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Beyond Extraordinary Ep. 25 – L.A. Marzulli

Is there a war coming in the Middle East? Are we headed toward a One World Government, a One World religious system? Will America be attacked again? Do ancient prophetic texts warn of the time we are living in? Are we in the Last Days… the Time of Jacob’s trouble… the end of the world as we know it? And what of the increase of UFO sightings? While we may disagree as to what is causing the phenomena, we can agree that it is real, burgeoning, and not going away. Is this the coming Great Deception that ancient prophecy warns us about? Does time seem to be accelerating? Join me, Natalina, as I welcome L.A. Marzulli back for another riveting and stimulating interview!  This is Beyond Extraordinary… Episode XXV!

LA. Marzulli Interview 2014*If the above paragraph seemed familiar to you, that’s because it is the same opening that you’ll hear L.A. deliver LIVE every Thursday at 6:00 p.m. PST during the opening sequence of Acceleration Radio*

It has been nearly a year since the last time I had L.A. Marzulli on Beyond Extraordinary, and it was such a pleasure to welcome him back.  L.A. discusses current events, Watchers 8, and the brand new Watchers TV.

Join us as we talk about the latest on the conflict in Israel, the threat of ISIS/ISIL, the UFO phenomena and how it all may indicate an acceleration toward events spoken of in ancient prophetic texts.  You won’t want to miss this show!

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GIANTS: Revealing the Agenda of the Fallen Cherub


giants-2nd-annualsGIANTS: Revealing the Agenda of the Fallen Cherub Recorded LIVE at the 2ND Annual NEPHILIM MOUNDS Conference – June 2014  

Russ Dizdar

  1. Back-Breeding the Nephilim: “Supercharging DNA to Create the Ultra-Race”
  2. From Rocket Scientists to Ufologists: Manufacturing a Hybrid Creation
  3. The Quest For Immortality: The Guiding Hand Cloaking Transhumanism

L.A. Marzulli

  1. Giant Bones-Giant Coverups
  2. Ancient Megalithic Structures- Nephilim Architecture
  3. The UFO Breeding Program- Are the Nephilim Here Today?

Gary Stearman

  1. What is a Giant?- The Old Testament Footprints of the Nephilim
  2. It’s All About the Seed- The Human Genome and the Seed of the Woman

The Nephilim Mounds Conference that took place in Newark, Ohio last year was such a popular event, Russ Dizdar and L.A. Marzulli decided to do it again—with a familiar expert guest—Gary Stearman! These 3 experts on the biblical Nephilim expose the real agenda of the fallen cherub, Lucifer, and take this bizarre subject to a whole new level of understanding. Stearman’s unique perspective on the biblical background of the various types of giants that once roamed the Promised Land lays the groundwork for a complete understanding of Satan’s plans for the last days. 8 unique messages stand alone in their advanced biblical understanding!

5 DVDs – With Q&A
More Than 10 Hours!


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L. A. 2013 PHOTO 23New Years Eve! December 31 – Calvary Chapel Oceanside – Southern Cal. http://www.calvaryoceanside.org/upcoming-events/item/322-l-a-marzulli-2014.html

Watcher’s 7! Screening in Southern California – Saturday – Feb. 1st. 7:30 pm – Just Cause Motion Capture Stage – 4130 Del Rey Ave. Marina Del Rey!

February 21-22: Decoding the End Times Bible

Conference! www.theprophecyforum.com

March 28-30: Prophecy In the News! Orlando www.prophecyinthenews.com 

April 5 & 6 – Dominion Christian Centerhttps://www.facebook.com/dominioncc?ref=hl

April 25 -27: Behold the Days are Coming Conference http://www.412church.org   

May 5-15: Peru tour with L. A. Marzulli & Brein Foerster!

June 13-14: Nephilim Mounds II – www.nephilimmounds2.com June 28-29: The War of Art! Southern California! https://www.facebook.com/events/477292755732768/

July 25-27 – Prophecy in the News Colorado! www.prophecyinthenews.com

September 13:   Living Word Alive – Dumont New Jersey!   http://livingwordalive.com/index.html

October 24-25: Strategic Trends with Chuck Missler – http://khouse.org/conference

November 7- 9: Tri State Prophecy Conference – W/ Gary Stearman & Russ Dizdar

2015 Speaking Schedule

January 17 – CERO UFO Lecture – Los Angeles

March 12-15: Lion Heart Ministries in Knoxville Tennessee.  

