Sunday Bun – Looking in Both Directions

Sunday Bun


L. A. Marzulli

And David said unto Nathan, I have sinned against the LORD. And Nathan said unto David, The LORD also hath put away thy sin; thou shalt not die. 14Howbeit, because by this deed thou hast given great occasion to the enemies of the LORD to blaspheme, the child also that is born unto thee shall surely die. 15And Nathan departed unto his house. And the LORD struck the child that Uriah’s wife bare unto David, and it was very sick. 16David therefore besought God for the child; and David fasted, and went in, and lay all night upon the earth. 17And the elders of his house arose, and went to him, to raise him up from the earth: but he would not, neither did he eat bread with them. 18And it came to pass on the seventh day, that the child died. And the servants of David feared to tell him that the child was dead: for they said, Behold, while the child was yet alive, we spake unto him, and he would not hearken unto our voice: how will he then vex himself, if we tell him that the child is dead? 19But when David saw that his servants whispered, David perceived that the child was dead: therefore David said unto his servants, Is the child dead? And they said, He is dead. 20Then David arose from the earth, and washed, and anointed himself, and changed his apparel, and came into the house of the LORD, and worshipped: then he came to his own house; and when he required, they set bread before him, and he did eat.

Then said his servants unto him, What thing is this that thou hast done? thou didst fast and weep for the child, while it was alive; but when the child was dead, thou didst rise and eat bread. 22And he said, While the child was yet alive, I fasted and wept: for I said, Who can tell whether GOD will be gracious to me, that the child may live? 23But now he is dead, wherefore should I fast? can I bring him back again? I shall go to him, but he shall not return to me.

(2 Samuel 12)

The Bun:
There is a lot in this story and I could go with it in many directions. I could discuss King David’s sin. I could discuss the judgment from a holy God. I could write about the supernatural events that are taking place throughout the chapter. However, I’m going to focus on David’s ability to look in both directions.
David’s  son was stricken and David prayed that the child might live. He was caught in the tension of two extremes. On one hand, if the child lived, then David would watch his son grow and mature into a man. On the other, if the child died, he knows he will see him again when he passes from this earthly life… but there will be sorrow.
David was not afraid to face both death and life. He was not afraid to look in both directions.
We pray that the Lord i.e. Jesus would direct our steps that He will be the Lord of our life, that all things work together for good.
Yet, when faced with adversity we all to often collapse in our faith.
No mater what the circumstances are He is in control. David’s son died. He was taken. David dealt with it.
Job lost everything and yet in the midst of it God shows us and instructs him.
We’ve often heard the phrase: let go and let God.
It’s true but hard to practice because many of us really don’t believe that Jesus loves us and cares for us and no matter what happens He will work all things together for good.
What are you facing?
Don’t be afraid to look in both directions.
Please keep these folks in Prayer.
Jane – Healing from bitterness and cancer.
Richard H. – Healing
Richard S. – Healing.
Corrie – Healing from drugs.
Sean – for life instead of suicide.

Sunday Go to Meeting Bun!


Sunday Bun


L. A. Marzulli

When Life Hits Us with Unexpected Circumstance.

Trust in the Lord with all thy heart
and lean not unto your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will 
direct your paths… Proverbs 3:5-6
A few weeks ago my editor Rose Diepstra lost her battle with cancer and passed from this world. It happened quickly and I talked to her just a week before she passed and now she’s gone.
She left behind her devoted husband, Keith and their two children. Keith and the kids and even Rose herself never saw this coming. Life hit them like a Mack truck.
A friend of mine’s wife has an aggressive brain tumor and she has maybe a year left on this earth. My friend and his wife have been married 30 years. Last night he called me and asked me what he should do. It was a hard conversation and because this friend doesn’t know Jesus I told him to go to whoever he thought God was and ask for peace and direction. It was a huge step for him to accept this. (He knows I’m a pastor)
Another friend tore his rotator cuff and has been sleeping upright in a chair for about two months.
Another, has a torn ligament in his knee.
We get emails during the week from people who have all sorts of issues. We hear about entities in the room at night, black-eyed children, and unbelievably, even centaurs.
The point I’m trying to make here is this. Trust in the Lord…. period. We have really no control over what life will throw at us and thus, our anchor should be in Christ and Him alone.
My hope is built on nothing less
than Jesus Christ and righteousness

