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The Present political landscape is in direct correlation to supernatural events that happened, in some cases, millennia ago.  L.A. Marzulli


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Someone recently commented on the Blog that I spend too much time talking about UFOs.  Perhaps the admonition of Paul would be applicable here when he states: Satan comes with all signs and lying wonders.  

A little later in the same chapter he states: God sends them strong delusion so that they will believe the lie.  2 Thessalonians 2:11

This video above is certainly worthy of our attention and while it’s not a mile-wide craft appearing above the White House, it does show us that UFOs are real, burgeoning and not going away.

Is this a bird?  Perhaps some high-altitude swamp gas?  An errant weather balloon?  The planet Venus on a drinking binge?

Look at the impossible maneuver the craft makes.  This type of movement is classic in UFO encounters.  These craft have the ability to make right angle turns. Some researchers believe they have the ability to bend time and space.

When Travis Walton was abducted upon his return he thought he had been missing for a few hours.  In reality he was gone for days.  Here is a quote from his site.

“I looked at the vague but reassuring forms of the doctors around me. Abruptly my vision cleared. The sudden horror of what I saw rocked me as I realized I was definitely not in a hospital. I was looking square into the face of a horrible creature . . . with huge, luminous brown eyes the size of quarters! I looked frantically around me. There were three of them! Hysteria overcame me instantly.”  — Travis Walton

cutting the implantIn our Watchers series we show that the abduction phenomena is real and that the implants that are put in to a person against their will are real as well.  Something is certainly going on and we can either pay attention to it or continue to live with our heads in the sand.

head-in-the-sandThe Christian church believes in supernatural events, the Virgin birth, talking donkeys, two gold coins coming from the mouths of a fish the Red Sea parting, Jesus walking on water, rising from the dead, healing the lepers.  Yet when we see signs in the heavens, like the one above, we somehow choose to ignore it.

In closing todays post. I would posit that UFOs are the coming great deception and when they finally appear and stay put in one location on this planet, or several locations at once, it will be the ultimate game-changer.  Something is coming, and in my opinion it’s not good.

Paul Hellyer, the former Canadian defense minister informs us: that UFOs are as real as the airplanes flying overhead.
On a different note, it will be interesting to see if Katy Perry chooses to sing her ET song at this years super bowl.  Folks we are surrounded by supernatural events that are manifesting.  We do ourselves a great disservice to choose to ignore what is going on.  Watch the video at your own discretion and then tell me we should sit silently and let this pass without warning of what is to come?  Trust me your children know the lyrics by heart.



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Further Evidence! Excerpt with Dave Stinnett!

watchers-7-and-further-evidenceInterview with David Stinnett, MUFON Investigator

L.A.: Dave, you are a UFO investigator from what organization?

D.S.: I don’t work for any particular organization. I am the director of the New Jersey UFO Congress and Conference.

L.A.: Okay. And you’ve been into this for how long?

D.S.: About 30 years, a little over 30 years.

L.A.: And you’ve seen lots of craft?

D.S.: Yes, I’ve seen practically everything there is to see as the stuff goes. I’ve been concentrating more on the “stuff ” that’s closer to the ground than the lights in the sky at this point.

L.A.: You’ve been investigating a woman by the name of Allison Cruz. Tell us about her.

D.S.: Allison Cruz is a relatively new UFO researcher. She’s been documenting some very strange orb activity by her house.

L.A.: When you say orb, define that. D.S.: Flying spheres of light.
L.A.: Okay.
D.S.: Of various colors.

L.A.: Kind of like the foo fighters of WWII?
D.S.: Exactly. Same type of phenomenon. She got bit by the bug trying to find out what these things are. She’s put a lot of her own time and money and energies into trying to capture good footage. She probably has some of the best footage available.

L.A.: Where is this footage located? Where was it shot?
D.S.: Right in Murrysville, Pennsylvania.
L.A.: Okay, how far is that from where we are now in Hamilton, New Jersey? D.S.: It’s a good five hour drive.
L.A.: So, western Pennsylvania?
D.S.: Western Pennsylvania, yeah.
L.A.: So tell me what we’re looking at here; this is fascinating.

