How the Elites Lost…

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L. A. Marzulli










This was the “polling” results from the Election Projection Website.
I went to this site every day to see if the Trump  had a chance to beat Clinton. According to this poll Hillary was 3 to 7 points ahead of Trump and in the electoral college she was almost 100 points up before November 8th.
Notice the only poll that had Trump up was the LA Times…  go figure, as the Times is one of the most liberal papers in the country, yet they had Trump up and winning the election for well over two months before the election.
The Sunday before the election the pope came out blasting Trump calling for “christians” not to vote for The Donald. Here’s an older clip stating that Trump can not possibly be a Christian  because he wants to build a wall!

Of course here’s the wall around the Vatican!








So let’s recap. The Pope accuses Trump of not being a Christian because Trump wants to build a wall to keep out the illegals, as well as the drug cartel’s poison, which has affected millions of families across our nation. Then there’s the media who told us with their charts, graphs and bobble-head-pundits that Trump was not qualified and he was behind  Hilary in the polls, with no chance of catching up.
Then we have Obama lecturing us that in order to cement his legacy of Obama care as well as transgendered bathrooms we had to vote for Hillary.

Then, we have Hillary as well as leaders all over the world telling us to be wary, that Donald was unstable, volatile, unpredictable and couldn’t be trusted with the nuclear “football.”
They were all wrong and the American people came out in droves and upset the proverbial apple-cart as it were, and elected Donald Trump.
This was a stunning upset and as some pundits put forth, the American people voted down the oligarchy that is Washington and gave the elites the middle-finger-salute!
Ann Coulter wrote a piece yesterday and she had a suggestion for President Trumps first 100 days. I’ll let you discover it, so here’s the link!
The left-wing liberals like Whoopi Goldberg are calling the election a “whitewash” which is a racist remark.
The snowflakes are crying and running for their safe spaces and Lena Dunham wants to go to Canada.
Katy Perry, Beyonce, and Madonna should have a spirit cooking night out and invite Hillary and  John Pedesta to the event…. to soothe their souls.
What happened in my opinion was this.
The American people have had enough of being lectured for 8 years and being told we are lazy, racist, homophobic and xenophobic, islamaphobic  and other disparaging remarks by our president.
We’ve had enough of the trillions of dollars in debt our country is in.  Enough of being told we can keep our health plan but we can’t and now we come to find out the rates are going to go up yet again….
Enough of the political establishments double standard.
Enough of the Clinton scandals, which by the way are not yet over.
Trump has a shot to get this country headed in the right direction.
Build the wall Mr. President.
Go after the gangs, stop the drugs coming in.
Tell the Iranians to stop their nonsense.
Repeal NAFTA.
Limit immigration from countries that sponsor terrorism, like Saudi Arabia.
Keep an eye on the mosques and the radical Imam’s who preach hate and are against Israel.
Extend a helping hand to Israel and assure Netanyahu, that unlike Obama, you’ve got his back.
Clean up the mess that is our inner cities.
Fix our broken infrastructure.
Rebuild our military.
Drain the swamp that is Washington. We believe in you Mr. President and our prayers are with you.









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Paris – Bring the Muslims to Your Country and This Is What Happens?

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli


Of course what I’m about to say is looked upon as Islamaphobia. We should all just shut up, do our job, pay upward of 50% in taxes, live with Gay Marriage and be glad we can watch Monday-Night Football, where some guy decides to kneel during our national anthem in protest, while meanwhile making millions off a system he deems is unfair and prejudicial.
That’s right shut up and say nothing, let the elites dismantle our country. Are you KIDDING ME!
What is happening in Paris is only a decade away in this county, or perhaps sooner.

The Obama administration is allowing thousands of so-called Refugees into the country and one can only wonder if any of these people are being vetted. So with this in mind I suppose these video clips are just an anomaly of sorts?
So folks like Donald Trump and millions of other fair-minded Americans we wonder if our country won’t go the way of France. This is why folks like me and most likely many of you, who are reading this, are part of the basket of deplorable’s that Hillary Clinton calls us.
Obama stumps for Hillary and calls Trump dangerous and a threat to the world order, specifically stating the fate of the world is at risk.