There is no other place for us to go. When life hits us with the unexpected, we lean on Jesus. We go to Jesus. We ask for mercy, grace and peace.
Though he slay me yet I will praise Him.
When King David’s son died he stated he would see his son again. This is our hope that at some point in the future He, Jesus, the creator of heaven and earth, will bring us back to him and we will see our loved ones again.
He will wipe away our tears and there will be no more sickness and death.
Think on these things. Dwell on this. Put this into our spirit man and woman. Put on Jesus and walk circumspectly knowing: He remembers our frame and knows that we are dust.

Prayer is needed.

Russ Dizdar
Jane – Healing from Brain tumor.
Sam – Heart attack.
Tom – Shoulder.
Greg – Knee injury.
Keith and the kids – Peace and comfort that passes understanding.
Tammy – Pastor Mike’s wife. Healing from cancerous tumors.
God is still on the throne and prayer changes things….

Sunday Go to Meeting Bun!

Bun!!!Sunday Bun


L. A. Marzulli

I had an encounter a few weeks ago while shopping at the  Home Depot and I thought it would be a good time to discuss it now.

We read the scriptures and we believe they are the word of God—the real one.  Our Bibles differ from any other book on the planet because they have a prophetic thread from Genesis to Revelation.  The Bible is the inspired, anointed, word of the Most High God.

After Jesus died and then rose again, He admonished His disciples to go to Jerusalem and wait for the Holy Spirit, who would teach them all things.  The Spirit of the Living God descended on those gathered in the upper room on the day of Pentecost and the church was born.  Under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, Peter preached from the upper rooms balcony and 3000 people were born again that day and the Spirit of the Living God dwelt among men and women.

From that point on, in the Book of Acts we read about events where the Holy Spirit is prompting men and women to do and say certain things.  Think about Phillip and the Ethiopian Eunuch.

 Now an angel of the Lord said to Philip, “Rise and go toward the south[a] to the road that goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza.” This is a desert place. 27 And he rose and went. And there was an Ethiopian, a eunuch, a court official of Candace, queen of the Ethiopians, who was in charge of all her treasure. He had come to Jerusalem to worship 28 and was returning, seated in his chariot, and he was reading the prophet Isaiah. 29 And the Spirit said to Philip, “Go over and join this chariot.” 30 So Philip ran to him and heard him reading Isaiah the prophet and asked, “Do you understand what you are reading?” 31 And he said, “How can I, unless someone guides me?” And he invited Philip to come up and sit with him. 32 Now the passage of the Scripture that he was reading was this:

“Like a sheep he was led to the slaughter
    and like a lamb before its shearer is silent,
    so he opens not his mouth.
33 In his humiliation justice was denied him.
    Who can describe his generation?
For his life is taken away from the earth.”

So we see Philip telling the man the good news about the Messiah!  He is being led by the Spirit of the Living God.  He is being told to do something and he does it.

Now back to the story.

I was minding my own business in the Home Depot.  I had a check-list of items I needed to buy by for this fence I’m building around our property.  As I was walking down one of the isles I felt the anointing of the Spirit come over me.  I began to pray.  In front of me about 30 feet away was a woman who was talking to a man.  They were both Home Depot employees.  I couldn’t hear what they were saying but I had a word from the Spirit of the Living God that I was to go and pray for her and heal her, specifically for the fever that she had.

I walked up to them and said, excuse me but are you sick?  Do you have a fever. 

The woman looked at me and nodded.

“Do you mind if I pray for you, I’m a pastor?

At this point the man turned and left without a word and the woman nodded again.

I gently put my hand on her shoulder and prayed.  I knew in my spirit that God was healing her at that moment.  I finished my prayer.  She thanked me and I went about my business.

I met my wifey a few minutes later and told her what had happened.  I was teary-eyed as I did so because of the anointing that God had put in my life and that He had allowed me to participate in His kingdom.

