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Acceleration Radio! Connie Huft!

Posted by lamarzulli on September 8, 2010

Having been a victim of witchcraft at the age of 21, Connie Huft had numerous spiritual encounters with the paranormal, witches and demonic forces. From a small child she was enamored with the paranormal; with secret, hidden things and wanted to know about Aliens, UFO’s, Ghosts, the Bermuda Triangle, Angels, Demons and other mysterious things.

After having several sinister and ominous paranormal encounters, she became concerned about who or what was really behind the paranormal. Her curiosity led her to the Bible and finally to Jesus, where she learned the dark truth behind her former life in the occult.

Know Thine Enemy: A Guide to Intelligent Deception is an important and timely book that leaders and lay-persons alike will find to be an important reference guide for dealing with this subject matter. Chapters include: Lucifer—his Origin, Nature and Agenda; Fallen Angels; Possession; Horoscopes and Astrology; UFO’s & Aliens; The Occult, Witchcraft, Sorcery and Magic; Satanic Symbols of the Occult; Ghosts and many more.

About the Author

A victim of witchcraft at age 21, C.A. Huft has learned the true nature behind the paranormal maze and shows you the truth with valid Christian biblical research. A former Registered Nurse, Huft knows first hand the power of the paranormal and the depths of deception behind this well orchestrated, ancient ruse.

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New! Listen Live”The Acceleration” featuring L.A. MarzulliEvery Wednesday 7 pm PSTWays to Listen:Ku Band Satellite Free To Air (FTA): Galaxy 19 (formerly Galaxy  25) Transponder 5, Frequency 11836 Symbol Rate 20.770, PID 559 Left Side Audio


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