RH Negative Blood – Alien – Nephilim – Human?

There’s a ot of talk on the internet about RH Negative blood. Some posit that this blood is Nephilim or Alien in origin. L.A. Marzulli interviews Dr. Cellia about the reality of RH negative blood. 
We head home from the Prophecy Watchers Conference which was in every way an incredible gathering of like-minded believers. Congrats Gary and Bob! I spoke to a packed main room on Saturday and Sunday. I presented new material in regard to the burgeoning UFO phenomenon and warned that Christians are being taken. While my presentation was certainly troubling in its content it nevertheless is based on testimonies which are recorded in my new book, UFO Disclosure. The 70 Year Cover-Up Exposed!




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January 5-7 -2018 – Church of His Presence, Alabama.  We had a wonderful time with Pastor John and the great people of CHP!! http://www.churchofhispresence.org
March 17 -18  Grace Fellowship Church Dayton Ohio area. Pastor Michael Berner: Great people there!  http://www.gracefellowshipohio.org/events/
March 22-25 – Dallas Texas! Hear the Watchman Conference! Mike & Jeannie hit it out of the park. Great to see all the folks and the presentations were informative. See you in Long Island
April 20-22 in Akron, Ohio. Coach Dave, Russ Dizdar, Pastor Paul Begley, The Haggman’s and more! Great to meet all the folks! Thanks for the great conference COACH! https://coachdavelive.com/occupy2018
May 18: The Anchor – Oceanside, California. Pastor Levi gave us a tour of Camp Pendleton. Peggy and I also went to a shooting range and spent some time with an AR15. Thanks to all the folks who showed up. We’ll be back next year!
May – 26 June…: ISRAEL TOUR!!! L. A. Marzulli – Mondo Gonzales (Archaeologist MS) 11 day tour.  What an amazing tour! We’re going to do it again next year! We will be posting the new itinerary soon. We made some great new friends while in Israel. Thanks to all who signed up for the tour.
July 14-15 – Michigan –  The Coming Great Deception Conference w/ Pastor Pete Valdez! Hope to see you there! www.jilm.org 

Alwyas good to see pastor Pete and his lovely wifey Shirley. Met some wonderful people there and recorded some great interviews for future films! 

August 10-11, 2018. Hear The Watchmen – Long Island. www.hearthewatchmen.com
Good conference on Long Island. There were some great messages presented by the speakers and you can still get the live streaming. 

September 28 – 30: Switzerland with Russ Dizdar and Timothy Alberino!  here is the link:


October 12-14 – Prophecy Watchers Conference www.prophecywatchers.com

October 27-28: Southern Appalachian Prophecy Conference –  Freedom-Lights Church – With Russ Dizdar!

November 9-11- Operation Classified!  event.caravantomidnight.com

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Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

This Q-post lit up my text messages and my E-mail inbox. So let’s walk through it. The question posed to “Q” is very straightforward. Are we alone in the universe?
Q replies with what I would consider the “stock” answer to the so-called Extraterrestrial question: No, consider the vastness of space.
Here’s where I stand and I’ll be discussing this at several upcoming conferences, the first being in Switzerland https://uni-light.org/?lang=en the second at the Prophecy Watchers Conference. https://prophecywatchers.com/product-category/live-streaming/
No one knows where we are in the universe or what this really is. No one. Not one person can honestly state where “all of this” came from. If the universe is analogous to the USA are we in Duluth, Miami, Walla Walla? See where I’m going with this? No one knows.
However, the Biblical Prophetic narrative states very clearly that Jesus created everything.
All things were made through him, and without him was not anything made that was made.
Of course to the modern-day, rational thinking, man or woman this idea is patently absurd.
However, what if it’s true? What if Jesus did make everything, which of course I believe He did.
So let’s talk about Roswell for a moment because that came up as well in the Q-post. Essentially Q told us Roswell was a reality. Does that mean Roswell is settled for me once and for all? Not in the least. For me, Roswell was settled when I sat down with Dr. Jesse Marcell Jr., years ago. Dr. Marcel related to me in an interview how his father had awakened both he and his mother on the hot July night back in 1947 and presented material that was not of this world.
Roswell happened. It wasn’t a weather balloon. This was the cover story used to calm the public. In a similar way the child-porn story that has now been floated in the MSM may be a cover story as to why the Observatory was shut down by the FBI.
Why the need to shut down an entire observatory. Why didn’t the FBI tell the local authorities what was going down? Secrecy over porn? Not buying it. The powers-that-be are once again manipulating the agenda. Information about UFOs is managed.
At some point, we are going to have full disclosure. It might not be a UFO landing on the Whitehouse lawn but it will be something that we’ve never seen before.
I have stated that I think it could be original footage from the Roswell crash site. I remember asking a retired two star general about what his thoughts were when he first looked at the retrieved bodies from the 1947 Roswell crash. The man’s body language went off the charts. He looked at me and with a face as hard as flint and stated: I have no idea what you’re talking about.
My new book discusses Roswell and so much more! There was a 70-year cover-up that still continues to this day. The revealing of the so-called extraterrestrial presence is The Coming Great Deception!

