UPDATE! Dan Gordon Reporting…

Dan Gordon is a Captain in the IDF Reserves.  He has appeared several times in our Watchers films.  He is in Israel and is serving as our eyes and ears there.  This is his report.  L.A.

Dan Gordon PatrolIf there was ever any doubt before, there is none now.
This is Hamas’ s war.
They wanted .
They got it.
They own it.
And they own all the consequences which will befall their own people whose lives and well-being, whose property and livelihoods, they have so callously exploited  for two reasons:

The first and foremost reason they wanted this was, and is,, to maintain their own power, to maintain the literal stranglehold they have on the hapless people of Gaza. As mentioned in an earlier article, Hamas was feeling pressed from two sides. When they seized power from their own Palestinian brothers in an absolutely bloodthirsty coup, during which they lined people up against walls and machine-gunned them, pushed them, bound and blind folded off of buildings and terrorized them  into submission, they faced what seems to have been an unexpected problem. Now that they had indeed “ occupied” Gaza, they had to rule it. That means mundane things like providing electricity and water, processing raw sewage and collecting garbage and providing the conditions which would create , if not economic growth, at least prevent Gaza from falling into abject misery and poverty.

At all of these things, they have utterly and completely failed.

There is over forty percent unemployment in a place that literally should, could ,and still can, be the Singapore of the Middle East. Indeed they have failed so miserably that within the last few months they were not able even to pay the salaries of their own soldiers and bureaucrats.

Thus for the first time they were actually beginning to face demonstrations against their completely corrupt and incompetent regime, which they feared could become the first cracks in the dikes holding back a flood of discontent that could sweep them from power.

At the same time they were being pressured from newer breeds of terrorists like ISIS and Al Qaida and Islamic Jihad, who perceived them as too tame toward Israel. Thus their calculus was that a limited war against Israel, even one they knew they would lose, would be to their advantage. It would rally the populace around the flag, focus it’s anger at Israel instead of the Gazans’ own rulers and prove their terrorist street creed to their competitors..

In order to hype a conflict for which their own population showed absolutely no appetite, they promised” surprises” for the Zionist enemy, if not actual military victory. They dug a tunnel under Israel’s border and intended to use it to infiltrate their most elite commandos, who would then kill and kidnap as many Israeli CIVILIANS as possible.

Instead Israel discovered the tunnel, and used it against them, used it to allow our own commandos to attack and wipe out  the entire force which Hamas had hoped and promised would provide their own version of “ Shock and Awe”

They infiltrated a terrorist cell onto Zikim beach near Ashkelon. Israeli forces discovered and destroyed them.

They have to date launched over 1300 short, medium and long-range missiles against Israel, promising to devastate the Israeli civilian population against whom their rockets were aimed. They promised to “ Open The Gates of Hell” on the Zionist enemy.

Instead, thanks to it’s Iron Dome missile defense system, a civil defense operation second to none in the world, and a civilian population which has displayed the grace and courage under fire reminiscent of London under the Blitz, yesterday Israel suffered it’s first and only fatality; a civilian, father of three who had gone out to deliver food to the soldiers. Just a nice man, doing a good deed. That is, thus far, Hamas’ Divine Victory.

The only misery they have managed to inflict has been that which they have visited against their own people.

There is one other reason Hamas decided to go to war against Israel. Their Iranian puppet masters told them to. In that way, Iran, engaged in supposed nuclear negotiations with the West could now say, “ How can we make concessions of any kind when the Zionist enemy is committing genocide in Gaza”. That, after all is the tune, to which Iran has taught to it’s Hezbollah and Hamas puppets to dance, ; a terrorist two-step if you will; commit acts of terror against Israel’s civilian population while hiding behind your own civilian population. Launch your rockets from school yards, mosques, hospital courtyards and crowded neighborhoods and then when Israel, having no other choice but to strike those rocket launchers, attacks them, accuse Israel of genocide. That way you can both be a terrorist and claim the mantle of victim-hood.

One can’t blame them for doing it, because to a degree it works. There are only too many apologists and enablers in the West for whom this perversion of morality and logic, has almost taken on the aura of religion. Israelis are white European colonialists oppressing the brown-skinned indigenous people.