D.S.: What she captured in her night vision was one of these bright orbs, something that’s fairly common. The only difference with this one is it’s shooting a laser down to the ground, or a light down to the ground. Now people will say it’s just a helicopter. We checked to see what was in the area, so we know it’s nothing commercial, nothing military. If you look at a helicopter with night vision, because the friction on the tips (of the propellers), it leaves a halo that you can see on the top and the bottom of the helicopter. People who do this know that. It would be nice if that fact was out there a little more.

L.A.: And there’s no halo in this footage. Tell us how big this particular orb was? Was there any way for her to discern how big this light in the sky was that was shooting down beams of light?

D.S.: We don’t have any type of measuring technique for something like that. No, but I think it was a pretty big craft.

L.A.: Did she hear any noise while she was filming this? D.S.: No. These things are completely silent.
L.A.: Were there other witnesses to this?

D.S.: Yes, there were. She’s had the department of homeland security chief from Pennsylvania in some of these sightings. She’s had police officers in the woods while these things are over their head. You can’t see them with your eyes, but you can see them with the night vision. The police are aware of it and from what I understand, they have been told by the government of Pennsylvania not to speak on the subject.

L.A.: How many reports are you getting from people from New Jersey seeing craft, seeing balls of light, anomalies in the sky? Are you getting reports on a daily basis? Weekly basis? Is it peaking? Is it burgeoning? Is it lessening? What’s going on?

D.S.: New Jersey by and large is fairly quiet, but it has been picking up some. New York has been picking up. Pennsylvania (too), and the states up north. L.A.: What are people seeing?

D.S.: They’re seeing the orbs. We don’t seem to be getting a lot of the lenticular craft, you know, the classic UFO shapes.

L.A.: Cigar shape, disc shape? Like what happened in Stephenville, Texas, a few years ago? Ricky Sorrells saw a mile-wide craft.

D.S.: It seems the further south you get like (in) Texas, (the more) they seem to film that stuff like it’s going out of style.

L.A.: There seem to be two paradigms which people can embrace regarding the UFO phenomenon. One paradigm of course is that these are extraterrestrials from “Zeta Reticuli,” the ancient alien/ancient astronaut theory. That they’ve been coming to earth for thousands of years, and now they’re visiting us again! The other side of the aisle, as it were, is that no, these are not extraterrestrials, these are inter-dimensional beings. Jacques Vallee wrote about this in his book, Messengers of Deception. What paradigm do you hold to and why?

D.S.: I take a beating from…especially from the “newbies” because these guys don’t have any time in on this. They don’t have any research. They haven’t read Valle (Jacques Vallee’s Messengers of Deception) That’s probably why I came over into the other camp as I wasn’t seeing these coming from outer space…even in my mid-twenties. They’ll (the UFOs) pop into a valley. They’ll pop in and pop out. Some of them will go up, but by and large they’ll be cruising across and poof, they’re gone!

L.A.: They’re gone…
D.S.: That’s standard operating procedure. That’s how that’s running. L.A.: So you lean toward the inter-dimensional?

D.S.: I am full on inter-dimensional. You get people who say, you see them around the ISS (International Space Station), but you get into the modern physics model and you realize this could all be a big program. (See Chuck Missler’s interview about the digital simulation)

L.A.: The holographic universe…
D.S.: Yes, this could be inserted wherever it needs to be inserted.

L.A.: Speaking about Jacques Vallee’s book, Messengers of Deception, from Vallee’s point of view these beings, whatever they are, seem to lie and do so habitually. Your thoughts.

D.S.: He makes a very good point and he takes it across the timeline saying that in the 1300s you had the hidden commonwealth, and there were gnomes and fairies and they would abduct people. And if you didn’t eat their food, which was usually buckwheat pancakes…

L.A.: (Laughs)

D.S.: …and you were able to escape…yet there was a time differential when you got back to the village. Now you move that to the 1800s, you have these air ships. These people would land…you have engineers who saw these things and talked to the people there and they would say, “I don’t know how the thing operated but they offered me buckwheat pancakes!” Then you move into the late 1950s and 1960s and you have aliens and UFOs, and the people offer them buckwheat pancakes. And one guy had one analyzed and it was just a buckwheat pancake!

