Isaiah 17 – Brick by Brick?

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Syria 2Isaiah 17: Damascus will become a ruinous heap…

 The Syrian Army, faced with low morale, internal divisions and rapidly decreasing popularity, is facing its most serious challenges since the start of the four-year long Syrian Civil War that has claimed the lives of more 200,000 people.

The Isaiah 17, prophecy has never been fulfilled.  In fact, it has been collecting dust for hundreds of years as Damascus is the oldest inhabited city on the planet.

With the advent of the Arab Spring, starting in 2010 the Middle East saw the toppling of the governments of Tunisia, Libya and Egypt.  The unrest exploded in Syria and so far the president of Syria, Bashar al Assad, has withstood almost 5 years of a very bloody civil war.

With the race riots in Baltimore consuming most Americans attention, the situation in Syria is not on the radar of most of us, however, the tenuousness of the civil war, has not lapsed.  I’d be willing to bet most Americans could not locate Syria on a map and even more Americans could care less about what happens thousands of miles away in a country they most likely will never visit.

When we read the prophecy of Isaiah 17, which informs us that at some point Damascus will be destroyed, we can envision bombs going off, or even a tactical nuclear weapon.  However, as we look at the pictures above, it would seem Damascus is being destroyed brick by brick.

Who would have imagined the savior of the world being born in a stable?  Who could have imagined the crucifixion?  Who could have foretold how The Most High God would bless Abraham and Sarah when they were far beyond the years of childbearing?  Who could have seen the ingathering of the Jews from all over the world, after the devastation of the Holocaust, which would result in the birth of Israel…. fulfilling ancient prophecies.

In closing todays post:  We see through a glass darkly.   In other words we know from the prophetic literature that Damascus will be destroyed, but the text isn’t clear on how this will be accomplished.  Are we seeing the fulfillment of this prophecy happening in front of us now?  At this point in time, I’m beginning to wonder, as there seems to be no let-up in the bloody civil war that has claimed the lives of over 250,000 people.  Certain sections of Damascus are, a ruinous heap.

One thing I know for sure:  What was written will come to pass.  What was foretold will unfold!

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The Coming Great Deception

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L. A. Marzulli

Note:  This is a repost of a blog I wrote a while back, but with everything going on in the Middle East, I thought it pertinent!  

The Coming Great Deception and Luciferian Endgame

From L. A. Marzulli’s Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural book!  Why re-invent the wheel?  

IT IS TIME TO CREATE an amalgamation of the three areas of the study of this book: politics, prophecy, and the supernatural. Following is an outline that gives an overview of the most pertinent points.

* The ongoing struggle in the Middle East is cause for great concern to all the nations of the world.

* The jihadists of radical Islam are bent on destroying the state of Israel and the “Great Satan” (i.e. The United States).

* Hamas and Hezbollah are in fact at war with Israel and are ramping up for another attack.

* Al-Qaeda will join forces with Hezbollah and Hamas to attack their sworn enemy, Israel.

* The prophecies found in the Bible are 100 percent accurate and reflect a “God” who knows the future because he is outside our space-time continuum.

* The Fatima apparition changed the worldview of thousands of people in an instant and could very well be the harbinger of worldwide deception. Those who were in the field that

day, who saw the “miracle of the sun,” for the most part became believers that the apparition was of Mary. As I have pointed out earlier, I believe this was a deception and that the apparition was not the Mary of the Gospels.

  • There are supernatural events currently taking place on a global scale.
  • It seems the existence of UFOs and alien abductions are supernatural events that are orchestrated by fallen angels/Satanic forces.
  • Prophecies written over twenty-six hundred
    years ago describe a time in history where a confederacy of nations will come up against Israel described as, “a land of unwalled villages.”
  • Israel will respond to this attack by using its nuclear arsenal.
  • Shortly after the war between Israel and the jihadists, great supernatural events will manifest on the earth (as I have discussed regarding the “great rebellion” in 2 Thess. 2.)The following is a scenario that I hope will never happen; however, I believe that we might see something along the lines of what I am about to propose. The Ezekiel 38-39 war will unfold as the prophecy indicates, and those nations that come against the “land of unwalled villages” (Israel) will be destroyed by a nuclear response. The world will watch all of this in horror, just as it watched the coverage of the Lebanon war this past summer (2006).I believe that this nuclear exchange will be the trigger for the supernatural to manifest.

