Middle East Update – What Will Russia Do?

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L. A. Marzulli

I landed in OK City safely and my good friend, Bob Ulrich met me at the Baggage claim.  When we left the air-conditioned terminal, Bob quipped, “Welcome to the oven!”  The temperature was over 100,’ and I immediately took off my jacket and rolled up my sleeves.

We headed out to Prophecy in the News as Bob had a few items to attend to, and I made my way toward the product room where I eyed the latest books and DVDs.  We then headed out to see Gary Stearman and wound up talking with Gary and his lovely wife Doris, until eight, pm!  We covered everything from the Nephilim, UFOs, Ezekiel 38 and Big Foot!   Then it was off to P.F. Chang’s for a late night dinner.  We will shoot two interviews today on Watchers 4, and then I head back home to Los Angeles, to start working on my presentations for the Branson Conference, which by the way, is sold out!

Now to todays business at hand!

Russia and China vow to protect Syria from becoming another Libya

Russia and China vow to protect Syria from becoming another Libya – English pravda.ru

And with the recent announcement of joint war games, and one of the biggest, among China, Russia, Iran and Syria, the signal is going strong for forces that wish to intervene in either Syria or Iran.

Iran’s Fars news agency reported that more than 90,000 soldiers from the aforementioned 4 countries would take part in the military exercises, making it the largest in regional history. Theses war games will include air defense and missile units as well as ground, air and naval forces and are scheduled for early July.

Although it is very clear that Russia and China are saying No to Syrian intervention, President Obama clearly seems to defy this intention. If this happens, the situation would certainly move towards a conflict, a conflict for which the Chinese and Russian militaries have now long been preparing for whereas the US military is already stuck in major failed campaigns such as Iraq and Afghanistan. And with proxy engagements in Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan, it would be daunting task for the US forces to face Chinese and Russian militaries.

Here is an interesting article that our Weasels-in-the-stream, media seems to have overlooked.  I would encourage everyone to click the link above and read the entire article.

It would appear that Russia is not going to back down, as it has repeatedly stated that it will put its military muscle behind the faltering Assad regime in Syria.  Russia, combined with China and Iran are about to conduct the largest war-games in the region’s history.  British commando units are in Damascus and Turkey is chomping at the bit to attack Syria so the big question is when, not if Russia will move to counter the British and multi national forces that are moving into Syria.

Obama rebuffs Erdogan’s appeal to lead Turkey in Syria attack

From a Biblical, prophetic, viewpoint all of this movement of troops and munitions begs the question, are we looking at the formation of the ancient prophecy of Ezekiel 38 being fulfilled?  I h ave stated this before and do so again now, that Assad has a large chemical weapons cache and at some point I believe he will use it against Israel.  Israel is not going to stand down and do nothing if she is attacked and if Syria does attack it will surely lead to an all out confrontation.

The battle lines are drawn and I believe we are seeing the formation of WWIII.

In closing todays post:  It is now summer and our INTEL has reported that Israel will more  than likely move against Iran between July and September.  Of course this is no secret and the Iranians are expecting an attack.  I will close with this “word” that I received while at a conference in Maryland as God is in control.

Be still and know that I am God.  Behold, the days are coming when I will show my strength on the mountains of Israel.


Abortion – China – Obama – Hu knew?

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L. A. Marzulli

Chinese Dissident Calls for Obama to ‘Imagine’ One of His Daughters ‘Has to Be Put to Death,’ Just Like Under China’s One-Child Policy


This week our president, Barry Soretero, or perhaps I should refer to him as Barack Hussein Obama, (Will someone please explain the name change to me?) hosted the Chinese Communist president Hu Jintao, with a lavish state dinner at the White House.

The last time I checked the Chi-Coms had killed upwards of 70 million of their own people. I suppose this number really doesn’t mean much, as former Soviet leader/butcher Stalin once said that if one person dies it’s a tragedy. if millions die it’s a statistic.

The abortion mills in China roll along, plying their grizzly trade and creating yet more ritualistic blood sacrifice, that is opening the gates of hell wider and wider. I know I’m just a Christian fanatic…

Of course then we have to realize that in China if you are a baby girl your life may be in jeopardy:

“As we gather here in Washington, over 35,000 forced and coerced abortions are taking place today in China; every 2.5 seconds a precious baby’s life is taken; among every six baby girls, one will never be born simply because she is a girl; 500 women will commit suicide, at five times the world average rate; 3,000 baby girls are abandoned on street corners; and more than 200 children and women are trafficked into slavery,”

Of course none of this matters as it all comes down to money, money, and more money. Money and war…. money and war. Weapons, and  money, and war, and the slaughter of the innocents.

Why is it that our president would meet with a butcher like Hu, let alone invite Barbara Streisand to warble for the man?

China is a killing field. Millions have lost their lives to a repressive, communist, regime that continues to imprison, torture, rape, mutilate and kill, its own people. Yet, we overlook all of this and basically say, Pass the Kung Pow Chicken.

Like Laura Busch – don’t get me started on that – Obama/ Soretero is a pro-death advocate. He believes in killing as many babies as possible and he is even in favor of the Nazi-like practice of partial-birth abortions.

In closing todays post. Where is the outrage? Why do we stand for this? As I posted yesterday and ranted on my show last night, the abortion holocaust continues in the USA with the numbers now reaching 53 million. God have mercy on us for we have stained the land with the blood of the innocent….

“Since it did not come out as expected, they decided to cut my baby into pieces in my womb with scissors and then suck it out with a special machine,” the woman said.  “I did not have any time to think as this most horrifying surgery began by force. I could hear the sound of the scissors cutting the body of my baby in the womb.”


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