While the Church Sleeps the Great Deception Draws Near…

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L. A. Marzulli

Welcome to a New and Unimaginable World

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I’m talking about the New Age expected to begin after a planetary transformation on or before Dec. 21, 2012. Welcome to a new and unimaginable world, taking shape before our very eyes. What world am I talking about? Predictions of what the 2012 community calls “Ascension” are reaching us from the Earth’s own spiritual hierarchy, the star nations here to help us, Earth’s scientists, and planetary intuitives. At an early but unknown date, we can expect a world leader (probably President Obama) to disclose the fact that human beings from other star systems are here, in spacecraft around our planet – some cloaked, some in other dimensions – and that evolved life exists in many places in the universe.

….. I personally follow most closely the messages coming from channelers, but also the terrestrial commentary coming from the 2012 community of scientists, whistleblowers, and intuitives. The channeled sources already live in Fifth-Dimensional consciousness and so I prefer their version of events.

The link above will take you to the BLOG where you may read for yourself what “the other side of the aisle” is waiting for.  I’ve highlighted a few words and I want to take the time to address those here.

…. the star nations here to help us: What star nations is the author referring to?  How can we know who these beings are?  How can we ascertain whether these entities are benevolent or malevolent?  Why should we believe anything they have to say?  It is interesting to me that the author of the post just accepts this and believes that these entities are here to help.  I agree, in part that when disclosure happens “they” will bear gifts.  The first being an alternative energy source that will transform the world.   The second, might be an implantable chip that will change or DNA and allow us to live for 500 years, disease free!   Take the chip and you become part of the New World Order.  Your DNA will be changed and in my opinion you become Nephilim. ( I discuss this at length in The Cosmic Chess Match)  I realize that this scenario might seem far-fetched but it would fulfill what we are told in Revelation will happen to those who take the mark.  Can you imagine if 3 mile-wide mother ships appeared, more than likely after a war in the Middle East?  It would be the ultimate game changer and people like, the author of this post, would go right along with the program.

… I personally follow most closely the messages coming from channelers:  We are told in the Guidebook to the Supernatural i.e. the Bible, that we are not to associate with those who have a familiar spirit.  New Agers refer to channeling and spirit guides which, in my opinion, is nothing more than a modern-day version of a person who has a familiar spirit.  The author has never tested the spirits that these channelers are allowing to speak through them.  I show several video clips of channelers in my Power Point presentations and people are stunned by what they see as it is a real phenomena.

In closing todays post:  There are two paradigms or world views that are presented here.  The position of the author of the article that I linked to and commented on, and the other the Biblical view, which tells us that in the last days men and women would listen to the doctrine of demons.  That God would send “them” strong delusion because they did not believe the truth.  That The Fallen One will come with all signs and lying wonders.  The Coming Great Deception is arriving soon and the person who penned this article, albeit with good intentions, is, in my opinion, completely deceived.   Both positions can not be correct.  Someone is wrong.  As the church at large continues to snore, the Great Deception draws near…. just ask the author of the post I linked to.


Hello L.A Marzulli, I finished your cosmic chess match novel and it was an excellent read, i let some christian friends read it after as well as my dad and they all fell in love, one of his friends just purchased another copy! Just wanted to say good work and I love how you can break down scripture like that and explain what is really going on, because the church’s fail to talk about it Terry

I watched Watchers 3, when I got home…it was well done and very informative and a good job…. 
I was especially intrigued by the Shroud and Hopi discussion ….. maybe Stan Deyo will tells us more what was said to him in Watchers 4.  
Keep up the good work…it seems every Watchers series that comes out is better than the previous. 
Again, keep up the good work. Thanks.


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