Never mind that the majority of Israel’s population comes from the Middle East and have lived here for thousands of years and were turned into homeless refugees when they were driven from their homes in Iraq, Iran, Syria,Egypt,Sudan, Yemen, Morocco, Algeria Tunisia, Lebanon,  and other Middle Eastern states for the crime of being Jews. Facts don’t matter. Only the mantra does.

That Hamas started this war is beyond doubt. They began by launching rockets into southern Israel unclear violation of the 2012 cease fire agreement, which was the result of the last war they started with Israel.

But Israel didn’t respond, saying instead that “ calm would be met with calm”.

Then Khaled Mashal, Chairman of the Hamas political bureau, not it’s military wing mind you, but the supposedly more moderate, political wing, issued a public call for Hamas cells in the West Bank to kidnap Israelis. And one of those cells answered the call, and kidnapped three Israeli school boys, on their way home from school and then murdered them in cold blood, laughing and singing as they did so, “ We got three! We got three”.

And still Israel did not attack Gaza. Instead it carried out a police action in the West Bank trying to put Hamas out of operation there before they could turn the West Bank into another Hamasstan only a few miles from Tel Aviv.

Of course there were those who then pointed to the horrific torture and murder of a Palestinian teenager by a demented group of Israeli , murderous thugs as a sure sign that there was a moral equivalence in this struggle. “ The Palestinians killed three Jews, The Jews killed a Palestinian teen.” What’s more, a handful of Israeli police brutally beat the Palestinian /American teen-aged cousin of the murdered boy.” If that isn’t evidence of moral equivalence between Hamas and Israel what is?”

But every society has cold-blooded murderous thugs. To confuse the Charly Manson’s or Ted Bundys of the world as being one and the same with Usama Bin Laden is either intentionally disingenuous, or betrays a flawed moral or intellectual compass, or both.

Moreover I was a specialist  reserve officer with LAPD at the time of the Rodney King beating. It was an awful thing, a horrible thing, and betrayed the fact that LAPD had real problems, especially with regard to its attitudes and practices towards LA’s minority communities. But that did not make the United States of America the moral equivalent of Al Qaida or Hamas.

But let’s say you just don’t buy that. Let’s say you simply believe the Zionist racist society was indeed committing genocide in Gaza.  Yesterday Egypt, a Moslem Arab state, offered up a cease-fire proposal which Israel accepted unconditionally.  It was to have gone into effect at 9:00 a.m. this morning. There was a chance to end the blood shed, end the suffering, not just of the Israeli people,  but especially that of the Palestinian people in Gaza ,about whom so many in the world have rightly expressed so much concern. There was a chance to put an end to the supposed cycle of violence. Hamas gave its answer within an hour. They launched a barrage of rockets at Israel’s most populous city, Tel Aviv. Had it not been for Iron Dome intercepting all of them there would have been thousands, not hundreds of casualties. Since then another hundred rockets have rained down on Israel. I had the dubious honor of having had Iron Dome keep me above ground once again.

This morning there was a chance for a cycle of peace.

Hamas has answered that with war. Now there can be no doubt as to the legitimacy of what Israel must do. And what, all in all are Israel’s goals in this conflict?

Not peace. We know that won’t happen as long as Hamas’ charter says,  “We look forward to the fulfillment of the promise that the time will come when the Muslims will rise up and kill the Jews until the rocks and the trees cry out , O Muslim, there is a Jew hiding behind me. Come and kill him.”  That’s their charter. That’s their “ We the People..” No we’re not so naive to believe that this will be the war to end all wars and the peace will descend upon our beleaguered nation. Our goal, our hope, our prayer…is just for a few more years of quiet in which to raise our children and grandchildren, until the next time we have to fight simply for the right to live in the Jewish State.

But make no mistake. From now on, this is Hamas’s war.
Only those who prefer to see the sheep’s clothing , rather than acknowledge the wolf within will see it for anything else.

