Luciferian Dialectic: Don’t look now, but it may happen soon!

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L. A. Marzulli

For those of you who have visited this BLOG for more than a year, you may remember several posts about what I have come to call, the Luciferian Dialectic. Here’s a quick review for those of you who are new to this BLOG.

A dialectic is composed of three parts, like the illustration at the right shows, the first is the thesis, or conflict, in this case the 911 world trade towers being bombed. Then we see an Antithesis, this is when we go into Afghanistan, but then for some reason we go into Iraq, even thought Saddam had nothing to do with 911. The Synthesis, is what we may be about to see as this recent headline reveals.

Ahmadinejad: U.S. seeking to divide Jordan to form Palestinian state

I first posted this exact scenario years ago and pointed out that the player to watch was the King of Jordan. While Ahmadinejad is certainly no friend of the USA, it is interesting that he is announcing what the end-game might be. I have stated that the King of Jordan will become the King of Iraq and set up his government in Babylon not Bagdad. We will have to see how all of this plays out, but if part of Jordan is given to the Palestinians – they make up 70 % of Jordan’s population at the present time – and King Abdullah takes over Iraq then, in my opinion, we have witnessed a Luciferian dialectic.

I am stunned by what I am seeing, as it would appear that this dialectic may soon become a reality as the Iraqi government led by Malaki, who is blatantly pro Iranian, is not what the US had in mind, when we launched our military campaign to oust Saddam. Sectarian violence  between Sunni and Shia Moslems, still erupt throughout the country and the US fears that Iran and Al Qaeda, may topple the already enervated Malaki government. Enter the  King as the strongman, the one who will set things aright.

With the billions from oil profits the King will turn his attention to the rebuilding of Babylon and we will see the Iraqi Dinar, re-valued at what may thousands to one against the failing US dollar.

In closing todays post: If, and I realize it’s a big if, all of the above manifest, then, in my opinion we have witnessed a supernatural, Luciferian, dialectic. In other words there are dark forces that are behind the scenes – think the mystery of iniquity  here – that have been working to bring about the advent of the man of lawlessness. Only time will tell…. but it would appear that the scenario that I posed years ago might about to become a grim reality.


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Iraq – Time for the Strongman?

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

US ends Iraq war, leaves two civil conflicts on the boil
The crossing of the US 4th Stryker Brigade and 2nd Infantry Division from Iraq into Kuwait Thursday morning, Aug. 19, ended America’s combat involvement in the seven and-a-half year Iraq war. debkafile’s military and Baghdad sources note that, for Washington, the war which cost 4,400 American lives and $1 trillion – is over, as per US President Barack Obama’s pledge. But for Iraq, it is just beginning: At least two civil conflicts are at boiling point – Sunni-Shiite strife and hostilities between the two Muslim factions and the Kurds of the North – and Iran’s followers stand ready to seize Iraq’s oil-rich South potentially sparking yet another world conflagration.
*                                                           *                                                         *                                                            *
Several years ago I posted an article discussing the possibility of what might happen when US forces pulled out of Iraq. As the recent DEBKA article points out, not much has changed. Car bombings continue and the sectarian violence that has been the hallmark of the spilt between the two predominant sects of Islam, Sunni and Shia, is as deadly as ever! So where is all this going to lead? Here’s a scenario of what we might see.
After the breakup of the Ottoman Empire immediately following WWI, the modern countries of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine – now Israel – were formed. The Hashemite’s who are direct descendants from Mohammed, were kings in Syria, Jordan and Iraq. In Syria and Iraq the regimes of the Hashemite Kings were overthrown, but not in Jordan. The Hashemite kingdom is alive and well there and headed by King Abdullah II.
After the overthrow of Saddam, which I will leave for the subject of another BLOG, King Abdullah offered to the Iraqi people the possibility of a constitutional monarchy. His offer was declined and instead the Malaki government was set in place. Now, with the US leaving the country what will we see?
* The Malaki government is enervated and has been propped  up by the US since its inception.
* Unless the Malaki govenrment can quell the sectarian violence, Iraq will never be a safe pace to live for either Sunni or Shia.
* Iran has its eyes on Iraq and is also fueling the ancient hatred between the two sects, as Iran is primarily of the Shia branch of Islam and Iraq is predominantly Sunni.
So here’s a possibility. Iraq needs a strongman like Saddam was. It needs someone who will seize the day and make it very clear who is in charge. Someone who will grab the reigns of power and use them to bring order to the country. That someone may be the King of Jordan. He is a Hashemite and because of this he holds great sway in the Muslim world. He also could offer part of his own country of Jordan as a Palestinian homeland as almost 75% of the Jordanian population is Palestinian. He then would create a new capital, with PETRO dollars and resurrect the ancient city of Babylon. Finally, because he has control of all of the Islamic holy sites, including Mecca and Medina and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, he could allow the Jews to rebuild their third and last temple on the mount.
If this happens then I believe we have witnessed what I term a Luciferian Dialectic.
The dialectic is as folows:
The conflict is the initial 911 attacks.
The Counter conflict is the Afghan and Iraq war.
The Synthesis is the rise of the Hashemite King who rules from Babylon and creates the long sought after peace in the Middle East between the Jews and the Moslems, as he grants part of Jordan to the Palestinians, thus solving the Middle East conundrum. Of course we know from prophecy that whoever “cuts the deal” with the Jews to rebuild the temple is the Anti Christ….
This of course is all speculation on my part. However let’s watch and be ready!
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Iraq: Time for the Strongman?