    I have a theory regarding this and it is that Satan and his cohorts will use this nuclear exchange as the event they need to manifest the UFOs over multiple cities on earth. The timing will be perfect, as the world will be holding its collective breath as it witnesses the destruction not only in the Middle East but in the United States as well. The world will be ready to embrace a “savior” to end the senseless destruction. While this might sound extreme, I point to the text from Luke 21:26, “Men will faint from terror, apprehension of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken” (NIV). It will be the beginning of the Great Deception. This deception is that the ET’s are here to help us through this time of chaos, that they are true progenitors, and that they have created numerous holy men, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, to try to enlighten us. They will say that they will show us who God is. Remember the quote from the alleged Pleiadian cosmonaut, Semjase? We will be told something very similar to the lie that Semjase told Billy Meir, that God is a force. To reiterate, this goes against Judeo/Christian theology in that God is not a force but rather is personal, and we can know Him.

    Can you imagine if over the city of Jerusalem and perhaps other cities around the world, UFO craft manifested in broad daylight and remained hovering indefinitely? I believe something along these lines will happen, and when “they” arrive, “they” will tell us the reason “they” have manifested because we resorted to using weapons of mass destruction, or nuclear armaments. They will say they have chosen to intervene at this time because, they will say, they genetically manipulated us, and they want to see us survive as a species. But because of the recent destruction, they have chosen to take action to assure that end.

    Will this singular event (the manifestation of UFO craft) change everyone’s worldview, instantaneously? If people see a demonstration of the kind of technology and power that the UFO will demonstrate, coupled with the holographic imagery depicting the miracles of the Bible and other faiths, as I’ve discussed before, most will believe what they are seeing. This will cause the “great falling away” discussed in length in this book. Most people will believe the lie that they see in front of them. Hence, worldviews will be drastically altered.

    It is important to remember that the war of the Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy, which will have just transpired between Israel and the jihadists, will be primarily driven by religious reasons and the corresponding religions: Judaism and Islam, which are based on supernatural events that happened millennia ago (events like the parting of the Red Sea, the ten plagues of Egypt, the flight to Jerusalem by Mohammed on a winged horse, Jesus rising from the dead on third day, etc., all of which are supernatural occurrences that are part of each religion’s foundation.) Therefore, what if the “aliens” proclaim that they were in fact the supernatural force responsible for creating all of the world’s religions in the first place and that alien technology was responsible for creating the miracles found in the Bible and other “holy” books. Recently on the History channel, Barry Downing, author of The Bible and Flying Saucers and a Presbyterian minister, expounded on this theory by saying that Jesus’s resurrection occurred when he – Jesus—was beamed up from earth by a flying saucer. He also believes that the pillar of cloud that is described in the book of Exodus was a UFO and was also responsible for the parting of the Red Sea. 1.

    I quote from Downing’s writing because he is discussing the Ascension of Jesus. He is equating it to direct intervention from a UFO. Here is what he says:

    . . . but I very much suspect that the ascension cloud was the same UFO which led the Israelites through the Red Sea, gave Moses the commandments, carried Elijah to heaven, “descended” like a dove at the baptism of Jesus, perhaps carried away bodily at the Ascension. This was probably the same “cloud” which brought two men to meet Jesus at the Mount of Transfiguration, and probably the same type of UFO which brought angels to the Shepherds at Christmas.2

    Downing embraces, in a nutshell, what I call the “alien gospel,” which is synonymous with the subtitle of this book; The Coming Great Deception & the Luciferian Endgame. Simply put, the “alien gospel” will reveal that the “aliens” created humankind by genetically manipulating primitive man (early humans) thousands of years ago; therefore, they are in fact our progenitors. Hence, they will present the supposed missing link in human evolution. They will claim that they are responsible for genetically engineering the leap between apes and humans. This, of course, will dovetail neatly with Darwin’s theory of evolution that has been taught now for over a century as a fact, not a theory.