April 3-5: Memphis Tennessee.  Details soon.

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Guest Blogger – Natalina – CULTURAL PUSH BACK! – Maleficent Review!

maleficent fliesThe Wifey and I were headed to the theater to see the movie Meleficent.  I felt the Spirit of the Living God tell me not to go.  This was after we had purchased our tickets!  We didn’t go and perhaps it was for the better.  However, Natalina did go and her review of this movie is posted below and is also featured in our Monthly News Magazine.

This review is what I have come to call, cultural push back.   In other words Hollywood is now blatantly calling evil good, as Natalina points out.  I, for one, am tired of there agenda being forced down my throat.

Last year, they did it with Jack the giant slayer  film.  I blogged about this movie and here is the rhyme that they changed for the new rendition, which is certainly not what I remember as a child.

“Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum–ask not whence the thunder comes,”

“For between heaven and earth, it’s a perilous place,

home to a fearsome giant race,

who hunger to conquer the mortals below,

waiting for the seeds of revenge to grow.”

In my opinion Jack the Giant Slayer was about the Nephilim returning to earth.  Here’s the link to the blog I posted last year:


Maleficent is another movie which redirects the viewer and indoctrinates him or her into the world of the Fallen One.

Natalina’s article is on point and I thank her for her insightful contribution!  L.A.  6-2-2014



This is a SPOILER ALERT as Natalina gets in to the details of the movie.

Calling Evil Good:  Review of Disney’s “Maleficent”

By: Natalina – http://extraordinaryintelligence.com/


“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20

I admit it. I’m a Disney geek. I love fairy tales. I love stories where ultimate good triumphs over ultimate evil, and classic Disney movies tended to portray this beautifully. One of my favorite Disney movies of all time is the 1959 classic “Sleeping Beauty.” The story of Sleeping Beauty is a wonderful tale of pure innocence triumphing over utter depravity. The setting of that animated masterpiece is breathtaking, with over a thousand animators working for six years to complete, adapting Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty ballet for the score.  It’s an enchanting story and a beautiful artistic achievement.

The classic Disney film depicts a magical kingdom where a good king and queen have just had a daughter named Aurora. Aurora is a blessing to the realm, and a celebration for her birth takes place amongst all of the residents of this enchanted land. As usual, there can be no fairy tale without a wicked protagonist, bent on bringing darkness to the kingdom. In Sleeping Beauty, the villain is a witch named Maleficent.




Maleficent is pure evil. There is not an ounce of good portrayed in her character. She curses little Aurora, that on her 16th birthday, she would prick her finger on a spinning wheel, and fall into a “sleep like death”. A curse that could only be broken by true love’s kiss. Maleficent is ultimately defeated in the end.   There is no ambiguity. No confusion as to who is the good guy and who is the bad guy. Good triumphs over evil. Roll credits.

Because this is my favorite Disney animated film, I excitedly went to see the brand new live action adaptation of the story, simply called “Maleficent.” It is a visually stunning film with some scenes that leave the viewer breathless with their incredibly realized visions of an otherworldly realm.

The title character is played by Angelina Jolie. The film begins with Maleficent as a child. She is portrayed as a fairy, living in a magical kingdom where there is no need for government because everyone takes care of each other. This magical kingdom borders the kingdom of humans, where of course, everything is war and strife. Typical.

The first thing one notices about young Maleficent is that while she is called a fairy, she does not look like the fairies we’re accustomed to seeing in story books and legends. Maleficent is a beautiful young girl, with ram horns protruding from her head, along with giant wings.

young maleficent 2Fairies are usually portrayed with wings, but the ones belonging to Maleficent are not gossamer and ethereal as one might expect. Hers look more like that of a giant raptor of some sort, covered in dark feathers, with a giant claw protruding from the highest joint on each side. She looks less like what we’ve come to expect fairies to look like, and more like some kind of Gothic angel.The imagery is haunting.

