mothman3In 1967, in Point Pleasant West Virginia, something manifested that terrorized the local inhabitants. It was mistakenly named the Mothman by a local news paper reporter who had a penchant for the Batman television program, and thought this would be a clever way to put his story forward. Unfortunately, this ridiculous name is what we’re stuck with decades later. The truth is that this creature had large bat-like wings and was seen by hundreds of witnesses, it was anything but a moth. In a quote from Jeff Wamsley, – a Mothman researcher – who I have interviewed numerous times, “No one ever came away from seeing Mothman, feeling good about it. In the Alien Interview book, I conducted an interview with Lawrence Gray who saw the Mothman up close and personal, as it appeared in his bedroom at Two-Thirty in the morning! Needless to say, it was an unnerving experience. Gray tells us of being paralyzed at first, as the Mothman stood at the end of his bed. He then said, “The Blood of Jesus.” and the thing began to slip back into the dimension from whence it came. This is the part of the UFO phenomena that is being overlooked by the UFO community at large and in the words of Joe Jordan – and myself – is a cover up of what maybe the answer to the phenomena! Are these entities inter-dimensional or extraterrestrial in origin? If people are stopping their abductions by evoking the name of Jesus, why can’t this information be brought to the table? I’m not talking religion here. I’m talking about the same dynamic energy that may speak of a new physics, that created the image on the Shroud of Turin, being in play here. Can you imagine healing the disease of leprosy? In the ancient world this disease was fatal and the person who contracted it, had a horrible, slow, death as he or she watched their bodies rot before their eyes. Yet, Yashua/Jesus was able to heal, instantaneously, at the cellular level! This demonstrates power that we have no idea of how it works. This is why we call these healings, miracles.

But I digress! We now have a recent sighting in Mexico of a winged creature, that sounds a lot like Mothman! (see the link below) 

dibujo-el-heraldoThis is drawing of what people are seeing…

Is this another manifestation of the same creature that was seen decades ago in Point Pleasant? Are we seeing the manifestation of the demonic popping up in diverse places? I’ll say it again, the phenomena is real and burgeoning and not going away. It ‘s time to talk about this openly without fear of where the evidence will lead us. Let me put it this way. If Mothman appears in my room at two-thirty in the morning you better believe I’m going to rebuke it first, in the name of Jesus, and ask questions later.

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On a different note. Yesterday there was an arrest in the Ukraine of three men who were trying to sell radioactive material that could be used to make a dirty bomb. Hector, in our comment section, thought that yesterday’s post was ‘prescience,’ in that it talked about the news before it happened!

pps-small1Want to know more about Mothman? Dirty nukes? The coming Great Deception?

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