    The idea that the aliens, or ET, were directly involved in the miracles and/or supernatural events that are the foundation for the world’s major religions will cause the great deception that will draw people away from what I believe is the truth of the Gospels—and replace it with a lie.

    What if the aliens have holographic film of Moses parting the Red Sea or the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus? Imagine seeing the exodus from an aerial view: Moses raising his arms, the waters parting, and the Israelites going through
    on dry land. Imagine then the aliens claiming that this miracle was really the intervention of extraterrestrials, and their superior technology that allows them to manipulate matter.

    Or what if the holographic film shows the tomb of Jesus being struck by a brilliant beam of light, and moments later, the stone is rolled away and Jesus emerges. What if, like the reported apparition at Fatima, we see an image leave the ship and float toward the cave, and we realize that Jesus’s resurrection too is, once again, the intervention of extraterrestrials? Could this deceptive event, or revealing, be the catalyst that will cause the great falling away or apostasy that is described in 2 Thessalonians 2 in the Bible?

    I believe that everyone seeing this holographic film will “realize” this new “truth” and will embrace it. All of the old prejudices and wars that have been fought for centuries over religious beliefs will fall, of their own weight, in the light of this new revelation. This will be the beginning of a one world religious system described in the book of Revelation: “All the inhabitants of earth will worship the beast” (emphasis added) (NIV). Millions will be caught up in the deception and the great falling away, the Apostasy, as I discussed earlier will be complete.

    I know the scenario I just described is fantastic, but let me remind you of the writings of Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2:9 where he says that Satan comes with all “signs and lying wonders.”

    I think the church has underestimated the power of the Luciferian Endgame, as it has used the comfort of a pretribulation rapture as panacea for the deception that might befall every man, women, and child on the earth. Remember too that Jesus himself warns “For false Christ’s and false prophets will appear and perform signs and miracles to deceive the elect—if that were possible” (emphasis added) (NIV, Matt. 24:24).

    I believe that the seemingly unrealistic scenario that I have described above very well may be the Luciferian “Endgame.” In other words, I believe that fallen angels disguised as aliens will in fact manifest, and lay claims to the creation of the human species, and execution of the miracles that have happened on earth; this will be the great “lie” against which the Bible warns. Although this may sound preposterous, in the “Supernatural” part of this book, UFO sightings, the Fatima apparitions, Mothman prophecies, crop circles, and the abduction phenomenon are just a few examples of supernatural events that either have occurred or are occurring in real time. I believe that these supernatural events are harbingers of something far worse than the evil forces that have already come upon the earth. So why will people believe the lie, which will state that aliens are our creators and the force behind all miracles on earth? Let us examine the reason.

Politics Prophecy & the Supernatural
Politics Prophecy &the Supernatural


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end timeIn Other News:  Tracking the Birth Pains!

Syria crisis: US orders non-emergency personnel out of Lebanon







Sunday Bun – Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem


This is from the Golden report and with all that is happening in the Middle East, I felt it pertinent to post it here.  Isaiah 17 seems to be coming closer with each passing day.  So what can we do?  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  What is written will come to pass, what was foretold will unfold.  L.A.

If I lived in Damascus I’d move now

Jerry Golden:

May 25, 2013

May 25-2013
A while back I wrote a report that stated that things couldn’t look worse in regards to possible war, well I was wrong, it looks worse now. The IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gant now says it looks like we have to prepare for war on multi fronts. He has also made it very clear that Israel will act decisively and with overwhelming power, his quote is ” If Assad destabilizes the Golan Heights he will pay a heavy price.” That sure sounds like Isa. 17:1 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

Russia’s Naval Forces are building up like never before in the Eastern Mediterranean they are not only supply Assad with S-300 missiles that pose a real danger to the Israel Air Force but Putin has told both Obama and Netanyahu “Hands Off Syria”. Iran has said they will attack Israel, if Israel attacks Syria. It seems that once again they are underestimating Israel, and its ability to defend itself. But Israel’s greatest weapon cannot be found in military might but in the supernatural.

