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UFO ‘evidence’: Recordings reveal air traffic control’s confusion at strange craft over Oregon


The unidentified flying object was first detected tearing through the air above Northern California by radar stations in Oakland. It was 4:30 p.m. It was unexpected. It was traveling “very fast at 37,000”.

It wasn’t supposed to be there.

At this point the recordings reveal the U.S. military was also aware of the strange aircraft. Air traffic controllers are told the Air Force was examining the radar track.

Then the unknown flying object did something potentially dangerous.

It took a sudden turn into a crowded stream of commercial airliners. There it disappeared from radar. But not from sight.

Startled commercial pilots began calling in reports.

Concerned and confused, for the next 30 minutes pilots and controllers tried to make sense of what was going on. (from FOX NEWS)

Commentary and Analysis
L. A. Marzulli

After reading the article I linked to above it’s almost impossible to say what was actually seen and reported on. However, my takeaway is the article is more of the ongoing “soft-disclosure” that started back in December of 2017, when our government admitted Area 51 existed, and there was a government agency to study UFOs. Then there was the former pilot, Fravor who gave an interview with Tucker Carlson on FOX News about his UFO encounter. He stated on camera that what he saw: was not of this world.

Disclosure is an ongoing event and it makes me wonder when “the other shoe” will drop. Most of us are aware of what happened in 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico. Some folks insist nothing crashed but a weather balloon but then we have other accounts from credible witnesses—I’m referring to Colonel Hill in my film—who stated that he tried to make contact with one of the beings that were still alive from the crash. It’s a great story and there’s no way to actually vet it other than taking the colonel on his word.

Then there’s Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr. who stated in an interview I conducted with him, that his father brought home some of the wreckage from the UFO crash site and that he had handled it.

So we have two witnesses.

So with that in mind what if “they” trot out photographs from the 1947 crash-site? What if the-powers-that-be admit that what crashed was not a weather balloon?

In closing today’s post. The UFO phenomenon continues. Sightings are at an all-time high. Could we see more “disclosure” this year? I think we will.

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We started our investigation with a hypothesis which is that 3500 years ago when Joshua and Caleb were prosecuting the war in the Promised land. The “entities” that were there fled. Some, went north into Europe. Others built boats and sailed across the Atlantic making their way to the new world.
What we find interesting about the Paracas people is that their sudden appearance fits the timeline. Then there are the morphological differences between these skulls and a “normal” homo-sapien.
More testing needs to be done and the purpose of the press conference is to present our findings so far and try to raise the money we need to conduct a formal archaeological dig at the Chongos Necropolis where we think the original people who arrived in Peru 3500 years are buried.
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UFOs are REAL, Burgeoning and NOT Going Away!


Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

I check this site out daily as it shows recent UFO activity. If we go back 50 years ago most of these sightings would have immediately been “debunked” with the usual labels of “swamp gas, a flock of birds, the planet Venus, or a weather balloon.”
However, people know what they’ve seen. The debunkers can try their best to persuade them to change their minds but the folks know what they’ve seen.
In our Film: In Their Own Words – UFOs are Real! A variety of folks come on the record and tell us their experiences.
A retired commercial pilot informs us of a craft that moved in excess of 50k miles an hour. The entire crew saw it and went on the record!
Al Mathews was “taken” many times and had an encounter with what can only be described as a hybrid woman.
Two whistle blowers risk all by coming on the record and stating that they saw human beings working side-by-side with “The Grays” in Deep-Underground-Military Bases.
We have the death-bed confession of Colonel Hill who claimed to have been flown to Roswell, New Mexico to “interrogate” one of the “aliens”—from the downed UFO—who was still alive. Hill stated, on the record, that the wreckage from the crash-site was flown to Wright-Patterson.
One of the more troubling accounts is from a woman who has missing time. She states, she was driving home with a car-full of girls from a dance. They saw some lights over the tree-tops, stopped the car and got out to take a look. Then, they grew frightened. As they piled back into the car she yelled at her sister to get going. Then she says something which makes no sense: We were speeding but we weren’t going anywhere! I call this UFO-brian-fog as when people encounter this “high-strangeness” their rational is suspended.
When she arrived at the house to drop off one of the girls the mother was”irate” because they were hours late. In other words, they experienced missing time.
People tell of seeing orbs, lights in the sky, cigar-shaped craft and Triangular UFOs.
What we are seeing, in my opinion is the work of the Fallen Ones. When I interviewed Chuck Missler for one of our Watchers shows he stated: Satan is outnumbered, He’s building an army! Does this mean there is a breeding program as Dr. David Jacob seems to have uncovered and written about?
There are deeply troubling questions that arise when we look at the “parts” of the ongoing UFO phenomenon.
As I stated a few days ago, no one has all the answers, including myself.
One thing I know. It would appear that something is restraining them as the cat-and-mouse-game, that we see reflected in the “screen-shot” above continues unabated. But why haven’t “they” just manifested or land on the Whitehouse lawn?
I think The Restrainer is doing just that. He is holding them back, which is why I keep saying: We go up they come down. We go up they show up.
In the meantime please note that the UFO stories have all but disappeared from the MSM. Amazing isn’t it? You would think that with the announcements that occurred last week, the press would be clamoring for more information. Instead they focus on how may diet soda’s The Donald drinks in a day.