Maleficent lives in harmony with her magical woodland friends. She is portrayed as pure good. One day, a human boy named Stefan shows up at the entrance to the enchanted forest. It is understood that up until this point, fairies and humans did not get along. But through a series of encounters, Maleficent and the boy grow very close, eventually sharing “true love’s kiss.” It’s all so romantic.

Time goes by and Maleficent matures. She sees less and less of Stefan, and it is explained that Stefan has been caught up in the pursuit of worldly power and riches, forgetting his beloved Maleficent. Fast forward to adulthood. Stefan is a servant in the castle of the human King.

The King desires the riches held inside the enchanted garden of fairies. He launches an attack on the forest, which is thwarted by Maleficent and her army of fantastic creatures. On his deathbed, the king vows that whomever can bring him proof that Maleficent is dead, will be crowned the next king.


Stefan goes back to the forest and meets with his childhood love. She welcomes him. That night, Stefan drugs Maleficent and cuts off her wings. He presents them to the king, and becomes king himself. For her part, Maleficent is thrown into a fit of rage and despair upon discovering that her precious wings had been removed, and the act of betrayal came from the human she thought was her true love.

Now, we see Maleficent becoming the wicked villain that we came to know so many years ago in the original Disney film. Her eyes glow green and the entire garden becomes dark and foreboding. While she is now earthbound and devastated, she declares dominion over the enchanted realm, and the woodland creatures bow down the her. She vows revenge upon Stefan. When Stefan and his new queen give birth to their daughter Aurora, Maleficent crashes the party and enacts that familiar curse over baby Aurora. The curse is the same as it was in the animated film, and only “true love’s kiss” can rescue Aurora from the “sleep like death.”




And, like the animated film, Aurora is swiftly taken away to a hideout in the woods by three good fairies, who promise to keep her hidden for sixteen years plus one day, in an effort to outwit the curse and keep Aurora from pricking her finger on that deadly spinning wheel.

In this version, Maleficent discovers Aurora’s whereabouts right away. She watches as the little girl grows older. Eventually, she manages to bring Aurora inside the enchanted forest, where Aurora mistakenly believes that Maleficent is her fairy godmother. In time, Maleficent’s cold evil heart is softened by Aurora’s innocence, and she tries to lift the curse, but she cannot. Only “true love’s kiss” will do the trick.  Heartbroken over what she’s done, Maleficent assumes the role of fairy godmother and protector, and loves Aurora intensely.

Meanwhile, King Stefan is growing increasingly insane and paranoid, and vows to kill Maleficent by any means necessary. Somehow, this film about one of the most wicked fictional characters of all time, manages to turn her into a sympathetic character. A victim, really.  Any perceived evil she had done was the fault of the tyrant King.

Fast forward to Aurora’s 16th birthday. Aurora discovers her true identity, and also learns that Maleficent is the one who cursed her. She breaks Maleficent’s heart by accusing her of being “the source of evil in the world” and runs away to the castle. Upon her arrival, crazy King Stefan recognizes his daughter and locks her away.

Maleficent, who is now portrayed as having become good again, goes to the castle to save Aurora from the fate caused by Maleficent’s own curse, but she arrives too late. Aurora has already pricked her finger, and is locked in an eternal sleep. In an effort to save her, Maleficent brings a handsome young prince to Aurora’s bedside (Aurora had previously met him in the forest and apparently thought he was dreamy) and tells him to kiss the Sleeping Beauty, which he does. Unlike the original story, the kiss does nothing to awaken the princess. She remains comatose. Maleficent is racked with guilt and grief and promises to never let any harm come to the girl. As a last gesture, she leans down to kiss Aurora’s forehead, which… you guessed it… wakes the Sleeping Beauty. The “True love’s kiss” was not from Prince Charming in this tale, but from the wicked witch who had been responsible for the curse in the first place.

maleficent curse

Our story is not yet over. Aurora asks Maleficent if she can come live in the forest with her, and Maleficent agrees. They attempt to escape the castle, but crazy King Stefan catches them and a battle ensues. Maleficent uses her magic against the King but it is to no avail. She even conjures a dragon, but it is no use because the King has discovered Maleficent’s one weakness… which is that iron burns her skin. He traps her in an iron net. Meanwhile, Aurora is running through the castle and discovers that King Stefan has kept Maleficent’s disembodied wings as a trophy all these years. Aurora breaks the wings out of their locked container, and the wings promptly fly to Maleficent, reuniting with their host, and Maleficent’s full power is restored. In an incredible scene, Maleficent crashes through an enormous stained glass window, her wings spread wide as she flies away to freedom with Aurora.  This scene is in slow motion, I presume so that the symbolism is not lost on the audience.