L.A.: (Laughs)

D.S.: Well the common thread is the buckwheat pancake, but the real thing is…what you’re seeing is that, whatever this is, it’s presenting itself to each generation in the vernacular that generation can understand. It will be gnomes and fairies, it will be dirigibles, and it will be UFOs. So whatever it is, it’s changing itself to meet whatever is going on in our society at that time. And that’s the deception; it’s presenting itself as one thing, as this, as something else. It could be Zeta Reticuli here, a reptilian there, whatever it wants to show us, and that’s the dangerous part. That’s the deception of the whole thing. We know that everything that is truthful is done in the light.

L.A.: It seems that whatever or whoever these beings are present themselves, in whatever period of time they manifest, in a way in which the local populace at the time can understand. Is that what you’re saying?

D.S.: Take the Marian apparitions you get: the one in Egypt at the Coptic Church and other previous sightings. It doesn’t look like a Marian apparition to me, but whoever “they” are try to put it in a way that people can accept it so they’re not frightened of it. When a UFO guy like me is looking at this, it doesn’t look any different from the stuff I’m filming. It’s (The Marian apparition in Egypt) popping in and then you see it collapse in on itself.

L.A.: I saw that, sure.

D.S.: It’s the same phenomenon, and the people who have been in it a long time realize that all of this is associated phenomena.

L.A.: Now when you say the same phenomenon, what are you tracing this back to? What do you believe the source of the phenomenon is? Who’s behind this?

D.S.: I mean, being an ancient text guy…and even as a young ufologist, I always called it The Shining One because that’s how Lucifer is referred to in those texts; and when you see these things up close, and when they’re in full manifestation, The Shinning One is exactly a great description of it. I mean its brightness that you can’t describe.

L.A.: So without putting words in your mouth, do you think that the phenomenon is benevolent or malevolent, good or evil?

D.S.: You can get guys on both sides of the fence. When I see benevolence it is done “above board.” It’s not something that’s hidden away. I don’t think cattle and human mutilations are a

benevolent situation. Let’s face it. At this point in the game it looks malevolent to me.

L.A.: Where do you think this is headed? There are craft, UFOs which are being seen everywhere, so where is this going? What is the end game here? What do you see happening in the not-to-distant future?

D.S.: I think that if we have to go by ancient texts, what they’re saying is going to happen. There has to be paradigm shift. What do we have out there that could change the paradigm so

much that it could have the church folk and the very elect leave the churches.

L.A.: Be deceived.

D.S.: The last big paradigm shift was Jesus. Let’s face it, He changed the whole operation. It has to be something that big, even bigger. It has to be someone feeding hundreds of thousands of people with loaves and fishes. The only thing we have sitting out there right now is the UFO/ alien stuff. So guys like me are looking to that. I mean when you’re amongst that community, you think, “Hey, this stuff is going to pop any second,” you know? (When) you step away from it a little bit you gain perspective. You realize, it is happening, it’s moving forward at a fast rate. The funny thing that a lot of people don’t realize is that the early church fathers, let’s say 40 to 60 years after Jesus’ death, were saying somewhere around 2012 something is going to happen. So, we’re in those times. Something’s going to pop; as far as what it is, I’m not entirely sure, but I have a feeling I’ll be able to pick it off as soon as it comes around. What I believe is that guys like me and like yourself are going to be the heretics. Because we’re going to be the holdouts saying, “You guys need to second think what’s going on here.” It’s going to be that big, and we don’t know what this is about. We don’t know whether it’s good alien/ bad alien, or if this is real or fake, but we need to slow down and parse this out a little bit.

L.A.: Right, right.

D.S.: And that’s my mission basically. Not being a guy thumping Bibles and going at it like that, but people need to know there’s another narrative. One’s going to right and one’s going to wrong. Choose wisely at this point.

