UFO’s in San Diego – Malibu!

Peggy's UFO
This is the Wifey’s drawing. Notice the line of red lights which were above the water at the place where the ocean meets the horizon.
“UFO’s are as real as the airplanes flying overhead.” Paul Hellyer. Former Canadian Defense Minister.
UFO’s are real, burgeoning and not going away. L. A. Marzulli
The Wifey and I were driving back from San Luis Obispo on Monday night, August 15th. It was around 9pm at night and we had just passed Neptune’s Net which is on PCH, right near County Line. It’s a favorite surf-spot and motorcycle-riders hang out. The view is amazing and it’s the last point of civilization, on PCH, as further up the coast is nothing but untouched mountainous terrain with no houses or other buildings for miles.
The Wifey was looking out at the ocean when she said: I see something that doesn’t look normal. She then described two sets of red lights which moved together and then suddenly disappeared. This area of ocean is one of the deepest channels in the ocean, on the planet, and is also a known USO/UFO hot spot.
Then L & J from Oceanside, which is about a three-hour drive south of us sent us this!
 Hi LA
Last night August 15, 2016, approximately between 8:30 and 9 PM my wife and I went for a walk with the dogs and we were on a hill near our house when we saw multiple bright lights that look like orange fireballs. These lights appeared and disappeared at a rapid rate. The location where we saw the lights was over double peak in San Marco’s California. They appeared over eight lights total approximate maybe 10. We watch these lights appear and disappear for a good 5 to 10 minutes, until it completely stopped. The next day we saw on Fox five news that it talked about the lights over San Diego and how vast of an area they were appearing.  L.
Last night August 15, 2016 around 8:30pm and 9:00pm my husband and I were walking our dogs on a hill behind our home when suddenly I noticed some bright orange lights that were appearing out of nowhere, some appeared to be dropping vertically and enlarging and diminishing without a trace. As soon as I notice the lights I started counting them, I counted 8 to 10 at first. Then we wanted to capture it on video but unfortunately neither of us had our phones with us so my husband ran back inside the house to get his phone and during that time I counted another 8 lights and the following morning we saw the news report on Fox5news San Diego about the light over Southern California. J.

Ida – This Changes Nothing!


You may remember last year when the  History Channel announced, This Changes Everything! Then after all the hype we were shown the fossil of an animal and told that this was the missing link in the human evolutionary chain! I Blogged about this and called it a hoax. Now,  little more than a year later a team of “scientist” have declared that there is no link between the fossil and human beings! Of course the damage was done and millions of people including young children, who have yet formed a world-view, were the victims of this hype. The History Channel has not invested one pixel of advertising to correct the error. You know what? I don’t think that we’ll see or hear anything more about it from H.C. Here lies the rub for me! Our children are told in our schools, that evolution is what produced human beings. That billions of years ago, by chance, random mutations occurred and presto, the first knuckle dragging, humans grunted and groaned their way into existence. Of course what’s just incredible is random chance produced a male and a female so they could reproduce! Isn’t that amazing! BUNKO! Evolution is a theory and as yet it has not been proved and don’t hold your breath folks as in my opinion it never will be! Like Climate Gate, and Ida we are told evolution is what happened and then are given some examples of fish becoming birds, and birds becoming primates. Yet, not one single example of any transitory species has ever been found in the fossil record, and the researchers, who are desperate to prove Darwin’s’ theory, have uncovered millions of these things. DNA which is the building block of life was only discovered in the later part of the 20th century. Darwin had no knowledge of its existence when he penned his theory about century earlier. We know from DNA that it is a very complex code that instructs trillions of cells to become a horse, eagle, flounder or human. We also know that there is a species barrier that cannot be broken. In other words we don’t see eagles becoming men and vice a versa. However now that humans have discovered the double helix i.e. DNA they are tampering with the code. I once spoke to a geneticist who worked at AMGEN. He told me that they were able to splice the genes that make a fire-fly light up into the DNA of a frog and guess what, the frog lit up like the fire-fly. This is trans-humanism and in my opinion is what happened in Genesis 6, where we see the fallen angels not only having sex with the women, but perhaps creating what now has come to us myth, in the stories of centaurs and minotaurs. No one knows where and how life began, in spite of the scientific community force feeding us with Darwins theory. I have stated this before but when the “space brotheres’ show up, they will claim to have formed all life on this planet. In other words these so-called aliens provided the DNA and manipulated it to create humans. Ah yes, Darwin’s missing link found! I’m not making this up as the RAELIANS, who number about 70,000 world-wide embrace this idea completely. http://www.rael.org/rael_content/intro.php

In closing, we are told that the God of the Bible created all life ex-nihilo, from nothing. We see an example of this when Jesus creates fish and bread, “from nothing” and feeds the 5000. The bottom line is this. Science and religion separated centuries ago, as it was the church who impeded scientific progress. An example of this is Galileo who was almost excommunicated because he believed the earth revolved around the sun. However, the pendulum has swung the other way, as it is now science who is foisting it’s “truth” upon the masses and this is the same intellectual fascism that keeps everyone in the the new dark ages! There is a God who created all life on this planet including human beings, which are the crown of His creation, and are fearfully and wonderfully made!