The Vatican and Full Disclosure!

Alien priestI have received about a dozen links to the recent Vatican announcement about aliens. Thanks to all who forwarded the articles. At the end of this post is a link to the article that I will now quote from. Here’s the set up. This part of the article discusses Father Funes comment about E.T. being our brother that stirred quite a controversy last year when he said it.


Funes, an earnest priest-scientist with a wry sense of humor, seemed a bit nonplussed last week about the worldwide attention that his “brother extraterrestrials” comments from last year and the astrobiology conference have drawn. Speaking to me from the new Vatican Observatory headquarters outside Rome — the church also operates a telescope in Arizona — he didn’t retract his statements or express regret about them, and said he has not been chastised by higher-ups at the Vatican.

But he did emphasize that he was not speaking officially for the church, even though his 2008 interview ran on the front page of the official Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano. The church, he said, has no official position on extraterrestrial life or on theological issues it might raise. Just as some people write science fiction, Funes said with a mischievous smile, he is attracted to “theological fiction” — what might become important religiously if life beyond Earth is discovered someday.

“There’s no need for the church to speak on this point now,” he said. “But yes, that could certainly change.”


Here we have the Vatican talking about the revealing of an extraterrestrial presence. When I was in Roswell this year speaking at the Christian Symposium about UFOs, one of the questions I was asked was this, “Is there other life in the universe?” The bottom line for me is this, no one knows. It’s speculation on anyones part to think that there is or isn’t. C. S. Lewis explored this in his acclaimed space trilogy, Peralandra. Lewis postulated that if there was life elsewhere, then they would have relationship with God like man did in the Garden of Eden.

The evolutionist insists, that life migrated here by Panspermia. In other words life was seeded here millions of years ago by an accident, like an asteroid or meteor that had the first microbes, which then crashed to earth and then through the slow process of evolution, through a series of mutations, evolved into what we see today. The problem I have with this is that it doesn’t work with what we know about DNA – the spiral of life – the genetic code that forms a fish, ape or bird. Each is according to its kind. We don’t see fish becoming birds because of DNA. I believe if Darwin had known this, he would have thought differently. So I don’t believe in evolution.

I would ask this, just because the universe is a vast area it doesn’t necessitate the existence of life elsewhere. An analogy would be this. If I build a mansion with 100 rooms, that doesn’t mean that there are people in any of those rooms. Just because there are millions of planets out there doesn’t point to life elsewhere and no, it’s not arrogant for me to say that. So I don’t believe that God created other life in the universe. He tells us that we were created in His image. The word also tells us that at some point he will roll up the universe, like a scroll and start over again. We are the crown of His creation. We are what the war in heaven is being fought over. We are, indeed a little lower than the angels, for the time being. The bottom line for me is this, what does the Vatican really know? Are they preparing us for full disclosure? Why should I believe what Funes and others of his ilk are promulgating? Is this the set up for what I call the Coming Great Deception? Remember this, Jesus tells us that even the elect would be deceived if that were possible. It seems to me that we have so-called religious leaders that are preparing the way for E.T. to be accepted as our brothers and perhaps, as the new series “V” would have us believe, our saviours. If I had one question to ask Funes it would be this. What do you make of the scripture that says, Satan comes with all signs and lying wonders? Is that just metaphor or is it pointing to what we are seeing in the skies in increasing numbers. Remember this that there were over 500 UFO sightings in the month of July this year. The Phenomena is real, burgeoning and not going away.

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