L.A.: We hear reports of some sort of a breeding program. We interviewed Dr. Jacobs recently who believes that the breeding program has reached its zenith. That these hybrid beings can now pass as fully human. In Dr. Jacobs’ words, he believes that they are now integrating into society. What have you heard about the hybrid program, and what are your thoughts regarding that?

D.S.: It was in one of Ingo Swan’s talks (he started the remote viewing program for the U.S. government) where he states that he was walking through the city streets and he sensed one of these things. He walks past it and then turns around; he looks behind him and he sees the individual looks human, but it has stopped and is looking at him. He says at that point you run like crazy, because it’s not a good thing to let them know you are aware of them!

L.A.: Have you had contact with people (who have) or have you had contact yourself with hybrid beings?

D.S.: It’s hard to vet that type of thing because it’s supernatural. L.A.: Thanks for coming on the record.
D.S.: It’s been my pleasure!


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Jose Escamilla – UFO investigator.

Dr. Roger Leir – Implant removal.

Steven Colbern – Chief Scientist for A. & S. Research.


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There will be Signs in the Heavens?

March 16-18 – Mingled Seed – OHIO – St. John’s Lutheran Church – 6004 Linnville rd. -Newark, Oh. 43056

 Contact info: Shalena Debs

L. A. on Sid Roth’s It’s

Mar  26 –  Apr  01    –  Daystar, Cornerstone, NRB, and Regular Cable
Apr  09 –  Apr  15    –  Sky Angel, Church Channel, Miracle Network, God TV, Faith, GLC and INS to get a complete listing of the TV stations/networks and the airing dates.


Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Huge Sphere in Sun’s Corona!

Huge Sphere in Sun’s Corona! – YouTube

Two thousands years ago Yashua/Jesus announced that in the time preceding His second coming, there would be signs in the moon and the stars, and that the powers of the heaven will be shaken.  That people would be fainting from fear from what is coming on the earth.

I received multiple email posts pointing to the strange phenomena that occurred on March 11, near our sun.  I have no idea what we are looking at, and I’m going to call Griffith Observatory this morning and see what their take is on it.

2000 years ago when Yashua/Jesus uttered those statements there was essentially no way to track any of them.  This latest video is a perfect example of this, as the object never would have been spotted without the aid of the satellites in orbit.  This video has the Internet buzzing and while we don’t know what it is, it begs the question what are we looking at?  There may be a natural explanation to what we are seeing, so we can’t and shouldn’t rush to judgement.  The object is unidentified, and it certainly is odd-looking.  Is this Niburu?  A giant UFO?  We will see what shakes out in the days to come as I’m sure NASA will have some response to this.

In Closing todays’ Post:  I believe that we are living in the Birth Pains.  If you scroll down to, In Other News Section you will see a link that shows Steven Basset, of the UFO Disclosure project talking with Shepherd Smith on the FOX news channel.  FOX is showing video of UFOs that were filmed by the Mexican military.  Basset is calling for the US to come clean and disclose the so-called extraterrestrial presence to the American people.  Disclosure is happening as we speak, as now FOX is airing a story about these craft.  It won’t be long before the US admits that Roswell was real, the craft that have been seen by millions of people in our skies, are real and our government has been in contact with these beings for decades.  How will this affect you and me?  Over the weekend while speaking in Tennessee, I presented hours of information.  Those folks who were in attendance are armed with a Biblical world view of what the phenomena is.  They will not be deceived when the mile wide-craft begin to appear.  For those of you who are new to all of this, watch the FOX News video and ask yourself, why are they showing this clip and what repercussions does it have for me and my family?  How does it affect the church?  I believe that we are on the verge of what I have called, The Coming Great Deception.  The words of Yashua/Jesus become pregnant with meaning as he warns us:  That people would be fainting from fear from what is coming on the earth.

UPDATE:  NASA RESPONSE: Unidentified Sun Object is Identified! A Little Black Spot on The Sun Today – YouTube

I think this solves the mystery of what the object was, however it doesn’t diminish the prophecy and that these are still, what I would consider “signs.”


