No War for Now…. But, Has Anything Really Changed?

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L. A. Marzulli

The latest deal being hoisted up the diplomatic flagpole is for Syrian president, Bashar Al Assad, to surrender all his chemical weapons to the Russians.  That’s fine and if he chooses to do so, and WWIII will be averted…. at least for now.

The underlying problem is nothing has really changed.  The rebels are still calling for Assad to step down, the Christians living in the country are being slaughtered, people are still being displaced from their homes and becoming refugees, the threat of an attack on Israel remains in place and most importantly, the Saudi’s, who have the most to lose if Assad remains in power, are still faced with the rise of the Shia crescent!  (See my BLOG last week)

So while the US might not send in missiles and bombers, everything remains as it was before this crises—which it appears, may have been “created”(See link In Other News)—and Syria remains in the throws of a horrible civil war as the body count rises everyday, now topping well over 100,000 people.

One winner in this is the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, who has come across as a world-class leader—a praise I never thought I would utter—as he has negotiated a way to stop the US from bombing the country.  Obama, who received a Nobel peace prize, appears, weak, indecisive and certainly not the peacemaker he was touted to be in 2008.

In closing todays short update.  Nothing has really changed in Syria.  The civil war rages on and regional war-lords continue to vie for position and power.  Assad remains in power and the body count rises.  WWIII, appears to have been averted, on the eve of 911, at least for now.   I would suggest keeping an eye on what the Saudi’s do in the next few weeks.  WIll we see another atrocity, faked or real?  Will there be a strike from Turkey on Syria?  Will the Saudi’s take matters into their own hands?  For now, there is no war, but in my opinion nothing has really changed….


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