Sunday Bun – Sunday Occult Spectacle?


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L. A. Marzulli

Take a good look at the picture above? If you had a daughter and she came to dinner dressed like Gaga is, what would you think? Early Halloween? A Costume party? She dresses this way because of who she is and what she has become.
Last year Gaga sang the Star Spangled banner—at least Kapernick won’t be there to spoil it for the rest of us—and at some point in time, afterward, she raised her hands in the air with the Baphomet sign.
Katy PerryI’ll go out on a limb here and state that during the closing days of the 2016 election Hillary Clinton surrounded herself with Beyonce, Katy Perry and others who I believe have given themselves over to the god of this world. Coincidence? I think not.
Look at the picture of Perry, wearing the red horns that were handed out at the Grammy’s. She is giving the Baphomet sign and doing so with a haughty, defiant look on her face. During the song she was also flicking her tongue out like a snake. It’s deliberate folks.
The Super Bowl is the one sporting event that our country celebrates collectively. It has become a cultural tradition. I don’t follow football or any other sporting events for that matter, so I have no interest who wins or looses.
I do, however, love to munch on the snacks and foods at Super Bowl parties, when I get invited. This year no one has invited me, most likely because during the half time show  I wind up yelling at the television set, and rebuking what I am seeing displayed on the screen.
It will be interesting to see what Gaga does. Watch carefully. Pray against it and be on guard, as by watching the spectacle you and I are participating in it. It’s just like the worlds leaders who go to Bohemian Grove every year and witness a so-called mock Human sacrifice. Why would anyone participate in such a thing? This is why rebuking it and saying no is a must. Why let this darkness into our homes and lives.
This is how far down the rabbit hole we are. Who arranges who will “entertain” at the Super Bowl? Why have the half-time shows become blatant, in-your-face occult rituals?
I’ll follow this article up tomorrow with a special PPS Report.
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Super Bowl 2016 – Half Time Analysis

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On the TRAIL! Chongos Necropolis – Peru

Chgongos 2!Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

We went back to Chongos on Saturday with Sr. Juan, who is the curator of the Paracas History Museum.  We also were accompanied by Felipe, the Peruvian Archaeologist who is now part of our team.  The reason for our visit was to see where we should begin the process for a proper archaeological dig, which would entail maps, topography, and a full report as to the purpose of our dig, all submitted to the Ministry of Culture to acquire the proper permits.

We hiked around the area for over three hours.  As usual there were bits of broken pottery and bone fragments everywhere.  We also discovered what appears to be “walls” marking off certain sections of the area.  Were these sections used to delineate family plots?  Were they perhaps used to mark off sections for fisherman, farmers, textile weavers and finally the Paracas Royalty?  We don’t know, and this is one of the reasons why a proper archaeological dig is a must at this point.

As we were leaving the area and heading back to the van, I spied what looked like a skull between two tire tracks.  I blurted out, I think that’s a skull up there.  As we drew closer it became apparent that it was, in fact a skull.  At this point Brien had separated himself and climbed the hill to our right.  A few moments later he was yelling for us to come to where he was.  What we had stumbled on was a very recent dig by the Juacarro’s, or grave robbers.  When we arrived there were two other skulls in the grave.  I’m holding one of the strangest ones in my hands in the picture above.

What we surmised was the Juacarro’s had been startled and high-tailed it out of the area leaving the skulls behind.  These skulls are being sold on the black market for $1000.00 each.   We have heard a man in Belgium is buying some of them.  I have read that Belgium is hot bed of occult activity.

Take a look at the large bump on the forehead of the skull I am holding.  While cranial deformation may be responsible for this, there is the possibility that these skulls are genetic mutations.

Are these skulls a remnant of the Nephilim tribes which fled the Levant during the conquest of Canaan by Joshua, Caleb and the Israelites?  We don’t know, which is why it is pivotal to acquire samples and have them tested.  We are in the process of procuring the permits that are necessary to do this.

In closing todays post.  We read in scripture: The Nephilim were on the earth in those days and also afterwards, when the sons of God went into the daughters of men and had children by them.

There are some who insist that this scripture does not mean what it says, that somehow afterward applies to the days of Noah.  Please remember that Moses wrote the Torah—the first 5 books of the Bible—and this was hundreds of years after the flood.  Why would he write that the Nephilim were on the earth afterward if he didn’t mean it?

We are told in scripture that the Nephilim—the unholy progeny created by the union of Fallen Angels and the women of earth—were in the Levant.  There were, in fact many different Nephilim tribes who dwelt in the land.  This is the reason why a loving God gives the Israelites the command to wipe them out.   Either the Nephilim are in the land like the scripture indicates, or we have a genocidal God who favors one tribe of people over another.  I’ve written extensively about this in The Cosmic Chess Match. 

The good news is this, all of these skulls are now in the Paracas History Museum under the care of Sr, Juan!  I will photograph them all today and post another report tomorrow.

I return home on Wednesday!

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In Your Face Occult Spectacle — I Am a Stranger in a Strange Land.

