High Strangeness! UFOs – Real, Burgeoning, and not Going AWAY!

Before Lynne Dickie came to Yeshua/Jesus she was a UFO experiencer. She had direct contact with entities that she believed were from other planets. She used to get a telepathic message to go out in her back yard and take photographs of the sky. She would do this and it was only after she took the shot would the image appear. (One of her photos is to the left) Lynne sent me a link to a video which I will post at the bottom of this BLOG. It is very similar to the kind of “High Strangeness,” that she was involved in. Let me set the stage for this video. The scene is what appears to be a back yard in a remote area, after a good snow fall. The sun is out and it’s a beautiful day. The person who took the video does not see anything unusual which is why she doesn’t stop panning the camera after the black orb appears. She also doesn’t see the mist that floats from right to left at about 11 seconds. However, the dog is seeing all of this and he reacts. According to the post on YOUTUBE the person who goes by Reincarnata, didn’t see any of “this,” until after she viewed the video on her monitor.



Here’s another video that was shot in Italy. It could be a hoax or it could be a real craft. It’s hard to tell, and so I leave it up to you to be the judge. It certainly is unidentified and so it fits nicely into the high strangeness category.



Last night on Acceleration Radio – we were #2! – my guest was Dr. Lynne Kitei. She is an articulate and inforamtive author/researcher! We had lot’s of comments on the interview this morning. I need to let all of you know that I welcome different opinions on the show. Unlike MUFON who won’t let me lecture on what is causing the UFO phenomena because of the world view and paradigm that I embrace, I will allow anyone to come on my show. I’m not threatened by what they believe, their world view, or what they promulgate. This brings me to this: While we may disagree as to what the cause of the phenomena is, we can agree that it is real, burgeoning and not going away! It is from that perspective that Acceleration Radio, and my numerous radio appearances as a guest on other shows, is based from. We may not agree but we can dialogue about UFOs! While I disagree with Dr. Lynne’s assessment that the Phoenix Lights are benevolent, I respect her opinion and admire her research and work. That being said, I also feel that the phenomena in Phoenix actually hammers my point home, that these entities are, as Jacque Vallee has called them, Messengers of Deception! We need to realize that we cannot go by our emotions when we encounter this phenomena. These entities know about our emotions and can manipulate them as they wish. This explains the euphoric feeling that many UFO contactees tell of when they have an encounter. Getting back to Lynne Dickie, she is a great example of how one can be so deceived. She believed she had a special mission and that she was chosen to spread the word. With all my research in looking at the UFO phenomena and all of its “parts,” I maintain that it is malevolent to the nines! All one has to do is read the account of Lynne Dickie, Ricky Sorrel, or Corinna Sables, in The Alien Interviews. All of these people had up close and personal contact with the so-called extraterrestrial presence. They were overwhelmed by what they saw. When, not if the Great Falling Away, happens it will be in tandem with the revealing of E.T., in my opinion.

The Alien Gospel, which is the deception is this.

1. We created all life on this planet.

2. We established the worlds first civilizations.

3. We were the gods your ancestors worshipped in antiquity.

4. We started the worlds religions.

5. We are back at this critical juncture in human evolution to usher you into a new age of enlightenment.

In closing. These entities are either benevolent or they are messengers of deception. In my 30 years of research I have no doubt that they are the fallen ones returning. As in the days of Noah…..

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Acceleration Radio: Dr. Lynne Kitei – Phoenix Lights!

Tonight on Acceleration Radio my guest will be Dr. Lynne Kitei. She is the author of the book The Phoenix Lights and also the producer of the award-winning documentary The Phoenix Lights: We are Not  Alone!


Here’s a re=posted BLOG on the Phoenix Lights:

Last night on the History Channel, UFO Hunters did a show on the Phoenix Lights. It was great. They had contact with many witnesses and presented the case that something other than military flares, flew over the state of Arizona in 1997. So what were the Phoenix Lights? Were they a top-secret military aircraft? Were they an extraterrestrial vehicle from another solar system? The bottom line is this, we may never know.

The show featured about half a dozen witnesses who came forward saying that they saw a boomerang shaped craft, estimated to be over a mile wide. There was also another dynamic that I had never heard mentioned before. One of the witnesses told of looking up and seeing the craft shimmer. That statement made me sit up, because this is similar to what Ricky Sorrells described when he saw the giant UFO in Stephenville Texas, in the early part of 2008.

Another interesting part of the show was the experiment, UFO hunters did regarding flares. They had two of the witnesses, that saw the Lights over Phoenix in 1997, observe flares that they shot into the air. While there was a similarity, both witnesses confirmed that this was not what they saw. The military and skeptics have insisted that the Phoenix Lights were nothing more than flares, with parachutes, that were part of a training exercise. This is the typical response that the government and military offer to the public.

