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According to the Book of Revelation, a woman will reign over the kings of the earth in the final days. Mary…Millions of Catholics travel to shrines to pray before her image. But what is not commonly known is that Muslims also hold her in high regard, and even among Hindus and Buddhists there is worship of goddesses that bear a striking resemblance to the Catholic Mary. In this book, the authors show that Mary is not only Queen of Rome, but will be the unifying factor to bring all the great religions of the world into unity under Rome. She will be “Queen of All.”

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Acceleration Radio! We were #1 last night!

Last night on Acceleration Radio I talked about the highlights or 2009. I got about half way through the list of talking points before we ran out of time! We were also #1 right out of the shoot, as it were and remained so for the entire hour. Thanks to all of you for tuning in and making Acceleration Radio the success that it is.

The January News Magazine will go out on Tuesday the 5th due to the holidays. I’m writing a recap of the events of 2009 that I think were of importance. We are also joined by Dr. Stephen Yulish, Dr. Mike Heiser, Jim Wilhelmsen. If you haven’t signed up I would encourage you to do so. Thanks for your support!

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Happy New Year to all!
I’ll be back on Monday unless something of importance happens over the 3 day weekend.

Blessings to all…

L. A. Marzulli

Final three days in 2009 to show support for Acceleration Radio!

I’ve never asked for contributions before, but with all that is going on we could sure use some help to keep this ministry going! I BLOG 5 days a week on a variety of subjects that deal with Politics, Prophecy and the Supernatural. This is what I do, it’s all I do, research and write about what is going on in the world. When I appear on radio shows, some of which go for several hours, there is no compensation for this. We could sure use your support, if you feel led to give.

After a year on the radio, Acceleration Radio was number 1 in its time slot last week! We beat out Laura Ingram, Mark Levin and Michael Savage. That to me is amazing. We are going places and discussing subjects, that other hosts won’t touch with a ten foot pole! Unfortunately, we have just lost our funding for the radio show and are in desperate need of raising the money to stay on the air.

Last week on the EDGE I asked if there were someone out there listening that would like to finance a small team of people who would travel to where supernatural activity was manifesting and film it! We would then sell the programs to different venues to get the word out as to what is manifesting. All from a Christian world-view. Instead of the usual party line that we hear from the likes of Erik Von Daniken and others of his ilk, we would present our explanation based on what is found in the Guidebook to the Supernatural, i.e. the Bible! This would include UFO sightings, cattle mutilations, crop circles and Marian apparitions. I actually had someone who offered us $5000.00 to go to Cairo and film the ongoing Marian apparitions. It’s a great offer, but not enough to get us there and pay for expenses! Air fare alone was over $3000.

Please consider donating something to help  us out. Your generous support is needed by December 31 to close out 2009 with all the invoices paid in full. God bless you for sharing and caring!

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Too much Going On… The Tipping Point?

too much going onHello everyone, I’m back! It’s great to be home again. My trip was productive and the highlight was my 40th High School Reunion. If you’ve never been to one I would highly recommend it. But on to more important matters.

There is so much going on that it’s almost impossible to keep up with all of it. I’m going to use bullet points and as the week progresses I’ll comment on them in more depth.

1. The Big Story is the alleged allegations that the Arabs, along with the Russians and the Chinese are about to tank the dollar by switching to another currency…. a global currency perhaps? How do you spell New World Order? How will this affect us? Will it put us into a depression?

2. Last week it was discovered that the Iranians were building another nuclear enrichment facility. They are closer to attaining the bomb everyday and the world doesn’t do much except call for sanctions. This may be the biggest lack of action since the beginning of WWII when the world stood by and watched as Hitler annexed Austria, which some consider to be the beginning of WWII.

3. Israel is watching the atomic time clock ticking away. When, not if the Iranians get the bomb it will pose a real existential threat to Israel and this means that at some point Israel will resort to its military option. Of course the Iranians and the Russians know this, so what we may be looking at is the final stage being set for the Ezekiel war.

4. On Sunday night the History Channel ran a two hour special, hosted by James Fox on UFOs. Much of what he covered is found in my Alien Interview book, only the book goes into the sightings more in depth. It is clear that the phenomena is not going away and as I have stated to many times to count, it is the coming Great Deception!

5. The Tsunami in Indonesia last week is a reminder that the waves and seas are tossing which points to the admonition from Jesus that when we see earthquakes, floods, famine and pestilence we are to look up because our freedom is coming!

All of this to say that I think we are getting very near the tipping point. I’ve never seem the Middle East in such a state of tension. I BLOGGED a few months ago about getting your house in order and I would recommend that if you haven’t done so, today would be a good day to stockpile some food and water. I believe that we are in the last days. I realize that we have heard this before, specifically in the 1980’s and many of us feel that we got misled. We weren’t misled, as what is playing out now can be traced to what began in that decade. We are told to watch and be ready. At my reunion there were a handful of us that got together and talked what was happening globally, from a Biblical perspective. The rest of my former classmates aren’t aware of the prophecies and so don’t understand that what is happening on the planet now, can only be understood through a Biblical world-view or lens. The tipping point is almost here and as I watch I wonder what will be the event that tips the scales and with it, life as we know it will forever change….

If you haven’t purchased Politics, Prophecy and the Supernatural I would highly recommend getting a copy and study it, as much of what is happening now is laid out in that book. PP&S SMALLBetter yet, buy one for a friend who doesn’t understand what is happening or doesn’t see the world through a Biblical lens….

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I’m off to the East Coast for a Week…. On Assignment.