In the last scene of the film, the garden is restored to harmony and Aurora is crowned Queen of both the fairy and human realms. Maleficent is once again in her full winged glory. In a breathtaking final scene, she flies through the clouds and stops just short of the sun, her wings spread wide with her face tipped toward the heavens. The narrator proclaims that sometimes, a person can be both a villain and a hero.

At this point, I imagine that many of you are thinking what I was thinking. In fact, almost from the very beginning of this film, I felt uneasy. This tale unfolded almost as if Lucifer himself had written an apologetic about how misunderstood he is.

From the beginning we see magical creatures living in harmony until an evil tyrant becomes jealous of their beautiful and carefree existence. The innocent fairy (angel?) seeks only to befriend a human, but is betrayed both by the tyrant and the human. As punishment for simply being beautiful and magical, the magnificent winged creature is violently punished by having her precious wings removed. She is literally cast to earth and can no longer enjoy flying through the heavens, because she can no longer fly.

Because the creature has been relegated to an earth bound existence, she sets up her own earthly kingdom where she reigns. Everyone considers her to be evil, but that’s only because of the tyrannical king and the dimwitted humans, who simply do not understand her, and have made her life a living hell.

In the end, it is this banished creature that is the savior of mankind. She becomes the hero, uniting the magical realm with the human realm. The young human’s (Aurora) reward for believing in the winged creature is that she is elevated to the status of queen. The tyrannical king is dead. Aurora takes his place.  Her reward for trusting Maleficent is to be given a godlike status. And Maleficent (Lucifer?) is once again free to fly through the heavens in full glory. This is the final scene:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zN4I0PWj7OI – t



maleficent flies


The imagery is so blatant that I almost had to pinch myself. Here I was, in a theater full of mostly children, watching a story told from the point of view of the fallen, portraying them as not only our friend, but ultimately our savior.

In one creepy scene, Aurora asks Maleficent about her wings. She replies, “I had wings once. But they were stolen from me.” One can imagine that this is precisely how Lucifer felt as he was cast down to earth.

“How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations!” (Isaiah 14:12)

In 1968, The Rolling Stones released a song titled “Sympathy for the Devil.”  It is sung by Mick Jagger as a first-person narrative from the point of view of Lucifer.  I couldn’t help but hear the refrain from that song in my head as this film unfolded. “If you meet me, have some courtesy, have some sympathy, and some taste; use all your well-learned politesse, or I’ll lay your soul to waste.”

Certainly, Satan and his minions have launched a propaganda campaign in an effort to portray themselves as innocent victims of a tyrannical God. Throughout New Age philosophies and secret societies, we see Lucifer portrayed as a light bringer, giver of knowledge, misunderstood and mis-portrayed by a world that simply doesn’t understand their true sacrifice. We see this more and more in pop culture.


malificent wings once stolen

L.A. Marzulli wrote about this very issue on his blog in a post titled, “Ancient Aliens – Satan is misunderstood?Within, L.A. describes how the History Channel’s popular Ancient Aliens series dedicated an entire episode to how Satan might not be such a bad guy. He quotes David Childress as saying:

In a sense, Satan’s not such a bad guy.  You can’t have light without the dark.  You can’t have right without wrong.  And we have to learn these things for ourselves, and ultimately, through choice wrong and right, we grow and we become who we are and ultimately to be like our makers, to be gods ourselves.

Full post here: https://lamarzulli.wordpress.com/2013/10/30/ancient-aliens-satan-is-misunderstood/

This is precisely the narrative that I feel comes across in the film “Maleficent”. Although I’ve described the film in detail, I do believe it is something that must be seen to be believed. If anyone out there sees the film, I’d invite you to visit my website (http://extraordinaryintelligence.com) and use the contact form to email me. I’d like to know if I’m the only one who noticed this hidden (or not so hidden) story line behind what is being presented as a fantasy tale.

