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‘Sirius,’ Steven Greer’s Film, Claims To Unveil Tiny ‘Alien’ Humanoid

An upcoming documentary promises to show an alleged, tiny “alien” being that was found a few years ago in Chile’s Atacama Desert. And when we say tiny, we’re talking six inches from head to ET toe.

‘Sirius,’ Steven Greer’s Film, Claims To Unveil Tiny ‘Alien’ Humanoid (VIDEO)

I have watched Steve Greer on the History Channel’s Ancient Alien, series and at the end of one of the shows he looks straight into the camera and declares, when ET arrives all the religions of the world will crumble. (This is a paraphrase quote) You know what?  He’s right and here’s why!

Greer knows that the churches are asleep, and most will not address the ET/UFO question.  Here’s proof.  I was recently told that a church would not have me come and present my findings and research because I was too controversial.

Now I wonder if this church believes in the Virgin Birth, floating ax heads, talking donkeys, coins that appear out of the mouths of fish, water changing into wine, seas that part, men who rise from the dead, and staffs which turn into serpents!  When these supernatural events are listed this way, it sounds really, really nuts!  Yet, I’m sure if I were to go to this church and ask if the elders and pastor believed in these miracles, they would all nod in agreement!

However, for some reason, that I’m still having trouble getting my head around, when we begin to discuss what is manifesting now, specifically the UFO phenomena, these same people hide under their Bibles.

Greer’s movie is getting a lot of PR and the showing which will be held in Los Angeles is sold out.  He’s steering the conversation with this film.  He’s promulgating the Ancient Astronaut scenario, which is we have been visited by extraterrestrials for millennia.  Unknowingly, I believe Greer, and others of his ilk are buying into the Great Deception, which is that ET created all life on this planet, they genetically manipulated early man, started the worlds civilizations, religions, and now, at this critical juncture in human history, they have returned to usher us into a time of peace, prosperity, and knowledge.

In closing todays post:  Without sounding self aggrandizing, let me say that our Watchers Series was created to counter the X-opolitic crowd.

There is another explanation to the UFO phenomena as well as this small being that Greer is touting as proof of the existence of ET.  It is the concept that the Fallen One has been tampering with the gene pool since the days of Noah and continues to do so today.  He wants to create man in his own image.  You will notice the elongated head in the picture above.  We found the same elongated head while we were in Peru.  Scroll down and look at the skull on the cover of my new book!  We have the counter argument to Greer, and it is Biblically based.  The Nephilim were here and also after when the sons of God came into the daughters of men.

40 Paracas Skull

Here is one skull which we handled, weighed and photographed while in Paracas, Peru.

We are doing DNA testing on the hair sample we were allowed to take, and so far the results have been very interesting.

This skull is over 2000 years old and came from the Chongos Necropolis, which I discuss at length in the new book.

It has only one parietal plate instead of the two, a normal skull would have.

The eye sockets are larger and the mandible, or lower jaw, is more robust.

This skull is NOT the results of cradle head boarding!





draft11On the Trail of the Nephilim should be released around May 1st!

It has over 120 full color photographs and is an over-sized book @ 8.5″ X 11″!

Riveting, informative interviews with Aaron Judkins, Richard Shaw and Fritz Zimmerman!

I’ll give you all a hint, what we found in Peru was mind-blowing!

This trip was the trip of a lifetime for me and along with my friend

and co-producer of the Watchers Series, Richard Shaw, we believe we connected

some dots that other researchers perhaps have overlooked.

We handled and photographed elongated skulls with certain physical anomalies that are detailed in the book!

We visited megalithic sites which I believe were the remains of the Fallen Angel and Nephilim architecture!

I crawled into a cave where I saw ancient human remains!

We went to the privately owned Chongos Necropolis, a 2000-year-old cemetery where the elongated skulls were found.

I believe this book will break new ground in regard to the Nephilim and also the words of Jesus, when he warns us it will be like the days of Noah when he returns!


April 20 – New York. w/ Bill Salus!


Watchers 6, is in Post Production with a release date of, sometime in MAY!  

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end timeIn Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!

