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I will be speaking Friday night (see above link for time):  On the Trail of the Nephilim

Saturday Morning: UFO UPDATE!

Saturday Afternoon:  Fallen Angel Technology/Nephilim Architecture

Sunday Morning:  Why Prophecy matter!

All of the talks are completely different from each other and with On the Trail of the Nephilim, I build up to a climax in the following presentation UFO Update. You won’t want to miss this as the material, in my opinion is not only groundbreaking but I would venture to say essential in these Days of Chaos! L.A.

NOTE: Our plane was delayed in leaving Los Angeles yesterday and so I was not able to do Acceleration Radio live.  I had scheduled Russ Dizdar and Chief Joseph Riverwind to discuss the upcoming Nephilim Mounds 3, Conference.  Hope to see you there!  L.A. 


Burj Tower: As in the Days of Noah – Breaking NEWS!

Because I posted this late yesterday I’m leaving it up for another day. I think it is extremely relevant! L.A.

Today the 4th of January 2k10 something profound happened in our world. I was on the Bill Deagle show at noon – sorry I forgot to link it – and I was talking about the dedication of the Burj in Duabi. The Burj is the tallest building in the world by 1000 feet over its nearest competitor. Why was it dedicated today? Is this just a coincidence or is there a deeper meaning that most of us have overlooked? While on Deagle’s show I realized that I had been negligent in regard to a prophecy from the Guidebook to the Supernatural i.e. the Bible. In the Guidebook there is a very enigmatic passage that says…

“As in the days of Noah so it will be when the son of man returns.”

This is Jesus telling us what to watch for. He’s pointing to a time in history that is unlike any other. There is an event that differentiates those times from any other time in history. It is the presence of the fallen angels dwelling on the earth and having sexual union with the women, thus producing the Nephilim hybrid, that resulted in the flood of Noah. I have written books about this and BLOGGED about incessantly. However I was missing something more that had eluded me in the passage. Noah lived approximately 325 years after the flood. Something else of great significance happened during those years and it was the building of the Tower of Babel. Here is what the Guidebook tells us was the reason for it.

And they said one to another, Go to, let us make brick, and burn them throughly. And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for morter. And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top [may reach] unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.

The Tower of Babel was built in the time of Noah. Now we have another tower, the tallest building ever constructed by man. Is this another piece of the prophetic jigsaw puzzle? My answer to that is yes it is. This is the other side of, the days of Noah, but after the flood, where we see events that are unique to that time period. Now, in what I believe are the last days we are seeing another sign post, for those with eyes to see. The dedication of this tower was deliberate. In my opinion it is a signal that mirrors the defiance of the days of Noah.

The Georgia Guide Stones may provide us with another clue. No one knows who built this mysterious monument. Some say that the guide stones point to this day as significant. The ratio of  1 – 4 – 10 is used as in the construction and alignment of the stones.

“The odd, narrow proportions of the Guidestones appear to point to the date January 4th, 2010 which coincides with the completion of the Burj Dubai, a fantastically tall, new building erected in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. If the two structures are truly connected in this manner, it almost certainly symbolizes the completion of a new Tower of Babel and the beginning of a New World Order where man – or more accurately certain men — can now reach godhood. It may, in fact, indicate that the builders believe an Antichrist has arrived…….”


I believe that this is major signal to those who would be gods. It may be, as the quote above suggests, that the Antichrist is soon to be revealed. I believe this is a major event. Please distribute this and link others to it. We may have crossed a prophetic line from which there is no return….


Norway Lights: There will be signs from the heavens…

The Guide-book to the supernatural tells us that in the time of the end there will be great signs from heaven. Here is the quote:

Luk 21:11 And there will be great earthquakes in various places, and famines and pestilences; and there will be fearful sights and great signs from heaven.

It has now been 24 hours since I BLOGGED about the lights that were seen in Norway. I took another look at the videos and here are some questions that I raise. Where is the debris if it is a rocket? Why are the concentric circles so perfect? Why does the source of the light appear to be coming from the earth? You will notice from the picture above that the blue beam of light is very narrow where it touches the earth and then expands upwards. Is this some sort of holographic light show? Is it a sign in the heavens as the Guide-book tells us will appear in the last days? Is it just a rocket as I was quick to point out yesterday? Lot’s of questions and sitting in the mountains just outside of Los Angeles, it’s going to be difficult to get real answers. I guess what bothers me, now that I’ve had a day to ruminate on the Norway Lights, is this. What is causing the black hole in the middle of the phenomena? Here is a link to a YOUTUBE video which shows different clips of the event: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pesqQpi6KC0&feature=related

That being said, here are some alternative explanations for your consideration.