The closing line of the film, admonishing the audience to understand that sometimes you can be both a villain and a hero, could easily be printed on Satan’s business card.

“No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.” 2 Corinthians 11:14

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Sunday Go to Meeting Bun!

BUN!Guest Blogger:



NatalinaI’ve Been There: A Message to Nonbelievers

Posted by 

 1 day ago


Recently, there has been an outpouring of anti-Christian commentary on this blog, both in the comments and in my inbox.  It is difficult for me to address all of these accusations individually, so I wanted to take a moment to reach out to the large percentage of my readers who are not Christian.  Particularly, to those who have a very negative view of Christians and Christianity.  I pray that you’ll just give me a few moments of your time.  This is my personal message to nonbelievers.

I have been exactly where some of you are. I went from hating God to outright denying His existence. I couldn’t conceive of an all loving Creator. It didn’t make sense to me. And I REALLY hated Christians. HATED them! I figured they were all about judgement. I would use scripture against them, and really liked to watch them squirm. Who could blame me? I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen Christians who are jerks. I’ve seen Westboro Baptist Church. I was told by a preacher that I was going to hell because my heart was black as coal. I wasn’t even 10 years old when that message was delivered to me by a “man of God.” I saw the sideways glances and felt the contempt from so many people who claimed to love this Jesus. Frankly, I thought it was a load of BS and I wanted NO PART OF IT.

I tried the Christian thing for many years. I was probably what you could call a CHRINO (Christian in Name Only).  I taught Sunday school at age 19, even though I wasn’t convinced that the Bible was true.  I went to camps and retreats and ski trips and more.  I got confirmed, I took communion, I memorized bumper sticker scripture.  But all I felt was judgement.  All I felt was disappointment.

Message to Nonbelievers

Somewhere, I knew there HAD to be more to this life. I really wanted to find it. I went through agonizing years of searching for some other belief system to fill the void. Nothing worked. I became a wreck. I did precisely what some here are doing. I projected my hatred onto others. I hated these people who seemed so happy, and I just assumed they hated me as well. So I’d say things like, “Freak!” and “You’re so judgmental!” even when no one was actually judging me. I got close with a number of very devout Christians, and I imagined that their life must be miserable. I felt sorry for them.  I was just so angry. I called my anger “passion”… but truthfully, I was just plain pissed off.

I liked to speak with authority about how Christians were full of it.  It made me feel like I was smarter. More evolved. More enlightened.  Christians were the rusty link in the human chain.  The leaky hole in the bucket of progress.  I was better. I was smarter. I had it figured out.  I said things like “I would rather be free in hell than a slave in heaven.”  I was rebellious! And I was really cool.  I was at the height of my anti-Christian rhetoric the first time I contemplated suicide.  Looking back, I am surprised that I didn’t make the connection between my emptiness spiritually and my emptiness emotionally.  I just thought I was awesome, even while I thought I was nothing.

Then, at my lowest low, I had an experience of deliverance. It didn’t come from a church or a pastor or concerned friends or family. It came from a direct word from God and He told me to be anxious for nothing. (Philippians 4:6)  He came to me when I was drowning.  I was adrift in an ocean of despair, and he wanted me. Me? Me! And I decided that a God who cared that much about me must be the real deal. Things didn’t miraculously change that minute. Life wasn’t and isn’t all roses, but I did change. I started to see people differently. I started to see people the way Jesus sees people. Broken. Hurting. Beautiful. Worth saving. Totally worth it.

Life became worth living, but more than that… I now had a purpose.  And remember how I used that phrase about being a slave in Heaven??  Well, now I was able to see that with Jesus, I was more free than I had ever been in my life.

Message to Nonbelievers

And I realized that Christians are impossible to compartmentalize. Those old ladies in their church pews condemning everyone… well guess what? They don’t deserve Grace any more than I do. Those pastors who made me feel like a failure. They don’t deserve salvation and forgiveness any more than I do. Yet He loves all of us. And has Grace abundant enough for everyone. All you have to do is receive it.

