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iHolloweenI hate this day for the obvious reasons. I won’t give it much fanfare on this site as it will be over in a few short hours. As a nation we have become obsessed with the occult and Halloween. Here’s a warning, pray for protection for yourselves and loved ones. Plead the blood of Jesus over your house, marriage, children. Declare out loud that no foul and unclean thing shall enter your domain. This is spiritual warfare 101. Take authority in the name of Jesus, over the day and all that goes with it and rest in the knowledge that He has triumphed over death, and thus, the enemy is a defeated foe.

Here’s an interesting post from JRed at Look Up Fellowship. Thanks to Susan for giving me the heads up! He nails what is going on and he closes his post with a something that first appeared on this Blog. Thanks JRed!

Aliens, UFOs, Full Disclosure – Notable Quotable

Posted by JRed

Genesis 3:1 (KJV) Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden? (emphasis mine)

Satan. Not only the Father of Lies, but the Subtle Serpent as well. Keep that in mind as we continue with this thought. See if you can spot the subtle message being transmitted in the cases I’ll cite.

The quote listed below came to mind when I pondered the following examples of predictive programming (NLP Psy-Op type stuff via pop culture) — from just the past week or two alone:

> Bizzare clouds forming in the skies recalling Hollywood imagery of what it would look like if “UFOs” arrived in our airspace (first it was in Moscow, Russia and the latest example just occurred in Romania the other day);

> The Balloon Boy Hoax (obvious “UFO” symbolism in the shape and color of the balloon, and a family responsible for the hoax that believes in the phenomenon as being wholly “extraterrestrial” as opposed to a spiritual one);

> The big announcement that “Full Disclosure” is imminent (November 27th, 2009 given as a potential date for such an event);

> NASA’s Ares 1-X NASA rocket launch (supposedly marking the future of man’s voyage in space and to Mars to seek out new life forms);

> New York Yankees being introduced during Game 1 of the World Series to the theme from Star Wars (subtly reminding us of a galaxy far, far away and the “star wars” to come?);

> Wednesday night’s world premiere of the new children’s Halloween holiday special that’s a spin-off of the film Monsters vs. Aliens (in this story a traditional UFO accidentally spills some intergalactic sludge into a pumpkin patch, creating mutant pumpkins that want to take over the world; resonates with the “Ancient Astronaut Theory” of evolution that says an ET race genetically engineered life on this planet and that they were the ones that really created us);

The Fourth Kind set to premiere in theaters nationwide (a film that takes the “Alien Abduction” meme to a whole new level!);

> ABC’s launch of the highly anticipated series V next week (many curious changes to the show in recent weeks that have raised some eyebrows)

Here’s that quote that seems quite relevant these days:

“I keep harping on this because we need to understand that disclosure is coming and when it hits, it will be too late to form an opinion as to what the phenomena is. Whether it is benevolent or malevolent. Whether it is deception or deliverance. The media will tell us what to believe and our president will announce that most of the aliens are friendly. We are warned very specifically that, Satan when he shows up, will come with all signs and lying wonders. The supernatural is manifesting as never before and unless we have an understanding of it we can easily be misled. That is why I refer to the Bible as, The Guidebook to the Supernatural. The buffer that has kept the two dimensions apart seems to be receding. We must test the spirits and we must use our weapons of warfare, which are not carnal. I have said that there will be an Apostasy, a Great Falling Away and this will follow-on the heals of the revealing of UFOs. We are also told that there will be a one world religious system, which immediately begs the question, how do you get everyone on the same religious page? The revealing of E.T. would do it.” L.A. Marzulli

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