King-Abdullah_551059aBAGHDAD, Iraq  —  Iraqi security forces blocked streets around the capital Monday and carried out intense searches at checkpoints a day after two truck bombs exploded, killing 155 people in one of Baghdad’s safest areas.,2933,569566,00.html

As I have pointed out in other BLOGs, the Iraqi government, headed by President Maliki, who is up for re-election, is enervated at best and is being propped up by the USA. The gruesome fact is that another suicide bomber was able to carry out his horrific task, in what is supposedly one of Baghdad’s safest areas. The situation is tenuous in Iraq. There is so much secular violence as Sunni wars against the Shia. Then there’s the Iranians who are instigating some of this, as they seek to further destabilize the country. I have written about the concept of  Luciferian dialectic before and I will mention again that we have seen the first two legs of that dialectic. The first the events of 911. The second the Afghan war followed by the campaign in Iraq. Now after almost 8 years the country is still not safe, as illustrated by yet another mass killing. Iraq needs a strongman, who like Saddam can forge the diverse factions of the country together. The King of Jordan is such a man and he is a Hashemite, a direst descendant of the prophet Mohammed, and so, holds great sway in the Moslem world. A few years back he offered the people of Iraq a constitutional monarchy. They declined. Let’s speculate a moment and postulate that if such an agreement would be reached what would then happen to the King’s country of Jordan? This is where the third leg of the dialectic may manifest as the King could grant the Palestinians a homeland, by giving then part of Jordan. In doing so the King would ride in as a peace maker having solved the 60-year-old conundrum, of the Palestinian state. He is also the only man on the planet who can allow the Jews to construct their temple on the temple mount. The King has control over the temple mount and nothing happens there without his consent. As I have suggested, if he does these things then, in my opinion, we have witnessed what I have termed, a Luciferian dialectic. Scripture points out to us that the Antichrist will allow the Jews to rebuild the temple, in the last days. We’ll have to wait and see what transpires, but with the instability that plagues Iraq, the weakness of the Maliki government and homicide bombings killing scores of innocent lives, a solution must be reached and that is where the King, in his role as a strongman, could enter the stage…..

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King Abdullah: On the move again.