This statement is double speak for the trillions of dollars Obama indebted us with. The Gay Marriage Bill, which was nothing short of judicial fiat that went against what I would posit is one of the pillars of Western Civilization, that marriage is between one man and one woman. Please remember Muslims can take up to four wives.
92 million people unemployed, our crumbling infrastructure, and Obama’s insistence on Trans-gender bathrooms. Yes, the fate of the world is at stake. Do we want to fade away as a culture, as a country with open borders and higher taxes that are yet another hallmark of the Obama administration? Watch the video and vote for The Donald. He’s not part of the secret societies and he will DRAIN THE SWAMP!
 The Depths of their Immorality is unlimited. DJT!

Is The Rule of Law is Over?

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Congress: Attorney General
Lynch ‘Pleads Fifth’ on Secret Iran ‘Ransom’ Payments
“It is frankly unacceptable that your department refuses to answer straightforward questions from the people’s elected representatives in Congress about an important national security issue,” the lawmakers wrote. “Your staff failed to address any of our questions, and instead provided a copy of public testimony and a lecture about the sensitivity of information associated with this issue.”
“As the United States’ chief law enforcement officer, it is outrageous that you would essentially plead the fifth and refuse to respond to inquiries,” they stated. “The actions of your department come at time when Iran continues to hold Americans hostage and unjustly sentence them to prison.”
Rex Lex – Originally published in 1644 by Scottish Presbyterian Minister Reverend Samuel Rutherford, this is a copy of the 1843 printing. Lex, Rex defends the rule of law and the lawfulness of defensive wars and advocates limited government and constitutionalism in politics.
Is the King above the law? Are our leaders, including our Attorney General and president, above the law? Are we a nation of laws that apply to all citizens, or are the powers that be, above the law?
With the re-opening of a federal investigation concerning Hillary Clinton’s email’s it would appear that finally justice may be served. The clip below is from one of my hero’s Judge Napolitano who, as usual, cuts to the heart of the matter

When the government, which is supposed to enforce the law, acts like it is above the law, then, the rule of law collapses. This, in my opinion, is essentially what has happened with the last 8 years of the Obama administration.
We have Benghazi, which, I believe is a classic wag-the-dog. We have Obama handing the Internet over, against the public’s wishes. We have the Iran “deal” which may turn out to be nothing more than ransom. Then there’s the email scandal, which has come back into play with less than two weeks before the election.
It’s time to drain the swam! Get rid of the carrier politicians, and impose term limits. It’s time for Congress to live by the laws they pass. It’s time to hold those accountable who deem themselves above the law.
Clinton is calling this latest move by FBI director Comey, part of a vast, right-wing conspiracy. With all due respect Madame Secretary, there is no conspiracy, only the rule of the law and it would appear that you violated the law otherwise you would not be under investigation and possible indictment.


Rigged Elections? POTUS SAYS Stop Whining!

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

FBI Reopening Investigation into Hillary Clinton’s Private E-mail Server

With all due respect, I can’t stand another minute of this phony amateur. The middle east is in meltdown. 92 million people are unemployed. He doubled OUR national debt. Ben Ghazi was a classic wag-the-dog manipulation by his administration. Then he forces gay marriage upon us by judicial fiat, and to top it all off he’s focusing on Transgendered bathrooms. Are you kidding me???!!!
Then he goes on the record and tells Trump to stop whining, that the elections aren’t rigged, that all is well and go back to sleep and by the way vote for Hillary so we can completely rob and gut what’s left of America.
Here’s what happened with the Kennedy/ Nixon election in 1960.

“You gotta swallow this one,” says a Republican hack in Oliver Stone’s Nixon, referring to the 1960 election, in which John F. Kennedy prevailed. “They stole it fair and square.”