So the take-away here is this.  We read and study the Bible—the Guidebook to the Supernatural—as it is our training manual, then we yield ourselves to the Living God, the God who is outside time and space and knows the end from the beginning and the beginning from the end.  We make ourselves available in the most mundane of circumstances, as we never know when He will tap us on the shoulder and use us.

He’s good all the time and He loves to have us participate in bringing the kingdom of heaven to earth.

Sunday Go To Meeting Bun!

BUN!Sunday Bun


L. A. Marzulli

Mat 12: 15  But when Jesus knew it, he withdrew himself from thence: and great multitudes followed him, and he healed them all;

Can you imagine what this must have been like?  Lepers, blind people, those who were deaf, or missing a limb, people with cancer and palsy, and every type of malady, and He healed them all.  The text doesn’t say, He healed a few, it specifically states He healed them all.

The Greek breaks down the word  all, like this:  each, every, any, all, the whole, everyone, all things, everything

No disease was to great, or severe, or life threatening that wasn’t vanquished by His healing touch.  Truly the God of the Universe, the creator of everything, the one who spoke everything into existence, was walking amongst men and women and healing them of all their infirmities.  He had compassion on everyone.  No one was turned away.  There wasn’t a select group or insiders who were healed, everyone was, from all walks of life, social status, and I would venture to say both Jew and Gentile, everyone, all were made whole.

Oh happy day…. when Jesus walked.

Please pray for these folks every time the Spirit of the Living God calls them to our attention.  Prayer changes things….

Patrick Heron – Healing

Sue – Healing

Dr. Roger Leir – He is  doing better but hold him in prayer and ask for his healing!

Jim Rosenquest – Healing

Steve – Salvation

Pastor C. – Healing

Linda – Healing

Sunday Go to Meeting Bun!

BUN!Sunday Bun


L. A. Marzulli

I was at the Paradigm Symposium last weekend and spoke for an hour.  Most of the people there were not Christians.  That’s OK, I got along fine with everyone and met some really great folks and engaged in some very enlightening conversations.  I presented On the Trial of the Nephilim and thought it went over well.

That night there was a live radio show in the bar of the Hotel where we were all staying.  I was asked to come on the show, which I did.  After the interview I was talking to someone about the Nephilim and my findings.  In the course of the conversation I mentioned Jesus, by name, and the man actually took a step backward, and looked around nervously, thinking that I was trying to convert him, and this is what I want to address today!

A lot of people think they know Jesus.  They see the hucksters on Christian TV asking for the $1000.00 seed faith offering, or magic holy water being peddled by another “minister”, or some guy yelling and screaming about who knows what from the pulpit and unfortunately, in my opinion, this has little to do with Jesus.

Others have been hurt by the churches they attended in their youth. I know one man who was embarrassed in front of the entire congregation, by the pastor and never went back after that horrible day, which was about 40 years ago. He doesn’t want anything to do with that Jesus, and who can blame him.

Then there’s the pedophilia and the molestation which happens in pretty much all the churches, at some point.   Many of these people wonder why God would allow them to be so deeply hurt and so, they co-mingle their pain and violation with who they think Jesus is.

Still others think Jesus was a good man, or one of many avatars and wise, holy-men who have incarnated here on earth, but surely He wasn’t the Son of God.

I spoke at a UFO bar a few days ago…. no kidding, and there were about ten people there.  One of the men came up to me and before telling me his name, informed me he was a hybrid and had been abducted over 80 times!  Others too, had been abducted and all of them had seen UFOs multiple times.  I was reticent about speaking there and I wasn’t sure what I was going to present.  However, as I started my impromptu presentation with my laptop facing them, I found myself talking about Jesus.

I told them He wasn’t who most of them thought He was.  Then I told some “Good-News” stories.  How wherever He went people were healed, made whole, deaf ears were opened, blind eyes saw for the first time, leprosy, which was a death sentence in the ancient world, was healed on the cellular, molecular level.  Demons fled at the sound of His voice.  Men and women were raised from the dead when He called them forth. Raging storms yielded to His command.

