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Russ Dizdar, Chief Joseph & Laralyn Riverwind, Drew Graffia, and L. A. Marzulli! Special cameo video with Gary Stearman of Prophecy Watchers!

PPS Report! Bible Leaking Oil Hoax…

L. A. Releases an interview he did for David Heavener over a year ago about the Bible, in Dalton Georgia, that allegedly was leaking oil. The recent investigations discovered one of the men in the church was buying oil from Tractor supply. This eventually led to the church shutting down. L. A. believes that the entire affair was a hoax.

Fatima – Which Version is the Truth?

Fatima movie trailer HD (2020) – Plot synopsis: A powerful and uplifting drama about the power of faith, Fatima tells the story of a 10-year old shepherd and her two young cousins in Fátima, Portugal, who report seeing visions of the Virgin Mary. Their revelations inspire believers but anger officials of both the Church and the secular government, who try to force them to recant their story. As word of their prophecy spreads, tens of thousands of religious pilgrims flock to the site in hopes of witnessing a miracle. What they experience will change their lives forever.
Commentary and Warning
L. A. Marzulli


Never before seen photographs from the 1917 event!

The title of our second film in the series says it all, Strange Phenomenon. 
Most people are aware that something happened over 100 years ago on the moors of Fatima, Portugal. However, in my opinion, the story has been obfuscated and “managed” by the authorities and the church.
Remember this, Communism was threatening all of Europe, World War I was raging, and in the halls of Parliament in Great Britain, the Balfour declaration—which would lead to the creation of the state of Israel— was being discussed.
Enter three illiterate children who have an encounter with a being. The entity communicated with them telepathically. The entity never said it was Mary, only that it came from the sky.
Some of you who are reading this may take offense at this. Let me make it clear that I’m not disparaging what people want to believe. However, if we go to the original hand-written documents from 1917, and comb through them in my opinion, a completely different set of facts emerge.
Here’s what we discovered and reveal in the soon-to-be-released film Fatima 2 – Strange Phenomenon.
When the entity appeared to the children people heard a buzzing noise like that of a beehive. This sound has been reported in UFO encounters. What created the buzzing sound and why is the same sound heard when people have contact with UFOs?
The entity, that appeared to the children communicated with them  but only Lucia, the eldest girl, and Jacinta, could see and hear her! Francisco could see her but could not hear what the entity was saying.
What most people don’t know is this entity gave the children “something” to eat and drink. Lucia and Jacinta ate and drank but Francisco only ate! Is this the reason he could not hear what the entity was saying? How strange is this?
Another fact is that there was a fourth witness. She had an encounter with a being in the exact spot that the apparitions took place. Her name was Carolina Carrera. She was 12 years old at the time when she had her encounter. She gave her testimony to the parish priest Father Fierra in 1917 but went unnoticed for decades until Fina D’Armada found her testimony while in the archives at Fatima. This is a riveting part of the film as Fina’s daughter, Frederika reveals how her mother searched for the missing fourth seer and found her in decades later in Fatima.
We show the only picture taken of this woman in the film.
Wesley Sangiogi brings Carolina’s story to life with his CGI-computer generated imagery. What he created gives the viewer a window into the past. It’s like going back in time…
Here is her account.
Carolina was tending the sheep and suddenly saw a blond-haired figure by the same tree that the entity would later appear over. This blond-haired figure called to Carolina requesting her to come. Carolina could not tell if it was a boy or a girl as the entities hair came down to its shoulders.
There’s another important fact to consider and it is this; there are no blond-haired children in Portugal.
Carolina turned to look at the sheep and when she looked back to see the blond-haired figure it was gone. She searched for it and then to her amazement it was standing above the tree in mid-air, which of course is impossible.
Why is this important? In my opinion it shows us that something was happening in Fatima that is by all means supernatural. We must admit that androgynous beings floating above the tree-tops is not normal! It also has nothing to do with the “official” record that people have come to accept as truth.
The fourth witness is a major part of my film and most people have no idea that this occurred. It’s ground-breaking information and certainly presents a different picture than what we have been told over the last century.
We also discovered that only one day before the May 13th apparition in Fatima another entity appeared to a shepherd-boy telling the boy not to be afraid. This entity identified itself as The Bright Morning Star. 
We are told in scripture who this refers to and it’s another name for Lucifer.
Remember too that a group of mediums had received a message using the occult means of automatic writing stating that something wondrous would happen in Portugal on May 13. They published this in several papers!
Automatic writing is a technique used by occultist to contact entities. However, this is forbidden to do as the entities who are contacted are fallen angels or demons. They lie and do so habitually.
What is astonishing is the entity that was channeled through the mediums identified itself as The Bright Morning Star. Need I say more?
So why should we care? Because these so-called apparitions have continued all over the world into modernity!
At the end of the film I show a composite of these apparitions and so-called “sun-miracles” which is unnerving.
You can hear the people who are encountering a sun miracle of apparition wail, scream and cry out hysterically. No one is testing the spirits. No one is rebuking first and asking questions later. Everyone present is overcome by what they are seeing. To me, this is very alarming.
The so-called sun-miracles show a pulsing orb and in some cases, it looks like the sun is actually coming down on the people.
The apparitions are amorphous blobs of light and it is impossible to tell what they are. Yet, many people immediately assume that it is Mary of the Bible!
We are told by the Apostle Paul that Satan will come with all signs and lying wonders to deceive.
Jesus warns us that even the elect would be deceived if that were possible.
These statements are warnings that should be heeded by us all. In other words, Jesus and Paul expect us to have encounters with the dark side of the supernatural. They warn us of this! Thus, we should be able to discern what is from God and what is from Satan.
What happened in Fatima 101 years ago this May 13th is, in my opinion, a harbinger of deception.
While I am a frank supernaturalist and believe in the miracles of the Bible I am also set to test the spirits and see if they are from God or Satan.
Fatima 2 – Strange Phenomenon reveals a never-before-seen photograph of an object in the sky that can only be described as a disc. This photo was taken from the original glass-plates at the “sanctuary” in Fatima and was discovered by Jose Machado.
We will be publishing his book which includes photographs from the original glass-plates, from the October 13, so-called “Miracle of the Sun” at Fatima.
Fatima 2 – Strange Phenomenon will open your eyes to what really happened on the moors of Fatima 101 years ago soon.