Dan Gordon
Capt. IDF ( Res)

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UPDATE! News From the Front with Dan Gordon

Dan GordonsI’m driving to Sderot, the border town that for years has gotten the brunt of the rockets Hamas aims at Israel, and in particular at the kindergartens in Sderot. They like to shoot their rockets off exactly at the hour that parents drop their kids off at school, because that creates the most terror in Jewish parents. And that’s the point after all. It’s not military vs military. Hamas is a terrorist army. And how do you plant terror in the heart of a Jewish parent? Go after their children. And still these people stand fast and raise their kids as” normally ” as possible. So I’m driving to Sderot to look at a playground filled with gaily painted bomb shelters so the kids will think they’re playhouses. They’re supposed to have a lot shelters like that in that playground, so wherever the kids are, when the rockets start falling they’ll be safe.that‘s how we live, spitting terror in it’s eye as best we can .
> But today I’m running on fumes. Got only three hours sleep last night and right now I’m more in danger of nodding off at the wheel then getting hit by a Hamas rocket. Besides there’s supposed to be a cease fire. Israel’s already accepted it. Hamas hasn’t given their answer . Actually that’s not true. They’ve been firing rockets at us for the last two hours. Maybe that’s their answer . Any way Hamas is not my concern right now. Coffee is. I’m dying for one of those little Demi glasses of real Turkish coffee, the kind with three teaspoons of sugar and grounds turned to mud at the bottom of the glass, like my friend Itzik makes.I pull into a gas station, because you used to be able to get great Turkish coffee in any self respecting gas station . Not any more. Today it’s all espresso, cappuccino. Pishkeh! But any port in a storm, so I pull into a crowded gas station with a little coffee bar, order my double
> Pishkeh espresso and look for a place to sit down. There are a lot of army guys, reservists and regular army and truck drivers. No place to sit. There’s an old guy in his mid eighties by the looks of him sitting alone at a table.
> “any one sitting here” I ask.
> ” looks like you are “he says dryly.
> I love this kind old guy so I sit down. He looks me over, notices my grey hair and says ” They mobilized YOU?”
> ” Shows you how desperate we are” I say.
> ” Bah! how old are you? ” he asks
> ” 67″ I say
> ” tsutsik! ” it’s a great word. It means ” baby!”
> I like this guy even more. He asks where I am in the army. I tell him I’m driving to Sderot to see the playground. I might want to write about it.
> ” I know that play ground” he says. ” My grandson lives in Sderot, my great grandson plays there. I take him there . Little cutie. Nice play ground. Very sweet. You have grandchildren ?” he asks and noisily sips his coffee and that’s when I see the faded blue numbers on the inside of his forearm, and in spite of myself I get the feeling I always get in the presence of a holocaust survivor; complex feeling, pity, somehow shame, somehow pride, humility , there but for the grace of god go I . I have a friend who is Israel’s greatest writer , Amos Oz. I’m not worthy to bring him a glass of water. He said once, scratch any Israeli, I don’t care what age he is, how tough he looks, and you’ll see the numbers just under the surface of his skin. That’s the feeling.
> I tell him I have a grandson , three years old . I show him a picture on my iPhone that my son just sent” my grandson found a caterpillar ” I say as if such a thing has never happened before. The kid’s a genius!
> ” ah ” he says and smiles, but there’s not a lot of mirth in that smile” my great grandson found a caterpillar too. He plays inside it.. In that playground you’re going to”
> ” what do you mean he plays inside a caterpillar?”
> ” it’s a sewer pipe” he says, ” they painted it to look like a caterpillar. So he plays in it and if a rocket falls… So, he’s safe… In the sewer pipe.”
> And I suddenly feel sick to my stomach because I know this guy spent some time in a sewer pipe himself, hiding from other Jew haters looking to kill a Jewish child.
> There’s a lot of talk on tv about the Palestinians who have been killed in Israeli air strikes, compared with the fact that no Jews have been killed thus far.
> But that’s forgetting the three Jewish boys who were forced to kneel by Hamas terrorists and shot in the back of their heads just as neat and clean as any Nazi ever did the same when this old guy was hiding in a sewer pipe somewhere .
> My heart goes out to the Palestinian parents whose innocent children were killed despite the super human efforts of the Israeli army to prevent those deaths. As a bereaved parent I know their pain and my heart aches for them in an all too familiar pain.
> But don’t bring that bill to my people. Don’t even think about it.
> You take that bill and deliver it straight to the leaders of Hamas who started this war despite Israeli pleas that” calm will be answered with calm”
> You take that bill to the leaders of Hamas who hid behind their wives and children and built their headquarters under their hospital and turned their own women and kids into human shields, not for jihad, not to resist an occupation of Gaza that hasn’t existed for almost ten years, but to save their sorry asses and their own greed for political power, bought and paid for with the blood of both our peoples.
> And just for the record, I thank God every day of my life for the army of Israel which wants neither empire, nor Caliphate, but just to protect our people; our women and children and our elderly , some of whom wear numbers on their arms and memories too horrible to contemplate, while Hamas happily pledges to finish the work Hitler began.
> So don’t you dare present that bill to us. And with all due respect, we make no apologies for defending our nation in a war we never began, from an enemy which has so far answered our agreement for a ceasefire with dozens of rockets fired in the last two hours alone .
> I’m a movie guy. I appreciate great writing and I remember a scene in the movie Exodus, written by the great Dalton Trumbo, based on the book by Leon Uris. I don’t remember the exact dialogue but I think I’m pretty darn close.
> An American woman is trying to persuade an Israeli haganah fighter played by Paul Newman, to allow her to adopt , take to America and thereby ” save” a Jewish holocaust survivor child . Newman is giving her a hard time and she says ” how can you be so cynical ? I’m trying to save a human life.. A Jewish life! ”
> ” Don’t get hysterical ” he tells her, ” and don’t expect me to get hysterical either. You’re too late , lady! They butchered Jewish children and nobody cared! And don’t tell me about Jewish life, because nothing is cheaper in this world than Jewish life ! Not beef, not herring, not even chopped liver”
> Well, no more, Pal
> No more.
> Not as long as the IDF has anything to say about it.
> And on the day that the Palestinian people demand of their leaders that they place a higher value on THEIR lives… On that day we won’t just have a cease fire. We’ll have peace.
> And not a day before.
> Dan Gordon
> Capt. IDF ( Res)