I want to bring your attention to some new developments in the Middle East. Once again the King of Jordan, Abdullah is trying to broker a peace deal in the region between Israel and its neighbors. Remember he is a direct descendant of Mohammed. He has the control over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and he is westernized. He holds great sway in the Moslem world. I’m going to re-post the article I did for our monthly news Magazine as I deem it a timely post with all that is happening in that region. Here’s a link to the current news concerning Abdullah. Don’t you find it interesting that the King is center stage? There may be more to it than meets the eye…

                    *                             *                               *                                  *                             *                                *

The Luciferian Dialectic:


L. A. Marzulli

A Dialectic is made up of three parts. The first is conflict, (or Thesis), followed by a counter conflict, (Antithesis) then a synthesis. I believe we may be witnessing a Luciferian dialectic. Let me explain. The United States was attacked on 911. I realize that there are those who believe that a faction of our own government was responsible. They point to the collapse of Building #7, and the lack of plane wreckage, at the Pentagon site. I’ve seen ‘Loose Change’ and I will admit it raises some interesting questions. However, let’s get past the idea that this was a conspiracy, hatched by a secret government deep, in an underground, smoke filled, room. Let us instead go back two thousand years and read this, 

“The mystery of Iniquity is already at work…”

This was penned by the Apostle Paul, and can be found in 2Thessaloninas: 2:7.

         We see that this mystery of iniquity or lawlessness was at work at the time of Paul. I believe that this power, which is Luciferian in nature, has never stopped working and its goal is to bring about the advent of the Antichrist. So how does this figure into 911?

         911 was the initial conflict, the first leg of the dialectic. We may argue as to who did it and why, but in the end, it really doesn’t matter. That argument is only a distraction from what I believe is going on in the supernatural. The initial event or conflict was immediately countered by the United States – the second leg of the dialectic – and a loosely formed coalition, by attacking Afghanistan. A short time later we went into Iraq. While I admit that Saddam was a monster and the world is better of without him, I found it hard to understand our excuse for an invasion. The Iraq war has become unpopular and although many of our young men and women have fought to bring about democracy and freedom to the Iraqi freedom, there may be another reason for the war there, perhaps a supernatural one. Remember, the Mystery of iniquity is at work. 

         The ancient city of Babylon lies in Iraq. It was rebuilt and restored by Saddam to the tune of around 2 billion dollars. We never hear about it in our media. It is ignored. Yet, in ancient prophetic writings, the city of Babylon is mentioned, almost as many times as Jerusalem. Is there a reason for this? Many Prophecy scholars have written off the ancient site, to the dustbin of history and believe that the United States is Babylon. This, in my opinion is dangerous, as it replaces what is written literally, with that which is conjectured.

         I believe we will see the total restoration of that ancient site, here’s why. We see from a myriad of sources that the withdrawal of our troops, in Iraq, is an inevitability. It remains to be seen when this will happen. Our presence holds the Malaki government together, there’s no doubt about it. The surge was necessary to quell the sectarian violence between Sunni and Shia Muslims and dissenting factions, like the Imam, Mouqtada Al Sadr and his militia. Saddam was able to control this complex religious and political dynamic through the use of fear. He murdered hundreds of thousands of his own people, but the result was, he remained in control.

         With the imminent withdrawal of Coalition forces, this will create a power vacuum. With the threat of an ever-increasing Iranian army, how will the Iraqi’s contend with this?

        That being stated, the counter conflict, the second leg of the dialectic is just about over. We can now turn our attention to the final element, the final leg, that of synthesis. This will come about when the coalition forces withdraw, and create a power vacuum. Here is a scenario of where I think this is all going.

  1. He then will divide his country of Jordan and give a portion of it to the Palestinians, who by the way make up over 75%, of the population. If he does this, he will have brought peace to the region by solving the 60-year old conundrum, of the Middle East, by giving the Palestinians a homeland. Next, because he is a Hashemite, he controls the Temple Mount, in Jerusalem. Nothing happens there without his direct consent. He is the only person on the planet who has the authority to cut a deal with the Israeli’s and allow them to build, on the 20 acres that aren’t’ being used for anything on the Mount. In other words the third Temple. If he does this then he can be none other than, The Son of Perdition, that has been predicted for thousands of years. While this is a scenario, it is based on research that I have conducted, that tells us, that in the later days (or end of days) the third temple will be rebuilt.

If we witness these events unfold as I have laid them out here, than we have seen a Luciferian dialectic. The conflict being 911, the counter conflict, the Afghan and Iraqi war, the synthesis, the rise of the Hashemite kingdom in Iraq, with it’s capital in Babylon, not Baghdad! And finally the building of the third Temple on the Temple Mount. It’s a tall order to fill and we will watch and see what happens.