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March 16-18 – Mingled Seed – OHIO – St. John’s Lutheran Church – 6004 Linnville rd. – Newark, Oh. 43056

 Contact info: Shalena Debs
March 30 – April 1: Lubbock Texas:  With Russ Dizdar 
April 13-15: L.A. Marzulli returns to Temple Beth Or – Georgia! – 
Hilton Terrace Baptist Church
2236 Warm Springs Road
Columbus, GA 31904
April 19 -21 – St. Louis Conference –

May 18-19Vienna Ohio Conference with Russ Dizdar:

June: L. A. Marzulli returns to Oceanside – details pending.
July 6- 15 Montreal Canada – 37 Annual International Conference

July: 13 -15 BRANSON Prophecy Conference –
August 30 – September 1: Genesis Project
October 13: Portland Oregon – Big Foot Conference!
November: So-California Prophecy Conference – Details coming soon!
December 21: Chitzen Itcha, Mexico – Conference –
Links to all speaking engagements will be up soon! 
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In Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains

Magnitude 6.8 earthquake strikes Japanese coast, tsunami wave hits coast

Magnitude 6.8 earthquake strikes Japanese coast, tsunami wave hits coast | Herald Sun


Why Are Millions Of Americans Preparing For Doomsday? 


Mexican Defense Department Confirms Existence of UFOs

Mexican Defense Department Confirms Existence of UFOs – YouTube


Syria detainees face ‘systematic torture’

Syria detainees face ‘systematic torture’ – Middle East – Al Jazeera English


Shocker: Jihadists in Mali say they’re in it to impose Sharia law 

Shocker: Jihadists in Mali say they’re in it to impose Sharia law – Jihad Watch


The Giant, Underestimated Earthquake Threat to North America

The Giant, Underestimated Earthquake Threat to North America | Natural Disasters | DISCOVER Magazine


Buried UFO? Metallic Object Found In Hole 

Buried UFO? Metallic Object Found In Hole By Franz Knoglinger In Austria

It Can’t Happen Here?

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

It can’t happen here…. can it? I mean America is a Christian nation and there are churches on practically every corner…

Surely we won’t see food shortages, or rioting in the streets, or the economic chaos that is rampant in Greece, Portugal, Spain and Ireland.

Those 7.0 earthquakes are happening in other places, over there!

This isn’t the end times and the rebirth of Israel has nothing to do with anything.

It’s the coldest winter that I can remember but it’s just the natural order of things…

America is a land that has had over 50 million abortions since Roe v. Wade. The lives of 50 million innocent babies were snuffed out in what I believe was a modern-day Luciferian, ritualistic sacrifice. All occult activities demand a blood sacrifice and the blood of these innocent ones cry out. Our nation is cursed. We have allowed the unthinkable to happen and we have grown more interested in building bigger and better churches than stopping the holocaust of the unborn. We are a nation that is lulled to sleep by the sophomoric entertainment that is readily available 24 hours a day on the boob-tube. We shop at COSCO and we believe that we have an endless supply of food and water. We sit in air-conditioned churches, showered and perfumed with clean clothes and a full belly and don’t think for a second that this is anything but normal. We go to movies and watch some of the most degrading, violent, pornographic, films that a few decades ago would have had people protesting in the streets.

Our youth know more about Nostradamus and the Mayan 2012 calendar then they do about Ezekiel and the Book of Revelation.

It’s already happened here folks. The shift has happened and we are no longer a “christian nation.” This week we had a moment of silence for the victims of the Arizona shooting. No one prayed, not a word was uttered, just a nice, politically correct, powerless, wimpy, do-nothing moment of silence. Shame on us!

We are told about the days in which we are living. We have been warned of what is coming on the earth by Jesus himself. While the natural man or women assures us that everything is OK, and it’s business as usual, those of us who have studied, to show ourselves approved, think differently.

Last night on the History Channel’s program, Decoded, they had a show on the End of the World. They focused on Nostradamus and you guessed it, the Mayan prophecies. What folks need to understand, and I address this in my new book, The Cosmic Chess Match, is that the Mayans engaged in human sacrifice and Nostradamus used the occult method of scrying to get his so-called prophecies! Need I say more? They also made a big deal about the Web bot, with its 90% accuracy. The show mentioned what the Bible said about prophecy, but in a cursory manner. We are told that only God knows the beginning from the end and the end from the beginning and the prophecies that are from him are 100% accurate.