You know who else is impossible to compartmentalize? Nonbelievers. Christians kinda love to lump every non-Christian into a single camp. But that’s not how it works. Everyone has a story. Everyone has a struggle. And everyone is capable of receiving His grace. Right where they are. No need to get your life together first. No need to be perfect. No need to feel like you’ve got it all figured out. Just receive it. Believe that He can save you. He will.  And on that day, I promise you, you will change.  You will see the world in a way that you’ve never experienced it before.  And that animosity will fade away.  You will start to see people through His eyes.

Meanwhile, I try to see you all as Jesus sees you and I think you’re all beautiful. And He loves you. Even if you don’t love Him and you don’t love us… He’s waiting for you. He loves you. He created you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. By Him.

If you have any questions about Jesus, or if you just want me to give you a reason for the hope that is in me, please feel free to use the contact form at the top of this site.


Please pray for these folks every time the Spirit of the Living God calls it our attention.  Prayer changes things….

Patrick Heron – Healing

Sue – Healing

Dr. Roger Leir – He is not doing well and I told him last night we would hold him in prayer and ask for his healing!

Jim Rosenquest – Healing

Steve – Salvation


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Extraordinary Intelligence was born in March of 2009.  At that time, I was deeply intrigued by all things mysterious and unexplained.  The further I delved into esoteric topics of an occult nature, the deeper I became embedded in a New Age philosophy.  While perusing my archives, you’ll probably find all kinds of strange stuff.

During a particularly difficult time in my life, I had an amazing experience.  I was delivered from a very dark place and brought into the light of Jesus in a very personal way.  I wasn’t looking for Him.  In spite of my thumbing my nose at Him for years, He found me.  I’ve never been the same.

Due to this experience, I quickly changed my focus here on Extraordinary Intelligence.  While I still love to write about high strangeness and quirky curiosities, I also explore the supernatural and conspiratorial realm more fully than I ever did before.  Now, this approach is from a Biblical worldview.

I’m blessed to have thousands of regular readers who didn’t abandon me after my transformation.  My hope is that whether you agree with my worldview or not, you’ll at least consider things from a new perspective.

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This week I am proud to present an interview with author, filmmaker, researcher, and lecturerL.A. Marzulli.

We discuss L.A.’s upcoming film Watchers 7, as well as his journey through Eastern mysticism and New Age practices, which ultimately led him to a crossroads.  The decision he made at that critical time ended up changing his life forever.

Whether you’re familiar with Mr. Marzulli’s work, or if this is your first time hearing him, there is something for everyone in this discussion.  Oh! And L.A. shares some exclusive news about a potential upcoming project which you’ll hear for the FIRST TIME right here on Beyond Extraordinary!

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VFTB 158: On the Trail of the Nephilim w/ Derek Gilbert


On the Trail of the NephilimTHE GIANTS of Genesis 6 are not universally accepted as actually having been, well, giant, even among Christians.  Skeptics are more likely to dismiss most or all of the history in the Bible, so to them the concept of giants — especially ones created by the mating of supernatural beings and human women — is especially far-fetched.

L.A. Marzulli has devoted a great deal of time and energy to tracking down evidence of the existence of these prehistoric demigods.  He joined us to discuss his new book On the Trail of the Nephilim, what he found on his trek to Peru earlier this year, and why such evidence should even matter to Christians.


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Prayer Request

Hello Brother Marzulli,

I would like to ask if you could pray for my wife right now. She is suffering from blood clots and has been for months. They are not getting any better. We really need and want a miracle healing. We want God to just dissolve those clots so we can share the Glory of God. We know he can do it. Also because we are having to run in out and out doctors she is starting to catch other illnesses. We have already casted out a few of these sickness demons but more are constantly coming because of our situation. We are in bad need of a miracle healing for Stephanie’s blood clots. Can you please pray for us?




Mysterious Mounds and American Giants

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Across the United States, structures often referred to as “Indian Mounds” can be found dotting the landscape.  These mounds of earth are distinct from natural formations in that they are clearly designed structures made by intelligent hands.  Long thought to be the creation of Native Americans for various reasons (ceremonial rituals, burial sites, etc), some researchers have begun to question whether it is possible that the mounds predate Native American inhabitants, and are finding that there seems to be a correlation between the mounds and reports of anomalous artifacts in the surrounding areas – including giant human remains.

