UFO Sighting – More Swamp Gas?

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L. A. Marzulli

UFO In Mexico City, Mexico 17. February 2013.

UFO v Mexiku (UFO In Mexico City, Mexico) 17. February 2013. – YouTube

Here is an interesting video taken just a few days ago in Mexico.  I’m posting it here because it is clearly a craft of some kind and in the footage we can see it change direction.

Do me a favor and send todays post to your friends and then tell me what their reaction is.  We’ll conduct an unofficial poll in this way.  We’ll use a scale from 1 to 10.  1 being not interested in UFOs and think the footage is the usual swamp gas, weather balloon or Chinese lanterns and 1o will be WOW, I had no idea this was happening tell me more about this!

Please email your results at la@lamarzulli.net

This video shows a craft moving slowly at a moderate speed in a horizontal fashion. The craft changes direction several times.  Unfortunately the videographer stops before the craft disappears or moves out of camera range.  This is a daylight video and if it is real, and I have no reason to think it’s not, then once again it demonstrates UFOs are flying, with impunity, in the airspace over the cities of the earth.

The phenomenon is not going away and whoever is operating these craft continue to do so with increasing boldness.  Former air force pilots, government officials, including presidents and governors, as well as heads of state have publicly  come out saying that the phenomena is real.  Why is it that the church, for the most part won’t address what is going on?   What is it going to take to get people to wake up and realize the UFO phenomena is real, burgeoning and not going away!

In closing today’s short post:  Please think about conducting the poll, as it would be interesting to see what the reactions are.  I have friends who will look at the footage and declare it’s a fake!  Why, because of something called cognitive dissonance.  This happens when a person sees something in which he or she has no paradigm or filter to deal with the information.   It’s a kind of short-circuit, so the  brain shuts down and the person dismisses what they are looking at.   So it goes with the UFO phenomena.   At some point in the not-to-distant-future, craft will manifest openly.  It won’t be a small scout craft like the one in this video.  Instead, we will see a mile wide or perhaps three-mile wide craft.  For those of us who are in denial and can’t cope with the subject, there’s always good, old swamp gas to explain it all away!


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