Sunday Go To Meeting Bun: Jesus would believe in Evolution? I think not!

Sunday Go to Meeting Bun


L. A. Marzulli

Gen 1: 1-2 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness [was] upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

“To suppose, as the so-called young earth creationists do, that God dictated modern scientific ideas to ancient and uncomprehending scribes is to distort the biblical message beyond recognition. Modern science was not in the worldview of the biblical authors and it is not in the Bible.

Science is not a sinister enterprise aimed at destroying faith. It’s an honest exploration of the wonderful world that God created.

We are often asked to think about what Jesus would do, if he lived among us today. Who would Jesus vote for? What car would he drive?

To these questions we should add “What would Jesus believe about origins?”

And the answer? Jesus would believe evolution, of course. He cares for the Truth.  Karl W. Giberson Ph.D.


Well there you have it and I’m glad that Giberson can tell us, without reservation, what Yashua/Jesus, would believe about Evolution. Giberson is most likely a lot smarter than I am, after all he has a Ph.D. after his name. However, I disagree with his position and do so with gusto and an intrepid spirit! In the book I’m working on The Cosmic Chess Match, I propose that the universe is much older than 6,000 years. What we see in the first verses of Genesis, seems to indicate that there was a nasty, cataclysmic, event that left: the earth without form and void and in darkness. The Hebrew word for form is tohuw. It can mean: formlessness, confusion, unreality, emptiness. Void, can be translated: emptiness, void, waste. I believe this points to a recreation of the earth!

Rabbi’s and Biblical scholars have pondered the opening sentence from Genesis, for centuries. Here’s what I believe. There was a war in heaven and the anointed Cherub, Satan, rebelled and dragged one-third of the angels with him. It is possible that this rebellion happened aeons ago and if we are intellectually honest, we will admit that no one knows when this rebellion occurred. This rebellion may have been responsible for the chaotic earth. On that basis, I look at the Genesis 1, as a recreation of the earth and there are others who hold this view as well. (G. H. Pember, Clarence Larkin. I. D. E. Thomas. M. K. DeHaan)

We also have the Gospels to consider, as we see that creation came come about instantaneously. We see Yashua/Jesus create fish that have age when he feeds the 5 thousand. He only has a few small fish, yet he creates mature fish, not minnows, that are large enough to eat. We also see that when he cures the Lepers, He does so on a sub-atomic, cellular, level, and this “healing” happens instantaneously. We also see that He changes water to wine, which is again manipulating matter and energy on the cellular level. How did He walk on water, raise people who were dead for three days from the tomb, know the future with certainty, cast out demons with authority, and stop a raging storm with a few words? He is operating from another reality that supersedes this one. Both science and Giberson dismiss these miracles that defy the natural order of things, as fables and myths, and that, in my opinion, is the problem.

From a scientific perspective, we know that the DNA double helix is incredibly complex, and that in keeping with the Genesis account, this DNA code, produces an animal, tree, bird, or any other life form according to its kind. Contrary to what Giberson states, there is not a single fossil in the fossil record that shows a transition of one species becoming another, which is what evolution dictates.

In closing today’s post. There is a supernatural, as is evidenced by the parting of the Red Sea, Jesus walking on water, the Resurrection, the virgin birth, and on and on it goes. Giberson’s view lacks this game-changing dynamic and so does science, which does not embrace the supernatural, and thus, that is the problem. Jesus demonstrated over and over again, that the supernatural is very real and literally supersedes out natural world. I prefer to call it, super-reality, because I believe it is more real than the present reality we live in. In short, I believe that Yashua/Jesus would have corrected Giberson and done so because not only does he care for truth, He is truth.