That Richard Nixon was cheated out of the presidency in 1960 has become almost an accepted fact. You’ve probably heard the allegations: Kennedy’s operatives fixed the tallies in Texas and Illinois, giving him those states’ 51 electoral votes and a majority in the Electoral College. Fearing that to question the results would harm the country, Nixon checked his pride and declined to mount a challenge.

The bottom line for me is this. Elections have been rigged in the past and more than likely there will be monkey business in this election.
trump-america-firstPlease get out and vote for Trump. He’s the only candidate who is pro-LIFE. He’s not perfect but Hillary will continue to murder as many babies as she possibly can. Think about it. Trump may be the Cyrus that the Lord is raising up in these last days.

Politics – If you Can’t See the Media Manipulation You Need Political Glasses!

Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli
From an undisclosed location on the Spinning Blue Planet! (LOL—That will get a hackle out of the Flat-earthers!)

Please check out the above link. It’s a great piece by Ann Coulter, it’s brilliant!

The 2016 election is reaching a fever pitch. The media hate Trump and are creating every diversion known to man to topple him.

The United Nations hate Trump and are calling out to finish him off.

The globalist hate Trump because he’s going to put America first and NOT the globalist agenda.

Paul Ryan, The Speaker of the House along with McCain, Boehner, McConnel and other so-called Republicans, hate Trump too.

The Washington elites hate Trump and they are terrified, because if he’s elected he will expose the DEEP corruption that permeates the Belt-way.

If you can’t see the blatant-in-you-face-media-manipulation to NUKE The Donald then you need political glasses!

I am amazed that the media does nothing and I mean nothing to hold Hillary Clinton accountable.

We have the thousands of emails she deleted.  We have the deaths of our ambassador and soldiers in the wag-the-dog-spin of Ben Ghazi.

We have her sitting in Washington for 30 years and I challenge you to name one, just one of her accomplishments.

The Weasels in the media and the Power-elites are digging up everything they can on Trump, but you’ll notice nothing appears about Hillary….nothing.

This is our last chance to keep our country. Obama is bringing in upward of 20,000 Syrian refugees. Most will be unveiled.

Obamacare is about to collapse.

We are TRILLIONS in debt and if Clinton gets in, we’ll be TRILLIONS more.

Think about this for a moment. The FEDS take upward of 35% in taxes. Then add 5% for Social Security. Now add another %10 for state and local taxes. The add up  your property taxes at another 2%. What’s left for you as the Government is taking over 50% of our income. Isn’t this what our founders fought for? Taxation without representation????

If Clinton gets in she will raise our taxes. Period.

Do you really enjoy working half a year for free? Do you want to see abortion-on-demand?

Do you want to see more foreign workers taking American jobs?

Do you want to see more of the ongoing Islamization of our country with the building of mosques in every city? Bill Clinton suggested we re-populate Detroit with Syrain refugees. Bubba is Clueless.

We have one shot to correct the mess we’re in and it’s Donald J. Trump. Get out and vote!

Amazing how Obama gets a pass on everything he does. This video surfaced yesterday and I’m posting it here. It shows Obama flaunting his “erection” to flight attendants. Of course the media just goes along with everything he does. He’s untouchable.

Trump says something 11 years ago and it’s blasted all over creation. It’s a double standard. Our media is duplicitous and in the tank with the globalist agenda.





