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Jesus and the Third Temple: The Complete Guide to the Ancient History and Secret Rituals of the Red Heifer Ceremony

Why Building the Third Temple in Jerusalem is a Jewish Right and a Christian Imperative!

This book is of vital importance to Christians and Jews who question the urgency of building the Third Temple in Jerusalem.  It answers the most critical WHY, WHERE, WHEN and HOW questions by revealing the most important untold secret of the Holy Land. King Solomon’s Temple helped shape Christianity as we know it today.

With Jesus and the Third Temple, you are transported back in time to bear silent witness to the ancient sanctification and purification rites of God’s Chosen People. This was a time when they – and they alone – worshiped their God upon the hallowed grounds of the Temple Mount.

There, you will learn ancient secrets that have survived time, cataclysm, conquest and change.  Secrets shared only with those deemed worthy to enter the Kodesh Ha-Kodeshim so as to be schooled in the curriculum of the sacred.  Then you will understand that which only a few have known. God’s Divine Presence, Shekhinah, actually dwelled in the Tabernacle, Solomon’s Temple and the Second Temple.

Sharing this ancient secret is an imperative for Christians. This is because our present day understanding of this sacred site is largely based on the limited knowledge of those who once lived and worked outside its walls.  Even though they cherished it as the holiest site of their nation, their misperceptions have endured until now.

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end timeIn Other News – Tracking the Birth Pains!

Earth quake hits China; 8 injured

Earth quake hits China; 8 injured


Hizballah on high alert, jockeys for a role in potential Syrian peace accord

Hizballah on high alert, jockeys for a role in potential Syrian peace accord


 Anomalies and Huge UFOs orbiting the Sun February 20, 2013.

Browse Images NASA – Anomalies and Huge UFOs orbiting the Sun February 20, 2013. – YouTube


Car bomb kills 53 near Damascus ruling party building

Car bomb kills 53 near Damascus ruling party building | Reuters


Bankruptcy filing may be bad option for Detroit

Analysis: Bankruptcy filing may be bad option for Detroit | Reuters


Rare mammoth discovered in Russia, entire graveyard suspected

Rare mammoth discovered in Russia, entire graveyard suspected — RT News


Parents outraged after TSA agents try to subject their wheelchair-bound toddler to an extra layer of security, including a patdown, right before her dream trip to Disney World

The Coming Third Temple…

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Half the Public Wants to See Holy Temple Rebuilt

I have stated publicly, numerous times that at some point the Jews in Israel will rebuild the temple. There are many who do not believe that this will ever happen. There are those who declare that the church is the new Israel, which is replacement theology which I believe is a grave error. There are others who insist that it is not a literal temple that will be rebuilt. At some point, as I commented on last week, all of this will be self-evident as we watch events unfold.

The link to the above article states that about 42% of the Israeli’s believe that the Temple will be rebuilt. There are those who are more adamant in their pursuit of the rebuilding of the Temple and want to start rebuilding it. One such group, The Temple Mount Faithful, declares that it has the corner-stone to the new temple and wants construction to start immediately.

There is a dilemma here as Rabbi’s know that they cannot begin construction of the Temple without the Ashes of the Red Heifer. According to Robert Reiland, the ashes may have been found by Vendal Jones, an archeologist. The remains of these ashes go back to the time of Moses and must be used to consecrate the new Temple. The Jews take all of this very, very seriously. Some Christians dismiss the Red Heifer ceremony and the literal rebuilding of the third temple as “nonsense.” I would caution those who are of this ilk that they would do well to take the prophecies that tell us that in the last days the temple will be rebuilt and that the Anti Christ, the one who is instead of Christ, will set himself up in the wing of the temple to be worshipped.

Remember Yashua/Jesus tells us that:

When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place,

There is the Preterist view that all of this happened in 70 AD so that these current events, of which I write, is moot, but the trouble with this view is that there is no progression of events afterward. Where is the millenial kingdom?

However, what we do learn from history is that Jews were scattered throughout the earth and that they remained there until the beginning of the end-times, 1948, when Israel became a nation in one day. At some point in time, and I believe it is in the near future, we will this prophecy fulfilled, i.e. the Anti Christ will stand in the holy place, in the newly constructed temple.

Until the 2o century, the rebuilding of the temple was considered a non-event, something that would never happen. One of the main obstacles was the Moslem Dome of the Rock, which sits on the Temple mount. However, research by Asher Kaufman has postulated that the first and second Temple was not in that location. Thus, in the Kaufman analysis, the Temple stood about 100 yards away from the present structure. All of this to say, that at some point we will see the rebuilding of the Third Jewish Temple on the Temple mount without destroying the Dome of the Rock. There will most likely be a wall that is set up to separate the two structures.

In closing today’s post, I would also point out that the one person who cuts the deal to allow the Jews to rebuild their temple is non other than the Anti Christ. So we watch and we wait and know that at some point all of this will become self evident….

The bottom line is this, when we see headlines that point to prophecy we should look up because His return cannot be far off!



In Other News!

17 gunned down in Mexico fiesta slaughter

But let’s make sure we keep our borders porous and punish the racist state of Arizona!


Engineers Detect Seepage Near BP’s Capped Oil Well



Oceanographer John Kessler analyzes methane levels from oil spill site

We’ve been hearing about this for weeks and now it’s hit the main-stream media…


God’s Power Working Through His Priests

It’s good that the abortion center was shut down….


Search Called Off in Collapsed Parking Garage

More sing holes keep popping up all over the globe…


Strong aftershocks follow 6.7 earthquake in the Aleutians

Acceleration Radio: Robert Reiland

You won’t want to miss tonight’s show. My guest is Robert Reiland, who is the author of Jesus and the THird Temple. I have read about half of it and will tell you Mr. Reiland has done his homework as he has sought out ancient texts and discovered some fascinating information. I’ll whet your appetite here.

* The Shekinah glory was present in the Temple.

* The Rabbi’s know precisely when the Shekinah left; a year before the Roman General Titus set siege to the city.

* The crucifixion might have taken place on the Mount of Olives.

* The ashes of a Red Heifer from antiquity might have been discovered.

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