesome!  This was handled perfectly and your experts and consultants were on target!!  Great job!
Rick Woodward
Bossier Parish Community College


Moundbuilders is one of LA’s best work yet!! From beginning to end this documentary will have you on the edge of your seat. If you at all wondered how the mounds found all over the world could have actually been built, who built them and even why this is the documentary to watch. Could our history be wrong? Why does there seem to be a managed narrative and bias by secular academia? (Why, when following the evidence, does it end up taking us back to the bible?) Watch as (our friend) L.A. and his team goes on the trail to tackle these questions and more. Listen to Native American accounts and what Archaeologists and Anthropologists have to say when looking at evidence that doesn’t line up with official narratives. Is there a coverup? I can’t wait for the next installment in this gripping new series, On The Trail of the Nephilim.
Brian and Audrey Vanderkley


Chuck thought the film was excellent and said thanks for giving his experiences a voice.  
Victor Lott

(Chuck’s was a small boy in the 1950’s and his family helped excavate a large shell mound in Florida with the oversight of the state archaeologist)


 Awesome! There is no way someone can watch that production and not realize secular history is fabricated.
Todd Reed


Hi L.A.
My daughter in law and I just watched your new video and loved it! Best pictures of mounds I have seen.  Most photos of the mounds don’t do justice, but yours are great. Thank you for using pictures of our site too. Nicely done documentary! Looking forward to part 2 next year!
America’s Stone Henge


L. A. Marzulli and his associates dare to look beyond, or rather underneath, the inadequate yet commonly accepted, explanations given for the presence of these mysterious structures found throughout our country.  By combining skilled film making, experienced Archaeologists, competent research, practical hands-on experimentation, sound reasoning, and dedication to the most ultimate of standards – the Bible, this film series promises to be mound-breaking in it’s search for the truth concerning Prehistory in North America and the world at large.    
Rhoda Manz

On the Trail!

Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli
Published on Jun 21, 2016

Bourke Lee, in his book ‘Death Valley Men’ chapter: “Old Gold”, describes a conversation which he had several years ago with a small group of Death valley residents. The conversation had eventually turned to the subject of Paihute Indian legends. At one point two of the men, Jack and Bill, described their experience with an ‘underground city’ which they claimed to have discovered after one of them had fallen through the bottom of an old mine shaft near Wingate Pass. They found themselves in a natural underground cavern which they claimed to have followed about 20 miles north into the heart of the Panamint Mountains.

I love stories like this one! When I saw the clip and heard about the mysterious race of 8 foot giants living underground, part of me wanted to hop on the next plane and head to Death Valley.
Several years go my Wifey and  I went to Lovelock Cave with Ron Moorehead and Joe Taylor to see a giant hand-print that had been on the wall of the cave. When we got there someone had erased it!
final-3We left disappointed and at some point I’ll post a photo of the hand-print that I included in my new book, Nephilim Hybrids.
On that trip I spoke with a Paiute elder about the red-headed giants that once roamed the area. She informed me that they were real, and that they had been killed years ago when they holed up in the Lovelock Cave. (I address The Lovelock Cave in my new book!) There were also reports of very large skeletons, upward of 10 feet that allegedly had been discovered in the area.  The stories persist and I believe they are true. There seems to be a cover up and that cover up points back to the
Smithsonian Institute.
W10 FRONTThere was also damage control on Catalina Island and we covered this deliberate obfuscation in our soon to be released film, Watchers 10 and also Nephilim Hybrids. We’re on the TRAIL!








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What are They Afraid Of?

petralona-cave-censoredCommentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzuill

Update: Sarah was held over night for evaluation.  Thanks for your prayers and kind words.  L. A. 


Dr Poulianos has claimed that the government destroys more than 90% of the anthropological evidence found in Greece, and that people who do not hold paleoanthropology qualifications are put in positions of responsibility over important archaeological excavations.  – See more at: http://www.ancient-origins.net/news-general/controversial-petralona-skull-and-greek-government-suppression-information-001338#sthash.3SeZQ9oY.dpuf

In On the Trail of the Nephilim I, I discussed what I believe was a systematic cover up of giant skeletons unearthed in the 19th and 20th centuries, initiated by the Smithsonian Institute.  I posited the reason for this was these skeletal remains did not fit into the evolutionary paradigm set forth by the Darwinists.