Dan Gordon Patrol

An Overview – June 2012

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June 15 & 16: L. A. Marzulli returns to Oceanside – http://www.calvaryoceanside.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=248:la-marzulli-conference&catid=77:front-page-upcoming-events


Commentary & Analysis


L.A. Marzulli

I’m home now after an exhausting day of travel.  I would like to once again thank my gracious hosts, Paul and Cheryl Black and everyone who made the conferences the success it was.  Thanks!

I have stated numerous times that I believe we are seeing the formation of what I would call The Perfect Storm.  The Middle east continues to build to some kind of tipping point and Israel is now bracing for an all out war where it will have to evacuate major cities and relocate its citizens. (See link in Other News)

The EU is coming apart and this latest article points to a limit on how much people can withdraw from ATM’s.  What happens if the Euro really goes south, how will that affect the dollar.  (See link in Other News)

Russia is sending helicopters to Syria and it appears that the Assad government is maintaining the status quo as it continues to butcher its own citizens in order to hold onto the reigns of power. Syria could be the flash point that kicks the war into high gear. (See link in Other News)

I posted a link to a video showing the rabid anti-Semitic rhetoric that is now openly being displayed in Egypt.  In my opinion this is the same spirit that drove the Nazi’s to induce the Final Solution and it is once again manifesting.

It appears that Obama is loosing favor with some of his support base as people realize that he has done nothing for the country other than drive it deeper in debt and created class warfare.  Like Jerry Brown who is my Governor out here in California, both politicians don’t have a clue as to how to move America forward other than raise taxes.

If we put all of these ongoing struggles and situations into a pot and create a geopolitical stew, we see that all of this is interconnected.  When the war kicks off in the Middle East it will send shock waves through the financial centers of the world.

Here’s what I think will most likely happen in the near future.

  1. The war in the Middle East will erupt.  We will see nukes, chemical warfare and other weapons used which will bring about mass casualties.  This war will be WWIII and might be preceded by a smaller skirmish or what I would refer to as the Psalm 83 war.  Look for Russia to be involved as Putin will not back down.  (See link in Other News)
  2. The Euro will crash followed by the collapse of the European Union.  This will cause wide-spread anarchy and panic throughout Europe.  Look for rioting and food shortages.
  3. The Dollar will follow the Euro’s lead.  Now might be a good time to dump the cash and buy food and perhaps silver.
  4. Look for some kind of an event here, whether false flag or real, the end game will be to create restrictions on travel and our liberty.
  5. Fukishima is a nightmare waiting to happen.  As Rose posted in the comment section a day or so ago, the reactors are unstable and we should realize that if the pool of Cesium leaks into the Pacific it’s a huge game changer.
  6. When all of this comes down watch the skies as the supernatural will begin to manifest.  I believe we will see large craft, think UFOs here, hover over the cities of the world and the so-called Extraterrestrial Disclosure will happen.  Please remember that I have been warning of this for years and I think we are on the verge of seeing it happen as the perfect storm is forming before our eyes.  This is the ultimate game changer and begins the time of the Great Deception.