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UFO Update!

NASA officials ‘baffled’ after space cameras catch UFO following ISS for over 20 minutes
 “That is NASA zooming in on the UFO, not me.
“They are as baffled by it as I am. They don’t know what it is or why it is there.
“During the feed, they mention coordinates, and that could be secret code as to the location of the object. They don’t want to be too obvious.
Commentary & They’re Not Going Away!
L. A. Marzulli
UFOs are real. The sightings are increasing and UFOs will not be going away any time soon. With that said what are we to make of this recent NASA “reveal!” LOL! In my opinion, NASA—Never a Straight Answer—has known about the UFO/the so-called extraterrestrial presence since the crash in Roswell in 1947.
What we are seeing is the ongoing disclosure of the reality of UFOs. I’m just amazed and dismayed that the church is still not discussing this.
Some churches are awake, like the Church of His Presence, led by Pastor John Kilpatrick, who invited me to speak there last year and reveal what I have researched regarding the UFO phenomenon. Bully for Pastor John! However, most of the church is still asleep and won’t discuss the ongoing disclosure of the reality of UFOs.
The ongoing revealing of the UFO phenomenon is the Coming Great Deception. Time to wake up…

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False Signs And Wonders…

Ministry with “oil-producing Bible” shuts down after being exposed as fraud

Jerry Pearce, a leader of the ministry, has admitted to buying gallons of mineral oil from a local Tractor Supply Co., though he says he never put the oil on the Bible or in the Bible’s container. Pearce has said the Bible has stopped producing oil in early January, around the time of the investigation.
Commentary and See-I-Told-You-So
L. A. Marzulli
I’m not happy about any of this. In fact, I’m troubled by it. I appeared in a film by David Heavener about the oil. Heavener actually went to the site and filmed there. He asked me what I thought of it and I stated on the record that I thought the whole affair was a parlor trick and that this is the kind of crazy stuff that gives the charismatic movement some really bad press. I also stated that the first thing that should happen would be to sit with the Bible and the container for 48 hours to see if it was really producing oil or it was getting a little help from folks in the church!
One well-intentioned woman called me and asked about the oil-producing Bible. I asked her what the difference between this and the statues of Mary that cry or communion hosts that bleed?
As it turns out the whole affair appears to be a ruse. That being said. I believe in the gifts of the spirit. I believe in Prophecy. I believe in healing miracles. I’ve seen the Lord show up and the atmosphere changed and when He does people usually eat carpet. There is weeping, repentance, and a deep spiritual catharsis. We serve a supernatural God and don’t need a parlor trick to appeal to our flesh. Glad the oil leaking Bible was “outed.”

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There is a hidden history that has been deliberately obfuscated from the public! L.A. Marzulli