This weekend, L.A. Marzulli, Richard Grund, and Russ Dizdar are hosting a gathering in Newark, Ohio called the “Nephilim Mounds Conference”.  Also in attendance will be Fritz Zimmerman, author of the books The Nephilim Chronicles: Fallen Angels in the Ohio Valley and The Nephilim Chronicles: A Travel Guide to the Ancient Ruins in the Ohio Valley.

The conference will be held on September 28, 29, and 30th.  I’d hoped to be able to attend, alas it just isn’t possible for me to make the trip.  But if you live in or around the Newark area… or if you happen to have the weekend open and are able to travel, this conference will surely be one not to miss.  Not only are all of the hosts going to be delivering individual presentations, but there will be a guided tour of the various Ohio Valley mound sites which I’m certain will be a fascinating excursion.

Aerial view of the mysterious Ohio valley Serpent Mounds

Of particular note in the area of Newark is a structure known as “The Octagon”.   Occupying an area of 3000 x 2000 feet of terrain, this incredible structure is part of a larger interlocking system of earth and stone mounds that comprises about 4 square miles of the area.  To attempt to describe the massive size of the mound complex in and around Newark, I share this quote from Bradley Lepper, Ohio Historical Society Archeologist.  He says, “The Newark earthworks were built on a scale that dwarfs many of the Old World’s most famous sites. The Great Pyramid of Egypt would fit comfortably within the square enclosure at Newark. The Octagon would hold four Roman Colosseums, and Stonehenge would fit within the small circular enclosure located at the Octagon’s southeastern gateway.”

Photo: Richard Pirko (Youngstown State University)

Early European settlers discovered this gigantic complex and began to speculate about the advanced civilization that built it.  Excavations took place by those looking for treasures within, and many artifacts were destroyed in the process.  It is said that among the items found in and around the Octagon were giant skeletal remains that were larger than any that could belong to even the largest human beings.

With the destruction of so many artifacts and the now “missing” skeletons, institutions like the Smithsonian (which has been implicated in the confiscation of giant skeletons all over the U.S.) have perpetrated the idea that these mounds were built by Native Americans.  However, Native American tradition seems to discount this idea in that like the European Settlers, they claim the structures were already in place when they arrived on the land.

‘The Indians are in agreement in saying that their fathers came from the west; they found the works of the Ohio just as they are to be seen today. But the date of this migration of the Indians from the west to the east varies according to the nations…Another tradition claims that the works of the Ohio were raised by the white Indians. These white Indians, according to the red Indians, were to have come from the east; and when they left the lake without shores (the sea), they came dressed like the palefaces of today’ (From Rene Chateaubriand, “Voyage to America”).

So, if Native Americans are not responsible for the earth mounds, then who built them?  This is the subject of discussion at the Nephilim Mounds Conference.  It is believed by the hosts of the summit that these mounds were the work of a race of beings known as Nephilim.  Biblically, the Nephilim were the giant hybrid offspring of fallen angels and human women.  The plot thickens.

As I researched this topic on my own, it came to mind that I had visited mounds like this in my childhood.  In Mandan, North Dakota there is an area known as Fort Lincoln along the Missouri River.  The site is open to tourists and is a popular destination for field trips for local students.  At Ft. Lincoln one can see the home of General George Custer, experience living history guided tours through the fort, and see first hand the “Indian Mounds” nearby.  Most of these are earthen structures that were designed to be inhabited, but there are a few that stand as mounds with no distinct purpose.

I decided that I’d dig into whether or not there were any strange archaeological finds near these earth mounds of my youth, and what I discovered truly shocked me.  The Scientific American, in 1883, published the following account: (bold emphasis mine)

Two miles from Mandan, on the bluffs near the junction of the Hart and Missouri Rivers, says the local newspaper,the Pioneer, is an old Cemetery of fully 100 acres in extent filled with bones of a giant race. This vast city of the dead lies just east of the Fort Lincoln road. The ground has the appearance of having been filled with trenches piled full of dead bodies, both man and beast, and covered with several feet of earth. In many places mounds from 8 to 10 feet high, and some of them 100 feet or more in length, have been thrown up and are filled with bones, broken pottery, vases of various bright colored flint, and agates … showing the work of a people skilled in the arts and possessed of a high state of civilization. This has evidently been a grand battlefield, where thousands of men … have fallen. …Five miles above Mandan, on the opposite side of the Missouri, is another vast cemetery, as yet unexplored. We asked an aged Indian what his people knew of these ancient grave yards. He answered: “Me know nothing about them. They were here before the red man.”

