Dither – to act irresolutely; vacilate

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L. A. Marzulli

Obama Urged to Seize Reins as Crises Pile Up

The crises in the Middle East continues and Obama dithers. The Japanese are facing their worst disaster since WWII and Mr. O. dithers. It’s part of “the plan,” and I will state here that when the combined Islamic armies in the Middle East attack Israel our president Barak, Husein Obama will dither and perhaps that’s why he was put into power in the first place.

When Prime Minister Bejamin Netanyahu visited the White house, shortly after Obama was elected, the president left him and went to dinner. This is an insult in the Middle East and in my opinion, Obama knew exactly what he was doing, as he made it very clear that the game had changed and Israel no longer enjoyed it’s former status. When Obama visited the Middle East, he bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia, why? Was it Saudi money that helped him get elected?

This is what I think. Without the support of the United States, Israel is alone, surrounded by nations that want to destroy her. If America stands down when Israel is attacked this will provide the advantage that the Islamists are waiting for. If they know that Obama will dither and delay aid, essentially stand down and do nothing, this will give them the advantage they are looking for. Is it possible that this why he was elected in the first place? I can just hear what some of you are thinking: L. A. you have gone over the edge with this conspiracy stuff.

In closing todays post: I do not believe that Obama is a Christian, despite what he says. There is a clip that I posted on this BLOG months ago that showed him stating, “my Moslem faith,” and then being corrected by the interviewer, and only then does he change his statment. Can you imagine if I said that? It essentially would be impossible, however for Obama it slipped out and he had to be corrected. We can choses to ignore this or we can connect some dots and project what Obama will do when Israel is attacked. He will dither. He will do nothing. He will allow the enemies of Israel to attack and thus give them every advantage of driving the Jews into the sea as we see what he does in the time of crises. He dithers.


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