False Signs And Wonders…

Ministry with “oil-producing Bible” shuts down after being exposed as fraud


Jerry Pearce, a leader of the ministry, has admitted to buying gallons of mineral oil from a local Tractor Supply Co., though he says he never put the oil on the Bible or in the Bible’s container. Pearce has said the Bible has stopped producing oil in early January, around the time of the investigation.
Commentary and See-I-Told-You-So
L. A. Marzulli
I’m not happy about any of this. In fact, I’m troubled by it. I appeared in a film by David Heavener about the oil. Heavener actually went to the site and filmed there. He asked me what I thought of it and I stated on the record that I thought the whole affair was a parlor trick and that this is the kind of crazy stuff that gives the charismatic movement some really bad press. I also stated that the first thing that should happen would be to sit with the Bible and the container for 48 hours to see if it was really producing oil or it was getting a little help from folks in the church!
One well-intentioned woman called me and asked about the oil-producing Bible. I asked her what the difference between this and the statues of Mary that cry or communion hosts that bleed?
As it turns out the whole affair appears to be a ruse. That being said. I believe in the gifts of the spirit. I believe in Prophecy. I believe in healing miracles. I’ve seen the Lord show up and the atmosphere changed and when He does people usually eat carpet. There is weeping, repentance, and a deep spiritual catharsis. We serve a supernatural God and don’t need a parlor trick to appeal to our flesh. Glad the oil leaking Bible was “outed.”

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There is a hidden history that has been deliberately obfuscated from the public! L.A. Marzulli




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On the Trail of the Nephilim #4 – American StonehengeThe Canaanite Connection

American’s Stone Henge is an enigmatic site located in New Hampshire. It holds secrets that are slowly being uncovered due to the continuous work of Dennis Stone and his family. Did the Phonecians create this site 4000 years ago? Was human sacrifice practiced there? Who is Baal of the Canaanites?
The release date is February 2020.


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The Global Hidden History!

Concerns over secret search for giants’ bones near Huntly


“It does really highlight what some New Zealanders think, in terms of pre-Māori conspiracy theories, with really racist undertones. It’s not grounded in fact, so people should be aware.”
Commentary and Push back
L. A. Marzulli
This is the typical response to those of us who push back against the accepted narrative pout forth by archaeologists. We get the same here in the states. In other words your a “racist” for even suggesting a different narrative than the one that has become sacrosanct in the world of archaeologists. Here’s a perfect example of what I mean.
I went out to Catalina Island and had access to the archives of Ralph Glidden, who conducted primitive archaeological digs on the Channel Islands. Glidden was hired by the Haye museum. I discovered a picture that clearly showed a skeleton in situ that measured just under nine feet. I know this because three researchers examined the photo and all came up with the same conclusion…i.e. that this was a giant.
Well, the museum got wind of this and redacted the picture! LOL! I published this in my On the Trail of the Nephilim book!
There is a hidden history that has been deliberately controlled and hidden from the peoples of the world. We uncovered this in our film series, On the Trail of the Nephilim with 4 films now in the series and 5th in the works!
In Mysterious Moundbuilders, we show that something doesn’t quite add up as the amount of dirt it would take to build Fort Ancient which has 3.5. miles of continuous earthen walls which when deconstructed would be 200 miles of dump-trucks end to end. We’re supposed to believe this was done with digging sticks, clam-shell hoes and other primitive tools?
In the second film in the series, Mathematical Mysteries of the Moundbuilders, we show that there advanced geometry embedded in the Newark Circle and Octagon mound complex. Native Americans didn’t know this advanced math and surveying techniques but archaeologists tell us that they just forgot how to do all of it!
It’s the same with the mounds. Mainstream archeologist insists that Native Americans built the mounds but they just forgot they had done so.  How convenient. Meanwhile, Chief Joseph Riverwind who will be speaking at our Nephilim Again conference at the end of March tells us that Native Americans insist they didn’t build the mounds but they were already there when they came into the area. Of course Mainstream Archeologists don’t believe what Native Americans tell them…so whose the real racist?
Finally the third film Secrets of the Supernatural Voices from the Other Side, clearly demonstrates the supernatural dynamics that are part of these mounds. In other words, if these are Nephilim sites and we think they are then we should see the Demonic manifest…and we do and we show this in the film!
The fourth film in the series is American Stone Henge: The Canaanite Connection. We show the mysterious Baal stone which has written To Baal of the Phoenicians. This stone was found buried under one of the collapsed chambers on the site and lay in the museum untranslated until Dr. Barry Fell saw it and translated it!
The giants of the Bible were real! They were men of renown and were known as the Nephilim!
There is a hidden history that has been deliberately obfuscated from the peoples of the world and that’s why I’m on the Trail!

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There is a hidden history that has been deliberately obfuscated from the public! L.A. Marzulli




Snake-like UFO Returns!