In my research I also discovered that there is a serpent mound complex in my home state of North Dakota called “Hawksnest” mound.  In Wells County there is a flat topped hill (butte) known as Hawksnest or The Hawk’s Nest, and atop the hill sits a serpent shaped mound several hundred feet long, with five connecting mounds or ridges.  I could find little information about it online, but I found a few comments on the Wells County website rather interesting, particularly that the mound builders, “were unknown to the Dakota Indians…. left evidence of their work on the top of the Hawksnest.”  In other words, the Native Americans that we KNOW lived in the region were not familiar with precisely who built these mounds.  Very curious.  I know exactly where this place is and I have NEVER heard of it prior to beginning this research, but it is now on my itinerary as a must visit locale.

I find it extremely peculiar that the stories being told all over the United States contain a few common threads.  Earth mounds – Giant Skeletons – Advanced Civilization – Predating Native American Occupation.  You probably have a story like this in your own area, but either you’ve not been told or it was shared with you as myth.  But I cannot disregard the evidence that there was a civilization that existed in the Americas prior to Native Americans that possessed a high level of intelligence and skill and were ridiculously large in stature. Knowing this, the Nephilim theory looks more and more intriguing.

If you’d like to find out more about the Nephilim Mounds conference (remember it is THIS weekend!), you can contact the event planners at NEPHIILMOUNDS@YAHOO.COM.  There is a website at nephilimmounds.com, but it is a little wonky in its set up (links are misaligned etc likely due to a quick setup) and in my opinion, doesn’t do a whole lot of justice to the high level of intelligence and expertise of those hosting the event.  To get a great picture of what has been discovered in the Ohio Valley, I’d direct you to Fritz Zimmerman’s site at gianthumanskeletons.blogspot.com.  He’s done exhaustive research on the actual physical findings of the area and his site should serve as a great primer for those who want to learn more about that aspect of the mounds.

To learn more about the work of the individuals hosting the event you can visit their websites.  L.A. Marzulli blogs daily at lamarzulli.wordpress.com.  His library of books and DVDs can be purchased at lamarzulli.net.  Marzulli also hosts a weekly radio program called Acceleration Radio at the Fringe Radio Network.  A link to the radio show can be found on his blog.  Marzulli is a frequent guest on Coast to Coast Am with George Noory and is best known for his books such as Politics, Prophecy and The Supernatural and The Cosmic Chess Match, as well as his Watchers DVD series.  I also had the privilege of interviewing L.A. Marzulli.  You can read it in full here:  10 Extraordinary Questions With… L.A. Marzulli

Richard Grund can be heard every Sunday night with co-host Joe Cetrone on Reflections in the Dark, and Wednesday nights on The Porch, both of which can be accessed via Firefall Talk Radio on BTR.  Grund has also recently released a book called The Supernatural Battle which can be purchased here.   The book is a field manual to spiritual warfare as experienced via his years on the front lines of paranormal investigation, demonic battle, and deliverance. His blog can be seen atThe Beacon’s Glare and his website is supernaturalresponse.net.  I never miss an episode of either of Grund’s programs.   I was honored with the opportunity to interview Mr. Grund, and you can read the full interview right here:  10 Extraordinary Questions With… Richard Grund of the Supernatural Response Team.

Russ Dizdar is host of The Ragged Edge and Shatter Live, part of his Shatter the Darknessministry.  Links to all of Dizdar’s work can be seen on the Shatter the Darkness website linked above.  He’s the author of the chilling non-fiction work, The Black Awakening which chronicles the rise of the satanic supersoldier and coming chaos via exploration of satanic ritual abuse, the Nazi regime, MKULTRA and Project Monarch and so much more.