N. Korea may be able to deliver nuke, Pentagon intel says –


US raises nuclear alert to DEFCON 3. China mobilizes, masses troops on North Korean border


Pat Robertson Warns of ‘Terrible Suffering for U.S.’ if Israel Loses Jerusalem


North Korea Nukes! Business & Financial News, Breaking US & International News |


Israel on guard as Golan goes from bloom to bloodshed | Reuters


Infant Beheadings and Severed Babies’ Feet, But Media Ignores Gosnell |


Did a 19th century novel inspire a group of Nazi UFO hunters?

The Head in the Sand Mentality and the Church!

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April 13-15: L.A. Marzulli returns to Temple Beth Or – Georgia! – 
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L. A. Marzulli

The church celebrates Christmas and Easter on a yearly basis.  These are the churches biggest days, it’s when most everyone shows up, special musical programs are performed, the children participate, midnight celebrations and early morning Easter rise services are also part of the proceedings.  We are celebrating SUPERNATURAL events. The first, the virgin birth of the God-man Yashua/Jesus, the second His rising from the dead.   There’s no way around this fact, we are acknowledging that the events that are being celebrated, are far beyond the norm, are in fact miraculous, and defy the scientific paradigm that holds sway over western civilization.

This begs the question, if supernatural events happened thousands of years ago have they ceased in the modern era?  Is there any place in our treasured, Guidebook to the Supernatural i.e. the Bible, that tells us this is so?  The simple answer to this is, no, there is no place in all of scripture that tells us the miraculous, or supernatural events have ceased.  In fact in 2nd Thessalonians, Paul warns us in the last days we should be aware that The Fallen One, Satan, will come with all signs and lying wonders.  Should we take Paul literally or should we dismiss his warning as allegory, or writings that are no longer applicable in modernity?

I travel to a variety of venues all over the country and everywhere I go I hear the same thing.
“Our church just doesn’t want to discuss the topic of the Nephilim, UFOs, Satanic Ritual abuse, or anything that might scare our people, we want a safe landing-place here.”    With all due respect, I would call this attitude, a head in the sand mentality.  Here’s why.  Our own government is making preparation for so-called Alien Contact.  Here’s a link: » And Now… U.S. Military Plans for Alien Invasion

I start my presentations with a clip from FOX news, and Steve Basset, who is the head of the Disclosure Project:  Here’s the link: UFOs – FOX News – Mexican Air Force – CNN News – OVNIs – YouTube I do this because this clip takes my discussion out of the realm of fantasy and speculation and anchors it the reality of our Prime Time News Media.  (Please take a moment and watch the clip)  In most cases the room goes really quiet after the clip is finished.  Most people in the room are not aware that disclosure of the so-called UFO/Extraterrestrial presence, is actually taking place, all-be-it slowly and with a managed agenda, as Chuck Missler would call it.

In my opinion, the church needs to come to an understanding that this phenomena is real, burgeoning and not going away.  Pastors need to begin to do their homework and understand that the Fallen One, is a master of deception and he has been planning his final moves, in what I would call the Cosmic Chess match for millennia.

In closing todays post: There is a viscous ignorance sometimes displayed by pastors and churchgoers who think they know everything there is to know, and thus, won’t even put forth a modicum of effort into exploring the Nephilim or the UFO phenomena.  When, not if we see three-mile wide mother ships begin to manifest, what will your pastor say?  How will the church react to this?  Will it shake your faith?  Please recall the words of Jesus who states, that men would faint from fear from what is coming on the earth; that even the elect would be deceived if that were possible, and Paul’s warning, Satan comes with all signs and lying wonders.  The Great Deception is coming and we would do well to get our heads out of the sand, and understand that we are living in a time which is similar to the days of Noah.  The Nephilim are returning and with them the Fallen Ones of old, for as the days of Noah were, so it will be when the son of man returns.  The gates and portals are being opened by those in the New Age movement who think these beings are our progenitors.  It’s time to get our heads out of the sand and understand the unprecedented times we are living in.  Wake Up!  UFO’s and Galactic Federation | News | NewAgeU



lamarzulli | Liberty Broadcasting Network

Joe Taylor!