Comment and A nothing-to-see-here-folks-please-keep-moving-RANT!
L. A. Marzulli
This story was posted on The Drudge Report, need I say more? Of course, I do and so your intrepid host will continue to warn about the coming great deception. Tick-tock.
We’ve turned a corner as more UFO sightings are being reported on main-stream media outlets than ever before. Can full disclosure be eminent?
Recently I had a “case” in which a man has been seeing lots of UFOs. In fact, he gets up at 3 am and goes outside his house photographs them…mistake #1! He also has missing time and recently marks appeared on his arm. The troubling aspect is t his. Identical marks appeared on this man’s son’s arm as well. Coincidence? I don’t think so. He went to his doctor and the doctor ruled out bug bites and stated that the marks looked surgical.
I’ve heard this before. I told him that he needed to get help and support from a local body of believers so I asked him for the number of the church he was going to. I called and tried to talk to the pastor in charge of the men’s ministry. It didn’t go well as the man thought I was off my rocker.
And so this is the problem. Here’s a man who is having encounters and there’s nowhere to turn. If he says something to his pastor he’s thought of as a nut case.
The church should be at the forefront of defining what the UFO phenomenon is, which in my opinion is demonic deception. Instead, we choose to ignore it and perhaps even think that it will just go away. It’s not going to go away and in fact, I’ll state here the phenomenon is burgeoning! LOL!
Most churches and pastors still do not take the subject seriously. However, this man who contacted me needs support and help from his local church, instead of the ridicule and skepticism that is too often the status quo.
I guarantee that upwards of 30% of the people in any congregation in the USA when asked, have seen lights in the sky, orbs, UFOs, sleep paralysis or had an encounter with a being. What are we to make of this? Are we to sweep it under the rug and ignore it?

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Why President Trump was “Somber”

Commentary and in Awe-of-Our-President
L. A. Marzulli
Nancy Pelosi—who must be defeated in the next election cycle—stated that Trump appeared “sedated” at the State of the Union Address. Speaker Pelosi, let me inform you of a few things.
  1. The Russian collusion hoax was dreamed up by your party. During the campaign, the Russian “Pee-Dossier” was released to the American people. I read it and wondered if it was true. It was disturbing, to say the least. Now, we find out that the whole affair was fabricated. The trail leads directly to YOUR party and the Hillary Presidential campaign. Shame on you! You attempted to defraud the American people in an election cycle with a canard!
  2. From the get-go, President Trump was accused of “Russian Collision.” After dragging the country through three years of “drama” we find out that it was a hoax. The Steele dossier, the Mueller report and everything to do with it turned up nothing. Trump was vindicated!
  3. Pencil Neck and his henchmen created the star chamber with the unknown whistleblower. This so-called Impeachment trial could have come out of Nazi Germany or the former Soviet Union. Another Nothing Burger. Sondland and Vindman who testified against the president and who were recently fired in the wake of the “impeachment proceedings vindication of President Trump” should be required to wear a sign that states, ” I am a weasel!”
  4. President Trump was vindicated of the so-called quid pro quo in the Ukrainian “phone call.” The impeachment spectacle was a black mark on our country and I would posit it will go down in history as the nadir in political partisanship. However, Speaker Pelosi resorted to sophomoric tactics when she ripped up President Trump’s speech on the floor of the house. Shame on her.
All of this to say that our President had been through hell and back again. The average American would have folded long ago. Most people would have buckled under this kind of stress. I know because I am a public figure. I have had “hit pieces” written against me which were untrue and in fact salacious. I’ve gotten used to it but what I go through is nothing in comparison to what our President has endured. There’s not an ounce of compassion in our corrupt media. Trump’s run the gauntlet and come through it all in one piece with his core values intact.
So Pelosi describes Trump as being sedated. No Madam Speaker he was somber. What we saw was a man who realizes how corrupt and broken our system is.  I can only imagine what his family has been through. The entire SOTU speech was a list of his accomplishments in spite of the partisan witch hunt that has plagued Trump since the moment he took office. I’ll vote for him again as Trump reflects the values that I and millions of other American’s hold dear. Somber indeed…



Commentary and a Wake-Up Call
L. A. Marzulli
To the natural man what we ware seeing, the Coronavirus, the wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes in divers places, pestilence, and the rise of lawlessness can all be explained away. Nothing to see here!
 Why since the father fell asleep all things continue as before… where is the promise of His coming? Please! Don’t annoy me with your warnings of doom and gloom!
Folks the atmosphere is charged. We are living in unprecedented times. Will there be a revival? I think and pray there will be but we must understand and come to grips with what I would call the overwhelming facts that everything Jesus told us about the time just before His return is hitting on all eight cylinders. In other words, what we are seeing is NOT the tribulation—the 7 year period of God’s wrath being poured out on the earth—but these are the birth pangs that lead up to it. We are told to Watch and BE READY! These are Jesus’s words of warning to us.
Watch what you ask? Watch for the signs of His return. He called these signs out with great specificity. Now, we are seeing them manifest in real-time… for those of us who have eyes to see.
So how then should we live? Knowing that the Biblical Prophetic narrative is 100% accurate 100% percent of the time, we should be bold in our witness to those around us. We should warn that what we are seeing manifest in our world today is right out of the pages of our Bibles.
What was written will come to pass. What was foretold is unfolding. L. A. Marzulli