Dr. Lynne Kitei was also interviewed on the program. Dr. Lynne is one of the persons interviewed in my new book, The Alien Interviews. She made it clear that she had seen the lights before, near her house and that the event that captured national attention, was a continuation of what she had previously observed. They showed some of her footage that she captured both on video and 35 m film. Dr. Lynne has produced a wonderful documentary on the Lights and it can be purchased on her site @    www.thephoenixlights.net

Another interesting part of the show – they may have saved the best for last – was the appearance of former governor, Fyfe Symington. I’ve BLOGGED about this before, but it was good to see him again on UFO Hunters. Symington made it clear that he had been in Phoenix the night of the sightings and he, too, saw the craft. He then drops a bomb by saying that, in his opinion the craft was not of this world. He also apologizes to his former constituents for making light of the event – he held a press conference and had senior staff member dress up as an alien.

A lot has changed since 1997. There is not the blatant ridicule, heaped on anyone who comes forward saying that they have had a sighting. In fact, with shows like UFO Hunters, the information is becoming known to people who otherwise would remain ignorant of what is happening in our skies.

Here are some questions that remain unanswered. Is there a similarity in what was seen in Phoenix and the Stephenville UFO sightings? Was the craft a top secret experimental aircraft? Was the event a precursor to what I call The Coming Great Deception? Much of this is discussed in The Alien Interviews. It’s an interactive E-book that is available on this site. 17 people were interviewed for the book. Get your copy today!


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Balloon Boy: A different Take…..

Balloon BoyLast week we collectively watched, in real time, the hold-your-breathe-is-a-kid-really-in-there- balloon, fiasco. All eyes were riveted on the drama that was unfolding on Television screens, computers, Twitter accounts, cell Phones and other electronic devices, all over the world. You see, we are hooked up, wired up, linked in, with one hand on our I-phone or Blackberry, that keeps us tied to Cyber space and thus interconnected, as a collective. On the surface this is a good thing, as we can get news at the speed of live. On the other, once the media jumps on a story, think Michael Jackson’s death or last weeks Balloon Boy Drama, we have entered the land of the media feeding frenzy! Let me explain. Balloon Boy’s misadventures, which officials are now saying was a publicity stunt, went viral, and that’s what I want to dwell on. Can you imagine if one craft appears? Just one, two or three mile wide craft, like the one seen over Phoenix, or Stephenville or the English Channel, manifests in broad day light and just hangs there? Can you imagine how fast the video will spread? People will stop what there doing all over the world, as collectively we realize, that we are not alone. The Internet will be jammed, phone lines will be taxed to their limit, the work place will grind to an immediate halt and every eye will watch with a mixture of fascination, fear, and wonder, the large UFO, that is now, no longer a UFO. For at that moment, when the revealing happens, we will all experience a paradigm shift, a mega-lever, a change in our thinking unlike any other in history. Many people will have to adjust what they believe. Others will be ecstatic that “they” finally revealed themselves. At this point, there is no turning back. It’s going to be hard to back-peddle and try to tell people, that this is the strong delusion, the Great Deception, the all signs and lying wonders of the demonic, that is now manifesting, as foretold thousands of year ago by the prophets. This is why it is important to call it our now, a priori, ahead of time, so it’s on the record. So people can read this post and see the date and realize that someone was calling it out in advance and sounding a warning. You see when this happens, the churches will be back-peddling like crazy trying to make sense of this event, to their congregants. At that point the damage is done and its irreversible. I believe that the “event” will lead to what 2nd Thessalonians 4, tells us will be the apostasy, the great falling away, because of the strong delusion that is sent. With movies like Fourth Kind, Knowing, District 9, Race to Witch Mountain and shows like UFO Hunters, Mysteryquest, and “V,” are we being conditioned for the coming event? I believe we are. What we need to grasp is that there is war in the heavens and this war has been going on for a long while. The Mystery of Iniquity, the power behind the evil in the world, continues to work to bring about its chosen one, the Anti Christ. It is all happening and for those of us who have eyes to see, who know what the prophecies say it appears that the time is near….

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UFO: James Fox presentation – I Know What I Saw.

I know what I sawOn Sunday the History Channel ran a two hour special hosted by James Fox, entitled, I Know What I Saw. I thought it was great! They did a wonderful job of presenting the material in a concise, “scientific” manner. Hats off to James Fox. Here’s an over view.

1. The Phoenix Lights: The big story here was footage of former governor Fyfe Symington going on the record to say that he was in Phoenix at the time of the sighting and that what he saw was a craft that was not of this world! There were other witnesses who came forward to say that the craft was huge – of giant proportions – and that it made no noise, as it moved slowly over the city. They were adamant that what they saw was not flares, balloons, or planes.