Check it out. www.lamarzulli.net

UFO Disclosure! Sample Chapter!

Chapter 6.
Revisiting the implant phenomenon and what that means. The Mark of the Beast and the Implant Phenomena
Author’s Side-Bar
I remember the first time I heard about the implant phenomenon. I was doing research for the Nephilim trilogy so this is back in the late 1990’s. 
My first novel, Nephilim – The Truth is Here, was originally published by Zondervan and made the CBA best-seller’s list in 2000. Around the same time Barry Chamish released his book on the Nephilim. 
It was brought to my attention that Barry would be speaking in Southern California so I made a point of seeing him.
I drove to a MUFON meeting and listened to Barry’s lecture. Afterward I introduced myself and gave him a copy of my book. I’ll never forget the look on his face when he read the title as both of our books had NEPHILIM in the title.  We conversed for a while and talked “shop.” 
It was on this occasion that I would meet Dr. Roger Lier. I was introduced to him and we immediately began to discuss all things UFOs.
I had read about his research on so-called Alien Implants on line—in those days it took half an hour to down load a jpg!—and I was fascinated with it. I asked him about his work and specifically about the implants. We also realized that we lived close to each other Roger living in Thousand Oaks which is just over the hill from my undisclosed location deep in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains. Here’s a reenactment of our conversation.
L.A.: I understand you just took out an implant. I would love to see the implant.
Roger reached into his pocket and pulled out a clear plastic vile.
Roger: You mean this?
L.A.: That’s it?
Roger: Hold out your hand.
Roger then pulled the cap off the plastic vile and then carefully let the small round metallic object spill out and into my hand.
I was amazed as I was holding in my hand an object that may have originated from the domain of the Fallen Angels. I held the object close to my eyes and examined it. Fallen Angel technology/Nephilim Architecture I thought. This would be a term I would later coin and use in my books, DVDs and lectures.
We then discussed the implant phenomenon in general. Years later Roger told me about one of the most astonishing accounts he had come across. There was a woman who had an implant in her arm and when Dr Lier’s team went to remove it it literally moved upward from her lower arm to her upper arm and everyone in the room could clearly see it move under the skin.
Roger and the surgeon he worked with Dr. Matricianni removed 17 implants. Roger related that sometimes the implants would move when they would try to extract them.
Richard Shaw and I became deeply involved with Roger’s research and he is prominently featured in all of our Watchers films.
When I first began to speak at conferences there were other researchers who scoffed at the idea of implants. They didn’t believe the phenomenon was real. 
Of course when Richard Shaw and I documented the entire process of removing an implant in our Watchers series all of that changed. You can’t argue with what the footage shows. Clearly there was a metallic object in Patient #17 lower right leg. We removed it and tested it at SEAL lab. As with a lot of this research we funded it ourselves. Lot’s more testing needs to be done on these enigmatic objects. As of 2018 we still don’t have any idea of how they function inside the human body. We know that there seems to be an evolution of these devices as the one we removed was in “bills” leg for almost 40 years. We could cut it open with a razor knife. Fast forward to a few years ago when Roger removed an implant that could only be opened with a laser beam!
As you will see in this chapter, I believe these implants may be the proton-types of the Mark of the Beast. While this is conjecture on my part it is based on research. Someone has spent an extraordinary amount of resources on the implants. People are taken, implanted but why?
Whoever is doing this—and by now you must realize that I hold firmly to the interdimensional paradigm the habitation of The Fallen Ones—has an agenda and I think it’s a very dark one.  You will read about our discovery of an implant and it’s removal. However, I’ve added new material in the front of this chapter. I will present a series of emails from people who have been abducted and have implants. I will weigh in at the end of each testimony.

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Discloser 1.2 Fox News

More disclosure on FOX news. I just amazed at the lack of interest from the church!

This is a sample from my new book:


Chapter 7 – UFO brain fog.
In my film In Their Own Words – UFOs are Real I interview three people who show signs of what I have come to call “UFO brain fog.”
In all three instances these folks are reacting in ways that are abnormal for them.
I’m not going to go into detail in each of the cases since I do so in the film, but I will point out some similarities in each of their stories.
In each instance, these three people:
  1. Encounter something out of the ordinary; 
  2. Have encounters with orbs or UFOs; 
  3. Their reality is compromised, and they no longer think like they normally would; 
  4. They act and say things that are atypical;                                                     For instance, one woman