It’s happening here, all around us. Think I’m over reacting? Scroll down and look at  just some of the stories that I linked today. Business as usual? The signs are everywhere, wake up!


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In Other News:

WRAPUP 7-Flooded Australia city “like war zone”, fresh rains feared


Mexican gunman fires across border toward U.S. highway workers


Mystery deepens: Radar captures mysterious turbulence over Beebe, Ark. as doomed birds take flight,-arkansas-flock-captured-on-doppler-radar


New rains hit Brazil’s deadly mudslide zone

Death toll in natural disaster reaches 495 but rescuers still haven’t reached some of worst-hit areas


Floods force a million Sri Lankans from homes;_ylt=AmrLD49P7ViPT4IjrHeo5zsDW7oF;_ylu=X3oDMTJzNWlmcGcyBGFzc2V0A2FmcC8yMDExMDExMy9zcmlsYW5rYXdlYXRoZXJmbG9vZHMEcG9zAzExBHNlYwN5bl9hcnRpY2xlX3N1bW1hcnlfbGlzdARzbGsDZmxvb2RzZm9yY2Vh


“Food riots in America? You’re crazy…”


A Stranger in My Own Land

UFOs are Real, Burgeoning and Not Going AWAY!


Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Well I was driving home and this caught my eye and I actually had time to get a pic. Witness who took the above photos.

My guest on Acceleration Radio this week was MUFOn investigator, Butch Witkowski. As promised on air, here are the pics from a recent sighting that came across his desk. In the top picture it appears that there is a second smaller craft above the larger one in the center, and there is a beam of light that is coming out of it. Now check this out. Here’s another shot (enhanced) of the CHINA UFO that I posted last week. (Thanks Richard)

Is there a similarity here? These events are separated by thousands of miles and are on different continents and yet….

Real, burgeoning and not going away!

I  will say this, that if UFOs weren’t manifesting in our skies I wouldn’t be writing about them. I would be looking for what “signs” were coming from the enemy’s camp, the Fallen One, and I would focus on that. We must be aware that this phenomena is all but blacked out by the main-stream-media in this country and that those who report on UFOs, myself included here, are regarded as part of the lunatic fringe. While some of the photos that are taken may be experimental aircraft, not all the pictures fall into that category. Thus, we are left with a series of unsolved, unidentified, flying objects, or UFOs. Why doesn’t the media pick up on this? Why the black out? Why is ridicule and personal attacks the standard fare when it comes to reporting these sightings?

In the 1997 Phoenix Arizona sighting that was seen by thousands of people across the sates, former governor Fyfe Symington had one of his staff members dressed as an “alien” and then paraded him in front of the press. Everyone had a good laugh, but his constituents, those who knew what they saw, were insulted. Ten years later Symington apologized to them on the Larry King show! He also stated that he too was in Phoenixat the time of the sighting and, that the craft that he saw was not of this world. If you want to know more about this you can pick up a copy of my The Alien Interview book! There’s lot’s of information there.

In my opinion, at some point we will see a revealing of the so-called extraterrestrial presence. I believe this will happen after a great conflict, most likely in the Middle East. E.T. will show up and save the day! They will tell us that they created us, started the worlds earliest civilizations, created the worlds religions and are now back at this critical juncture in history to help us is our next stage of spiritual evolution.

In closing today’s post. These craft operate with impunity in all the countries of the world. The pics from the China UFO flap were taken over an airport. Allegedly, the sighting delayed take offs and landings for several hours.

The Great Deception is coming and UFOs are the carrier of it. These are not extraterrestrials but are part of an elaborate deception to deceive even the elect if that were possible.

One last thing. I’m putting on a prophecy conference here in southern California. I’m going to speak in two sessions on July 31. We have the room, and projector and sound equipment. We have an opportunity to do two half hour info-commercials at a local Christian radio station. If you would like to help us out we need $300.00 to do them. They will be aired the week prior to the July 31 conference. Thanks in advance for helping us get the word out! If you would like to donate, please go to the right side of this page under. LAMARZULLINKS. You will see a donation button!



