ISIS (ISIL) On the Southern Border?

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L. A. Marzulli


Recent weeks have seen renewed fears of ISIS infiltration into the U.S. across the Mexican border and through other ports of entry, as ISIS has encouraged terror attacks in the heart of western nations.

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Today’s Post:

It’s good to know that ISIL—Islamic State of Syria, Iraq and the Levant—are just a JV TEAM!  It’s reassuring to realize that the guys in charge of our country understand the geo-political climate and acting in accordance with our constitution, are protecting our borders….NOT!

I have posted to many times on the porous-southern-border-issue to count, but as of this post in 2015 the FEDERAL Government has still not closed the Southern border, it remains porous.  Those who have a will and desire to do so, can cross it and enter into our country illegally.

I recently spoke with someone who is in law enforcement, specifically in regard to narcotics and drug trafficking.  We discussed the porous southern border, the drug cartels, the ongoing drug-related murders throughout Mexico, and Central America.  He told me that law enforcement was aware of ISIL’s presence in Mexico, just miles from the US border.  The threat is real but is  being down-played by our media, instead we know everything there is to know about Bruce Jenner!  (Pray for him)

jh-15-map-2Here’s something to think about.  There’s been a lot of talk about JADE HELM, the so-called training exercise slated to happen this summer.  Is it possible Jade Helm is an exercise based on INTEL that has informed our government that ISIL is set to create havoc throughout certain sections of the US?

The map to the left shows where the Jade Helm exercise will take place.  Basically, it’s training in response for what might come across the southern border.

ISIL has committed genocide and continues its unmitigated rampage in Iraq and other areas of the Middle East and parts of Africa.  They have destroyed antiquities, raped countless women, destroyed Christian churches, and killed thousands of innocent people.  Now, they are just over our southern border.

Saudi WallThe Saudi Arabian government is constructing a barricade to keep ISIL out.  They apparently are taking ISIL seriously and they have the will to protect their borders.

I have posted here that the malls and schools in the USA are soft targets.  In other words—God forbid!—it would take limited resources to create havoc in our country.

Those who fight for ISIL are committed Jihadist’s, as they are willing to die for what they believe.  Being a martyr—dying for Allah—is what many of these misguided Jihadist’s strive to attain.

In closing todays post.  I’ll go out on a limb here and state that Jade Helm and the threat of ISIL may be a deliberate manipulation to declare Martial law in the USA.  In other words, there will be an event—ISIL creating havoc in several states at once, in a coordinated fashion.  Then the response—to protect the US citizens—Martial law.

Of course what should have happened years ago is a border fence, like the Saudi’s are busy building.  A secure fence on our southern border would keep the drug traffic, illegal aliens and now ISIL out of the country.

Shame on the Bush administration for not completing the fence.  Shame on the Obama administration for allowing thousands of undocumented people across the border.

This summer should be very interesting….

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L. A. Marzulli

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I’m headed to The Omega Conference! Hope to see you there!

Southern Border Chaos? Media Black Out?

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Here is a link to a very disturbing story if it is true. I’ve tried to VET this before posting, by emailing the author, but so far he has not responded.

Here’s what we know and can verify.

1. The border fence is not completed. A 70 mile stretch remains porous and this has created a choke point.

2. Drug Cartels are competing with one another to import their “poison” into our country.

3. There have been more deaths along the southern border, due to the ongoing violence, than Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

4. Border states like Arizona know that they are in for the fight of their lives as law and order is being threatened by the violence.

5. Our Federal government may, and I stress may, be covering up this escalating violence, so as not to alarm the citizens, and that brings me to today’s BLOG!

I Blogged about the fact that Mexico has taken on the characteristics of Columbia, in that the rule of law has collapsed and gun-toting, drug cartel, criminals are ruling certain sections of the country. Take a look at the picture above. Looks like chaos to me. The Mexican government has sent troops in order to quell the violence, but so far they have not succeeded. I believe that there is so much corruption that no one knows who to trust.

In the midst of this are the Mexican people, who for the most part, are afraid for their lives. There has been a rash of horrific executions along the border, many of these are done in a ritualistic manner. The patron saint of the drug cartels, is Santa Muerta. the saint of death. This supernatural aspect is ignored by the press, but for those of us who know about it, we can read between the lines and see that occult practices are being used in the belief that those who have given their lives to the drug cartels will be protected, supernaturally.

There is also a link posted in, In Other News, to the lamentations of Arizonans in regard to the, Federal government becoming the states enemy. As I ranted about last Wednesday on Acceleration Radio, we should send our representatives to the southern border for the weekend so they can see what is going on. Of course with the fat cats like Charlie Rangle, and Maxine Waters, they’re to busy fighting ethics charges to worry about what is happening to the citizens two thousand miles away.

This war on the border is real. It is the duty of the Federal government to protect the citizens of this country. When the government fails to do this, and punishes those states that are only trying to defend their way of life, it becomes what I would term, soft tyranny. November is coming. It is really time to vote out of office the self-styled elitists, (like Arlen Specter – he didn’t get his party’s nomination!) on both sides of the aisle and vote in representatives who will uphold the constitution and defend our borders!


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