Our northern border along the Lebanon and Syrian southern borders is beginning to look like war could be any day now or at least if preparation means anything we are certainly looking ready.

The US keeps saying things like all options are on the table, making everyone nervous not so much about what the US might do in Syria but what Russian and Iran will do if the US tries to enforce a no fly zone over Syria.

In the mean time Israel cannot and will not allow any shipment of advanced weapons from Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Even after Putin says hands off, simply because we already know that Hezbollah has something in the neighborhood of 80,000+ missile many capable of hitting all parts of Israel.

What this means when this wars breaks out, Israel has no choice but to unleash its full military power for a fast and certain victory, because around 2/3rds of our population lives on the Mediterranean Coast between Jaffa and Haifa and are now in range of Syrian and Hezbollah missiles, and the thought of Assad using his chemical warheads isn’t a thing Israel can allow.

As for here in Jerusalem it takes abut 5 minutes for fighter jets to come from Jordan to Jerusalem, not giving a lot of time for defense. For the past few years Hamas has been busy stocking up with everything in the way of rockets and missiles in preparation for this coming war. Israel will have no choice but to destroy Gaza very quickly. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt are having many of their own problems with the population, but the Egyptian military is strong and could be a real threat on our southern border thanks to the US weapons like F-15′s & 16′s long range artillery and the best Tanks the US has to give them.

Bottom line, Israel will have to fight many fronts and all at the same time keeping in mind we are a very small country and losing is not an option for us, which means like they say all options are on the table…

So we have a lot on our plate, and our first concern will be to defeat the enemy and we will, of this you can be sure.

As for this Ministry we still have the concern of raising the needed finances to move our three boats into the places necessary, they are all now in good condition and ready for any kind of service. The need to purchase a larger boat is always on my mind, but first it is necessary for us to have the needed finances to operate the three we now have, and there is many needs not only fuel, but food, emergency items, communications and logistics.

We also have others with boats who have said they are willing to join us, but most of them also have financial problems and will need help from us.

The way things are now looking in the US and throughout Europe the ability to get finances to this Ministry could come to an end at any time now. I am asking you to pray, just pray, ask God what He would have you do in regards to this Ministry, we need your help and all I am asking is for you to be obedient when you hear from God.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, jerry golden


Video – 2012 Update – The Mayan Hoopla


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The Olympics, the Middle East, and Imagine

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September 29: Newark Ohio with Russ Dizdar & Richard Grund, Fritz Zimmerman!


Commentary & Analysis


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Yesterday I posted a link that informed us that President Morsi of Egypt took control over the military and sent 60 tanks to the Egyptian, Israeli border.  His actions could be nothing more than some saber rattling and flexing his newly found muscles.  However, it also sends a message to Israel that the peace that they have enjoyed for more than 30 years on the border with Egypt may be about to change.   As I wrote yesterday, is this the flash point that kicks off WWIII?  So far it would appear that cool heads are prevailing and the status quo remains, which is all of the countries and parties that surround Israel, HAMAS, Hezbollah, Syria, Egypt and Iran, with the exception of Jordan, want her driven into the sea.  So while the world was watching the close of the Olympics the Middle East continues to crawl toward WWIII.

I’ll take a moment and comment on the close of the Olympics in London last night.  First off, the athletes were and are amazing.  They are truly inspirational and all of them should be commended for their dedication and commitment to their sport.  Now we go to the close, which was a spectacular tribute to mediocrity.  Like the Super Bowl half time shows here, the parade of pop music stars was boring, and jejune.  This is what London offers the world, a rehash of pop music?   There was a moment during John Lennon’s song Imagine, that did not go unnoticed by me, the lyric which admonishes us to imagine a world with no religion which demonstrates that we are living in a post Christian world.  I turned the telly off and went to bed missing the Who and a reunion of the Spice Girls. Glad I missed them!