In closing todays post:  I realize that this is a dark, sobering, post and frankly I wish I had something more positive to say.  However, this is what I see and while I am not a prophet, I do believe that we are in for a very nasty time in the near future. It’s time to prepare.  Get food and water and link up with like-minded people.  We were warned that we would see the very signs that are manifesting right now, before the return of Jesus.  We can choose to ignore them or begin to tell others and prepare for what is coming.  In the end what was written thousands of years ago will be fulfilled.  His words are true.


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L.A. Marzulli, host of the wildly popular Watchers DVD series, loves to explore the world of the supernatural. His first three DVDs covered the strange events taking place outside the realm of the secular media—real footage of UFOs and the explosive Temple Mount event—the strange sounds emanating from both Heaven and Earth—the coverup behind the Shroud of Turin—and alien implants and interviews with the doctor who specializes in their removal.
His latest DVD in the series, Watchers 4: On the Edge, pushes the envelope even further in pursuit of the truth. We all know about the hybrid race that the Bible describes in Genesis 6. Fallen angels left their “first estate” and created a new hybrid breed—half angel, half human—the Hebrew calls them the Nephilim. But where’s the proof of these biblical giants? Marzulli tackles this highly controversial issue head on, hitting the road with his producer and partner Richard Shaw to interview the experts—authors, scientists, forensic archaeologists and professors and they get to the root of the legend. Were these giants really the cause of Noah’s Flood?
Near death experiences are another highlight of Watchers 4 as Marzulli interviews the leading experts in the field, one of whom shares his research into more than 3,000 case studies on heaven and hell. Have these people really seen the afterlife and come back to tell us about it? What proof do we have to prove that they’ve seen the other side?
And there is a lot more. Dr. Roger Leir returns with his latest alien implant research, more spectacular than ever. The roots of the Arab Spring are exposed in an exclusive interview with a source from inside Israel’s Parliament. Prophecy expert Chuck Missler joins L.A. for an interview and author David Brennan also makes a special appearance, sharing the spectacular news about what happens to countries that attempt to divide Jerusalem—mammoth disasters seem to occur within 48 hours of their divisive actions! Lastly, biblical numerology is discussed and exposed. What significance are the numbers 13-13-13 and the number 12,111 and how will these numbers affect our future? Are the Torah Codes real? Or just happenstance—the product of an overactive supercomputer ? This is easily the best Watchers DVD yet as L.A. and Richard continue to expand their production budget and our supernatural horizons.


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In Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains

EU discusses ‘limiting ATM withdrawals’ 

EU discusses ‘limiting ATM withdrawals’ – The Irish Times – Tue, Jun 12, 2012


Deadliest attacks in Iraq since US troop pullout 

Deadliest attacks in Iraq since US troop pullout – Wednesday, June 13, 2012 | 5:46 a.m. – Las Vegas Sun


Unprecedented Maya Mural Found, Contradicts 2012 “Doomsday” Myth 

Unprecedented Maya Mural Found, Contradicts 2012 “Doomsday” Myth


UN official calls Syria conflict ‘civil war’

UN official calls Syria conflict ‘civil war’ – Middle East – Al Jazeera English



Russia warns war is coming


Israel ‘to evacuate Tel Aviv’ in event of missile attack

Israel ‘to evacuate Tel Aviv’ in event of missile attack – FRANCE 24


Syria’s ‘Ghost’ killers:

Syria’s ‘Ghost’ killers: Steroid-mad thugs who keep tyrant al-Assad’s murderous regime in power are terrorising civilians – Mirror Online

The First Day of Fall is Tomorrow…. October Surprise?

octber surpriseIt’s Monday morning and it’s also the last day of summer. Tomorrow is the first day of fall and it is also the Autumnal equinox which means that we have an equal amount of daylight and darkness. From this point forward we have more darkness than light, culminating on the Winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. It will be this way until the Vernal equinox, the first day of spring, when we will have more light than darkness….