Mount Blanco Museum Curator!

Joe Taylor is the owner and curator of the Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum and associated companies. He was born and raised near Crosbyton at the Mt. Blanco community. As a young man he left the area for art school and a career in commerical illustration and advertising design in New York City and Los Angeles. During this time he volunteered at the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles, California where the saber tooth cat skull which we reproduce is from. His interest was sparked by the rich local fossil deposits and a desire to find out the truth about fossils. The results of this interest are seen in the museum.  Mr. Taylor is one of the nation’s foremost fossil restorationists and his work is sought out by individuals, museums and other institutions in this country and abroad.

I’m Joe Taylor, the director and curator of the Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum. If you like fossils, dinosaur digs and other old things you have come to the right place. Check the news reports. We want to show you why we do not believe that the evolution theory or the millions of years concept is good science.


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April 13-15: L.A. Marzulli returns to Temple Beth Or – Georgia! – 
Hilton Terrace Baptist Church
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In Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!

Earthquakes shake Gulf of California (Birth Pains!)

Earthquakes shake Gulf of California –


Arizona earthquake numbers saw a large increase in 2011 (Business as usual?)

Arizona earthquake numbers saw a large increase in 2011 – Wry Heat


Hail ravages US 287, shuts down highway (More business as usual?)

Hail ravages US 287, shuts down highway : News :


Planned Parenthood Wants You to Pray to Support Abortion (Blood curse on our land!)

Planned Parenthood Wants You to Pray to Support Abortion – Katie Pavlich


As weather gets biblical, insurers go missing (Birth pains!)

As weather gets biblical, insurers go missing – Business – Real estate –


Big US-Arab Gulf air force exercise draws Iranian warning to stop at once  (WWIII)

DEBKAfile, Political Analysis, Espionage, Terrorism, Security


UFO Encounter Revealed After Almost 40 Years By Ex-Military Pilot: Exclusive (Real, burgeoning and not going away!)

UFO Encounter Revealed After Almost 40 Years By Ex-Military Pilot: Exclusive

Too much Going On… The Tipping Point?

too much going onHello everyone, I’m back! It’s great to be home again. My trip was productive and the highlight was my 40th High School Reunion. If you’ve never been to one I would highly recommend it. But on to more important matters.

There is so much going on that it’s almost impossible to keep up with all of it. I’m going to use bullet points and as the week progresses I’ll comment on them in more depth.

1. The Big Story is the alleged allegations that the Arabs, along with the Russians and the Chinese are about to tank the dollar by switching to another currency…. a global currency perhaps? How do you spell New World Order? How will this affect us? Will it put us into a depression?

2. Last week it was discovered that the Iranians were building another nuclear enrichment facility. They are closer to attaining the bomb everyday and the world doesn’t do much except call for sanctions. This may be the biggest lack of action since the beginning of WWII when the world stood by and watched as Hitler annexed Austria, which some consider to be the beginning of WWII.

3. Israel is watching the atomic time clock ticking away. When, not if the Iranians get the bomb it will pose a real existential threat to Israel and this means that at some point Israel will resort to its military option. Of course the Iranians and the Russians know this, so what we may be looking at is the final stage being set for the Ezekiel war.

4. On Sunday night the History Channel ran a two hour special, hosted by James Fox on UFOs. Much of what he covered is found in my Alien Interview book, only the book goes into the sightings more in depth. It is clear that the phenomena is not going away and as I have stated to many times to count, it is the coming Great Deception!

5. The Tsunami in Indonesia last week is a reminder that the waves and seas are tossing which points to the admonition from Jesus that when we see earthquakes, floods, famine and pestilence we are to look up because our freedom is coming!

All of this to say that I think we are getting very near the tipping point. I’ve never seem the Middle East in such a state of tension. I BLOGGED a few months ago about getting your house in order and I would recommend that if you haven’t done so, today would be a good day to stockpile some food and water. I believe that we are in the last days. I realize that we have heard this before, specifically in the 1980’s and many of us feel that we got misled. We weren’t misled, as what is playing out now can be traced to what began in that decade. We are told to watch and be ready. At my reunion there were a handful of us that got together and talked what was happening globally, from a Biblical perspective. The rest of my former classmates aren’t aware of the prophecies and so don’t understand that what is happening on the planet now, can only be understood through a Biblical world-view or lens. The tipping point is almost here and as I watch I wonder what will be the event that tips the scales and with it, life as we know it will forever change….

