On The Trail of the Nephilim!

draft11This may be the most important book I have written thus far.  I believe it has ground breaking information which connects the Nephilim of antiquity to the modern world.  What we found in Peru was shocking, as I believe there was genetic engineering, by fallen angels thousands of years ago and the evidence of it is in Peru.  I think we found the proof…

L. A. Marzulli 

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On The Trail of the Nephilim

                Giant Skeletons and Ancient Megalithic Structures.

Before you dive into this book, let me explain the concept behind it, as it will be important in sorting out the difference in material which is covered herein.

I am working with a theory that there was a great civilization before the Flood of Noah, that it may have been global and the remains of some of these post-flood structures may be seen today.

These structures are the megalithic stone structures that we visited in Peru, such as Saqsayhuaman and Ollantaytambo.  They are comprised of individual stones weighing as much as 120 tons or more.  No one knows who built these structures or for what reason, there are only theories.

Then we have what I believe to be the post-flood structures that are discussed in the first section of the book and deal primarily with the Mounds in Ohio.

What I will attempt to show is that both of these sites, while perhaps separated by thousands of years of time, are in fact the product of Fallen Angel/Nephilim technology.

Thus, we will not only be discussing the bones and skulls found in Paracas, and the giant bones found by Americans in the late 19th century, which is post-flood, but we will delve into the mystery of these ancient megalithic sites.

While to some there may be no connection, in my opinion there is a connection and it is vital to this discussion.

For instance, how does an ancient culture living without the “knowledge” of the wheel, move enormous blocks of stone and then create polygonal joints, encompassing not only the face of the stone, but continuing all the way through the stone, to its backside.  In my opinion, this would be almost impossible to accomplish, even in modernity.

Then we have the Paracas skulls, which are an anomaly.  Why do many of these skulls have only one parietal plate, instead of the two, “normal” human skulls would have?

Is this the result of genetic tampering by Fallen Angels that we read about in Genesis 6?

There is a lot of information to consider and I will point out in each chapter whether we are examining a pre-flood or post-flood artifact or site.

L. A. Marzulli


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