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UFO? No, but Can You Imagine WHEN it HAPPENS?

SpaceX launch sparks fears of alien invasion in Los Angeles


Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

My phone started ringing, people were texting me and emails came pouring in. WHAT IS IT? L.A. did you see what’s in the sky!
I’ve seen rocket launches before and so I knew what it was. Still to someone who has never seen a rocket go up the sight was impressive. As the headline from FOX states the launch caused panic and fear. The talking head from FOX—reading from the trusty tele-prompter—confirms that it was not a UFO… I can rest easy! LOL!
Last week Disclosure of the so-called extraterrestrial presence happened and there was little or no reaction from the folks. Tucker Carlson stated, on his show, that this was an important story but there was little follow-up on the other major networks.
I had two pastors email me and that was about it.
If you haven’t read this weeks series of blogs may I suggest you get up to speed and check them out.
We turned a corner and it’s going to be interesting to see what the next step in “disclosure” is. Will “they” inform us that the Roswell event of 1947 was real? I covered this in my film: In Their Own Words: UFOs are Real. (Shameless plug!)
In my opinion, Roswell was a real event and what crashed in the New Mexico desert was collected and carted off to Wright-Patterson field in Ohio, as stated by Colonel Hill’s death-bed confession which is told to us by Jim & Carol in our film. (Go to Vimeo and rent the stinking thing already! LOL)
The Deception is brewing and perhaps because we’ve had decades of shows like Star Trek and Star Wars, is it possible most people can’t discern between reality and fantasy?
Perhaps this is why the folks didn’t react last week when the real disclosure occurred.
However, we see the reactions from a rocket-launch at Vandenberg! So what happens when a mile-wide craft shows up?
There’s a saying I coined early this year.
We go up, they come down. We go up, they show up.
Think about it. The cat and mouse “game” of UFOs appearing and then disappearing has been going on for decades. I would posit that “they” are being held back, restrained by The Restrainer!
When He is taken out-of-the-way they will manifest. We go up, they come down…




UFOs are REAL!


Commentary & Analysis
L.A. Marzulli
Disclosure just happened. That’s right! Last night on Tucker Carlson’s prime-time show, on Fox News, he interviewed former Navy Pilot, David Fravor.
Fravor made it clear, toward the end of the interview, that the UFO he saw: “Was not of this world.”
This is disclosure of the so-called extraterrestrial presence. As I stated a few days ago in my blog, you would think this would wake up the church! Not a chance. The snooze button has been hit and it’s business as usual. Just like when Gay Marriage became the law of the land under the Obummer administration. Not a peep was heard from the church… not a peep.
I have to tell you that we have turned a corner, it’s a new day dawning, and the cat is out of the bag, to use every cliché I can think of at 6am!
In the last 72 hours we have had three major announcements concerning UFOs. (See older BLOG posts from this week) We have been told that Area 51 is real and our government is studying UFOs. (Say it isn’t so!)
So how is our government conducting their study? Are they back-engineering downed “alien” craft like at Roswell?
In my film: UFO’s Are Real, I interviewed Jim and Carol who in turn had contact with Colonel Hill. Hill was OSS, the forerunner of our CIA. Hill stated—in what amounts to a death-bed-confession—that the wreckage from the Roswell Crash was flown to Wright-Patterson, in Ohio. Back engineering anyone? (Here’s the link)

Back to “studying” UFO’s. Is our government taking tissue samples from so-called “alien” bodies and conducting DNA experiments, to create a hybrid?
What about the idea of Military personal working side-by-side with the “Grays?”
Here’s another excerpt from the film: You see we cover it all!

Back to Fravor’s testimony. We have to ask ourselves, why Fravor was trotted out now to “spill the beans” as it were? His testimony is true and I wonder about the timing of it. In other words, what’s next?
Let’s review:

I posted this On Monday!

Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program

Then, on Tuesday, December 19, this was the subject on this blog!

The government admits it studies UFOs. So about those Area 51 conspiracy theories …

In closing todays post.
I think we are at a crossroads—yet another cliché! Lines have been crossed this week and we can’t go back to calling those of us who have been sounding the alarm, about the reality of UFOs, Tin-foil-hat-people!
The Great Deception is upon us now!
I would posit that in the near future we will be told that ET created all life on earth. That ET genetically manipulated early man creating modern homo-sapiens. ET jump started our early civilizations and created the worlds first religions. We will be told that JESUS was a hybrid, part ET!
(See Rael’s site, if you don’t believe me! http://www.rael.org/home )
I remember years ago when I ran into a “friend” at the market and he asked me what I was working on. I told him I was working on a book called The Alien Interviews. The poor guy got the deer-in-the-headlights-look and made an excuse to end the conversation as he made a b-line to the next isle over!
I have no idea of where all this “disclosure” is headed but it would not surprise me in the least if the global elites made a formal announcement that the Extraterrestrial presence, UFOs, were real and soon they, ET, would reveal themselves.
What will the churches reaction be then? Hold another pot-luck on Wednesday night?
“Hey Fred, pass Betty’s bean salad will you please?”
Maybe it’s time to check out the film about UFOs: In Their Own Words: UFOs are REAL! 
Or, just go back to sleep, as there’s nothing to see here, it’s business as usual, this has nothing to do with Jesus and besides I have Christmas shopping to do….