The Media: This is a precursor of what it will be like…

media frezyIt has not been 24 hours since the world was informed  of the death, of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. I’m going to bet it was a drug overdose that killed him, along with the bizarre lifestyle that he embraced. It’s a sad day when anyone dies of a drug overdose. My prayers are with the family.

          That said, what we are witnessing is exactly the type of media frenzy that we will see when the revealing of the so-called extraterrestrial presence happens. All it’s going to take is one craft to appear over a city somewhere and just hover. The media will pounce on this in much the same way that we are seeing the firestorm surrounding the death of Jackson. Pundits will weigh in. Talking heads will offer opinions. Anchors will introduce a series of so-called experts. Those of us who have written about this, Tom Horn, David Flynn, Mike Heiser, Jim Wilhelmsen and yours truly will most likely be interviewed. When, not if this revealing happens, I believe it will be to late to sound a warning to the church. The great deception will be upon us and in the words of Yashua/Jesus, even the elect would be deceived if that were possible. I think that most people will be so overwhelmed at what they are seeing that they will fall for the lie. We are warned in 2nd Thessalonians, that this will be the case. The great falling away – not the rapture – the apostasy, will take place. Strong delusion will be the calling card of the day and fueling this delusion, creating a frenzy around it, will be the media.

          The entire globe is linked together, wired together, and information now travels at the speed of light. In a matter of minutes the news of a large UFO, let’s say over a mile wide, will flash around the globe and like yesterday, the Internet will slow to a crawl, due to an overload of traffic. The world will stop and every eye will turn to the events that are unfolding, as we realize that we are not alone. The alien gospel will begin to be disseminated, as we are told that these beings genetically manipulated us, were the gods that we worshipped in antiquity, and have decided to reveal themselves at this critical juncture in our history. We will be inundated with information about ET. At this time the governments that have been involved in a cover up will admit that they have known about these entities. The Pope will come forward and  tell us that the extraterrestrial should be embraced as out brother. The world will collectively experience  a paradigm shift in consciousness. People will embrace this new truth and the old religions, particularly Christianity, will be swept away by the tidal wave of coverage from the media. It will be a day like no other.

           What happened yesterday shows us just how quickly the media can create a fire storm, it is a precursor of what is to come…

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