Everything Remains the Same?

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L.A. Marzulli

We get up in the morning, shower , eat some breakfast and head to work, where we spend out days earning money to pay our bills, put our kids through college, and hopefully stash some aside for retirement.  We watch the news, argue about  the elections, check out the ball-game scores, eat dinner, and head off to sleep, only to get up the next day and do it all over again.  Most Americans are trying to keep their heads above water and stay current with their mortgage payments.   Most don’t have the time or the inclination to keep up with the news of world from a Biblical perspective.  We are distracted by an endless procession of media clowns that appear on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to keep us from examining what is really going on.

We are told that the Mystery of Iniquity – the secret lawlessness – is at work.  This was penned about 2000 years ago and guess what, the power that has been working behind the scenes is still working.  We might think that all continues as before.  We might be lulled into a false sense of complacency.  We might fool ourselves into believing that all things continue as before and everything remains the same.

I believe we are on the verge of life changing events that will affect every person on this planet.  Yashua/Jesus warned us that even the elect would be deceived if that were possible, and that men would faint from fear from what is coming on the earth.  He also stated that there would be fearful signs in the heavens.  When we look at all that is taking place on this blue planet of ours, through the lens of that warning, it seems clear, at least to me, that we are ramping up for the time of Jacob’s Trouble.  However, day after day passes, we think about summer vacations, leisure time with our families, having time to pursue other interests.  It’s natural for most of us to live our lives in this way.  The picture above shows the gathering storm and riders that are approaching.  I don’t know who the artist is, but it encapsulates what I believe is just on the horizon.

In closing todays post:  Does everything remain the same?  Is it business as usual or something more?  While our lives have a modicum of normality, at least here in the USA, all that can be swept away in a flash of an EMP, or the outbreak of war in the Middle East.  We live in tenuous, tumultuous, unprecedented times that I believe we were told would be the hallmark of the Return of the King.  As of now, everything appears to remain the same, but soon, perhaps very soon, the storm will break…


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