In closing todays post:  The Middle East inches closer to WWIII, as this move by Morsi and Egypt sends a message to Israel.   (Check In Other News!)  Syria continues to slide into the morass of civil war with no end to the conflict in sight while Iran may have enough enriched Uranium to create a nuclear bomb.  The world came together for a few short days under the umbrella of the Olympics, where the human spirit and freedom triumphed.   It’s Monday and the news from the Middle East, as always, is unsettling.

What I can imagine  is a day when He, Yashua, will return and rule from Jerusalem.  When nations will beat the weapons into plow shares and learn war no more.  A time when every man will have his own vineyard and orchard.  A world where there is peace and men and women live together in harmony.  The Bible tells us that this will come and I believe it will.  Imagine….

Be still and know that I Am God:  Behold, the day is coming when I will show my strength on the mountains of Israel.



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Review of Wathcers 4 – On the Edge 

Bravo gents!  You’ve bloody well done it again.  Riveting, compelling and Rick, beautifully shot.  Love, love, love it.  Now….what’s next chaps????????

Arianna Eisenberg



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Yucatan 2012

L. A. Marzulli will be speaking:  “Exploring the meaning and relevance of two myths and their relevance in this time of transition in 2012; the stories of the “watcher gods” in the first century text, “The Gospel of Enoch”, and the prophecy of the return of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent-god of the Aztecs. We will be examining correlations between these two in light of our contemporary times.”


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In Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!

Egypt’s Mursi says no targeting intended with decree

Egypt’s Mursi says no targeting intended with decree | Reuters


More than 10,000 earthworms found dead in a parking lot of 250m2 North Japan

More than 10,000 earthworms found dead in a parking lot of 250m2 North Japan | Fukushima Diary


Israel tests SMS missile alerts as Iran chatter grows

AFP: Israel tests SMS missile alerts as Iran chatter grows


Oil prices exceed $114 over supply concerns

PressTV – Oil prices exceed $114 over supply concerns


Hundreds gather to mark massive Holocaust pogrom in Russia

Hundreds gather to mark massive Holocaust pogrom in Russia | JTA – Jewish & Israel News


Iran earthquake toll rises to more than 300

Iran earthquake toll rises to more than 300 –


Mexican mayor-elect shot to death

Mexican mayor-elect shot to death – Sonora News World –

Middle East Update – US Troops are In Jordan – Straights of Hormuz! Rumors confirmed!

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

US units exiting Iraq deployed in Jordan to forestall Syrian attack

US 1st Brigade departs Iraq

As the US completes its final withdrawal from Iraq, American special forces troops have been diverted to positions in  Jordan opposite a Syrian tank concentration building up across the kingdom’s northern border, DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources report.
As of last Thursday, as of last Thursday Dec. 8, military convoys, air transports and helicopters have been lifting US troops across the border from Iraq. They have been deployed in position to ward off a possible Syrian invasion in the light of President Bashar Assad’s warning that he would set the entire Middle East on fire if the pressure on his regime to step down persisted.

The Iranian Army Says It Will ‘Practice’ Shutting Down The Strait Of Hormuz

Read more:

For those of you what follow this Blog you will see that my assessment of the Iranian closing the Straights of Hormuz, in the event of war, is a very real scenario.  I have been carping about this very thing for months and now, it is a reality, as the Iranians are conducting war games that will mimic this.  We see from the headline link above that the Iranians know that closing Hormuz may tumble the already fragile global markets into a free fall.  About 40% of the world’s oil comes through Hormuz and the Iranians border it to the North.   This latest saber rattling by the Iranians really doesn’t surprise me and I have been expecting something of the sort for a while now.

Let’s move over to Jordan.  We see that Exiting US troops are now being deployed, with King Abdullah of Jordan’s permission, on the Jordanian/Syrian border.  What we are seeing is the positioning of troops and equipment that happens before an all out war.  Please note that Abdullah is all over this, and I have stated my belief that Abdullah will emerge as a peace maker and world statesman when all of this is over.  (We will have to wait and see if I’m right on this one.)

President Bashar ASsad of Syria has recently armed his conventional missiles with chemical war heads.  (I posted commentary about this yesterday.)

Here are some dynamics to consider:

1. Russian Warships are docked in Syrian ports and in fact have given the Syrian over 1 million gas masks.  Not to mention strategic military support.