In short, He is/was amazing and he also had a great sense of humor, as I pointed out in the story where he sends the disciples out in a boat and then tells them he’ll catch up with them later!  What was the first clue to these guys, that something wasn’t as it should be!  How is He going to join them if they leave ahead of him in a boat?!?  Most of us know the story, He goes out walking on the water and instead of calling to them, so they won’t be startled, He calmly walks by them, like he’s out for a casual stroll!  I love it!

When I finished my presentation I prayed for some of the folks, as many of them had medical issues and needed healing.

When we share Jesus with those who don’t’ know Him, what do we show people?  A set of do’s and dont’s?  Do we have a list of rules we present?  Do we talk about their sin and tell them they’re going to burn in hell?  Do we act like we know it all?  Are we pompous windbags going on and on without a comma?  Do we cite chapter and verse to impress our listener how much we study?

Jesus never did any of those things.  Think about the woman caught in adultery?  He says to her, go and sin no more.  Think about Levi the tax collector.  Jesus dines with him.  He also hung out with prostitutes, gluttons and wine-bibbers.  He talked to outcast like the Samaritan woman.  Everywhere He went, there was goodness.  Goodness and peace followed him and people’s lives were touched and then change happened, to them.  How can anyone argue with that?

In closing todays bun:  We are told that the greatest commandment is love.  It’s not our doctorate degrees, or our position at a university, or how much we think we know.  It’s all about how much we love one another.   In fact Jesus told us that they—the world—would know that we were His disciples by the love we had for one another.

So who is the Jesus we present to those around us?  Think about it….

Dr. J. Vernon Mcgee used to say, Prayer Changes things….

Please pray for:

Patrick Heron – for healing.

Sue – for healing.

Dr. Roger Leir – for strength and healing.

Mrs. I. D. E. Thomas – for comfort in her time of mourning.

Pastor Hectors wife – for comfort in her time of mourning.

Katherine B – Healing

Nancy Missler – Healing

Sunday Go to Meeting Bun!

BUN!Sunday Bun


L. A. Marzulli

It’s nice to take some time off and Peggy and I spent three wonderful days with Bob Ulrich, his wifey, Crissy and their very mature, 15 year-old-daughter, Alyssa.  We went to Ouray, Colorado, braved the million dollar highway, which has to be the dumbest road in the USA, as at some points there is a 2000 foot drop, straight down, with no guard rail, and the car is less than two feet from the edge!

Bob and I hiked up the mountains surrounding the town and found an abandoned mine.  The air was perhaps the clearest, most refreshing I have ever breathed.  The ubiquitous Aspen trees, shimmered in the breeze and the town itself was a throw-back to another time… perhaps a better one.

We drove about 6.5 hours from Ouray to the Denver airport where we parted company.

We got back home on Friday night, just after midnight.

I will be going on our official vacation sometime next week, after we wrap up Watchers 7!

I want to thank all of you who came out to the conference in Colorado.  It was one of the best conferences I have ever had the privilege of speaking at.

Now onto the BUN!

Please read the entire Psalm and pay special attention to verses 7 through 12.

Psalm 139:

O Lord, You have searched me and known me.
You know my sitting down and my rising up;
You understand my thought afar off.
You comprehend my path and my lying down,
And are acquainted with all my ways.
For there is not a word on my tongue,
But behold, O Lord, You know it altogether.
You have hedged me behind and before,
And laid Your hand upon me.
Such knowledge is too wonderful for me;
It is high, I cannot attain it.

Where can I go from Your Spirit?
Or where can I flee from Your presence?
If I ascend into heaven, You are there;
If I make my bed in hell, behold, You are there.
If I take the wings of the morning,
And dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea,
10 Even there Your hand shall lead me,
And Your right hand shall hold me.
11 If I say, “Surely the darkness shall fall[a] on me,”
Even the night shall be light about me;
12 Indeed, the darkness shall not hide from You,
But the night shines as the day;
The darkness and the light are both alike to You.

