WWIII Update – The Battle Lines are Drawn?

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L. A. Marzulli

Assad contains Syrian uprising for now, with credits for Russia and Iran 

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As the Arab Spring continues unabated, the uprising in Syria to overthrow President Bashar Assad seems to have been thwarted by forces loyal to the Assad regime…. at least for now.   This article makes it clear that Syria is being backed by Russia and Iran.  A cursory reading of Ezekiel 38, lists these two nations that are part of a larger confederacy, that go up against Israel in the last days.  As the days turn into weeks, it becomes clear that nations like Egypt, who were one of the first nations to topple their dictator in the Arab Spring, will not embrace Jeffersonian democracy.  Instead, it is apparent that Sharia law will rule the day, as the Islamist’s have won the majority in the recent elections.   What these nations have in common is their mutual hatred of Israel.  Israel is surrounded, now on all sides by those who pose a very real threat to her existence. (look at the map!)

The map to the left was created by the US, years ago and shows a completely different Middle East than what we see now.  Pay special attention to Iraq, that has been carved up into three separate states.  Also you will notice that Jordan and Saudi Arabia have different borders.  Israel is reduced to its pre 1967 borders, which makes it completely indefensible.

I believe that Russia will not allow this “re-distribution” to take place and this is setting up the battle lines.  The entire region is unstable and it would only take one “incident” to plunge the world into WWIII.

In closing today’s post:  Scroll down to the In Other News Section, and read the post about Greece defaulting.  Then check out the two stories about UFOs.  One man was so shaken by what he saw that he wouldn’t go outside.  Put the Middle East tension, the global economic malaise, the bizarre weather, UFO sightings that are on the rise, all together and I believe it creates the perfect storm.  There are supernatural forces at work here.  The time of Jacob’s Trouble looms ever closer.  The world is looking for a saviour.  The Mystery of Lawlessness continues and at some point whatever it is that restrains it will be taken out-of-the-way.  When this occurs, all hell will literally break loose.  The kingdom of the Fallen One is coming to an end, although he’s not going out without one last stand.  This will take place on the plain of Megiddo.   The Fallen One will gather the Kings of the earth and they will be looking up at The Rider on the White Horse who will come with the armies of heaven and defeat them.  While this may appear as a fantasy, I believe it is closer than ever.  The signs are here, the battle lines are drawn….


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