Katy Perry FireCommentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

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From Dark Horse…

So you wanna play with magic
Boy you should know what you’re fallin’ for
Baby do you dare to do this
‘Cause I’m comin’ at you like a dark horse

Are you ready for
Ready for
A perfect storm
Perfect storm
Cause once you’re mine
Once you’re mine
There’s no goin’ back

She’s a beast
I call her Karma
She eat your heart out
Like Jeffrey Dahmer

A few months ago I received a post from someone who was up and coming in the music industry.  This person contacted me because they were being “forced” to accept an occult paradigm.  This person told me of the blatant satanic worship that has become the heart and soul of the music industry.  While some of us may find that hard to believe all one need do is look at the spectacle last Sunday night that was the Grammy’s.  I could only watch about 30 seconds of the Katy Perry video—without the sound on—before turning it off and going straight into prayer.  In my opinion she was conjuring and those who are in the know, those behind the scenes, including the TV censors, knew what was going on.  It was the Worship of the Fallen One.

A few weeks ago I posted an article on Perry where she made it very clear she is no longer a Christian.  Here’s the link:

MadonaaWe have crossed into a land that for many is unfamiliar territory and as the Bible says we are strangers here, perhaps more than any other time in history.  It is a land where gays marry in parades, and on the nationally watched television shows like the Grammy’s.  It is a land where occult performances are now pushed in our faces like the 2012 Super Bowl half-time performance and the recent spectacle with Perry.

Like Nicki Minaj, Perry is sold out to what I would call dark, occult forces.  Look at the picture below. It could have come out of The Exorcist and this was shown on the Grammy’s in 2012.  Nicki MinajPerry’s performance was deliberate and carefully crafted, just like her ET video was a few years ago.  I remember when I first posted it I got feedback from folks trying to convince me she was a Christian.  Perry is promulgating her world view, which is plainly occult and demonic in nature.  Like Minaj and Madonna and others, they all seem to give allegiance and worship to The Fallen One.

Folks, it’s time to wake up and realize we are so far down the satanic agenda that unless the church unites and begins to pray against this, we are doomed.

In closing todays post.  What will it take to wake up the sleeping church that for the most part hides behind it’s four walls and denominational sacred cows?  What will it take for the people to rise up and say enough is enough?  When I spoke on New Years Eve at Calvary Chapel Oceanside, I discussed the gay marriage agenda and the “marriage” taking place during the Rose parade, and the people responded with thunderous applause.  Marriage is between one man and one woman and no matter how many times  you show me two men, or two woman kissing at the altar you will never convince me otherwise!

I believe many Americans are sick and tired of the in your face satanic agenda that was displayed openly at the Grammy’s.  I can only speak for myself, but I am appalled and sickened at what is on TV.  Truly I am a stranger in a strange land.


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MAY 1 – Walpurgis Night

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L. A. Marzulli

April 30 – May 1

– Beltaine Festival, also called “Walpurgis Night“.

This is the highest day on the Druidic Witch’s Calendar, while May 1 is the Illuminati’s second most sacred holiday. Human sacrifice is required. Since the celebration officially began the night before Beltaine, the tradition has developed among occultists to celebrate Beltaine as a 2-day ceremony. This tradition was strong enough that Adolf Hitler decided to kill himself on April 30 at 3:30pm, thus creating a “333” and placing his suicide sacrifice within the Beltaine time frame.

Great bonfires are lit on the Eve of Beltaine, April 30, in order to welcome the Earth Goddess. Participants hope to gain favor with this goddess so she will bless their families with procreative fertility. We find it interesting that the Royal House of Windsor lights a Beltaine “Balefire” every year [“America’s Occult Holidays”, Doc Marquis, p. 30]

The “Maypole” originated from the celebration of Beltaine. Since fertility is being asked of the Earth Goddess, the Maypole is the phallic symbol and the circular dance around the pole forms the circle that is symbolic of the female sex organ.

Four six-foot alternating red and white ribbons were connected to the pole; the men would dance counterclockwise, while the ladies danced clockwise. The union of the intertwining red and white ribbons symbolized the act of copulation – remember, this is a “fertility” celebration day!

To demonstrate their occult, Illuminist ties, Communists have always celebrated “May Day”. If you have not been taught how the Illuminati created Communism, and for which purpose, you need to hear our Seminar 2, “America Determines The Flow of History”.

Yesterday I was out of sorts all day.  It was a feeling of oppression and I prayed against it and it finally lifted.  Then I remembered, it’s Beltaine and the light bulb went off! Walpurgis Night or Beltaine is being celebrated by covens all over our country.  They know what this day is and those who are immersed in the occult look to it to gain personal power.   Human sacrifice can be a part of this day and we should be on our guard and be in prayer to offset what those who embrace The Fallen One are up to!

Here’s a true story:  I was Music Director at a church and I would arrive very early on Sunday morning to  open everything up and get things ready.  One Sunday morning I found the remains of a ritual that had been done right on the front steps of the church.   The leadership dismissed it and shrugged it off.   No one prayed against it, or took authority over it, as everyone was to busy “playing” church to actually engage in the battle that was taken right to the church doors.  A few months later the church went through one of the worst splits I have ever been involved in.  One of the “elders” died at 49 years old, while vacationing in Hawaii and the pastor is now deceased as well.  There is a trail of broken people some of which have never gone back to church – my daughters are both in this group – and others who have left God altogether.  The battle is real folks and we would do well to equip ourselves with the armor of God on a daily basis and fight against this.

I would call each of you who read this BLOG today to stop what you’re doing and pray.  Pray for your family, those you work with, your church.  Pray for protection and peace and that we would be surrounded by a host of heavenly messengers.  Pray for our country and our leaders.   Prayer is our offensive weapon and we should target the local covens during these days.  We should take care to pray especially for those pastors who are unaware of what is lurking in their own communities.  Finally, we should be on guard, for our enemy goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom me may destroy.  The battle is real and we must learn to engage!  PRAY!


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In Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!

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