13 For You formed my inward parts;
You covered me in my mother’s womb.
14 I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;[b]
Marvelous are Your works,
And that my soul knows very well.
15 My frame was not hidden from You,
When I was made in secret,
And skillfully wrought in the lowest parts of the earth.
16 Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed.
And in Your book they all were written,
The days fashioned for me,
When as yet there were none of them.

17 How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God!
How great is the sum of them!
18 If I should count them, they would be more in number than the sand;
When I awake, I am still with You.

19 Oh, that You would slay the wicked, O God!
Depart from me, therefore, you bloodthirsty men.
20 For they speak against You wickedly;
Your enemies take Your name in vain.[c]
21 Do I not hate them, O Lord, who hate You?
And do I not loathe those who rise up against You?
22 I hate them with perfect hatred;
I count them my enemies.

23 Search me, O God, and know my heart;
Try me, and know my anxieties;
24 And see if there is any wicked way in me,
And lead me in the way everlasting.

This psalm informs us that no matter where we are, He is there with us.  We can’t hide from Him.  We can’t fool ourselves into thinking He is not everywhere all the time!  This is what it means when we hear that God is Omnipresent.  Somehow—and this blows my mind—He is everywhere and knows and sees everything.

It is a comfort to know that no matter what circumstances surround our lives He is there.  It might not seem like it at the time when we are going through a dark period, but the Psalmist assure us, He is there.

If we are sick in body, mind or spirit, He is with us and can heal us.

If we are penniless, He is there, and can be our provider.

If we are depressed and afflicted, He is there and can mend our spirits.

I truly believe nothing can separate us from His love!  As Paul tells us in Romans 8:38-39  For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,[a] neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

These words ring true today, for He knows our deepest thoughts.  He constructed us, gifted us, and literally knows every hair on our heads!  He loves us and knowing this helps us go through the trials which are sometimes set before us.

He fills us with joy.  He gives us peace that passes understanding.  The world longs for this peace, but can’t find it, as it can only come from the Prince of Peace.

Be still and know that He is God.

Prayer Need!

Paddy Heron

Pastor Hector


Please keep these folks lifted up!  Let’s believe in their healing….






Sunday Bun: Healing in Wyoming!

BUN!Sunday Bun


L. A. Marzulli

I was at Sid Roth this past week filming a TV show on Watchers 6 and the new book, On the Trail of the Nephilim.  While there and through an interesting set of introductions to one of Sid’s other guests, I was able to sit and talk with Pastor Muldanado, who is the pastor of a very large church in Miami.   We discussed God’s willingness to heal people and how this was a gift for the church today.  I told him that I travel all over the country warning people about the Coming Great Deception and the revealing of the so-called Extraterrestrial presence.  I also told him that I had felt for sometime the Lord wanting to up the ante in our ministry to include a time of prayer and healing at the end of the messages, which are, to say the least, not the happiest message people can hear!   In other words, this was a new area I was considering stepping into.

Fast forward now to Friday night in Wyoming.  I spoke for a little over two hours and at the end of the talk, I settled into a time of prayer.  I asked the Lord to forgive our sins, and to open the heavens above us.  I asked for healing for those who were sick.

The meeting broke up and we went back to our hotel.  The next morning when I awakened my first thought was wondering if anyone had been healed by the Lord.   When we were picked up by our host Dee and Jim, the first thing Dee told us was a woman had called her early this morning and announced that a lump, which had been in her breast for well over a year, was now gone.  She had been healed.

We serve and know a good God who wants to touch our lives.  When we are sitting together in prayer asking Him to show up, giving Him the OK to come into our meeting — something which doesn’t really happen often in most churches — He responds by touching His people.

Yesterday, at the end of about 7 hours of presentations, a young man gave his life to the Lord at the end of the evening!

All in all it’s been a great weekend.

Today, we will meet for about two hours and then we have the rest of the day to ourselves.

I’m back on a plane tomorrow morning headed to OK city to meet Bob Ulrich and Gary Stearman of PITN.  We’ll be doing the TV show on Tuesday.

Richard Shaw, my partner in the Watchers series is flying in too.  We’re headed out to meet with :Larry “who has been seeing UFOs over his property for some time.

I get back on Friday.

Blessings to all.