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Caryl Matriscianna! CLICK HERE > Caryl Matriscianna on 2011-08-31 at 19.02

Last night on Acceleration Radio I started off with a rant about the coming war in the Middle East. I also made it very clear that the rise of anti-Semitism, referring here to the proven-to-be-forged, Protocols of Zion – have no place on this BLOG, or on the show.  You may disagree and that’s fine.  You may believe that Israel is ZIONIST conspiracy to take over the world, and that’s fine too.  But I have the right to my opinion and I will express it loudly from the airwaves!  All one has to do is read Ezekiel 37 to see that the Jews have been gathered back into their homeland. In my opinion the hatred of Israel and the Jews is supernatural in that it is fanned by the Fallen one and his minions…. but I digress.

We had Mr. X on last night and he informed us that the earthquake in Virginia might have been an underground nuclear event!  Thanks Mr. X for coming on the show!

Next, Richard Shaw told us about the break up of Comet Elenin and how it relates to TORAH codes that were first published in 1997.  Elenin is certainly an event to keep our eyes on.

Caryl Matrscianna tool over the rest of the show and we had an informative discussion about the New Age/Spiritual movement that has crept into main-stream Christianity.  You will want to download the MP3 above and listen to this. We will have her back on the show once the 2nd installment in the series is ready for viewing!


Watchers 2 – poses the question, are these frequent earthquakes, volcanic activity, floods, famines, tornado’s, record snowfalls, and wars and rumors of wars, business as usual or something more? You will notice that directly below this announcement are a series of disaster articles, all of which are current and taken from todays headlines.

“Spectacular!” Gary Stearman – Prophecy in the News*****

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In Other News: Tracking the Birth-pangs: Wars & rumors of wars, famines, pestilence, earthquakes in diverse places and troublesome times.

Arab Spring: Revolutions, Lies, and Intervention

Arab Spring: Revolutions, Lies, and Intervention


Second giant ice island set to break off Greenland glacier

Vast ice island set to break off Greenland glacier – US news – Environment – Climate Change –


The Shawarma Republics are Burning


Magnitude 5.9 – SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS

Magnitude 5.9 – SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS


No Egyptian crackdown on Sinai terrorists. Jihad keeps Israel in suspense 

DEBKAfile, Political Analysis, Espionage, Terrorism, Security


One in seven believe U.S. government staged the 9/11 attacks in conspiracy


What Really Happened in the Bin Laden Raid

What Really Happened in the Bin Laden Raid? | Mother Jones