If you haven’t purchased Politics, Prophecy and the Supernatural I would highly recommend getting a copy and study it, as much of what is happening now is laid out in that book. PP&S SMALLBetter yet, buy one for a friend who doesn’t understand what is happening or doesn’t see the world through a Biblical lens….

Go to:

If you want them they will come….

Alien priestThe buffer has been removed….

What I mean by this is that it appears that UFOs are now being seen by anyone who wants to see one! I received an E-mail from “Jimmy” who explained that he takes pictures of them at night with his camera. He told me in his first post that he was communicating with UFOs. I pointed out Lynne Dickie’s interview in, The Alien Interview book and warned him of the danger he might be bringing on himself. Here is a portion of his reply.

OK L.A. I read Lynne Dickie’s interview again……and that’s not quite the idea…So I’m passing my secrete to you now….Now you can see who’s watching you…I already told mufon HQ….So here it is ..Get yourself a camera  that has an ISO of 1600 too 3200 with a flash and turn up the white balance go out at the evening around 7pm -730 pm  just when the sun goes down…take some picks of the sky… with the flash….take them all nite long….fiif you want…I take 200 a nite..then review them on your PC..not on the camera…

Now, I haven’t seen any of Jimmy’s pictures but essentially this is very similar to what Lynne Dickie was involved in. I also know that UFO sightings are increasing. In July a record of 543 UFO were reported. Here’s a link to the site:

Now here’s what I think may be happening and it is the first time I have ever put this out, so you guys are the guinea pigs as it were. I mean that in a good way. First we need to examine 2nd Thessalonians 2: 6-8

And now you know what is holding him back, so that he may be revealed at the proper time.

For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work; but the one who now holds it back will continue to do so till he is taken out of the way.
[Treasury of Scripture Knowledge] [Concordance and Hebrew/Greek Lexicon] [List Audio, Study Tools, Commentaries]
[No Images or Hymns Available] [Versions / Translations] [Dictionary Aids]
[Select for Copy; Double click to (de-)select all] 2Th 2:8 And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will overthrow with the breath of his mouth and destroy by the splendor of his coming.

For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work; but the one who now holds it back will continue to do so till he is taken out of the way.

And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will overthrow with the breath of his mouth and destroy by the splendor of his coming.

I think we can agree that something is holding back the secret power of lawlessness. The text is very clear on this. We can disagree as to what, or who is doing this. There are some that believe it is the Holy Spirit dwelling in the believers, while others think it may be the Angel Michael. Here’s what I think. We are seeing a gradual increase in UFO activity as well as other supernatural manifestations, like flying humanoids, winged, mothman-like entities, the continuation of crop circles, abductions and implants. Could it be that the one who is holding back has begun to loosen the reigns? Is the “taken out of the way,” graduated? In other words, like military manuevers here, troops are taken slowly out of one area. I find it interesting, in that this could be what is happening, as the buffer that is between the natural and supernatural worlds seems to have been partially removed. Is this setting the stage for the signs and lying wonders that the same chapter tells us will happen? I believe it could be! More on this tomorrow….

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Acceleration Radio! Ray Yungen – part 3

Ray YungenRay Yungen, author, speaker, and research analyst has studied religious movements for over twenty years. His love for Jesus Christ and for people and his exuberance for life are reflected in his writing. He is the author of For Many Shall Come In My Name and A Time of Departing. Mr. Yungen resides in the beautiful Willamette Valley of Oregon.


Here’s a Teaser!