    We were speeding, but we weren’t going anywhere.” How do you speed in a car and not go anywhere?
Al encountered a large orange orb that paced his car. This is what he had to say after the object left.  After the orange sphere left the scene, we just concentrated on driving. We didn’t really say anything to each other.” 
In both instances this behavior doesn’t make any sense, yet this is how these folks behaved.
In the film I interviewed Al Matthews about his encounter with a hybrid who sat on his lap and wanted to kiss him. I asked him if he thought it was normal to allow a woman he barely knew to sit on his lap. From Al’s reaction it is apparent that he had never really processed that thought. He just accepted it. 
What I find interesting is that there is a biblical precedent for this kind of behavior. 
For example, when the angel appeared to Peter in the jail cell, Peter was confused and not sure whether he was dreaming. 
In another example, an angel appeared to Daniel who then fell on his face and was confused. It was only when the angel touched Daniel and spoke a blessing over him that he could “function” normally again.
Throughout the Bible instances of angels appearing to people result in the same reaction: those people are deeply afraid.
Think of the shepherds who were tending sheep near Bethlehem at the time of Jesus’ birth. They were terrified when the angels appeared.
Both good and bad angels affect humans. We kind of short-circuit when they appear. We act irrationally.
During Jesus’ transfiguration, Peter exclaimed that they should build “booths,” or tents. While he was referring to the Feast of Tabernacles during which the Jewish people built booths, his statement is nevertheless irrational.
People who are abducted have trouble thinking “normally” in the days following the abduction. Their memories can be scrambled. The entities who have abducted them can also plant memories in their minds. 
Abductees can be confused and unable to concentrate at work. They can become depressed or withdrawn. 
They can also begin to accept what is happening to them. This is called the Stockholm syndrome, and I’ve encountered the syndrome on more than one occasion. 
An example of this is when I was first investigating the UFO phenomenon and went out to Area 51. More specifically I went to Little A’Le’Inn in Rachel, Nevada where I was attending a conference that Gary Schultz was holding. 
There were people in attendance who had been abducted. 
I interviewed one woman who had been taken many times. She had come to believe that these entities were beyond our understanding and as a result she accepted what was happening to her. The “aliens” took her most beloved possession, her dog, away from her. When I asked her why she thought they had done this, she replied that their reasons for doing so were beyond our understanding. 
I pressed the point that these entities took something she loved and cherished. I thought she would surely admit that this was not a good thing. The woman remained essentially brain-washed into believing that these entities had her best interest at heart. UFO brain fog.
Another example is of a woman (who will remain anonymous) that had direct voice-to-mind communication with these entities. She believed they were here to help mankind and was told she had a special mission. In the end, she lost so much weight and was in such poor health that her friends and family grew concerned for her. Her life was being slowly taken from her. The good news is she contacted me, and I was able to tell her about Jesus and the Good News. She came to Jesus and the abductions, as well as the voice-to-mind communication, stopped. 
People who have encounters with UFOs will experience UFO Brain Fog. They will think and behave irrationally. They will essentially check their worldview, morals, ethics, and belief systems at the door and accept what is happening to them as being for the greater good of themselves and mankind. 
When questioned, they will defend their actions. 
These people are dealing with supernatural beings who are more powerful than we are, and are perhaps millions of years old. They are in a fixed state and are malevolent. They are in league with the Dragon and have aligned themselves with the dark side. They have one agenda and that is to corrupt the seed of mankind. Fear is always their calling card.

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We Need Your Help! The Red Pill Conference!!!


September 28 – 30: SWITZERLAND with Russ Dizdar and Timothy Alberino!



We need your help

Here is the request
A break thru in this masonic town and the home of the U.N. and
 Cern (located near the pagan temple of Apollion) could greatly change the spiritual ‘balance of power’ in favor of the Truth in a way that has not been seen since the Reformation.

to keep this event in prayer for the whole time that you are here.
For the time being, a lot of the local Christians/Ministers are mostly not getting involved or have been strangely ‘detached’ from this event – or perhaps afraid of its contents.

Consequently, we can only depend on Jesus Christ and any others who are willing to take up the prayer burden with us…
God is able to save by many or by few, so we are absolutely trusting
him to irrevocably ‘shatter the darkness’ that has been here for too long and even in the ‘church’ itself with religion replacing relationship.

Cover these days for travel
Sept 25th travel
26th travel
27th research
28th research
29th  Conference/pray strong
30th  Conference/pray strong
Oct 1 we will be at Cern Pray strong
we are asking for great insight
oct 2 research
oct 3 travel
The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man accomplishes much.
17 Elijah was a man subject to natural passions as we are, and he prayed earnestly that it might not rain, and it did not rain on the earth for three years and six months. 18 And he prayed again, and the sky gave rain, and the earth brought forth its fruit. James 5
20 Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly beyond all that we ask or imagine, according to the power that works in us, 21 to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen. Eph. 3
Thank you
Russ, Timothy & L.A.