I have been BLOGGING for months now, that something was coming in the fall. I’m no prophet and  I’m not saying that this is sure as the rising of the sun, but other have had the same thoughts. I have had many e-mails reflecting the same sentiments. Last week I wrote a piece about how I felt the buffer that holds the enemy in check was starting to recede. In other words the restraining power that is holding back the enemy from fully manifesting seems to be withdrawing. Again, in the comment section, many of you agreed. So let’s strip it down and expose what we’re faced with at the moment.

1. Israel has said that it won’t attack Iran. Israel also asked the Russians to stop the sale of the S-300 missile system to the Iranians. We know that Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has made the prevention of Iran’s attaining nuclear power, the top priority of his administration. He has said that this is an existential threat to Israel’s existence. So we’re at a stalemate at the moment. On the other hand, Russia, Iran and Libya as well as Hamas and Hezbollah seem to be overconfident with their rhetoric about destroying Israel and wiping her off the map.

2. The H1N1 vaccine is set to roll out in October. There is a lot of chatter on the NET about whether or not it is a safe vaccine. There also seems to be some draconian measure in play as Massachusetts has legislated that anyone who refuses the H1N1 vaccine will  be fined $1000 a day and subject to jail time. There are also reports about body bags being shipped to Indian reservations. Over the weekend there was an article (DRUDGE REPORT) that said the H1N1 flu could lead to anarchy in 3rd world countries that were hit by it….

3. Pakistan continues its war against the Taliban. Will we see that country destabilized? Will the Taliban get its hands on a nuke, and if so would they have the guts to use it? In my book Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural, I point out that Osama bin Laden has a Fatwa, a paper from a Moslem cleric, stating that it is OK to use a nuclear weapon against the infidels…..

4. Our economy is not turning around. California is now at 12.2% unemployment and the saying is that as California is, so goes the rest of the country. It appears that the Bail outs have not stimulated much of anything.

5. Obama has slipped in the polls and  his massive government run health care may be falling of its own weight. As I have pointed out, all one need to do to see what would happen if the government took over health care is to look at our incomplete border fence. If they can’t build a fence how the heck are they going to run health care for 300 million people!

Added to this is the talk of an EMP bomb being exploded over our country which would knock out all electronics and put our lifestyle back to what it was before the industrial revolution. Then there’s the recent terrorist suspect, with supposed ties to that illusive bogey-man Osama bin Laden who was arrested in New York. So what will it be? What will happen that will stun all of us? Hopefully I’m wrong and nothing will happen. Everyone will take a deep breath and cool heads will prevail, but tomorrow is the first day of fall and with that the prospect of an “October surprise” looms ever closer….

Iran threatens Israel: “Destruction in 11 days”

atom-bomb1This is alarming to say the least… Thanks to Late Night Lisa… Is this just more saber rattling by the Iranians? Is the fact that the Russians have been doing military excersises in Georgia related to this? Let’s keep an eye on this story and see what the Israeli’s respond with. L. A. 10:10 PST.


German NTV reports on the latest developments in the Iran-Israel tensions: “Destruction in 11 days”. According to NTV, “Iran has made its first ever announcement of a concrete objective of the destruction of Israel”.

The Israeli TV has aired an interview with the iranian leader Attalah Salihi. The leader announced the “destruction of Israel in 11 days”.

What appears to be unclear from the report is how or why such developments would occur in 11 days? Are we witnessing empty threats or revelations of strategic preparations of war? Or is it Israeli propaganda to justify a strike on Iran?


The War in Gaza: Iran and Hezbollah next?

hezbollah2The War in Gaza is now in its fourth day with no end in sight. Today in Iran, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said, “Israel has committed war crimes in Gaza which will lead to definite annihilation of the regime.” Of course it doesn’t matter that Hamas has launched hundreds if not thousands of rockets into Israel over the years with Israel doing nothing in return. In doing so, they have created an atmosphere of terror in the border town of Sderot, so much so that ten year olds are wetting themselves in bed at night. According to reports, the children who attend schools in Sderot have about 15 seconds to get into shelters when the air-raid sirens go off. And let’s not forget the hostage situation in which Hamas has held an Israeli soldier captive for months. It’s important to remember that both Hamas and Hezbollah have declared that they will never recognize the state of Israel. Both Hamas & Hezbollah are funded and armed by Iran. Iran is the second country that is named in the Ezekiel prophecy. Are we looking at the beginning of that prophecy being fulfilled?