2. In retaliation for the Russian ships, US forces countered this by moving the George H. W. Bush aircraft carrier into the regions.

3.  Hezbollah, who is entrenched in Lebanon,  has also retrofitted rockets, some perhaps with chemical warheads.

4. Last year Israel issued gas masks to all of its citizens. When Syria announced that it would use chemical weapons against Israel – this was a story that I blogged on months ago – Israel responded by saying that, we will annihilate Damascus. Isaiah 17, anyone?

5. HAMAS, has armed itself with stinger missiles from Moamar Ghadaffi’s collapsed regime.

6.  Iran gets closer on a daily basis to procuring its first nuke.  Meanwhile our “commander-in-chief” politely asks if he can get the drone that the Iranians captured last week, back?  Please, how pathetic is that?

In closing todays post: When we add to this development in the Middle East, the instability of the global financial markets, combined with the ongoing natural disasters, with the very real concept that there are dark Luciferian forces at work – think the Mystery of iniquity here – we get a toxic brew, never before seen on this planet.  In the end it will lead us into the Time of Jacob’s trouble – Not Bob, Fred or Ernie’s trouble  – and then finally our King will return.  This is our blessed hope… when you see these things begin to happen – all of what I just listed – look up because our redemption is coming!


Watchers 3 is now shipping!

Undecided about what to give this holiday season?  Why not the Watchers series as it will get people thinking!

I watched Watchers 3, when I got home…it was well done and very informative and a good job…. 
I was especially intrigued by the Shroud and Hopi discussion ….. maybe Stan Deyo will tells us more what was said to him in Watchers 4.  
Keep up the good work…it seems every Watchers series that comes out is better than the previous. 
Again, keep up the good work. Thanks.

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What do Cosmic Wars, Nephilim, Fallen Angels, Israel, the Middle East, Luciferian Dialectic, Ufo’s, the New World Order,
Politics, and the Supernatural have to do with the last days? Come and find out!

Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church – 1288 Mt. Pisgah Church Rd – Apex, NC

“The Conference is free, and though it is not required for attendance, we would like for those planning to come to register, call, or email us so that we can make plans accordingly (seating, parking, snacks, etc.).”

March 30 – April 1: Lubbock Texas:  With Russ Dizdar 
May 25-27: West Virginia
July 6- 15 Montreal Canada – 37 Annual International Conference
August 30 – September 1: Genesis Project
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In Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains…

Rice growers face duck plague

Rice growers face duck plague – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) 


Sand storm engulfs Orewa streets

Sand storm engulfs Orewa streets – National – NZ Herald News


Mega Fail: 17 Signs That The European Financial System Is Heading For An Implosion Of Historic Proportions 

Mega Fail: 17 Signs That The European Financial System Is Heading For An Implosion Of Historic Proportions


Indonesia: Dozens of North Village in Padang Lawas submerged

Indonesia: Dozens of North Village in Padang Lawas submerged – Earth Changes and the Pole Shift


Netanyahu calls urgent meeting after rightists attack IDF base 

Netanyahu calls urgent meeting after rightists attack IDF base – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News


The Hindenberg Omen 

The Hindenberg Omen | Forexpros


Intel warns of Thai floods impact

Intel warns of Thai floods impact – Telegraph

Third Intifada: UPDATE!

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

YouTube – 3rde Intifada Amptelike English Promo (20110515).FLV

The link above is, in my opinion, a propaganda hit piece against Israel…. very selective quotes and film… no mention about the suicide bombers, the IED’s, the refusal to ever recognize Israel…. | Islam | Prayer Times | News | Blogs | Events | Halal | Forums

Tomorrow is Friday 13, and it is supposed to be the start of the Third Intifada. I would point out to you that for the most part, this is being ignored by the media, however it would appear that this may be a game changing event, as if millions of Moslems gather for Friday prayers, in Tahrir square, it could be a game changer. Bottom line for me is that we’ll have to see what happens.