In Other News:

 3.6-magnitude earthquake strikes Maryland
Signs of the times or just another coincidence?

 Pressure rising in cap at BP's undersea well, a positive sign

Let's hope it holds... we'll see what happens over the weekend...

 Law Remakes U.S. Financial Landscape

With the stroke of a pen our entire financial landscape may be changing!

 NBC, CBS reject ad against ground zero mosque

When we can build a church in Saudi Arabia, you can build your mosque...


Rep. Myrick: Hezbollah Major Threat on Mexican Border This could have come right our of Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ New World Oder!  Tony Blair said, "Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and could kill us all in 45 minutes." Here it is right in front of our faces... I wonder how Lyndsay is doing? What's the latest on Mel? How is OJ doing in jail? Is Al Gore really a crazed sex poodle? I miss American Idol...

Acceleration Radio – Wednesday: Marian Apparitions w/ Jim Tetlow!

We’ve had a lot of comments on the BLOG site over the holiday season, mostly about whether or not the so-called Marian apparitions are real or a counterfeit. While I certainly won’t be able to convince the diehards that the apparitions are not the Mary of the bible, I will take a moment to call your attention to what I feel may provide some closure to the subject. But first, I want to announce ahead of time, that our guest this week on Acceleration Radio will be Jim Tetlow. Jim is the author of the book, Messages From Heaven. He has explored the depths of the Marian apparitions and I believe is the go-to guy in regard to the phenomena. His book will be available in our book store, so look for it in the next day or so.

We can agree that something is appearing just outside of Cairo. Let’s strip it down and expose what we know.

1. A light manifests on top of the Coptic church. It appears to have a shape that is similar to a human.

2. There are doves, or light-balls that look like doves that circle around the church.

3. There has been no communication with the apparition.

4. No one, as far as I know has tested the spirits and I think it is fair to say that people are accepting the apparition as something that is benevolent.

5. The apparition is similar to others that have appeared world-wide.

So what are we to think about this? Some of you believe that it is the Mary of the Bible, but as I have pointed out no one has tested the spirits. I’ll say it again that testing the spirits is the only way to find out what we are dealing with. It’s really simple as you ask, did Jesus come in the flesh? While this might sound sophomoric, we are told in the Guidebook to the Supernatural i.e. the Bible that this is precisely what we are to do in order to find out what “spirit” we are dealing with. Here’s the reason why it works. When Jesus came in the flesh, and died on the cross, shedding his blood, the fallen angels and the prince of the world, Satan, lost their dominion over us. Jesus coming in the flesh and dwelling with men is the pivotal point in all of history. His resurrection from the dead spelled the doom of the enemy and this why the question or challenge, if He came in the flesh, drives them nuts. They know they were defeated. They know they were cast out of their, “first estate.” They know their time is short. They realize that the second coming is eminent and their end-game is to deceive as many people as possible. In my opinion, Marian apparitions are part of the Coming Great Deception. In closing I want to give an example of how one lie can change everything. If you were a sailor and I was setting the course of your ship by giving you longitude and latitude settings and I gave you 99 headings that were true, you would be fine and you would reach your destination. But, and this is a huge BUT, if I  gave you one heading which was wrong that would throw you completely off course and you would never reach your intended destination! Cherry picking what the apparition has said that jibes with Christianity is misleading and at first glance it would seem that the apparition may be the real deal, thus the 99 messages which are true. However, one must note that the apparition then gives us something that is not true. To call itself co-redemptrix, which it has done at several apparition sites is just blasphemy, plain and simple. There was only one who died for our sins, shedding His blood and bearing our guilt on the cross. With all respect to Mary, she had nothing to do with it, period. While I respect her and honor her as the mother of the Lord, she is in no way a co-redemptrix. This concept was added only recently and was promulgated by the apparition itself. This is one reason why it is demonic and not the Mary of the bible. Jesus is called the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. It is He who sits at the right hand of the father and it is He who will judge the living and the dead, not Mary.

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