2. UFO Armada: The explored the UFO “armada” that flew over Washington in the 50’s. This can not be disputed as pictures of the event ran in many news papers around the country. We scrambled our fighter jets to try to intercept the “bogey’s,” but were unable to do so. UFOs move with impunity in our skies! Many of the witnesses were pilots, policemen, former government officials, and generals. In short Fox raised the bar as far as “credible” witnesses were concerned as these men and women’s credentials were impeccable. In other words it wasn’t Bubba out in some field somewhere with a little too much drink in his belly, seeing lights in the sky….

3. Rendleshem Forest: A considerable amount of time was spent on the sighting, in England known as the Rendleshem Forest incident. The craft was seen by many soldiers, officers and other personnel. The show produced the men who were at the base at the time of the encounter, and who saw the UFO execute 90 degree turns! These men also spoke of  cover up as they were told to shut up about what they had seen. They also said that the CIA was involved and said that this event, “never happened.”

4. Stephenville Lights: Fox interviewed Ricky Sorrel who came on the record in my The Alien Interviews book! It was great to see him on TV. His story was exactly the same as he told it to me. No embellishments, no exaggeration, just the facts as he clearly remembers them. The craft Sorrel saw, may  have been over a mile wide….

5. English Channel: This incident involved two pilots in two different aircraft. They both saw two UFOs that in their estimation were over a mile wide. The craft also appeared on radar.

Those are some of the highlights of the show. This brings me to once again remind you that, UFOs are real, burgeoning and not going away! As I stated, most of the witnesses credentials were impeccable and most were also trained observers. It just amazes me that after all of this evidence most people won’t even discuss what the phenomena may be. I believe that we are on the cusp of the revealing, of the so-called extraterrestrial presence. When they finally manifest in broad day light over the worlds major cities this will cause the great deception that I keep warning about. The E.T.’s will say that they created all life on this planet, that they genetically manipulated us, that they formed the world’s great religions, and now, at this  criticl juncture in our evolution, they have back to help us! I keep saying this because for the most part it falls on deaf ears…. remember, even the elect would be deceived if that were possible….

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UFO’s: Record Numbers in Canada!


Record number of UFO sightings in Canada in ’08

WINNIPEG (CP) — Some were strange lights. Some appeared to be cigar-shaped spaceships. Canadians reported a record number of UFO sightings last year, according to Winnipegbased Ufology Research. The volunteer group of a half-dozen researchers noted 1,004 reported sightings in 2008 — up more than 25 per cent from the previous year and the highest amount in the 20 years Ufology has been keeping track. “It’s astonishing to me that we had such a dramatic increase,” spokesman Chris Rutkowski said.

      Well. there you have it. “While we may disagree as to what the phenomena is, we can agree that it is real, and burgeoning, and not going away.” L.A. Marzulli 2008 [how self serving to quote myself]

      Does the increase in sightings indicate that there is a ramping up toward an event, that many of us feel will be the full disclosure of the so-called extraterrestrial presence? Is it possible that people are more aware of UFO’s then ever before, as the media is reporting more sightings? It seems to me that we have entered a kind of openness that we have not encountered before. The main stream media seems to be willing to report UFO sightings and more people are coming forward with their testimonies. Another interesting dynamic is that the typical ridicule heaped upon those claiming to have seen a UFO, has lessened. Is this part of the “openness” that we are seeing.

       Yesterday I BLOGGED about Canada’s former defense minister who has gone on the record stating that UFO’s are real. He is also on board with what I call the coming Great Deception – that the aliens were our progenitors and are here to save us from ourselves! You know, this cat and mouse game with these craft is going to come to screeching halt, at some point, when the revealing actually happens. What will the world do when several two mile wide craft materialize over Washington D.C.? How will it affect the average Joe on the street? Here’s another quote from the article that I want to call your attention to.

“I watched it for maybe 45 seconds, and then it shot up into the sky so fast. It just shot straight up and disappeared. And it was so striking, that I gasped, because it was just something I had never seen before.”

      This is similar to what I saw, 46 years ago when I was at boy scout camp. I was taking a short cut back to camp, with three other boys, so we wouldn’t be late for lunch. The boy in front shouted, “Hey what’s that?” The other boys saw it and then I saw it. It was a flying disk. The classic UFO, hovering noiselessly in the air. It was small, maybe the size of my fingernail. The sky was deep blue and cloudless. We watched transfixed, suddenly the UFO shot straight up into the air, so fast I could barely track it with my eye! This is what I saw and the quote above echoes the same type of event.