Top Fatah official: ‘PA won’t be able to stop 3rd intifada’

The hatred of Israel and the Jews, by Hamas, Hezbollah is obvious and in the minds of many of the Arab/Moslem people they are the “occupiers.” We must come to grips with the fact that this hatred of Israel has been the status quo from the foundation of the Jewish state in 1948, until the present. I believe that we are at an impasse and that there is no way out, no fix, as we have seen a succession US presidents and secretaries of state try to deal with the problem, with no success.

With the recent deposing of the Mubarak regime in Egypt the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel appears to be null and void. While pundits in our government tell us that the Arab Sprig is about democracy, I believe nothing could be further from the truth. There will be no democracy, only Islamic, Sharia law and when the dust settles all eyes will be on Israel.

In Closing Today’s Post: The one cause that unites the Arab/Moslem world is the unmitigated hatred of Israel. This hatred is common ground for both Sunni and Shia Moslems. They will put aside their hatred for one another for a greater cause and that cause is the destruction of Israel. Friday is coming and I will be posting throughout the day and over the weekend in regard to developments there… L.A.


Hello LA,

I believe this is not only your best work, it is my contention that this is the very best the Christian community has put forth.  You not only covered all relative aspects of creations convulsions, but did so with excellent  cinematography.  The Good Lord has certainly opted to up the ante… He has obviously chosen you to be the first one dealt into the game!  I hope I’m next.
God bless,
Matthew Miller   

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Why are the nations of the world in turmoil?  What is happening with the sun and the moon? Why is it that birds are dropping out of the air dead, and why have fish numbering into the millions suddenly died without explanation?  Why are there sinkholes of gigantic proportions appearing all over the earth, and what is happening with volcanic eruptions in Japan, Italy and Iceland? And what about the UFO seen over the Temple Mount? Something has changed, and Watchers 2 will try and investigate if what ancient texts have said for millenniums are true — that we are entering a period where there will be wars, earthquakes, and famines — including signs in the skies and the heavens. L.A. Marzulli will comment as well as interview experts on this volume. Including: Chuck Missler, Rabbi Aaron Parry, Stan Deyo and Jim Wilhelmsen and Dr. Roger Leir will also give us his update on alien implants.

UPDATE!!!: We are finished with post production with 58 minutes running time! I saw the show last night and it is intense and informative. We are now in the manufacturing process and will ship orders as soon as we get our impatient fingers on those DVDs! Thanks for your patience. L. A. Marzulli


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Prophecy In The News: Television – February 8 – 11

March 4 – 6 Albuquerque New Mexico – Know the Times

March 11- 13 Yuba California

March 25- 27 SEE in Connecticut –

May 29 – Prophecy in the News – TV interview on Watchers 2!

June – 3-4-5 – Denver Colorado

“Babylon, Globalism and the UFO Delusion”
Speakers Norm Franz and L.A. Marzulli
When: Sunday June 5, 2011 9 am – 6 pm (with breaks)
Where: The Westin Hotel (Denver/Boulder)
10600 Westminster Blvd.
Westminster, CO 80020
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Registration: The conference is Free but space is limited, so
Contact: Ascension Ministries

June: Cavalry Chapel Oceanside – June 24 -25!

July 8-9-10: Chicago – Mingled Seed Tour! | The Benjamin Effect

August ? – Albuquerque – details pending

October 8th – 15th- Revealing the last Days! or To make reservations call 209-588-9565

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In Other News:

Dollar in graver danger than the euro / Markets – Dollar in graver danger than the euro


Nazi death camp guard guilty

Nazi death camp guard guilty | The Sun |News


Miss. town could be wiped off

Miss. town could be wiped off map by flood – CBS News


Spain earthquake: Lorca residents assess damage


Cairo to move Meshaal’s Hamas base to Gaza. Assad threatens Israel with war 

DEBKAfile, Political Analysis, Espionage, Terrorism, Security


2012 Prepare for the Alien Invasion? First Contact?

2012 Prepare for the Alien Invasion? First Contact? | UFO Digest provides video proof of ufos, alien abduction and the paranormal.


Syria is Turkey’s Litmus Test in the New Middle East

WPR Article | Syria is Turkey’s Litmus Test in the New Middle East