The Hysteria of the Loony Left!

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L. A. Marzulli

If I stand up and call for border control, I might be called a Nazi.
If I stand up and decry gay marriage, I might be called a Nazi.
If I call for a ban on immigration from countries that promote Jihad, I might be called a Nazi.
If I sate America First and wear a MAGA hat, I might be called a Nazi.
If I’m against sanctuary cities, I might be called a Nazi.
If I support Ann Coulter, I might be called a Nazi.
If I espouse my Christians beliefs, I might be called a Nazi.
If I state that abortion is murder and want to repeal Roe v. Wade, I might be called a Nazi.
The left shuts down free-speech, or speech that they disagree with on a regular basis. They use the term Nazi for anyone who disagrees with their ideology. However, as the video above clearly shows, they have no idea of what a real Nazi was/is.


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L.A. weighs in on Kathy Griffen, the Immigration “crises”, the bias with Stzrok. He shifts gears and discusses Hereditary which is nothing more than a demonic film-fest and the new TV show about Jack Parsons, Strange Angel. Finally, he reviews the movie The Last RELIGION!

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The Last Religion

– The Antichrist, The image of the Beast, The Singularity and the Great Deception.

Chuck Missler, Paul McGuire, L.A. Marzulli, John Loeffler, Frank Peretti, Joel Richardson, with NEWLY DISCOVERED interviews from Hal Lindsay, Dave Hunt, Marlin Maddoux, and David Breese from nearly 30 years ago. EERILY ACCURATE!!

The Last Religion The ancient Biblical Prophetic narrative tells of a future time when the world will be under the control of a global dictator most commonly known as the antichrist. This is somewhat of a misnomer because this term generalizes what is actually an evil trio of personalities into one.
There are three personalities that constitute this mysterious prophecy: the prophet, the image of the beast, and the dragon —(what the “image of the beast” is a reflection of). The beast seems to made up of a conglomeration of insidious characters, but a singular “horn” on this beast rises above the rest, 10 to be exact, and essentially claims godhood. He is assassinated, presumably a bullet to the head, and dies. However, this human global leader is somehow revitalized but now no longer a human, but is actually the “image of the beast”. The prophet convinces the entire world and they are seduced by this miracle, presumably because this figure has now promised godhood to anyone who takes on his mark.
The fatalistic catch is one must deny that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of God who died, and after three days was raised from the dead. By taking the mark of the beast, a person is now promised some form of corporeal paradise, but also is now guaranteed to no longer an organic human… possibly some form of transhuman. And now is consequently ineligible to be redeemed by the true God who created the entire world and everything that inhabits it. This film investigates how the seduction of becoming a super-human will be mankind’s greatest obsession, but also its ultimate demise. There is hope! The Scriptures promise that the faithful remnant who do not take on this mark, even if they are murdered, will inherit an eternal body, and a rulership position when Jesus conquers the Dragon and establishes His rule on earth.

65 Minutes.

Guest Blogger – Ben Thornsberry

This is not an actual vision of mine but just a story I came up with. I try to put some humor into it to counter the depressing stuff.
The year is 1988 and I am sitting at home watching reruns of The Dukes of Hazard. Good clean Americana. Bo and Luke being chased by ol Roscoe again.
Suddenly, the television shuts off.
Then a bright light shines in the room and an angel of the Lord appears to me and says “You better get plenty of vhs tapes and record all the episodes of the Duke boys because in years to come they will be banned from television because there is a Rebel flag on their car.”
“What??” I yelled back as I fell out of my chair in ultimate fear.
Behold I am an angel of the Lord here to give you a glimpse of worldly things to come in 30 years time. These will be signs of things to come before the Great Tribulation.
The America that you know now will be no more. Culture will fall away from the will of God.
Unborn babies will continue to be murdered and their body parts will even be sold for so-called science.
Churches will largely remain silent on divisive moral issues in order to not offend anyone.
Homosexual marriage will be legal and glorified by culture.
Anyone critical of homosexuality can be terminated from employment and banned from a future thing called social media.
Walt Disney will put homosexual characters in cartoons and television shows and celebrate Gay Pride month all over their parks.
Young children in elementary schools will be taught homosexuality and changing genders.
Some parents will try to make their boys into girls and girls into boys. They will give their children chemical drugs to prevent puberty and in some cases “sex change” operations.
Demon dressed drag queens will come to schools and libraries and read queer books to elementary school kids and talk about how wonderful being a drag queen is.
Imagine my face like a surprised Buckwheat on Little Rascals.
“Okay Angel” I said. “As long as we still have strong in faith families and the Boy Scouts we can overcome the insanity.”
“Actually,” the Angel replied. “Traditional family will fall apart and the Boy Scouts will be no more.”
Homosexual Scoutmasters will be allowed to take young boys camping with them. The Boy Scouts will also be handing out condoms. Then the Boy Scouts will erase the Boy from their name as they will want to be inclusive to all 135 genders and transpecies etc.
Retail stores will ban saying “Merry Christmas” and will not write Christmas in their ads.
Drugs will be an epidemic.
People will become something like cyborgs with small computer/phones always in their hand. Many will become zombie-like.
Various scientists and people in culture will talk about merging with machines and becoming  God-like.
Professional athletes will protest the National Anthem.
There will be multiple major school shootings by medically drugged troubled kids.
Polls will show that a majority of young Americans will favor socialism or communism.
Almost all mainstream media and half of Americans will be against making America great again.
Over in Europe, Western Europe will be invaded by Muslims. The invasion will not be with guns and military might. Rather, the invasion will be welcomed by the European countries themselves!
Millions of North African and Muslim populations will pour into Europe. European culture will be dead and this will put a huge strain on welfare and citizen well being.
Terrorist attacks, rapes, child trafficking will all be too common in Western Europe. However, if anyone dares to even criticize the immigration policy they will have the risk of being fined, put in jail or banned from the country.
European churches will take down their crosses in order not to offend Muslims.
“Enough Angel!” I cried. “I can’t take anymore. What can be done about these horrifying future events?”
The Angel replied.
Be not discouraged. Great things will happen. For voices in the wilderness will appear. A man from Austin Texas will warn through alternate news media of the globalist satanist plans. He will call it an Infowar.
Others will be will be watchmen and warn the people of what is happening and expose Satan’s agenda. A pastor from Lima Ohio, a highschool football coach also from Ohio with a man called alphabet and a man called Dizdar will be a few of those exposing the darkness and taking America back to her Christian roots. Go to LA to find the truth on the nephilim and Fatima. Also, a rockstar with long blond hair riding on a horse will preach the good news.
A time of reprieve will happen in a major upset in a presidential election. Darkness and corruption will be revealed during this. It will be your opportunity to spread the word and take action.
Pray for God’s wisdom, strength and perseverance in that time and you will be a good faithful servant.
Then as suddenly as the Angel appeared he vanished.
I just sat there and tried to make sense of what happened. Just then the television came back on and the end credits of the Dukes of Hazard was running with the Dukes yelling “Yeehaww!”
I thought I better find some blank VHS tapes to record the next episodes so I will always have something good to watch after TV decides to ban good clean All American fun shows.
Thirty years later. Here we are. Still a lot of good out there. Just have to start waking everyone up. Support the watchmen and PRAY to God for their ministry.
Godspeed fellow watchmen.