How Far Are We Down The Rabbit Hole?

Planned Parenthood Organ Buyers Earned Bonuses for Baby Body Parts

A technician who participated in harvesting organs from aborted babies provided by Planned Parenthood says her company encouraged workers to obtain as many high-value samples as possible with incentives such as bonuses.

Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli
This is just how far down the rabbit hole we are. I’m having trouble getting my head around it. I’m having trouble understanding how this can happen in the modern era, with all the so-called sophistication, jet-travel, high-tech devices and luxury we surround ourselves with, we have this heinous, ongoing, holocaust of unborn babies.
It’s not enough to murder these babies in their mother’s wombs, now these modern-day-Mengele’s want to harvest body-parts and sell them.
We actually covered this in Watchers 10.
How can anyone do this?
You may remember this..
Do we really think for a minute that this is normal for any society? The fact that this is happening tells me that we are living in the end-of-days.
Some of us cringe when we read about child sacrifice to Baal or Molech in the Old Testament.  Are we any different?
This is what is happening in modernity. It’s “cleaned up” and made to look “professional,” with doctors in white coats, but make no mistake about it. The blood of the innocent is spilled and this will open gateways to the demonic.
Just this fact alone tells me judgment must come at some point.
I am a stranger in a very strange land…
Even so. Maranatha.


Acceleration Radio – Live Tonight. Special Guest – Lisa Haven






L. A. Marzulli welcomes Lisa Haven to tonight Acceleration Radio  (Second half of the show)

Tonights Talking Points.

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Donna Brazile Feared for Her Life… WHY?

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Limbaugh: Donna Brazile Feared For Her Life After Seth Rich Because “She Knows These People”

So she’s coming out now and she says the Seth Rich murder haunted her to the point that she felt the need to close her shades, that she feared for her own life. Now, if there’s anybody — here’s the critical thinking part. This is the part that’s supposed to dazzle you. If there’s anybody that knows these people, it is Donna Brazile. There’s no two ways of looking at this,” he said.
Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli
Check out the link above and read Rush’s commentary on Brazile’s tell-all book. It’s very revealing. Why would Brazile fear for her life after the death of Seth Rich? Why? I find it amazing that our media doesn’t seem to be very interested in pursuing Brazile’s statements.
I would posit that the reason Brazile was afraid for her life was because Rich was killed by an element of the Democratic Party. The whole affair stinks and promotes the conspiracy theory of the “Clinton Body Count,” which may have a kernel of truth to it…
Brazile is giving the American people an inside look at the machinations of the Democratic Party. She’s pulling the veil off the corruption, cronyism and manipulation of events to ensure that Hillary received the nomination.
Now we know that the election may have been stolen from Bernie Sanders, which is why his supporters walked out of the Democratic convention.
Meanwhile the press is all over allegations that Judge Roy Moore, who is running for Alabama’s Senator, had an affair with a 14-year-old girl. Of course the problem with this is that these allegations are decades old and it’s a classic he said, she said. It also raises the question, why now?
I find it interesting that McCain and McConnell and others in the Senate immediately came out calling for Moore to step down.
We live in an era where the media can run with allegations that are nothing more—no pun intended—that a smear campaign. The Russian Prostitutes? The Russian’s hacking our election? The Duke La Crosse Players Rape charges? Hands up Don’t shoot? The “public lynching” of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas? All have been proven to be confabulations. However, the damage is done. It’s the way the game is played. In short as our Bibles tell us: Truth was thrown to the street.
I’ll be posting a new Video on my YouTube channel today at some point. It’s a new feature on PPS Report!



White Supremacist Shooter? SRA Multiple? Another JIhadi? A mental Case?

Dear L.A.:

At around 12:30 p.m.,

My Wife got the following message:

“Prepare – three weeks (in length).

Stay in deep state of prayer.

This must come to wake the sleeping church.

Be not afraid; I will protect you – gather together and

pray that the darkness passes quickly.”

Two hours later, we learned of the shooting in

Sunderland Springs. Do the math.



Was the shooter a white supremacist or perhaps an SRA multiple like I Believe the V-Tek shooter may have been? A mental case? A Jihadi?
We don’t know but right on cue the left calls for gun control. Never fails…
I actually warned the pastor of the last church I was pastoring at that it was time to think about security. He laughed at me.
We live in evil times. We live in a country where evil is called good and good evil.
As reports come in I will post. Look for updates on my youtube channel tomorrow…
In the meantime like the prophecy that came in just before the shooting. Pray…

My husband had dream last night….He woke in the early hours and was praying. He dreamed somebody was shooting into a crowd.  He was trying to hide and they walked over to the vehicle and shot him. 

Sunday Go to Meeting Bun!

The Bun


L. A. Marzulli

The Spirit of Death which Surrounds Us.