HEISER MARZULLIThis is the article that is appearing in the September issue of our monthly News Magazine. It was written by Dr. Mike Heiser. I’m posting is here to give you a teaser for the kind of content that you’ll find in the Monthly News Mag. The picture on the left is Mike and yours truly. I’m almost 6 feet so Mike is a big guy! It was taken on the beach in Malibu several years ago. I’m excited about his contribution! I also want to mention that Dr. Stephen Yulish is now regular contributor. Dr. Yulish has written a fascinating and informative article on “Doomsday and the 2012 Mayan Calendar date.” Bruce Collins my co-host of Acceleration Radio, has also contributed a fascinating article on our current financial crises. Last but not least, my friend Gordy Tong has written about how the New Age World view and it’s connection to spirit guides is linked to the UFO phenomena. Finally Jim Tetlow – author of Messages From Heaven – comes on the record in an in depth interview. All this and so much more! Here’s what one reader put in our comment section yesterday.

I have been a been a subscriber for a year now and it is a great magazine. I print each issue out so I can lend to others and also as a backup if the computer does something strange, Very informative and a great resource!!  From Peter.

As promised here is the article from Dr. Heiser:

Zecharia Sitchin: Why You Can Safely Ignore Him

Although the name Erich von Däniken may be more familiar, Zecharia Sitchin is arguably the most important proponent of the ancient astronaut hypothesis over the last several decades. One cannot go into a Barnes & Noble and not find his books prominently displayed in the New Age section. Why? Because both Sitchin and his readers have cast him as something von Däniken is not: a scholar of ancient languages and texts. Sitchin’s name therefore carries academic authority in defense of the idea that extraterrestrials visited earth millennia ago, spawning the human race through genetic manipulation and fostering civilization’s major advancements, including Judaism and Christianity. That may sound silly, but tens of millions of readers take it seriously. But should they?

One of the advantages Sitchin has had over his career is the fact that few people could question his “translations” of ancient Sumerian tablets or the Hebrew Bible, or some obscure Aramaic text. He had readers over an academic barrel, not because his work was academically sound, but because these fields are so arcane. Realistically, how many people do this sort of work?

The answer is “not many,” but I’m one of them.[1] Since 2001 I’ve tried to alert people to the fact that Sitchin is no expert in any ancient language. If he was certain things would be transparent and true.

First, scholars provide their credentials to the public, not for the purpose of boasting, but to enable the non-specialist to verify expertise. It might sound trite, but this is one of the reasons doctors, lawyers and auto mechanics put diplomas, licenses, and certifications on their office wall. The public needs to know the one rendering a service is competent and willing to be examined for expertise. Sitchin has no credentials and has never offered any. All we have is the foreword to his books describing him as a journalist and an expert in a range of ancient languages. Just because his publisher markets his work well doesn’t mean it’s true. What Sitchin should do is tell us where he got his training so readers can verify his credentials.

Second, genuine scholars don’t make mistakes in their areas of expertise that a trainee or beginner would commit. The ancient language blunders committed by Sitchin are truly startling. I’ve documented Sitchin’s inability to tell Aramaic from Hebrew, to understand simple Hebrew grammatical features (e.g., subject-verb agreement), and the fact that the Sumerians and Mesopotamians would disagree with his interpretation of their own vocabulary.[2] This last example is the easiest for non-specialists to follow and judge Sitchin. The Mesopotamian scribes who inherited and utilized the Sumerian script for their own written language (Akkadian) created bilingual dictionaries (called “lexical lists” by scholars) between their language and Sumerian.  Akkadian is very well known (it is related to Hebrew) and so we can get firsthand definitions to Sumerian words.  Simply put, they are at odds with Sitchin’s phony translations.[3]

Third, bona fide scholars are driven by the desire to be accurate. Hopefully the motivation is honesty, but at the very least, scholars know that other members of their guild will see their work and judge its quality. In academia this is called “peer review.” Scholars who want to contribute to their field offer articles and books that will be reviewed and publicly critiqued by their peers. Peer review is critical in fields like medicine since the ideas put forth in medical journals can mean life or death. That may not be the case in ancient studies, but peer review is the primary means to validate or reject quality scholarship. A simple author search in a religion or humanities database available at any college or public library will reveal that Zecharia Sitchin has never put his theories forward in scholarly publications where they can be reviewed by experts in the fields in which he is supposed to be expert. Instead, he writes for the non-specialist who cannot evaluate his work. That Sitchin has no peer-reviewed publications is an indictment on his desire to have his work tested, and perhaps even his ability to write anything that experts would not think ridiculous.[4]