      Someone posted that the Palestinians deserve a homeland. I would point out that the entire region was at one time under the Ottoman Empire and when Germany lost, the old Ottoman Empire went down with it. The countries of Iraq, Syria, Trans-Jordan and Israel were created. The Jews were actually given more land then they have at the present time, but some of it was taken away from them. There is no such ethnic group as a Palestinian. There is no Palestinian language, culture, or any other distinction that would define this group as being different from the rest of the Arab world. A case could be made that the population of Jordan, which is over 75% ‘Palestinian,’ is, in fact, the Palestinian homeland.

While proponents of the two state solution tell us that land for peace will work, all we have to do is look at the present situation to see what a farce this is. Israel gave back Gaza several years ago and within 24 hours the mortar fire started across the border and has not stopped since. Land for peace will not work. The vitriol and hatred toward Israel is off the charts, in that Iran, Hezbollah & Hamas want the destruction of Israel. They also use the word holocaust and direct it toward Israel, when any of their soldiers are killed. This use of the word is both insulting and pejorative, in that it demeans the real horrors of WWII and what the Nazi’s did to the Jews. As we see the saber rattling intensify and with Israel about to launch a full ground invasion of Gaza, the question remains, will we see Iran and Hezbollah join the fray? Will the Russians agree to assist them? Is this the hook in the jaw that Ezekiel tells us will happen. I’ll be posting throughout the day, so keep checking back.pps-small2

May I suggest you purchase a copy of Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural which has an in depth overview of what may be the coming all out war in the Middle East.

Ezekiel 38… The ‘Average Joe’ Will be Surprised When it Happens!

I was on my run, this morning and ran into an old acquaintance -no pun intended. We see each every now and then and do the usual smile, nod and give a thumbs up. It’s safe and non-committal. This morning was different, however, in that I had finished my run and he hadn’t started his, which left that brief awkward moment, in which guys must decide whether or not to actually have a conversation; rather than the smile, nod and thumbs up -you- go-your-way-I’ll-go-mine kind of greeting. 

“How’s it going Art,” I asked, wiping the sweat pouring down my face with the bottom of my shirt.

Art nodded, “Good… pretty good.”

This kind of small talk went back and forth for less than a minute. He announced a friend of his had just won the LA Triathlon. I announced that my wife and I were  empty nesters. He added, that one of his kids just moved back in, and that soon he was expecting the grand kids to move in. We both laughed.

He then asked me how my books were coming along. I gave him a shrug and said OK. He countered with, “How do you think everything in the world is?” This opened the door and I immediately jammed my foot in it and launched into my diatribe about the Ezekiel war of 38. How this 2500 year old prophecy seems to be lining up on the world stage. That the Russian Bear had awakened and was in cahoots with the Iranians, which is the second nation listed in the prophecy. He looked at me with squinted eyes, and it was an overcast morning so it wasn’t the sun that was causing his eyes to narrow, rather it was the subject matter. Who really wants to hear that this coming war, that was prophesied thousands of years ago, will leave perhaps millions of people dead.   

           You know what? I cant blame Art’s reticence in dealing with the subject matter because Art is what I would refer to as an ‘Average Joe’. Average in the sense that he’s never opened a Bible and read the chapter that describes the war. He’s unaware of the prophecy and is clueless as how it might affect his life and that of his family. He doesn’t realize that Ezekiel 37, which prophecies the regathering of Israel, in its ancient homeland has already happened and the following two chapters describe the coming war. To him it’s a bit alarming, all of the saber rattling back and forth between Iran and Israel, but he’s unaware that all of this was written down thousands of years ago by the prophet Ezekiel. The average Joe, on the street has no idea of these prophecies, and is ignorant of their importance, on today’s political stage. As the scripture points out, “My people perish for a lack of knowledge.”

There is a new book that has come out regarding the prophecy of Ezekiel 38. The author postulates that this war will not happen until the fulfillment of Psalm 83. Tomorrow I’ll BLOG about this and give you my thoughts on his theory.