The Thin Veneer of Civility

Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli
“The overwhelming majority of people who have been concerned about police-community relations [are] doing it the right way,” Obama said. “Every once in a while you see folks doing it the wrong way.” POTUS (President Clueless)
An unarmed blackman with his hands raised is tasered and then shot by a police officer.  The woman who did the shooting faces first degree murder charges, as she should.
This sparks the Black Lives Matter Movement to demonstrate. What starts off as a so-called peaceful march quickly descends into anarchy and what we see, in full-living-color-and-in-all-to-graphic-images, is chaos, anarchy and the collapse of basic civility.
A man was shot in the head on live TV two nights ago. Stores were trashed. A white man was brutally beaten by a gang of black men. He begged for mercy, they kicked him harder.
I was on a radio show a while back and the host was vexed by my book Days of Chaos. It seemed to paint a dark picture of our world in which mankind descends into what may be the darkest days in history i.e. The Tribulation. I asked the host if there was a police force in the town in which he lived.
“Of course there is,” he replied.
“Well there you have it!” I stated. “There is a police force in just about every town on the planet and the reason for this is man’s basic instinct is one of depravity.”
(He didn’t like that answer!)
Charlotte is a microcosm of what our country will be like if the banks collapse. There will be utter Chaos. Here’s a clip from Venezuela which, in my opinion, is tame in comparison of what awaits the US when and if the collapse happens.
When people go hungry they become very unstable. When people think they are being wronged and there is no justice, they become volatile. When people are held down and oppressed they strike out. When people think life is hopeless the thin veneer of civility comes crashing down.
Most folks won’t read this blog. Most people won’t see the hand-writing on the wall. Most Christians won’t heed the words of the scripture we find in our Bibles. We are in perilous times, where men are lovers of themselves and evil is called good and good is called evil.
All of this was written in the Biblical Prophetic Narrative millennia ago and we would do well to heed the warnings that are written there.
In closing todays post. Will we see a National police force rise up because of the anarchy that is ensuing in our cities? What will we give up to feel safe, our constitutional rights?
If Hillary is elected we will see the end of America as we know it.
Obama has done little to heal our nation and in fact, has created a class war, and perhaps a race war. He has done little in the way of bringing us together.
Trump, in my opinion, is our last hope. If he is taken out or if Hillary wins, and mark my words, we will descend into further chaos and anarchy. Of course this is what the elites want, Out of Chaos, Order.



In Other News!

What you won’t see on FOX, CNN, or any other controlled media outlet. This is WWIII.


Wait for it….. UFOs are real, burgeoning and not going away!


Anarchy A-go-go. 


Coming Days of Chaos. The elites want this… L.A. 


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Trump will Make America Great – America is Already Changing His Heart!

Commentary and Analysis
L. A. Marzulli
A few weeks ago Louisiana experienced one of the worst floods in its history. Obama played golf, Hilary was nowhere to be seen, but The Donald, showed up. That was presidential. The left can spin it all they want but the fact remains, it was presidential. It showed the folks that Donald Trump cared.
Hillary, on the other hand has stated that Trump voters are a basket of deplorable! (See the earlier blogs this week) Contrast? You bet.
Trump holds rallies all over the United States and thousands upon thousands of people show up to hear his message, we’re going to make America great again. His message is one of hope. Not the hope and change that Obama has given us, where for 8 years we’ve gone further into debt and recently in Laos Obama called Americans lazy. (See last weeks Acceleration Radio rant.)
Think about this for a moment. Trump stands before thousands of people who are cheering him on. From his vantage point he looks out at a sea of people who are going to vote for him, who are tired of the same old political nonsense that has crippled the country, increased our debt, and left us weak and broke. There are millions of people out of work and who haven’t worked in years. Millions more are on food stamps.
Trump meets with many of these folks day after day. I would posit that this interaction is changing him, making him see, first hand, the desperate state the country is really in.
There are some Christians out there who won’t vote for Trump for reasons that range from, he’s to bombastic, to he’s not a real Christian. I would put this argument to you. If Hilary Clinton gets in to the White house, I will state here, that our country will never recover. What Hillary will bring to the table will be a continuation of the Obama years, except perhaps on steroids. Higher taxes, more immigration from the Middle East, open borders, liberal supreme court justices, the gay agenda continued without pause, abortion on demand everywhere, and more government regulation and control. Of course this is what the left lives for, more governmental control.
In closing todays post. Trump has heart and the people see it. You can’t fake that, you can’t summon it up like a magic genie, you can’t turn it on or off. Trump is the real deal and this campaign with all its ups and downs and strenuous scheduling has changed him.
Trump will make America great again and I would state, the American people have touched Trumps heart and made him better for it.


We’re headed to the conference in Saskatchewan.  There will be no Acceleration Radio tonight or next week as we will be on planes both Thursdays!

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