UFO- IN CLOUDSI’m off to the East Coast for a week. While there, I will be interviewing a couple who claimed to have seen a UFO, over their field. This might have been a rocket that was launched by NASA as the time frames are identical. I spoke to NASA’s, public relations person and he informed me that the rocket was an experimental, four stage, rocket that was about 180 miles up over the Atlantic ocean.

When I interview the couple on their farm my first question will be to find out where they were facing around 8:00 pm. If it was due east, then more than likely it was the rocket they saw. If the times are different or they were facing due west then we might have something to write about. Any way there is no Internet service at my parents house, so I’m back in the stone age for a week. I’m taking the laptop, however and there is WYFI at the Library. If an “event” happens while I’m away, I will find a way to BLOG about it. In the meantime here’s some reader feedback that I received from a new subscriber to the News Mag. If you don’t have the $1.50 for it I’ll give it to you free! I’m sure most of you can afford it though, and as the comment says, it is packed with information.

As a new subscriber, I have to say this monthly newsletter is absolutely an amazing read. The information you put out really resonates with me and gets me thinking. The downside is I don’t think I can wait another 30 days for the next issue.  Thank goodness you have your daily blog available to keep me going.  Keep up the excellent work!

Rick R.

Rick R.

*                                                                        *                                                                  *

Middle East Update:

I have BLOGGED  for over  year now about the coming war in the Middle East. We are now at more of an impasse than anyone could have imagined. Here’s the lay of the land. Iran has admitted that it has another secret nuclear facility. This immediately tips the balance, in the wrong direction. Will Israel sit by and do nothing? I don’t think so. Will Iran, knowing Israel’s penchant for preemptive strikes, make the first move? Are we looking at Psalm 83 – my friend Bill Salus’ thesis – or the Ezekiel war? Here’s what we need to focus on, in my opinion. Know both positions and watch. We will see soon enough what comes down. It’s not a contest to see who’s right, but to watch and see how God’s PROPHETIC word is fulfilled. Bill and I agree that Damascus is going to get the raw end of the deal, in whatever scenario takes place. Will this war trigger supernatural events? I think so. A few weeks ago I BLOGGED about the buffer being removed. Interestingly I found a New Age site that said the same thing…. The article talked about more manifestations of UFOs and other entities, but did so from the perspective that this is a good thing. Those of you who read this BLOG know that I believe this is the coming Great Deception! It’s all tied together, and I don’t think we can separate them from each other. Satan comes with all signs and lying wonders! What does that mean? I think it’s so overwhelming in scope that most people will believe the lie….  Most researchers never put the two together that the fulfillment of the prophecy will trigger supernatural events. Remember, that even the elect would be deceived if that were possible and that men will faint from fear from what is coming on the earth! Sobering words that we need to heed and understand. In the meantime we watch and know that our redemption is drawing closer than we think….

See you all in about a week. Please keep me in prayer…..


L.A. Marzulli

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Acceleration Radio Today @ 5:00 – Part 2!

Ray YungenRay Yungen, author, speaker, and research analyst has studied religious movements for over twenty years. His love for Jesus Christ and for people and his exuberance for life are reflected in his writing. He is the author of For Many Shall Come In My Name and A Time of Departing. Mr. Yungen resides in the beautiful Willamette Valley of Oregon.

GO TO: http://live.str3am.com:2200/live.m3u

I’m Back!

LAM Header!I’m back! I’m officially finished vacation and back at my desk after a refreshing two weeks off. I’d like to thank my friend and co-host of Acceleration Radio, Bruce Collins, for doing such a great job filling in for me while I was gone! We’re doing three shows weekly with Bruce hosting Wednesdays and yours truly hosting Tuesday and Thursday night. I’ll post the guests for this week tomorrow…

        While on my respid, I avoided the Internet and didn’t look at any e-mails for almost two weeks. It was a good way to clear my head and get refreshed… I needed to do that. The down side to that is that I have about 500 unread emails… Guess what I’ll be doing most of the day!

            We had some good friends over on Saturday night for some BBQ. We talked about what was happening in the world in regard to prophecy, paying special attention to the Middle East. We all agreed that most people don’t have a clue as to what is going on, as most do not know and understand the times in which we live. Most people are not aware of the prophecies that are laid out for us in the Bible, that discuss with great specificity the events that are happening in real time today.  Dr. Stan Montieth has said that unless a person looks at world events from a supernatural perspective he or she has no idea of what to make of what is going on. We also hear from Paul, who writing in the first century tells us, that the natural man cannot understand the things of the spirit. There is a war going on in the heavenly that we aren’t privy to. We aren’t able to access that realm and see what is going on, but I believe that these unseen forces are at work and have been at work for thousands of years to bring about the advent of the Son of Perdition… the Anti-Christ. We are told in the book of Ephesians that, our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms….  Having said that, I need to remind everyone who comes to this BLOG that the lens I use in interpreting world events will always be one that looks from a spiritual perspective. It is only from that biblical, supernatural perspective that world events become focused and we are able to ascertain and discern the times that we live in. What do we make of when Benjamin Creme – who appeared recently on Coast to Coast – tells us that the reemergence of the Bethlehem star is a sign that Maitreya will manifest himself as the saviour of the world soon. Maitreya is the guy who claims to be the Christ and has been threatening to reveal himself since he came on the scene in 1982. What is astonishing is that I wrote about this very thing in 2004 in the third book of the Nephilim Trilogy – The Revealing. One of the plot elements that I used was that the star of Bethlehem would be seen again, except it would be a UFO… Remember, this was a work of fiction. On Coast to Coast, Benjamin Creme stated that this revealing of the Bethlehem star, was already happening! This is just one example of spiritual wickedness that we are being surrounded with…  I’m going to BLOG more about this tomorrow, because I think this may be setting us up for the coming Great Deception!