Last week was Halloween and as many of you know I hate everything associated with it. It is a celebration of death. People embrace this culture of death with the costumes that they wear, the mock graves in their front yards complete with Zombies, and the “haunted houses” that are in almost every city in our country.
Think about how our culture has guzzled the Kool-AID  to embrace this pagan “holiday.” Ghouls, vampires, werewolves, witches and ghosts are standard fare for costumes. Have we lost our minds? YES!
There is no place for this occult celebration in any Christians life. Period. End of Story!
This pomulgation of the occult paradigm carries over to books and films. Harry Potter, is just one classic example that glorifies witchcraft. Films like It, and The Twilight series promote death, destruction and vampirism.
Look at the picture above. It’s from the movie It, the highest-grossing, R-rated film in Hollywood’s history. In the poster above we see a small boy who is about to enter a world of madness and death. How perverted is that?
This is how sick our culture is. You couldn’t pay me enough money to sit through trash like this.  Then we have the body-count in the films where death is so common that people don’t flinch when yet another “victim” is shot to pieces. Yet, these actors will lecture us on gun control. Think of any of the Terminator films. Try counting the people who are killed in a variety of creative ways.
This is where we are. This is what many of us embrace and act like it’s no big deal and it’s normal or all in good fun.
I’ll close with this. When the King returns—and I hope it’s soon—do we think a movie like It is going to be playing in a theater near you? Do we believe that haunted houses or the celebration of Halloween will exist? Do we believe Jesus will sit through a Terminator movie? Are you kidding me?
We are told that our savior, Jesus came so we could have life and have it more abundantly. The culture of death that is celebrated here and in other parts of the world are from Hell’s Kitchen—as Russ Dizdar would say—and are the antithesis of life.
Finally whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is pure, whatever is just, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable if anything is excellent or praise-worthy, think on these things.
In short we have a choice and there is a great disparity between those choices. We can celebrate death or life.
As for me and my house, it will be life and in Him, Jesus, more abundantly!


Almost Impossible to Believe….The First Transgendered Playmate? Seriously?

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

WARNING! Explicit Content!!!

Yesterday on several news sites there was an article which featured a story that I found impossible to believe, yet it was there.
The story announced that Playboy magazine—which opened the door to porn addiction in this country—was going to reveal their first transgendered playmate!
Can you imagine if we lived lets say 150 years ago, before magazines like Playboy enjoyed the wide-spread distribution that they now do? There’s always been this sort of low-brow adult entertainment. The streets in the Roman world had phallus’s carved into them pointing to where the brothels were. Very original that!
So let’s pretend we can go back in time 150 years ago and visit the largest church in America at the time. We appear right next to the pastor who is in the middle of a sermon on a beautiful Sunday morning.
The congregation is shocked to see us with jeans, white sneakers and a polyester shirt, oh and sunglasses! LOL!
We announce to the stunned audience that we are from the future and we are bringing news that will both shock and disturb them. We are doing so to warn them as to what the future holds.
We inform them that in the future a magazine will enjoy national distribution and be sold everywhere, in a variety of stores. We then tell them that this magazine will feature full-frontal nudity of women.
We pause while the congregants are shocked. A few women faint and some of the men are pointing at us and calling for us to stop this afront in the middle of a church service!
However, the pastor calms his congregation down and asks us what other information from the future we have to share.
We then announce that in the future people will want to change their sex. They will be given hormones to appear as the opposite sex from which they were born with.
Men will grow breast and have their facial hair removed. Women will surgically remove their breasts.
Men will undergo castration and then their penis will be inverted to create an artificial vagina.
Women will have an artificial penis.
The congregation gaps with disbelief.
Some people get up and make their way hastily out of the  church.
The pastor looks at us nervously hesitating for a moment then whispers… what else?
We then tell him that this magazine from the future will display what is known as its first transgendered playmate. We let him and his congregants know that this “woman” was born a male, however, to the eye there is simply no way to tell this.
Then, just as the people are ready to storm the stage to drag us into the parking lot so they can stone us to death, we are whizzed back to the present day where all of this is now the new normal… go figure.
There is a term that I recently coined and it is this: Transgendered inter-dimensional entity. I created this when I was in Portugal and was faced with the prevalent goddess worship that permeated the country centuries before the Christian Era.
Think about this. There are no female angels. Yet there are female goddesses that are found all over the earth. These entities are worshipped. Often there is a cult of castrated priests that serve these goddesses. The ruinous temples that were erected to them far in antiquity still remain today.
I would posit that the fallen angels are obsessed with the female form. When we read Genesis 6, we see this. When we explore the non-canonical Book of Enoch, we see that they left their heavenly state to take the women as wives. The book of Jude also points to this.
I further think that because these inter-dimensional entities are able to change their shape, transmute their true form—Satan can appear as an angel of light—to whatever they wish they are, in fact, the goddesses that appear throughout the world.
Is there a connection between the rise of the so-called “sacred feminine” and the rekindling of this ancient goddess worship?
I think there is and with the rise and acceptance of transgenderism, as well as blurring of gender in general, we are living in a time that is unlike any other in history.
In closing. No matter how many hormones one takes. No matter what body parts are cut off or re-shaped the DNA will always signal the true nature of the individual. God created us male and female and you can’t change that.
I actually broach this subject in detail in our up-and-coming new film Fatima 2. I sat down with Derek Gilbert, Dr. Michael Lake, and Carl Tiechrib and we discussed this in great detail. Is there a link between what was in the ancient world and what is manifesting now? I think there is and this is another peg-in-the-board, as it were, that signals how far down the rabbit hole we are.
The good news in all of this to me is this. He, Jesus, must be ready to come for us. Pie in the sky some of you will say?
No. This is our blessed hope!

Tomorrow we will be heading out for the Lightning in the BAYOU Conference with Paul Begley, Russ Dizdar, BP Earth Watch and Yours Truly!