On the other side of the globe, in Greece, it would appear the same censorship is going on as the authorities seek to obfuscate any evidence which would upset the status quo that humans originated in Africa.  I have one question? Isn’t science supposed to go where the evidence leads?  Isn’t science supposed to be open-minded and impartial as to what it discovers?  So why is it when evidence turns up that the scientist don’t like it is repressed, destroyed, fudged—as in Climate gate—or worse those who are presenting the new evidence are attacked personally!

In On the Trail of the Nephilim II, I will be presenting photographic evidence that shows there were giants in the Americas, and that main-stream archaeology and anthropology has dismissed these reports as rumors and Barnum and Bailey type sensationalism.  However, native American oral traditions tell of a race of red-haired giants who were cannibals.  This story is repeated in most of the tribes that I have talked to.  Native Americans insist there were giants here and the stories handed down to them over the centuries are not fiction but real.  So where’s the evidence?  It has been systematically removed and confiscated by our institutions!

When I was out at the Lovelock cave in Nevada, there was no mention of the Paiute legend of red-haired giants.  The only information on the signage was what American Archaeologist and anthropologist put forth, in other words, the party line.

Why the cover up?  What are these controllers of information afraid of?  If there was a race of giants inhabiting North America, we the people, have a right to know.

Nephilim Skulls1In closing todays post:  I believe the Nephilim tribes migrated from the Levant, the Promised land, and found their way to the booth north and south America.  Are the elongated skulls we see in Paracas and other places in Peru evidence of this?  I believe they are, as many of these skulls have 25% to 30 % more cranial capacity than the average skull.  All the cradle head-boarding in the world won’t do this.  There is also the absence of a Parietal suture which would normally divide the top of the skull into two plates.  Added to this is the appearance of red hair where according to the Darwinists red hair was a only European trait.  If the hair is red—and we believe it is—then it challenges the Beringian theory that all native Americans crossed the Bering strait after the last ice age.  Is it possible these are the remains of Nephilim tribes who fled the Levant?  I think they are and that’s why I’m on the trial!


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Coast to Coast! TONIGHT! L. A. Marzulli – On the Trail of the Nephilim and Watchers 6: The Secret Cosmic War!

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 Ancient skulls!

Megalithic Structures!

What happened to the 10 foot+ skeletons found in the Americas at the turn of the last century?

Was/is there a secret Cosmic War?

Did people from the Middle East arrive in New Hampshire 4000 years ago?

Was there an ancient grid that covered the earth?

Has there been a deliberate cover up of this information and why?

Who constructed ancient megalithic sites without the use of mortar?

How can people move 120 ton polygonal stones without the use of the wheel?

Who were the people who settled in Peru 3000 years ago and where might they have come from?

All this and more!



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Hey LA, Richard Shaw, and crew!

Watcher’s 6 was TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!History Channel eat your heart out! Watcher’s 6 not only gives you clear video evidence but they present sane logical explanations about who, what, when, and how! You don’t have to check your brain at the door when you view Watcher’s 6! (But putting unfounded prejudges aside might help )Thanks for all the HARD work, and consistent dedication to these topics.


Hello L.A.,
I wanted to say how much we enjoyed your latest watchers 6 DVD. My nine year old son was asking all kinds of questions afterwards. We are looking forward to the book OTTOT Nephilim. Your trip to Peru must have been an amazing experience and adventure.


41 Paracas SKull

58 Chongos Nec.  Burial site

67 Huaytara Stones!Ollantaytambo #12 Brien holding a skull at the cave.75 Huaytara Elongated Child Skull9 Person holding Ax JPG102 Wayqui #4Sacsayhuaman GatejpgChamacho18castColored3-19-13 iRight-291 Saqsayhuaman perspective with Ron Moorehead121 Paracas Skull 1 Parietal

On the Trail of the Nephilim – Sample Chapter!

draft11Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Chapter 1: The Mounds

The first colonist who discovered the new world, at least from the European perspective, found a thriving culture that they would later realize was indigenous to all parts of North and South America.  In other words, the Native American, or First Nation people, as they are prone to be called today, had settled much of the country.

I want to take a moment here and point out that what the Europeans did to the existing cultures was in fact genocide.  We took their land, killed their women and children, drove them onto reservations and, until modernity, did not allow them to vote in a land that was once their home.

We destroyed their culture and traditions and, as a portion of this book will explore, looted and covered over their ancient burial grounds.  These acts were unconscionable and stand, like slavery, as a black mark against the United States.

I took the photo below of the Mound complex in Ohio at the small museum in Newark, Ohio, at the Great Circle Mound.


As the white man pushed westward, he discovered the remains of another culture that seemed to predate the red man, perhaps by thousands of years.

In Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia and other states, earthen mounds were found.  These mounds of earth were hallmarks of a civilization that had both the man power, the knowledge of mathematics, and the infrastructure that enabled them to construct these complex structures that remain unscathed by the severe climate today, at least those that were not deliberately destroyed.  (I will touch on this later.)

In the town of Newark in Ohio, the Great Circle Mound complex, which included what is now called the Octagon Mound, was held in awe by those who first saw it.

These structures remain today, but the waterways have changed, the topography has been reshaped by heavy machinery, and 100- year-old- plus trees have intruded into the mound works like unwanted weeds and corrupted the original layout of these sites.  The Octagon complex that at one time was connected to the Great Circle Mound is now an 18-hole golf course!

I recently had the privilege of visiting these sites in Newark.  Much like the first white man who laid eyes on the mounds, I was in awe by what I beheld.  What struck me instantly was the precision with which these mound-works were made.  I was fortunate to have two guides that gave me a good overview of the site, Deborah Collins and Kevin, who is a golf pro at the golf course that is constructed on the Octagon Mound works.

Looking at the site and the enormity of the earthen works, it begs the question, who gets up on a Monday morning and announces to the villagers that the “elders” have decided to go on a building project that will be enormous in its undertaking? It also raises other questions like who fed and clothed the workers?  How does a so-called primitive culture go about this task?  How did a supposed hunter-gatherer group of people have the infrastructure to carry out a truly monumental building task?  Where did these people learn geometry, the lunar progression and the precise dates of the winter and summer solstice?  How were they able to create canals that filled the circular “moat,” or the hinge that is on the inner side of the Great Circle Mound, Newark, Ohio? Was there an underground source that brought the water to the site? How were they able to drain the water?  How did these people create a perfectly straight 60-mile road from what is now Newark, Ohio, to the town of Chillicothe?

When I stood in the Octagon Mound or next to the Lizard Mound that overlooks the entire valley and town of Newark, I realized that these structures, like the Nazca lines in Peru, would be best viewed from the air.

These mounds have been dated at 3500 B.C.  Whoever is responsible for the creation of these sites had a very complex society.

So here is a brief historical overview:  the United States wins its war of independence with England; soon after, the white man begins to push west.  As he does so, he discovers these mounds.  Being curious, he digs into them to see what he will find.  To the amazement of those who excavated these sites, the remains of giant men, some reaching almost 10 feet tall, were unearthed.  Often these giants had six fingers and six toes with a double row of teeth.  Some had red hair, and wore copper ornaments.

However, these people were NOT the indigenous, First Nation people who were now in the land.  They predated the First Nation people and created the mound works that now held the skeletal remains of the inhabitants.  These men had robust jaws and skulls that were large enough to slip over the average white man’s head.

It is pertinent here to show some of the clippings found by researchers who have gone before me in investigating the mounds.

The purpose of bringing this evidence here and not saving it for later is that I want to establish from the get-go the veracity of the reports.  If we had only one report I wouldn’t be paying attention to it and neither would the researchers who have gone before me. However, we have report after detailed report telling us that large human skeletons were exhumed from the mounds throughout the Midwest.

By establishing this first, I hope to point to what I and others would consider a deliberate cover up and obfuscation by certain government agencies, most notably the Smithsonian Institute.

The Smithsonian has been the final resting place of hundreds of thousands of artifacts.  I recently visited a museum in Tennessee and by providence had the pleasure of meeting the curator.

I asked him how many artifacts from Native Americans were at the museum.  He informed me that more than 8000 artifacts were stored here.  Yet, there are only a handful of these that are shown to the public.

On the Trail of the Nephilim should be released around May 15!

It has over 120 full color photographs and is an over-sized book @ 8.5″ X 11″!

Riveting, informative interviews with Aaron Judkins, Richard Shaw and Fritz Zimmerman!

I’ll give you all a hint, what we found in Peru was mind-blowing!

This trip was the trip of a lifetime for me and along with my friend

and co-producer of the Watchers Series, Richard Shaw, we believe we connected

some dots that other researchers perhaps have overlooked.

We handled and photographed elongated skulls with certain physical anomalies that are detailed in the book!

We visited megalithic sites which I believe were the remains of the Fallen Angel and Nephilim architecture!

I crawled into a cave where I saw ancient human remains!

We went to the privately owned Chongos Necropolis, a 2000-year-old cemetery where the elongated skulls were found.

I believe this book will break new ground in regard to the Nephilim and also the words of Jesus, when he warns us it will be like the days of Noah when he returns!


April 20 – New York. w/ Bill Salus! ldaministries.com


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