Lastly, real scholars are careful with how they note and represent the work of others. Followers of Sitchin love to point out that he quotes a number of books written by Sumerian and Mesopotamian scholars, but they miss two important items: Sitchin often does not record full titles or page numbers (so he can be checked), and he to date has offered no instances where the scholars whose books he quotes agree with his extraterrestrial interpretations. It is simply dishonest to quote a Sumerian scholar in regard to the birth of Sumerian civilization and then later claim that source backs up his work in other regards. This is to create a façade of academic approval where none exists.

Should you worry about Sitchin’s vast output in defense of ancient astronauts? Only if you prefer to base your worldview on data that contains outright errors, or doesn’t exist, or that has never been subject to the scrutiny of knowing peers. The emperor simply doesn’t have any clothes.

Dr. Michael S. Heiser is currently the Academic Editor for Logos Bible Software in Bellingham, WA. You can follow his research and blogs at

[1] Michael Heiser earned an M.A. (1998) and Ph.D. (2004) in Hebrew and Semitic Languages from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He also has an M.A. in Ancient History from the ivy-league’s University of Pennsylvania (1992).

[2] See and the Sitchin archive on my blog, PaleoBabble.

[3] Readers can learn about lexical lists here.

[4] In the spirit of that challenge, my own resume has been online for years:


Go To:

News Mag

Maitreya: Is this the star?

Bethlehem starHere’s a video link to a light in the sky that some are calling the star of Maitreya. Remember I’ve BLOGGED about this and warned that this is part of the growing deception. Thanks to “Hunter Lynn,” (not me) for the link. For those of you who are new to this BLOG I”ll give you a brief thumbnail sketch of what this all about. However, I would recommend that you go back several weeks and read the BLOGS I posted about Maitreya.

In 1982, there were full page ads taken out in major newspapers across the globe. The ads announced the presence of a world teacher that was the return of Christ to the Christians, The Imam Mahdi to the Moslem’s, The Jewish Messiah, and the fifth Buddha. He was supposed to communicate telepathically with everyone on the planet. this never happened! Now, decades later the spokes-person for Maitreya, Benjamin Creme has declared that the return of the Bethlehem star is the sign we are to look for that will herald Maitreya. Creme, who was recently on Coast to Coast with George Noory, sated that the star was actually four UFO, mother ships that were in each section of the earth and would be reveal themselves soon, for all mankind to see. Well here we have a video link that seems to show a bright object in the sky. Is it Venus? Is it a mother ship like Creme tells us will appear? I don’t know, you be the judge and be sure to comment about it.

Here is another link on YouTube that  tells us exactly what is coming. In this brief video we are told that Maitreya is the hope of humanity and that this star is the sign of his coming! There’s also an 800 number that I called. May I suggest you check it out for yourselves? It’s 800-870-6108. It’s toll-free and you can hear for yourselves what  this is all about. But back to the video first. The video is more of the same. Look for the star which is the sign of the coming world teacher that is here to guide humanity through this desperate time in which we live. There are also still shots of the “star” shown in different countries of the world.

When I called the 800 number I was taken aback when the recorded message informed me that Maitreya was not alone but was coming back with other enlightened ones that have guided humanity through the ages. Are these the s0-called ascended Masters that Madame Blavatsky, Alice Bailey and others have embraced? In my opinion the answer to this is yes. These are the same fallen angels and “doctrines of demons” that the supernatural guidebook – the Bible –  warns us about, especially in the last days. Maitreya is a type of Anti-Christ, although I don’t believe he is THE Anti-Christ. Here’s the link to the ad.

In closing here’s one more link. This features the leader of Share International, Benjamin Creme. Check out how many people are falling for this. This is what we are faced with. It is part of the coming Great Deception that I continue to warn about. As you can see people are drawn to Creme and the promise of world peace through Maitreya. Wake up church we are in the last days and the deception is growing….

By the way the images in this video are occult-satanic-Luciferic-demonic, in origin! How much plainer does it have to get!

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