1. Is this the re-emergence of the Star of Bethlehem that Benjamin Creme has been promulgating? Will Share International cash in on what was seen in Norway and claim it as the star? I’m going to call Share International today and see what they have to say.

2. Is this UFO related? Are we looking at some kind of signal, the beginning of disclosure?

3. Was this staged by someone with a laser light show, or perhaps it’s an holographic image?

4. Is this a genuine sign that the Guide-book tells us will happen in the last days?

5. The phenomenon was indeed caused by a rocket that spiraled out of control.

We are warned that signs in the heavens will occur in the last days. Something like this occurred in Zeitun Egypt in 1968. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6W9T-XQpb6Q Although it was claimed as a Marian apparition. For those of you who are new to this BLOG, I don’t believe that what appeared in Zeitun was the Mary of the Bible. I think it was a precursor of the signs and wonders that will lead us into the coming Great Deception. That being said, Benjamin Creme has been pushing the re-emergence of the Star of Bethlehem as a giant UFO mother-ship and people all over the world have taken videos’ of strange lights in the sky. Is this the star? No, it isn’t, what happened 2000 years ago was a rare conjunction of the planet Jupiter with Venus as it passed by Regulus, in the constellation of the Lion, Leo. (For more on this you might want to check out our store and purchase the DVD.) In closing today’s post, we are told that we will see signs in the heavens. While the Norway Lights might be a rocket spiraling out of control, it could also be the beginning of first contact. One thing is for sure. The story received international attention. Can you imaging what it will be like when we get a mile wide UFO sitting over Washington D.C.? Have a great weekend.

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Waiting and Watching…

tiping point-1We are told in the Guidebook to the Supernatural (the Bible) to watch. We are admonished to understand the times in which we live and to look for the signs that we are told will mark the beginning of the end of days. That’s what we are told to do. There are many people who have no clue as to what to look for and still others aren’t looking at all. We live in a time where most people are caught up in the matrix of life and when they are told of ancient prophecies that seem to reflect the time in which we live, they give you that, what are you talking about, look. We are in the last of the dog days of summer. The kids are back in school. The BBQ might be good for a few more weekends before it’s covered up and tucked in a corner of the garage. The football season is almost underway, and baseball teams vie for the world series. The beaches and summer resorts are less crowded and the summer season turns inevitably to fall. Meanwhile in other parts of the world, there is deep unrest and instability. In Afghanistan there is news of election fraud that weakens president elect, Karzai’s position. Pakistan,  it’s eastern neighbor, continues to hunt down the Taliban and so the war that has displaced a million people drags on. Iraq is unstable, as reflected in the truck bomb that killed over 100 people in the green zone a few weeks back. Iran marches toward the completion of its first nuclear device, the progress of which is reported on daily. Israel is now surrounded on all sides by hostile enemies. The no-longer-sleeping-Russian bear, is flexing her muscles in the area. The dollar dropped and gold is over 1000 dollars an ounce. A giant UFO was reportedly seen by thousands in China – I Blogged about this last week….

The picture above shows a scale and it’s tipping in one direction. All the news items that I just mentioned are tipping the scales in one direction or the other. At some time these events will together reach a tipping point. I believe that the signs that we are told to look for are happening all around us and they are tipping the scales toward the fulfillment of prophecy that was written thousands of years ago . We have to open our eyes and discern the times in which we live. There are wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes in diverse places, tidal waves and famines, and signs in the heavens. False Christ’s are appearing. Think about the reemergence of the Bethlehem star that is supposed to herald Maitreya – a false Christ? I believe that something is about to happen. I’m not sure what it is though. It just seems to me that we are nearing a tipping point. Will it be a confrontation in the Middle East? Will it be a nuclear device going off somewhere? Will a giant UFO finally materialize? Will another 911 event take place in the USA? I watch and read a variety of news stories each day. I also receive many stories from people who have read my books and read this BLOG. It’s almost impossible to keep up with it all. Think about this, just before water boils it doesn’t look like much of anything. Then, all of a sudden the water reaches a tipping point, and the boiling starts. I think we’re in that time frame now, things are heating up on a global scale and it’s going to boil over at some point. In the meantime we wait and watch and realize. as the guidebook tells us, that He can’t be to far off….

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