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Assessment from an Insider in Regard to War in the Middle East.
They (The Arab Coalition) can’t win. Israel is a nuclear power. The US would aid Israel by treaty. Putin would not support Iran as it is not in his long-term favor. Besides he can’t afford the loss now. The other dominant Arab countries, SA and Egypt, have sided with Israel. Israel has the technology to strike first if provoked. HAMAS has no army, nor military capability, It is a political organization and closer to Israel than you might think. Hezbollah is Shia, HAMAS Sunni. Hezbollah is only 400,000 on the best of days, but second-rate war goods and training. Turkey is in NATO and would derail its military future long-term.  Erdogan has lost all of his popular support in the capital. His future is shaky right now. Russia would not tolerate Turkey doing anything that would upset the favorable energy transfer agreements right now. This is the start of a long list. American churches are lost on this stuff.


Area 51: An Uncensored History’: Journalist shares photos connected to the infamous Roswell UFO Incident of 1947 as she claims it was hoax designed by Soviet Union and Joseph Stalin

Did the author talk to Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr. who actually handled the wreckage? Marcel maintained this story as did his father who told him that a craft that was not of this world had crashed? NO?
Then we have Colonel Hill who in a death-bed confession told his story. He was flown to Roswell shortly after the UFO went down in Roswell. Hill was OSS and was an interrogator. He attempted, unsuccessfully to make contact with the one “alien” that was still alive.
Then we have Chuck Zukowski’s “find” of what he discovered in the Debris field at Roswell.
To sum it up. This book is another dis-info book to hide the truth. A UFO did crash in Roswell New Mexico. 


Alex Jones’ lawyer: If you want the Infowars host silenced, you’re scarier than he is…
Once again the Thought Police are alive and well and after anyone who dares question their official narrative. Is it wrong to ask questions? Is it wrong to have an opposing viewpoint? Is it wrong to demand to see evidence of an event? Why is it that we never have seen one photo of the massacre that allegedly happened? Why is the shooter, Adam Lanza, essentially a ghost?  Why are these sites carefully managed like the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City for an example?
The FBI controlled all aspects of the investigation. How does a fertilizer bomb cut through steel columns? It can’t.
How does Building 7, collapse at free-fall speed? It can’t.
How does a lone gunman kill a president from a 6th story window? He can’t.
As the Zapruder film shows JFK’s head goes, back and to the left… back and to the left…back and to the left. 

This is what I have been waiting for. I hope this uncovers the truth about the so-called Russian conspiracy.  We know the Steele Dossier was a complete fabrication to de-rail the Trump Presidential campaign. The Dossier was paid for by the DNC and Hillary Clinton for President campaign. We know the FISA warrant was bogus as it based on the Steele Dossier. We know that the FBI and the DOJ were involved in a cover-up. This corruption may lead all the way to the Obama White House. 


Sunday on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” 2018 Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams said the Georgia “fetal heartbeat” bill that would ban abortion as soon as a doctor can detect a fetal heartbeat was “evil.”
While discussing a potential filming boycott in Georgia if the bill becomes law, Abrams said, “We have to be a state that is not only friendly to businesses we have to be friendly to the women who work in businesses. You should not have to worry about you ability to controlling your bodily autonomy because the governor has pushed such an abominable and evil bill that is so restrictive. It’s not only bad for morality and our humanity, it’s bad for business.”

I have one word for Abrams: SHAMEFUL! 

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18: MUFON Conference.

28-30: Hear the Watchmen: Dallas Texas

April: 11-13: Arkansas UFO conference

Research with Fritz Zimmerman at an Undisclosed Location. 
17-18:  With  Paul Begley – San Antonio –
June: Just Added! 12-13:  Dr. Larry Ollison – Walk on the Water Faith Church
July: Research.
Friday 26-27: Lima Ohio
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The Censoring of Christian Thought – The Orwellian Nightmare…

Conservative figures reacted with outrage earlier today as Twitter suspended the official account of Unplanned during the pro-life movie’s week of release. The account was restored shortly after its suspension, which Twitter said was related to the ban of a different account.


Here’s some FEEDBACK that came in today. PUSH BACK!
Gave out the message and letters to about 200 legislators in Albany before I was escorted out by 3 security guards because I was upsetting people. Then I drove home and 2 state police investigators came to interview me for more than an hour to find out if I presented a danger. What did I say and do?
I said my name is John G. and I am from western NY. For 70 years God never talked to me but He did a week ago and He told me to come here today and give you this letter and this message. NY’s sins are piled up to high Heaven and His patience is at an end. If you do not repent of what you have done he will rain down fire on NY like He did on Sodom. Have a good day.


Pro-Life ‘Unplanned’ Scores #5 Box Office, Despite Advertising Ban by Major Networks

Networks banning “Unplanned” from advertising noted by Hollywood Reporter include:
  • Lifetime,
  • The Travel Channel,
  • The Cooking Channel,
  • HGTV,
  • The Food Network,
  • Discovery,
  • Hallmark Channel,
  • USA Network


Okay. Peggy and I are flying to an undisclosed location to get 5 days of R &R. We need it.
By the way, the Hear the Watchmen Conference was great. Hat’s off to Mike and Jeannie! The speakers delivered thoughtful content and the people who attended were wonderful. Thanks for a great weekend!
So our flight was delayed with a 5-hour layover! So much for some R&R. I’m on a plane now and I was surfing the sites that I check in on every day. I saw this story and almost jumped out of the plane window! Just kidding.
Here’s what is happening. The left is silencing Christian, conservative viewpoints and thought and they’re doing it across all media platforms, from the suspension of Judge Jeanine to Lisa Haven’s YouTube Channel.
Christians are maligned, mistreated, called racists and bigots by the media and prohibited, in many cases, from speaking at colleges.
There was an article I read over the weekend that described Gary Stearman and Bob Ulrich of Prophecy Watchers TV show as radical? Really? This is the kind of propaganda and fake news that is now the accepted paradigm of the left to marginalize Christian thought.
We are now living in a full-blown Orwellian Nightmare that grows darker and more sinister by the day.
Twitter suspended the account that was promoting the film “Unplanned” just as it was about to be released. If you don’t think that’s deliberate I have some nice swamp land in Georgia I can sell you at a great price.
Make no mistake about it, the Left wants to kill babies on demand even if they somehow survive an abortion. They want to harvest their body parts. Those who embrace this embrace a culture of death.
Here’s the warning and I’ve said it before. We need to call a national strike. We need to push back against the growing censorship and if we don’t do it soon I fear we will lose many of the freedoms we enjoy. Stand up! Push back! Make your voice heard. Pastors need to rally their congregations.
We need to make it really clear. We need to send a strong signal. We need a national strike like Lech Walesa did in Poland and brought about great change in that country. We need to do what the Yellow Vests are doing in France. It’s time stop the murder. There are now 1.5 BILLION abortions since Roe V Wade.