     With the record sightings in Canada, and UFOs appearing all over the world, can full disclosure be just on the horizon? Here’s the link to the full story!


UFOs… More Disclosure

ufoHere is a story that points once again to the beginning of disclosure, of the so- called Extraterrestrial presence. It states that the British government gave orders, to their pilots – the RAF – to shoot down UFOs. Am I missing something? Surely there are no UFOs, no saucer like, disk-shaped objects, that are operating in the skies around the globe, with impunity? Not those UFOs, they don’t exist, right? And if they don’t exist then there’s nothing to shoot at. Someone must be terribly wrong in their thinking. This must be some of that eccentric British humor, the likes of which, escapes me when I try to watch Brides Head revisited. The British government must be mistaken as there is just a simple explanation. These UFOs must be weather balloons, or swamp gas, or perhaps a flock of birds, maybe the planet Venus, but not some shiny metallic craft that can make right angle turns and fly at excess of 10,000 miles per hour. Not those UFOs, right? 

        Ok, I’ve had some fun here, but seriously folks what are we to take away from this article? In my opinion it’s just another person going on the record, saying that the phenomena is real. Trying to tell us that the governments of the world – France, Belgium, the UK, & Mexico have revealed that UFOs are real – have been hiding this for decades. Heck, Edgar Mitchell said that Roswell really  happened and that UFOs were real, a few months back and got about three minutes of prime time news coverage for his efforts. It just amazes me that the general public refuses to look at, examine, peruse, the overwhelming amount of evidence that, there are, in fact UFOs, that the Phenomena is real and it is burgeoning.

        My new book – The Alien Interviews – explores the phenomena in detail, as 17 people come on the record and tell of their first hand experiences with the extraterrestrial presence. We explore, cattle mutilations, as ranchers Chuck and Stan Mosser tell us of their encounter with cows and bulls, in which the animals eyes, rectum or other parts have been surgically removed.  Dr. David Jacobs, gives us a candid insight into how he first felt when he realized that the abduction phenomena, that he was researching was, in fact, real! Dr. Lynne Kitei speaks with clarity and depth as she tells of her up close and personal encounter, with what we now call the Phoenix Lights. Dr. Roger Leir comes on the record telling us of his conversion from hard-core skeptic, to true believer in the phenomena, as he surgically removes what he  has come to believe, is an Alien implant. The Alien Interviews, takes you to Stephenville Texas, where you’ll meet one of the witnesses who saw the mile wide craft directly over head. You’ll meet the reporter who interviewed local witnesses who were reticent to come on the record, for fear of ridicule. You’ll go back in time to the Roswell Crash of 1947, as Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr. tells us how he handled parts from the debris field. You’ll meet Corina Saebles, who has been abducted since her early childhood, and tells us of what happens when she is “taken.” All this and more in The Alien Interviews!

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Here’s the link to the story about the British UFOs!


The Alien Interviews!

Here’s a quote from one of our readers about the new book, The Alien Interviews….

“Just got your new book, The Alien Interviews. I cannot wait to read it. I hope you put your take into this book, will be interesting to see where you go with the interviews. By any chance you will make this into a book for a shelf?”

book-cover22Here’s my answer! The book is an E-book and is interactive. There’s lots of links to Websites and videos so the reader has tons of information at their fingertips. I also weigh in at the end of the book, and put forth a theory as to what I believe the phenomena is.  

      The purpose of the new book is to explore the UFO phenomena that is happening globally. I do this by interviewing people who have either had direct contact with the phenomena, or those who have researched it in depth, such as Dr. David Jacobs, who has written several books on  alien abductions and the breeding program.

      Another dynamic of the book is to expose different aspects of the UFO phenomena. I have interviewed Dr. Lynne Kitei who photographed the Phoenix Lights. She provides an in depth discussion of what happened over Phoenix a decade ago. She discusses former governor Fyfe Symington press conference, in which he had one of his staff members dress up like an alien and later, Symington’s admission that he too saw the lights and they were not of this world!

        Then there’s Dr. Roger Leir, who has surgically removed about a dozen implants from abductees. He’s very candid and provides first hand information that is both riveting and disturbing.

        Dr. Jesse Marcel weighs in regarding the Roswell, 1947 crash. His father, Jesse Marcel Jr. collected some of the debris and brought it to the house before taking it back to the base. Dr. Marcel  recalls as a boy of 11, how he handled the wreckage from the craft!

         Then there are the accounts and testimonies from people who have had contact of some type. From UFO witness, Ricky Sorrel of the Stephenville UFO flap  to UFO contactee, Lynne Dickie, who now regards these entities as malevolent, messengers, of deception.

         The book is only $5.99 and is available here at http://www.spiraloflife.com